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Fade to Black

A male erotica author develops an online stalker with twisted intentions...
Aidan Black stared at the online text that flashed up onto the screen.

‘I luv ur stories!’

He yawned, and took another sip of his Jack Daniels. He quickly typed a reply and then leaned back in his chair.

‘What do you like about them?’

He smiled at the long pause. All these fans are the same, he thought to himself. Innocent young girls that dream of being treated like dirty sluts and too afraid to tell their college boyfriends that doggy-style after a long alcohol-fused pub crawl just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

‘I like how ur girls get it ruf and dirty. Its hottt!’

He leaned towards the computer screen with a grin. 

‘And how ‘ruf’ do you like it, Kelly?’

A quick movement at the door of the bedroom prevented him from awaiting a reply and he quickly clicked offline. Aidan brought up his emergency default window about scuba diving and cleared his throat as his live-in girlfriend Lauren walked into the bedroom and threw her gym bag into the corner. She smirked at the flustered clicking of keys on his laptop.

“Talking to another one of your online sluts again, Aidan?”

“Nope, just planning some fun stuff for our upcoming vacation, babe.”

She lingered over his shoulder, scrutinizing the laptop suspiciously. Her long blonde hair fell forward, veiling her pretty face as she moved in for a closer look.

“Uh huh… right. So you wouldn’t mind if I checked your ‘history’ files right? I won’t find any links to some sex site or chat windows with a girl named something like slutbunny69 or fuckwhore4U?”

He laughed awkwardly and pulled Lauren onto his lap. “Come on babe, they’re not ‘sex sites’. They’re erotica sites. And you know I have to keep in touch with my fan base from time to time.”

“Your fan base?” She laughed indulgently, playfully fending off his attempts to distract her as his hands moved over her toned body in her tight yoga pants and skimpy white Abercrombie t-shirt. “Aidan, I love you to death, but… you’re not exactly Steven King. Your fans are just dirty little teenagers that want you to get them off with cybersex.”

He roared with laughter. “Wow, thanks. I’m glad to know what you think of my writing skills.”

Her large blue eyes softened and she leaned in to kiss his full mouth. “Hey, I love your writing. But I just think you should… you know… watch how much of yourself you put out there online. You have no idea what kind of crazies or perverts end up gravitating towards these online sex story sites.”

“The people are pretty tame actually,” he said defensively. “Just normal people looking for kinky fantasies.”

She rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you try writing some love stories for a change?”

“Because I don’t do love stories…”

“Right,” she quipped. “I guess I should know that first hand, shouldn’t I?”

“Come on Lauren, you know I love you. I’m just not good with writing about romance and heaving bosoms and male soap opera heroes.”

“Yeah, you’d rather just write about some asshole throat fucking a girl until she gags on his cock before he slaps it across her face, calls her a whore and then shoves it up her ass. Soooo much better,” she said sarcastically. “No wonder I fell for you with all that class and charm.”

He laughed at her mock serious face. “They’re just stories, Lauren. And besides, people seem to like them.”

“The only people that like them are misogynistic men and young girls that don’t know any better.”

He shrugged. “You seemed to like them well enough when we first hooked up,” he said, grabbing her hair into a long ponytail and drawing her neck in to bite at it playfully. “You certainly liked being my slut.”

“I still like being your slut,” she sighed, feeling his teeth sink into the sensitive flesh around her neck. She felt his warm tongue against her skin and shifted in his lap. His hard cock pressed against the curves of her ass and she moaned softly.

She began to gyrate her hips against his, moving over his hard-on and turning so that her ass was facing him, round and firm in the tight black yoga bottoms that she knew he favored. Bending low so that he caught a glimpse of the smooth tanned expanse of her back leading to the swell of her perfectly toned ass, she began to grind against him in an impromptu lap dance that made his cock throb in response.

“Isn’t this better than chatting up online girls?” she mused. Lauren turned her head so that he could see the seductive flicker in her eyes and dirty smile as she softly bit her bottom lip and winked at him. 

“Uh huh, he agreed, his hands eagerly roving over her body.

“So does that mean that you’re going to stop writing and get your priorities straight then?”

Without thinking, he paused; the sexy spell of her seductive efforts over him had effectively been broken. 


She cleared her throat and ceremoniously slid off his lap, turning around to face him with her hands on her slender hips for emphasis.

“I’m serious, Aidan! I want you to put a ring on my finger and stop dicking around with this online Casanova bullshit.”

He rolled his eyes. “You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re going to be a cock-tease and then give me an ultimatum like that?”

She shrugged and ran her fingers through her hair, tilting one hip out so that he was further tortured by the curves of her tight body that she made clear was for display-purposes only at that point. 

“I guess that’s the way it has to be for now,” she shrugged. “I’m just tired of the Triple-X rated theme of your lifestyle, Aidan. The girls in your stories might enjoy serving as fuck-toys to be used, but the girl that actually lives with you is soooo over it.” 

She walked over to her gym bag and pulled out a package from the post office. 

“This arrived for you today,” she said throwing it onto his lap. “Probably from another one of your adoring ‘fans’. You open up our lives to such a seedy element too, Aidan. Who knows what psychos could end up fixating on you… and us. I’m going to stay with my sister for the weekend. Maybe it’ll give you some time to figure things out.”

“Hey, are you breaking up with me?” he asked with some measure of incredulity at her sudden turn of attitude.

She smiled at him and leaned in to kiss his lips. “No, I’m just teaching you a lesson. You can’t have it both ways.”

Lauren packed a few clothes and toiletries as a decidedly frosty tone settled between them. 

The package on Aidan’s lap began to feel like the white elephant in the room. He had a strong suspicion that he already knew who it was from. Lilah von Trapp as she called herself had been trailing his stories for months now, bombing them with scores of ‘1’ across all the major online erotica sites. When he’d sent her an email inquiring as to the reason behind the venom, she’d written him back a cryptic response about being a ‘Vigilante Bitch’ that was not into stories about manipulative bad boys and weak-willed sluts that played into their demands.

“The world has seen enough of your type of man,” Lilah had stated once.

Over time she had softened however, and they had developed a bit of a playful banter. Aidan knew he was skilled at charming women, even ones that initially seemed to react negatively to his bad boy attitude. She had seemed like an interesting character too. In many ways she was a refreshing change from the barrage of notes from eighteen-year-old wannabe-sluts that couldn’t carry a proper conversation.

As the months passed, Aidan started to become vaguely concerned about her attachment to him. Sometimes she would send him up to ten emails a day, often littered with dirty pictures of submissive men, collared and leashed, being sex slaves to power-bitches in stilettos and black boots. He had been somewhat amused by them at first, until she started sending photos of men being dominated by voracious women wearing strap-ons.

“Interesting concept, but really not my thing, Lilah,” he’d written back diplomatically one night while they were chatting on MSN.

“What’s wrong? You just like to dish it but you don’t want to take it? I’ll bet that ass of yours could use a little abuse. Who knows, you might even like it.”

“Trust me, I won’t,” he’d replied quickly. “My ass is off limits.”

“Aww, but you don’t let the girls in your stories get away with lines like that. Seems like a double standard, no?”

He thought about it for a minute. Maybe it was a bit of a double standard on a technicality, but what difference did it make? They were his stories and his fantasies. What did it matter if he liked creating porn star worthy female characters that were willing to debase and defile themselves for his pleasure?

“I’m a tried and true dominant guy,” he typed finally. “Nothing against whatever you’re into, but you’re never going to get me into a collar and leash.”

“We’ll see about that,” she’d written and then promptly logged off.

When the gifts began arriving in the mail, his uncertainty about her began to grow. Apparently Lilah had pinpointed his location because of some unfortunate tweets he’d put out on his twitter account that he had intended to use purely to update fans on his stories. She’d tracked down his real name by calling the gym he mentioned that he worked at as a personal trainer, and then she’d easily obtained his address. It had been somewhat alarming at the time, but then again, Lilah lived in New York and Aidan and Lauren were safely tucked away across the country in Hermosa Beach. Besides, fame always ran the risk of creating a few rabid fans, didn’t it?

The first package that arrived had actually made him laugh. It was a jumbo-sized bottle of lube and a butt-plug. He’d tossed them into a drawer and written back a pleasant email: 

Nice try Lilah. Thanks, but no thanks .”

The next box that had arrived had been a slender shaped prostate vibrator. He’d contemplated it for a moment and then shuddered and threw it into the drawer with the butt-plug. He had zero interest in exploring that side of himself. The mere thought of it made his stomach turn and his asshole clench. He reminded himself to get rid of the gifts before Lauren caught sight of them and started wondering what kind of kinks he was getting into.

The box that sat on his lap now had her familiar scrawl in thick black ink and he frowned. Lauren hadn’t questioned him about who Lilah von Trapp was but it was clear that she was not impressed with the idea of weird girls from the internet sending him gifts. 

“Don’t tell me,” Lauren had sulked with a bitter expression. “Probably more dirty panties from nameless whores.”

He didn’t have the heart to tell her that there was nothing sexy, playful or provocative about any of the gifts as far as he was concerned.

Once Lauren had left for the weekend at her sister’s house along the coast, Aidan opened the package sitting on his lap with growing trepidation. He pushed the tissue paper aside and unwrapped a pair of silver handcuffs, and an enormous dildo that seemed as thick as his fist. What the fuck , he thought with amazement, turning the black silicone beast over and over in his hands. This chick was clearly off the rails. She had left a small note inside, written on a crisp white card. 

‘California, here I cum.’

He pushed the box and note aside, starting to feel queasy. Surely she wouldn’t travel across the country in the hopes of convincing him of giving up his ass to her when he’d made it so obviously clear that this fantasy of hers was never going to happen. Would she? He shook his head. She was obviously just teasing, he decided. He laughed out loud to break the tension as he walked down the stairs to make himself dinner. Trust his writer’s imagination to immediately conjure some horror-story style ideas about crazy female stalkers with ruthless plans.

Lilah was probably just a wannabe-dominatrix that had been screwed over by a few boyfriends and was out to make men quake and submit to her threats in a bid to feel powerful again. Clearly she had taken out her frustrations on him because of the way he favored writing about scheming male players corrupting naive girls and turning them into raging sluts. He had become her psychological punching bag. Lilah’s crusade would probably end soon enough, Aidan realized, once she fell head over heels for the next wolf in sheep’s clothing.

After dinner, he settled down to enjoy a night of drinking while watching the hockey game with his feet up on the coffee table. This isn’t so bad, he thought to himself. In some ways it was kind of nice not to have Lauren nagging him about drinking, sports, and etiquette. On the other hand, he was used to having her there, cuddled into him while they lay on the couch. 

He began thinking about her ultimatum. He had been writing erotica as a hobby for years before he’d met Lauren. It had been his distraction from the stresses of the rest of life, and now that he was getting e-books published, it hardly seemed fair to demand that he abandon it altogether. Frustrated and going back and forth between pros and cons, Aidan began to drink more, and finally towards the end of the night, he drunk-dialed Lauren’s cell phone.

“You should come home, babe,” he said as he walked up the stars to their bedroom.

“Ah, sounds like you’re drunk,” came her voice on the other end of the line. “You’ll be passed out in ten minutes anyway. I know you, you sleep like a log”

“You can wake me up, I promise” he said suggestively. “You always know how to get me to rise to attention.”

He heard her soft laughter. “Maybe.”

He paused, feeling a flicker of hope ignite the situation. “So, are you? Coming home, that is. I promise to make it worth your while.”

“Hmm… I don’t know, Aidan. Let me think about it. It’s already pretty late…”

“Okay, okay… Think about it. I’ll be waiting for you.”

They exchanged ‘I love you’s’, which Aidan took as a positive sign. He definitely didn’t want to break up with Lauren. He was convinced the entire thing would blow over with the right finessing. He considered that she probably just needed more attention in the relationship. And maybe a nice piece of jewelry as a distraction, he decided as he turned down the bed. Exhausted and buzzing with alcohol, he stripped off his clothes and flopped down onto the crisp white sheets. She’ll come home, he convinced himself as he yawned and stretched out across the bed. She just needs some good dirty loving. A smile played on his lips as he fell into a heavy, dark alcohol-infused sleep.

The dreams came at him like thick black waves that night. He flinched and stirred as he was pulled under like a helpless surfer in a tsunami of images and thoughts by a raging nocturnal sea, battered against the rocks and tossed ashore, powerless to resist where the night intended him to go. Laying on dark sand, he could feel the snakes with their slippery bodies sliding over his skin, their scales moving over the soft flesh of his wrists, occasionally hissing in his ears. Aidan turned restlessly in the covers, feeling the serpents slipping over his legs, wet and purposeful as a purple moon hung in the sky, ominously flooding the twilight. A kind of heaviness settled over him, and he struggled briefly, moving once and then twice. And then, startled, his eyes opened.

“Lauren?” he murmured with a thick tongue. He suddenly realized where he was, in bed laying against his familiar white sheets. He sighed, feeling soft feminine hands sliding up his bare legs.

“Babe… you came home…”

His eyes flickered open and fought to focus on the face suddenly hovering above his.

“That must have been some good California dreaming,” she purred in a seductive deep honeyed voice that clashed instantly with the familiarity of Lauren’s girly tone.

Aidan’s eyes opened wide.

Looming above him was a stranger.

He swallowed hard, trying to move and realizing that his wrists were tied together and above his head, loosely attached to the headboard. His ankles were loosely tied too, just enough to restrain any sudden movements, but nothing that felt overtly menacing.

“Who the fuck are you?” he breathed, his eyes now trained on the girl straddling his naked body.

“Who do you think I am?” she teased with a smile.

His eyes moved over the long voluminous strands of dark hair that flowed medusa-like over her shoulders. Her skin was pale like moonlight and contrasted sharply with her large pillowy red lips and dark eyes rimmed with thick lashes that fluttered teasingly. His gaze moved lower, following the graceful arch of her neck and gliding over the curves of her body. Her breasts were firm and high, topped by perfect pale pink nipples. She wore a tightly cinched black latex corset around her tiny waist that gleamed in the moonlight. Glancing lower, he could see the beginnings of a smooth hairless snatch. Aidan felt the distinct hot wetness of her pussy as it nestled against his pelvis and the smooth second skin of the black latex leggings that rode up on her thighs that were on either side of him, clutching him like talons. He noticed the long ivy vine tattoo that slithered up one side of her torso and over her shoulder, ending along her neck that seemed to give her a darker kind of sex appeal. Aidan shook his head, trying to clear it. She appeared like a raven-haired succubus straddling his body and he questioned whether he was still caught in a dream.

“Lilah?” he whispered, as though intuitively knowing this was no dream or coincidence.

Her long lashes fluttered again and she winked at him. “Surprised?”

The adrenaline quickly began to rush though him. Despite her obviously compelling sexuality, he was scared out of his mind. The panic began to grow exponentially as he tried to find his voice.

“H…how did you get in here?”

She shrugged, and ran her hands over his smooth chest, appearing to enjoy the way each muscle twitched under her fingers. 

“I have my ways. I’m from New York after all. Breaking into a house around here isn’t very challenging.”

“You know my girlfriend is going to be home any minute,” he bluffed.

She smiled. “You never told me you had a girlfriend. Come on Aidan, you and I both know that a guy like you loves his dirty sluts far too much to ever settle down with just one.” Her voice was like a dark feline purr, purposely teasing him as she leaned down to bite his chest playfully.

He felt her teeth around his nipple, sinking into his flesh and causing enough pain to make him wince. “Ouch… hey, watch it,” he shot back.

In response he felt the bite in his flesh replaced by her warm thick tongue as it undulated seductively over the mock bite wound and then continued over his skin, licking him and tasting his flesh as though it was a prelude to devouring him completely.

Her tongue was long and wet, like a serpent and it moved along his neck and then up the curve of his chin and then slowly flickered over his lower lip. Aidan felt dazed as her warm mouth settled over his, lured in by the sudden flame of arousal that caused his cock to harden against his will as her tongue slid into his mouth. He felt like he was intuitively submitting to her, just by his inaction of not protesting as she kissed him with a sense of urgency, her tongue dancing around his like a demoness pulled straight from his darkest sexual fantasies.

Her tongue hung in his mouth teasingly and he found himself sucking it and trying to capture it again as she began to pull back, letting it flicker around his lips.

“No pain, just pleasure,” she whispered. “I promise.”

She sat back up again as Aidan’s mind began to spin wildly. What the fuck was he doing, he thought to himself. He was still desperately struggling to absorb the inexplicable turn of events to find his rabid fan and stalker straddling his naked body in the middle of the night. He knew he should have been planning his escape or talking her down from the potentially diabolical plans she had in store for him. And yet… his cock betrayed his mind and it throbbed hard just against the curve of Lilah’s ass as she settled back over him. She noticed it too and a wide smile played on her crimson lips.

“Looks like you’re already aching to fuck me, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he breathed, and then shook his head. “I mean, NO!” Flustered, he tried to collect his thoughts. “Look this is all.. a little bit fucked up, don’t you think? I mean you break into my place and tie me up. And the truth is, maybe I didn’t tell you, but I do have a girlfriend and she lives with me, and…”

“And?” she interrupted. “Your dick doesn’t seem that concerned about your girlfriend right now, Aidan Black.”

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “What do you expect? You’re fucking naked and sitting on top of me. It’s an involuntary reaction.”

She laughed. “Involuntary?” She moved a little lower on his body until his cock was between them, gripped by her luscious, thick pink pussy lips. Her hips began to rhythmically grind back and forth against his. He could feel the hot wetness of her cunt pulsing against his shaft. He exhaled a moan, as she seemed to delight in slowly torturing him.

“Oh come on,” he cried. “That’s totally not fair.”

“Isn’t this how you like to tease and torment the dumb little girls in your stories, Aidan?” She breathed in a heavy whisper. He could feel her juices dripping down and coating his shaft. She was clearly just as aroused as he was. “Isn’t this how you get them so turned on that they end up begging to get fucked and abused?”

He groaned, wishing there was some way to prevent his cock from jerking with excitement at the prospect of being plunged into that warm, gushing vice of a pussy. 

“They’re just stories,” he gasped, trying desperately to quell his libido. 

Her hand moved up to take hold of his chin, forcing him to look at her. “And? That cock wants some attention right now, doesn’t it? You want me to milk the fucking cum from of your balls with my tight little snatch, don’t you…”

“Fuck,” he moaned, feeling his heart pounding in his ears. “Yes, yes I want it, ok? I want it!” He felt his body give in to the insanity of the situation, completely overcome by her lusty offering.

She grinned at him, her lips pulled back in a dirty smile. “You’re going to have to beg a lot more enthusiastically than that. I think you’re going to have to prove your worth before I fuck you. What you think about that? Do you think that you’re ready to be my slut for a change?”

He didn’t know how to respond, and stared at her in a daze of excitement and confusion as she grabbed hold of the headboard and used it as leverage to slide up his chest, her pussy leaving a juicy wet trail in its wake.

“Time for you to suck my pussy, Aidan Black. Then we’ll see if Lilah thinks you deserve any pleasure in return.”

In the dim moonlight he could see the glistening wetness of her swollen cunt and smell her sweet musky scent as she lowered herself onto his face. He tried to move his arms but the ropes held him tightly, not giving him a chance to react in any other way. The slippery folds of her pussy moved over his lips and he found himself unable to resist tasting her nectar, which seemed to perversely increase his desire for her, despite the realization that he was totally at her mercy.

The desperation of his predicament combined with the warm buzz of the alcohol he’d consumed all night caused him to give in to the immediate situation, as he realized he was at a loss for any other options. His tongue ran along the length of her slit as he heard her moan in approval. She rocked back and forth on his face, grinding her pussy into his mouth as he slid his thick tongue inside her. Her reactions to his efforts to please her excited him and he began to tongue fuck her rhythmically and forcefully.

“Oh yeah,” she groaned, reaching down with both hands to coil in his dark wavy hair. He could feel her nails against his scalp as she held his head and began to ride his face enthusiastically. “Tongue that pussy, get it in nice and deep. Mmm… just like that.”

She was controlling all the movements, using his mouth just the way she wanted. The initial alarm over his own helplessness began to subside and he found himself beginning to enjoy it. It overwhelmed him to have this beautiful seductress grinding away at his mouth, covering his face with her warm juices and igniting something inside him that he hadn’t experienced before. Not only was it easy to submit to, but he found it intoxicating as well. His cock was still rock hard and jerking up against his stomach as he continued to lick and suck at the engorged nub of her clit and the slick folds of her cunt.

“You better make me come, Aidan,” she gasped. “I’ve been waiting for this for a fucking long time!”

Her taunts spurred him on, and her hold on his head intensified as he felt her nails digging into his scalp. His hair curled around her fingers as she used his face like a sex-toy, shamelessly grinding and rocking against his tongue. “That’s it, oh fuck yeah, suck my clit just like that.”

His focus on bringing his beautiful captor to climax overtook any fears or concerns. Aidan’s tongue was on fire, drenched in her juices and flicking her clit before sucking it hard and then sliding his tongue right up into the depths of her cunt. Over and over, he worshipped her pussy until finally she began to cry out louder in a string of profanities, her body rocking and convulsing rhythmically as he felt her responsive spasms against his tongue. The juices flooded his mouth and face. He almost came just from the sheer excitement of the moment.

“Mmm… you love being my dirty boy, don’t you,” Lilah sighed with obvious satisfaction.

“Uh huh,” he admitted shamelessly.

“You’re doing a very good job so far,” she admitted. “And I’m going to make you feel things you’ve never felt before. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” he said, feeling his cock throb in response, desperate for some kind of reciprocation of attention.

“First you’re going to have to show me how dirty you can get,” she reminded him. 

Her hands took hold of the headboard and used it to hold onto as she turned herself around. Soon his face was inches from the round globes of her ass. He admired her smooth skin, the swell of her hips and the curves of her back, in tandem with the long ivy tattoo and the splash of dark hair flowing down her shoulders.

“I wanna feel your tongue deep inside my ass, Aidan,” she demanded. “Think of it as a test. If you pass, I’ll move down and slide that cock of yours deep inside my pussy.”

He could feel himself leaking precum at the prospect of her promise. “Why don’t you suck it in the meantime?”

Her spine stiffened and she looked back over her shoulder. “You think you’re in a position to make demands, slut?”

“Uhm, no, I just thought since I was…”

“I think you need to shut the fuck up and start licking that ass, dirty boy.”

For a moment he was brought outside of the situation, wondering what he was getting himself into by playing along with her games. She might be crazy, he thought to himself, and Lauren might come at any minute. He imagined her shock and horror at seeing this stranger, an internet stalker no less, in their bedroom. Even worse to see her boyfriend’s face buried in this woman’s ass and his cock rock hard and throbbing against his belly. In his moment of arousal, the thought of it almost heightened the excitement and anxiety over what was happening. He was tied up, he reasoned. What choice did he really have? And even stronger than the fear of getting caught cheating was the overwhelming desire to come harder than he ever had come before. The blood rushing to his cock had him desperate for release.

He flicked his tongue over the tight ring of her asshole and she exhaled a long moan of approval. Slowly he worked his way around her dark pink knot in long tongue strokes, imagining he was priming her for his cock. She moved rhythmically in response to his tongue, releasing long sighs or short gasps when he began to probe her more enthusiastically. 

“Mmm, lick that tight little ass. Oh come on Aidan, I think you can do better than that,” she teased him. 

Without missing a beat, her hands moved behind her to spread her ass cheeks apart before settling down over him again. This time her tight hole opened up to his tongue like a greedy flower in its first bloom. His tongue snaked inside her willfully, tongue-fucking her hole eagerly as she encouraged him on. 

His neglected cock continued to pulse, ever rigid and hard, but left without any attention at all. It would have been easy enough for her to lean forward and send them into a mutually satisfying 69 position, but Lilah seemed focused on her own pleasures and demands. In the throes of riding his tongue like a miniature cock, she let go of her ass cheeks and pushed further back against his mouth, unconcerned about anything other than fucking his face with her eager little asshole. Both of her hands clutched his muscular chest, using it as leverage as she shamelessly continued grinding against his lips. Aidan had no choice but to submit to her demands, licking and rimming that insatiable hole until she furiously began rubbing her clit with one hand. A litany of profanities spewed from her mouth as she got closer and closer finally culminating in another long orgasm as her asshole clenched around his tongue.

When she rocked forward and moved off his mouth, he was breathing hard, both from his exertions and his desires.

“Come sit on my cock,” he urged her, desperate for a little reciprocation of his efforts.

“Hmmm… you want to get inside my hot little snatch, don’t you.”

“Fuck, yes!”

Finally, she slid down his body and flipped around to face him. His neglected cock was harder than ever and desperate for attention.

He welcomed the warmth and heat emanating from her pussy as the engorged lips lightly touched the head of his swollen rod. He looked up at her face, flushed in the moonlight, her eyes bright with satisfaction at having him there, submissive and begging. Fuck it, he thought to himself. He was willing to do anything she wanted.

“Please, Lilah… I want you to fuck me until I come.”

“Are you sure?” she teased with a raised eyebrow

“Yes!” he cried, imagining the first sweet moments of his shaft plunging deep inside her. “Yes, I’m sure!”

With a wicked grin, Lilah winked at him and slid off the bed.

“What the fuck?” he cried, exasperated. “You promised…”

“You said that you wanted me to fuck you,”

“Yes. Get on top of me and fuck me!” he felt his voice rising, his dominant demanding nature rearing it’s head. “I’ve been playing this game exactly the way you want it, Lilah!”

“There’s just one more game to play,” she said as she disappeared into the shadows of his bedroom.

He felt his breathing become more ragged. He was exasperated by his efforts and frustrated by her cock teasing and promises. He tugged on the restraints that bound him to the bed and sighed, wanting to call off the entire thing.

When Lilah emerged from the shadows, he drew in his breath. She walked towards him slowly, the thick veined dildo attached to her black leather strap-on harness bobbing in front of her ominously. It was already slick with lube and it gleamed in the moonlight.

“No. Fucking. Way.” His voice was resolute and unwavering. He had played along with her demands up until then, but this was not part of the deal.

“Oh come on, Aidan,” she purred. “How many girls have you ruthlessly fucked over the years?”

“I don’t know,” he said, feeling his asshole clenching as his eyes stayed focused on her new appendage.

“Can’t remember? I’ll bet you’ve lost track, there have been so many.”

“Maybe,” he muttered. “But look, that’s besides the point here, Lilah. I’m not going to just roll over and let you fuck me with that thing.”

“Aww,” she teased. “Maybe I just need to work you up to it and convince you that you want it.”

He felt the sudden urge to laugh at the entire situation, it seemed so inane and ridiculous to him.

Yet before he could protest, Lilah slid onto the bed beside him, rolling him onto his side and spooning him from behind. His hands, still tied together at the wrists, hung above his head, bound by the rope attached to the headboard. He could feel the curves of her body and her breasts pressed against his back and that horrible ‘thing’ between his legs, pushed up against his balls.

“You are one crazy bitch,” he said finally.

“Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed,” she murmured into his ear, biting his earlobe, as her arm moved around him until her hand was on his wilting cock. She gripped the base of his shaft and began to stroke him back to arousal. The cum leaking from the tip of his cock acted like a slick lube as she effortlessly worked him with her hand.

“Mmm… look at that nice thick cock getting all hard for me,” she purred with excitement. “You sure this isn’t turning you on?”

He fought to stifle his moans, but it was impossible. Lilah’s expert manipulation of his cock had him throbbing again. The lack of release was building within him, torturing him even more than the thought of letting her have her way with him.

She continued to stroke his cock, her breasts bouncing softly against his back as she ran her tongue around the rim of his ear. He could feel her warm breath against his neck, relentlessly turning him on. Despite all the protests in his head, he couldn’t resist turning his head towards her as his cock pulsed in her grip. Her soft warm lips found his immediately and they began to kiss. Her tongue slid into his mouth as the kiss deepened and became more urgent.

The length of the dildo was between his legs, rubbing against his balls and sliding back and forth along the crevice of his ass, reminding him of her intentions, yet teasing him at the same time. Did she dare? And more importantly was he willing to submit himself to this crazed seductress that was intent on using his ass however she wanted?

“Lilah,” he gasped finally. “I don’t think…”

“Shhh,” she silenced him with a soft bite along the side of his neck. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

He paused for a moment, feeling lightheaded as her warm tongue slid along his skin, as though she was tasting him before going in for the kill.

“Yeah,” he heard himself whisper. “But…”

“You want to slide this hard thick cock into my pussy that’s so fucking wet right now, don’t you?” she continued to tease him, her hand stroking him as he throbbed helplessly in her hand. “I’ll sink my ravenous little cunt down onto that cock, nice and deep, all the way down to your balls and ride you like no other whore in your life has.”

He groaned as she continued rhythmically stroking him, nearly bringing him to the edge of orgasm just from hearing her dirty offering. 

“You want it?” she whispered hotly into his ear. “Tell me you want it.”

“Fuck… yes, I want it,” he swore, tempted beyond all sense of logic or reasoning.

With the primal image of his cock sliding into the vise of her liquid hot pussy blazed across his mind, he felt the head of the appendage attached to Lilah’s body push firmly against the tight ring of his ass. Closing his eyes, he exhaled in a series of long breaths and moans as she slowly slid into his depths. He didn’t know what to expect or feel but being on the brink of total orgasmic release had acted like a chemical drug or rush of euphoria that distracted him completely from the reality of what was happening. 

She filled him completely, pausing when her hips were nestled against him, clearly reveling in the satisfaction of having taken him. He could hear her little sighs and moans as though the dildo she wore was her own cock, bringing her just as much pleasure. She stayed buried inside him for several long moments, until his breathing returned to some semblance of normal, as he struggled to take in everything that was happening.

He wanted to deny that he liked it. He wanted to curse her name and demand that she stop, but he was overwhelmed with the intensity of what he was experiencing. There was the warm sensation of being completely filled up, and the head of the dildo was pressing against his prostate in a way that seemed to spread a kind of electric heat through his groin. She slowly began to move in and out in short strokes, the thickness of the shaft massaging and rubbing against it and creating new sensations that were unexpected and primal. Then there was the raw filthy shock of this sexually-charged stranger violating and using him at her own will. Her obvious desire for him was something he hadn’t felt in a long time. The whole situation was so wrong, so deviant, and so inexplicably compelling at the same time.

“Do you want me to stop?” she whispered into his ear.

Aidan didn’t answer, unable to say the words on his lips, but instinctively he felt himself push back against her, inviting her deeper inside him. He heard her silken sigh of satisfaction with implicit understanding. He braced himself as Lilah begin to gain momentum, sliding in and out of his tight hole, as she spooned him from behind. He was amazed at how expertly she was able to fuck him, her hips bumping against his muscular ass with each thrust. He moaned, lit from within with a sense of uninhibited desire, submitting completely to the moment. She seemed to love teasing him, using quick deep strokes and then settling into slower longer thrusts that almost sought to frustrate him. His hand reached back to seize the flesh of her hip, sliding down along the soft round cheeks of her ass and gripping her to pull her into him faster.

She delighted in his shift in enthusiasm. “I think someone likes getting his ass fucked, doesn’t he?” she mused coyly.

“No… I…”

“Oh, come on,” she teased, sidling up to him again so that her soft breasts were flush with his back. With a quick twist of her hips, she sank deep inside him again, making him groan involuntarily.

“You love this don’t you,” she whispered urgently into his ear. “You love every inch of my cock pounding away at that tight little virgin asshole. You want me to fuck you harder, don’t you? Admit it, Aidan, say it…”

He moaned again as she used quick unrelenting thrusts to encourage his response.

“All I’m thinking about…” he murmured finally, “is that tight little pussy that’s going to be squeezed around my cock after all of this is over.”

“Mmmm… so you’re just thinking about fucking my slutty little pussy, Aidan?”

“Yes, because that was the deal… right?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she promised, her serpent tongue lashing against his ear. “I’m going to let you fuck me any way you want. My pussy is so hot and wet right now, baby. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” he heard himself murmur trying to distract his mind, as they built a steady rhythm between them. He pushed back against her, eagerly meeting each thrust as she worked his ass. They both began to gasp as the heat between them began to build until they were both wet with sweat, her big soft breasts sliding against his slick back.

“Is this how you want to fuck me, Aidan?” she moaned hotly.

“No, I’m going to get you on your fucking knees,” he cried. “I’m going to bend you over and pound that pussy of yours until you scream.”

“Mmm… yeah,” she murmured. “I’m gonna come so hard for you. Show me how you want me, Aidan.”

He played along, knowing her game, knowing they were both overcome with lust at that point that they had already passed the point of no return. He didn’t even recognize himself anymore as he let her turn him onto his stomach, the thick dildo briefly sliding out of his ass with an audible slurp. She was playing rough now, with a strength of intention that belied her feminine size. With both hands she seized his hips and pulled them upward, forcing him to his knees. His loosely tethered wrists were spaced far enough apart that he was easily able to comply with her demands as he ultimately gave in to her aggressive sexuality.

Just think of that wet pussy, he reminded himself like a mantra even as he grimaced, feeling the slippery strap-on dildo, still warm from his depths, pushing into him again. It sank into his ass with greater ease this time, but he still moaned and felt himself clench the sheets as the foul-mouthed temptress continued her anal assault. Between his legs, his tortured cock, desperate for release began to pulse with a life as its own as the thick bulbous head of the dildo pushed against his p-spot, stimulating him in a way that propelled him to a state of unbridled intensity, fearful of the things he might say in the moment. I don’t like this , he fervently reminded himself, I can’t like this!

Briefly, the image of Lauren flicked across his mind and as if on cue, Lilah was there to tease and torment him about it.

“What do you think your girlfriend would say if she came home right now and caught me fucking your ass?”

The raw thought of it strangely turned him on for some reason. He imagined her shock. As predictably sexy as Lauren was in bed, there was no doubt that she would be horrified by the scene before her and especially of him on his hands and knees, gripped in the talons of this wildly sexy creature, plunging her appendage into his ass with relentless enthusiasm. He imagined Lilah’s head turned to the side, her black hair flowing over her shoulders and her dark eyes trained on his lovely girlfriend, undeniably taunting, ‘look at your man, now.’ And then her gaze would drift in disbelief to Aidan, to witness his damp forehead and the inexplicable lust smeared across his face.

Back in the heady moment, Lilah gripped his hips and continued to fuck him. He could feel her nails digging into him like claws and the fiery heat in his ass as she intensified her thrusts. Beads of sweat began rolling down his back as he moaned helplessly.

“Or maybe she’s be more pissed off knowing how much you’re dying to fuck my pussy,” she teased.

Aidan felt his cock jerk upward in response. He was harder than he’d ever been before and it bobbed between his legs with a life of its own.

“Well if you want my pussy you’re going to have to be my slut tonight, Aidan. You’re going to have to let me fuck that ass as long as I want it for.”

He groaned, unable to resist any longer. “Fuck me however you want,” he heard himself gasp. “Just fuck my ass and do it!”

Spurred on by his newfound encouragement, Lilah obliged him with renewed vigor. Aidan braced himself against tight-fisted knuckles as she gripped his hips and continued for what seemed like hours. Leaning over his body he felt her hand sliding up his back until it was against his neck, entwining tightly in his wavy hair, and pulling his head back enough for her to be able to growl into his ear. “That tight ass feels soooo good, Aidan.”

Without waiting for a reply, she shoved the full length of the dildo deep inside him until her hips were flush with his and then began a slow rhythmic grinding with occasional short fast thrusts that made him gasp. Her hand moved around his body and went down between his legs until she took hold of his cock. She began to expertly stroke him again as she continued to move rhythmically inside him, massaging against his p-spot with a distinct kind of pressure that made his entire groin throb. 

She began to purr into his ear. “Come for me, Aidan. I want to feel that thick cum spurting out of your cock and dripping down my hand. Then you can watch me finger my pussy and ass with those sticky little fingers and lube them up for you to fuck as much as you want. I’ll take my turn as your nasty little whore and drain those balls all fucking night long!”

Her filthy words and the litany of dirty images she spun for him tipped him over the edge, and his balls clenched as his cock erupted in several copious streams of cum. Some of it hit his stomach but Lilah’s hand had moved over the engorged head and he knew it was slick with his load by the way she murmured her appreciation in his ear. “Mmm… good boy, Aidan.”

He was breathing heavily. The orgasm was almost violent in its intensity, and he was momentarily dizzy with exhaustion. She pressed down against his back until he was flat on the bed, as she finally withdrew the length of the strap-on dildo. Aidan sighed with relief, realizing that he’d successfully endured this test of depravity. Still aware of the ropes loosely tying his limbs to the bed, he struggled to roll over onto his back.

He waited with anticipation for Lilah’s promise of switching places. She crawled up his body so that her pussy was hot and wet against his spent cock. Wordlessly she stuck out her impossibly long tongue and ran it along one of her sticky fingers that were still bathed with his cum. He watched her with amazement as the sexy intensity in her eyes and the dirty display of sensuality compelled him. Her tongue scooped up a thick river of glistening cream as it dripped down her hand and then she bent forward to kiss him, simultaneously pushing it into his mouth before he was able to stop her. The unfamiliar salty warm taste lingered in his mouth as their tongues danced together. The thought of such a thing would have previously made him gag but in the madness of what he’d just experienced it seemed insignificant, and even more so, it was strangely sexy.

He wanted to turn her on so that they could continue playing their game. The excitement of reversing roles slowly began to tempt his cock back to life and he let her drag her sticky fingers across his lips and slide them into his mouth as he greedily sucked the cum from them while she watched with a knowing smile.

“See Aidan, you’re kinkier than you thought,” she murmured.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he assured her. “Why don’t you untie me and find out for yourself.”

They shared a playful laugh of anticipation but Aidan was so turned on by what he knew was to come that he felt like growling. His mind raced through the many ways he would fuck her senseless. There would be no reprieve for this little temptress now, he decided. He was going to make her his bonafide fuck-slut all night long.

He waited patiently while she disappeared into the darker corner of the bedroom to find the scissors he’d told her were on his desk to cut through the rope and speed things along. After a bit of shuffling she reappeared, except instead of the hot black latex sex outfit she’d been wearing earlier, she was now modestly covered in a long dark trench coat with a hat pulled down low over her head. A leather satchel bag was slung casually over one shoulder and with one hand she set the pair of scissors down on his nightstand table. His jaw dropped open in shock.

“Don’t look so surprised, Aidan. I thought you would have figured out that I’m not the type to stick around after I get what I want. Isn’t that the first rule of thumb that the bad boy characters in your stories live by?”

He was not amused; he was incredulous. He pulled against the ropes that tied him to the bed, but his struggle only made them further tighten around his wrists.

“Uh uh,” Lilah chastised. “You have to use the scissors…. But you can wait until after I’m gone.”

He watched her hips sway with a deliberate cocky swagger as she walked away from him.

“You ruthless bitch!” he swore under his breath, shaking his head with amazement. “I should have known.”

Unfazed, Lilah just smiled and winked. “Oh, I think you did know. Just admit it Aidan, you liked it.”

She turned and slipped out of the bedroom and into the darkness of the house. Moments later he heard the front door slam shut and the madness of the night’s events began to drain from his mind like an unspoken nightmare. It was over.


Aidan was quiet the next day when Lauren got home. The memory of his dark night with Lilah von Trapp was blazed in his psyche. The shock and humiliation of everything that had happened was still fresh in his mind, filling him with anxiety.

Lauren curled up in his lap that night after dinner. She smiled at him and brushed a stray hair back off his forehead. “What’s wrong honey, you look kind of pale.”

He shrugged. “Nothing, nothing… I guess I just missed you.”

She giggled. “I was only gone for one night. But it’s nice to know you were thinking of me.”

“Yeah,” he said with a long drawn out sigh. He kissed her softly. “I guess I just have a new appreciation for what I really want.”

Their eyes locked meaningfully and Lauren melted into him, starting to feel the uncertainty of their relationship and her fears that his priorities were misplaced begin to fade away. They were finally both focused on the future, she thought to herself happily, and finally on the right track.


The next day, Lauren set up her laptop on an outdoor patio table at Starbucks. The sun was bright and the day seemed decidedly optimistic based on the night before. Finally, there would be no more of Aidan taking her for granted and wasting time with his online games and deluded fantasies of becoming a famous erotica writer. 

She sipped on her skinny vanilla latte and hummed to herself as she logged-on, deciding to check out the Tiffany’s website while she was waiting. The diamond engagement rings gleamed up at her from the screen. She was halfway into falling in love with a stunning cushion cut sparkler when a shadow fell over her table and she looked up.

“Hey Kari! Or should I say… Lilah.”

The exotic brunette laughed and slid into the seat across from her.

“I think it’s time to hang up Lilah von Trapp’s shoes once and for all, Lauren,” she said. “I totally freaked him out. Your plan worked perfectly.”

“Scared into submission?” she said with a wry smile. “I do feel a little guilty about it. But I think he just needed this kick in the ass, you know? Every guy needs that one defining moment where he realizes he’s about to fuck up his entire life if he keeps on the path that he’s on. This was Aidan’s moment. He was so subdued last night when I came home… he was practically domesticated!”

Kari shook her head with amazement. “It’s definitely been one of my more unusual client requests, but hey, I’m glad I could help out.”

“Which reminds me,” Lauren said with a smooth smile. She pulled out a white envelope and pushed it across the table. “Here’s your fee, in cash, just like we agreed.”

Kari flipped through the envelope quickly and nodded back to the glowing blonde. 

“Looks like the deal is done then!”

“Almost,” Lauren confirmed. “Almost.”

The girls chatted a short while longer and Kari thanked her for the business. Who knew that ad on Craig’s List for a Domme escort with decent acting skills would have worked out so well for her, Lauren thought. And now, it was almost time to close the chapter on a clever scheme perfectly planned and executed.

Once the hired seductress was on her way, Lauren logged onto MSN as Lilah von Trapp. She was about to close the account but was startled to see Aidan online when he’d told her he was going to gym and then out with a friend that afternoon.

Before she could log-off, the conversation chat window flew up on the screen.

Aidan: I’ve been waiting for you.

Lauren hesitated momentarily, but decided to play along one last time. There was no harm in putting a final nail in the coffin.

Lilah: What’s the matter? Hasn’t your ass had enough abuse?

Aidan: Well, it is pretty sore actually.

Lilah: Maybe next time I should use a use a bigger dildo.

Aidan: Hah!

Lilah: So tell me Mr Black, after writing about corrupting and defiling all those innocent girls in your stories, what did you think about finally getting some of it back for a change? Bet it’s a little different being the submissive one, being treated like a dirty slut on your hands and knees, and being used and abused in the name of pleasure. Think you’ve finally learned your lesson?

Aidan:  I did learn a lesson actually.

Lauren sat back in her chair, feeling a swell of smug satisfaction.

Lilah: And what might that be, dirty boy?

Aidan: I learned… that I like it.

Lauren’s mouth fell open as she read the words. Wordlessly, she closed the lid of her laptop as everything she ever thought she knew began to fade to black.

The End

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