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The Ride Home

A blow job for the trip home
Julie and Randy worked at the same restaurant, her as a hostess, and him as a waiter. It was one of those sports bar type restaurants, where they had the women wearing some sexy blackoutfit, while the men had just black pants and a black button up shirt. The ladies were told to wear a black button up blouse, and a short mini-skirt with knee high socks - this way, they could earn more tips from the horny old men that came in at the end of their long work days.While Julie couldn't make any tips with this particular outfit, she gave Randy a hard on every night we worked together.

Julie stood about 5 feet, 5 inches, with a Latina figure, small but perky breasts and curvy hips. She had wavy brunette hair that landed just about her mid-back with white skin, despite her Latin background. Randy was white and stood 6 feet tall exactly, with a slightly muscular build - no body builder status, but fit from mountain biking. He kept his brunette hair in a longer buzz cut look with a nicely trimmed beardshapinghis face.

Tonight was going to the night I finally let her see how interested I really was in her. They had carpooled to work that afternoon since gas prices were starting to get expensive and were trying to cut costs back a little bit. They got off around 11 in the evening after finally bending over backwards for their over-demanding manager.

Exhausted, Randy asked Julie, "Ready to head home? I'm beat." Hoping she would pick up the hint that he was implying some thing a little more than heading home.

"Yeah, I am," she said, slightly picking up on his implication.

As Randy pulled his lifted truck out of the parking lot, Julie's mind began to wonder if Randy meant what she thought he meant. She'd always been interested in Randy, but just didn't know how to tell him. She began to think that this might just happen to be the night she'd show him, unaware of what he was planning. They had a half hour drive home, so she had plenty of time to think of what she might wear and how to plan the evening out and get Randy inside her apartment without seeming desperate.

As Randy pulled his truck onto the freeway, some thing about the traffic that night seemed off - more so than usual. As they rounded the first bend on the freeway, traffic came to a screeching halt. As Randy and Julie crawled along down the freeway, there didn't seem to be any explanation for why they were going so slow, they couldn't see any flashing lights from emergency vehicles and there weren't any racing down the road behind them.

While Randy was getting annoyed that traffic was at a dead stop at 10:30 in the evening, Julie began to ponder if she could help him ease his stress right there in the car and help with the foreplay for the evening.

"Hey Randy, you doing alright?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, just a little pissed about this traffic," Randy replied annoyed, but not at her.

"Is there anything I can do to help you out?" she asked, with a slightseductivenessin her tone.

Hearing what sounded like a hint to Randy about her feelings towards him, he took this opportunity to see what could happen.

"A blow job sounds real nice right about now," he said, daring her to see how she would respond.

"A blow job? Here? In traffic?" Julie asked, slightly taken back by the voyeuristic approach Randy had taken.

"Yeah, why not? You asked if there was anything you could do. This would relieve some of my stress," he said.

"I mean, I suppose I could," Julie said hesitantly.

"Julie, we're in a raised truck above even the tallest SUV's in traffic. No one will see us, plus all my windows are tinted," Randy reassured her.

"You've got a point. Can we turn off the stereo to make it a little bit darker in here?" Julie asked, psyching herself up to the task at hand.

"Sure, anything to make you more comfortable," Randy responded, his boner growing in his pants.

Randy turned off the stereo, and as soon as he did, Julie wasted no time.She unbuckled her seat belt, and moved across the seat so she could have better accesses to Randy's dick once she got it out of his pants. She began to kiss his neck, nibbling here and there, hoping that would excite him a little bit - she already had a feeling he was going to be big. As she wrapped her hand around his neck and pulled herself in closer, she took her other hand and began rubbing around his crotch area, instantly feeling his hardened boner.

She began to rub her hand up and down his dick as it rested on his inner right thigh. While Julie was doing that, Randy took his right hand, and began rubbing it up around her thigh as well, heading towards her panties, just to tease her. Before he could get much further, Julie stopped him and told him that this was for him right now, and that they'd worry about her needs when they got to her place.

"It's torture not being able to touch you, Julie," Randy said, excited at what was happening. He never thought he'd be getting a blow job in the middle of traffic on the freeway.

"I know, but just sit here and enjoy the moment," Julie said, assuring him it'd all be worth the wait.

Julie then took his pants and straightened them out so that she could have an easier time with his zipper. She finally got the pants set straight and began to unzip them, excited at what she was going to be finding. As she finished getting Randy's pants undone, Julie ran her hand down into his boxers, looking to see how she would get his thickened seven inch dick out of his boxers.

With a little help from Randy, Julie finally had his dick in her hand. She had never felt one so thick, or seen one as long as his. Most of the guys she'd been with previously only stood out at about five inches and looked like noodles. She began to stroke him up and down, slowly at first, but then picking up her pace. She wanted to excite him a little bit, get him to the brink of an orgasm then bring him back down.

"Julie, please, you're killing me!" Randy begged, knowing he was at the mercy of Julie.

"Sshh, we'll get there baby," she whispered into Randy's ear as she took a nibble of his ear lobe.

Knowing she'd teased Randy enough, Julie scooted back a little bit and bent over across the front passenger seat. She leaned down over his crotch, and ran her tongue across the tip of his dick, licking up the already forming pre-cum that was sitting there.

"Oh God!" Randy exclaimed, pulsing a little bit, but making sure to keep it in.

Julie than took his dick by the shaft, and began to slide her mouth down around it. Making sure to lick all the sides of it as she went - she wanted it to be soaking wet for when she did her hand job portions. As Julie began bobbing her head up and down around Randy's dick, her excitement grew as she considered where she was giving this blow job. She stopped for a minute to give her mouth a break since she wasn't used to some thing so big. Julie rubbed Randy's dick up and down, using her saliva as lube to make it nice and moist for him.After a few minutes of rest, Julie took Randy's dick back in her mouth. This time making sure to pay special attention to the tip of his head, she'd heard guys go up a wall when a girl spends time licking around that area.

Julie finally decided it was time for Randy to come into her mouth. She wanted to taste what he had to give her.

"Randy, I want you to come in my mouth baby," she begged seductively.

After hearing her tone of voice, Randy could no longer hold his load in. "I'm going to come Julie! I can't hold it in any longer!" Randy exclaimed.

As Julie leaned back down towards Randy's dick, he shot his first load, hitting her in the chin, but she managed to get his dick into her mouth as he shot his last seven loads into her mouth. She swallowed everything, enjoying the sweet taste of a real man's cum in her mouth. She pulled his dick out of her mouth, and licked the tip clean, making sure it'd be ready for when they got to her place. Julie cleaned her chin off, and put Randy's dick back inside his pants and closed them up.

Just as they finished, it looked like traffic was beginning to move again, It turned out some boxes had been spilled across the freeway, and a clean up crew was taking forever to remove them.

Randy and Julie then wasted no time getting back to her place..

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