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February - our second encounter
This story is harder to write than "When January Cums", as I have not heard from Roger in days. Our only method of communication is email and it has been almost two weeks. I have a feeling that something bad has happened, as I know that he would not just up and leave me hanging, as I would never do that to him. I am worried to pieces, and can do nothing but imagine our last rendezvous.

We met up in February, as planned. We met at the same hotel - we have decided this is "our place" now. I was so anxious to see him, after all, I have had to wait an entire month. This time when I knock on the door, he answers with only a towel around him, fresh out of the shower. Our kiss is long and passionate. He cradles my face in his hands and gently brushes his tongue against my lips. I open them eagerly, engulfing his mouth with my tongue. "I have missed you so much" he says. "I missed you too".

My nipples are getting hard and my pussy is pulsing, aching, waiting for him to touch me. He lightly kisses my neck and ever so softly rubs my breasts. I can feel his huge, erect cock brushing against me. Oh how badly I want to feel it in me. "Are you ready to be my little whore for the day?" "Oh yes, please take me now" I respond.

"Well, as promised, I have much in store for you" he reminds me. But how could I forget? I have spent every day thinking of this moment, bringing myself to many orgasms.

Our room has the normal king size bed, night stand, a desk and a chair. He walks over to the chair and places it next to the bed. He then slowly undresses me being sure to lick, kiss and suck every part of me as it becomes exposed. He walks me to the chair and bends me over it so that I am facing the window - curtains open. It was then that I noticed a small bag, which he proceeded to open. He pulls out a set of restraints. Oh my, this could be interesting, I think to myself.

He ties up each of my arms and my legs to its respective leg of the chair. He walks around to face me, cradles my chin in his hand and puts his hard cock against my lips. "Now, slow and easy" he says. "Just kiss my dick as if it were my mouth". Ever so slightly, I lick the head as I wrap my lips around it. I start kissing it, licking it, tasting his pre-cum. Then he slowly starts to fuck my mouth. I open a little wider so that he can put more of it in my mouth. "So, you don't want to kiss, you want me to fuck your mouth like the whore you are?" "Mmmhhhmm" I vibrate against his throbbing rod.

At that moment, he started really fucking my mouth good. I am gagging with each thrust. My pussy is so wet. He bends over against my back as he is thrusting in and out of my mouth. He reaches in his bag of goodies and pulls out a double sided paddle. One side is a soft felt like material, the other is wooden. He then starts spanking me with the soft side as he is still fucking my mouth. "Ooohh yes, that's it Roger, I have been a bad girl" I say. "Shut up and suck my cock!" he replies, and then he flips the paddle over and starts smacking my ass with the wooden side. I can feel the sting with each swat.

Then, suddenly, he pulls out of my mouth and walks around behind me. My juices are streaming straight down from my aching pussy. He kneels down underneath me and slurps it up like a piece of spaghetti. "So, you like this do you?" " Oh yes Roger"

I feel his cock rubbing against my swollen clit. He spanks it a few times with the head of his cock and then, forcefully puts it in my juicy hole. "Oh yes, your pussy feels so good" he says as he really starts jackhammering me. The chair is rocking and almost tips, I can feel his balls slamming against my cunt. Then, just as quickly as he put it in, he pulls it out. Again, he reaches in his bag and pulls out a huge dildo. It is about 10" long and 2" wide. He slowly works it in my pussy and then walks around to face me and starts fucking my mouth again. He bends over me again so that he can fuck my pussy and my mouth at the same time. "Oh, that's it Roger, fuck me good"

With his other hand he picks up his paddle again and starts to spank me - harder this time. "I am going to cum....Oooohhhh Roger, YES!!" "I told you to shut up and suck my dick!" he says as he rams his cock down my throat. I am gagging and slobbering, it is so wet. I can't believe the sensations rocking through my body.

He then puts the paddle down and pulls out a corkscrew shaped anal probe with a handle on the end. He puts it in my mouth along side his cock. My mouth is so full my jaws are aching. Both his dick and the corkscrew are soaked. At that moment, he pulls out the anal probe and starts rubbing it against my asshole. Slowly, he works it in and starts fucking my ass with it. I am stuffed to the hilt, huge dildo in my pussy, dildo in my ass and he is still pumping away at my mouth. I came again, this time with such force that the cock in my pussy slips out.

Walking around behind me, he replaces it with his cock. Fucking me with such force that I can feel him hitting my stomach. He is thrusting the cock in my ass in and out to match his strokes. I can feel his sweat dripping down the crack of my ass. At that moment, he pulls out the corkscrew and replaces it with his dick. It is much larger than the toy, so he works his way in slowly, inch by inch, until his cock is buried deep with in my rectum. He really works up a good pace, pounding my ass good.

I can feel him start to throb and pulse, his balls tighten, he is getting ready to dump his hot load in my ass. He reaches beneath me and starts rubbing my clit. It is so hot and wet, I am going to cum again. He is grunting and groaning, faster and faster..."Oh shit baby, I am going to cum!" he yells. He rams three fingers in my snatch as I cum yet again. At that moment, his cock starts shooting his jizz deep within me. I can feel the throb of each burst of cum. "WOW, that was incredible" we both say.

He slowly untied me and as I try to keep balance to stand up, we noticed that someone had been watching us from the next building over. We both start laughing as he gently kisses me. Sadly, it is time for us to clean up and go our separate ways.

"So, what shall we do in March" I ask.......

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