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My Favorite Gas Station

My favorite shop to stop for anything but gas

I stop at this gas station almost every morning. I know all the current employees and owner, as I have for the last five years I have come here. All have their own unique personalities and sexual appetites. I have my favorites, as I am sure they have their own personal favorite customers.

It is owned by two brothers who couldn’t be more opposite. Seth, the older, more laid-back Arab brother, is in a very unhappy, boring arranged marriage. He is a gentle, caring lover. He likes sex on clean sheets, with candles, and my legs wrapped around him, as I massage his back. He loves letting me ride him slowly as I kiss all the childhood scars on his chest.

Pete, the younger, more gangster brother who has escaped his Arab roots, is a dominant man who likes to fuck. He has taken me over the counter from behind after locking up early for the night. And on the floor. He loves doggy style, so he can control how fast my hips slam back onto him, smacking my ass to prove he is the boss. Or standing in the drink cooler, holding on for dear life as I suck his brown dick and finger myself in front of him.

Both boys have been inside of me. I am one of their favorites. They have never talked about other women, but I know there must be.

Jason, one of the more long-term employees, is a chill skater who loves nothing more than relaxing on the couch naked while smoking and getting head. He tastes like California, sea salt, and organics. He can spend hours between my legs, licking slowly and savoring the taste, leaving me on the edge as he takes a smoke break and massages my nipples. He likes to rub his penis down my stomach and slowly press himself into me before I take control and get on top of him, reverse cowgirl style, as he loves to pinch my ass.

CJ is one of the only people who work at the gas station who doesn’t do drugs. He is a very normal guy in every mediocre way. He suffers from a little PTSD from serving, which has also damaged his manhood. He was very shy at first, telling me it wasn’t possible because he is broken. I persuaded him to try, and we have discovered together that he is, in fact, NOT broken. He lasts a very long time and enjoys tit fucking me, my size DDs pressed hard against his fragile penis, semen creating a beautiful pearl necklace as he spasms on me.

Andy was one of my absolute favorite employees. He no longer works there, but I still see him from time to time. He had such a long, thick penis that felt so good entering me, filling me up completely. He would start so slowly but always finished fast, letting me suck him clean. He always made sure I was completely satisfied in every way, every time.

The original owners, when I first started coming to this gas station, were a younger married couple, Matt and Jess. Jess was a short, curly-haired blonde who secretly loved my nipples and clit. She would never be able to tell her husband, but she always wanted to have a girlfriend. I would come in and steal her from him for “girl smoke breaks” when we would go out to her Escalade and she would tongue fuck me. She always loved when she could lay on her back, letting her tits free, as I straddled her face, my hands groping her and pinching her nipples as she dug her tongue deep into me, her hands rubbing my clitoris as I came on her.

Her husband had his unique preferences as well. He was half-Arab and loved my arms and shoulders. He liked to bind my hands behind my back and pinch my tits as I struggled to free my hands. He loved to bind me to the cot in the back office, stripping me completely first and then tying my hands and feet to the corner posts with ties. Sometimes he would prefer me on my back, sucking my clitoris and releasing his semen onto my breasts. More often though, he would tie me face down, my ass spread before him as he fucked me hard, the silky ties keeping me in place as I bounced my ass up onto him. His knees would leave bruises on the insides of my thighs as he spread me far and fucked me, his hands clawing my tits as he came on my back.

It left me wondering how such a pair came to be married and if they would ever want to try a threesome. I would have loved to try him binding me and fucking me from behind as her tongue circled my clit in front. What a delicious idea! Still makes me hot, wondering if she ever tasted him on me, or if their car smelling like me made them both horny.

One time, Jason was working, and Andy stopped to visit when he saw my car in the lot. Jason had let him in but told him I was occupied. I had been on my knees behind the counter pleasing Jason when we heard Andy knock. Jason was already high; I assume Andy was as well, as they both had red demon eyes. The music was loud as Jason came back to me. I winked at Andy and resumed my handsome meal. I heard Andy’s zipper and scraped my teeth on Jason as Andy thrust into me from behind. Every deep thrust caused me to gag on Jason.

As Jason came in my mouth, I came on Andy. Andy hadn’t finished yet, so we all changed positions. I was completely naked as Jason kneeled in front of me, tasting my hot, salty clitoris as Andy thrust hard into my ass, his hands reaching around and pulling hard on my nipples. What heaven! Andy came fast, and I crumpled to the floor as the double penetration caused my naked body to convulse. Still, one of the best memories I have of that gas station.

I always return to my gas station and my people within. Every time I reach for a coffee or fill up my tank, I imagine a different person penetrating me. I will never stop coming here (literally), and revel at the thought of new employees…


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