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Fulfilling a Fantasy

It was something she always wanted...
Each step I take in the pitch darkness is a risk, dangerous. I have no clue if I'm even going in the right direction, or where I am. I know that if I didn't get home soon, my parents will get scared and possibly call the cops.

I was just at my friend, Melanie's, house, and I texted my mother recently, telling her I'd be home in 10 minutes. That was an hour ago. I take out my phone, and try to use the light from the screen as a guide, but it's very dull, and not much help. In defeat, I shove the cell in my pocket and continue on, taking blind footsteps, realizing I should have just stayed overnight at Melanie's. That would have been safer.

I'm so focused on where I am headed and when I'll be home, that I barely notice the rumbling sound of a vehicle rounding the corner and driving down the road alongside me. I stop, and bend over, fumbling to tie my shoe laces, when the car comes to a halt right beside me. I stand up straight and squint, trying too make out the figure behind the tinted windows of this silver, expensive-looking car.

Finally, a man steps out of the vehicle, and even though it's still difficult to determine what his features are really like in the darkness, I can tell he's indeed a male, nice shape, and when he starts talking, despite his deep voice, he sounds sort of younger.

"You look lost." He says, and I see his shiny white teeth flash as he grins.

"I sort of am." I admit sheepishly.

"Would you like a ride?"

I take a moment to consider this. Normally, I would never even contemplate getting in some stranger's car, but I know that if I don't then I might not make it home until morning, when it gets light. This seems to be my only option.

After hesitation, I murmur "Yes, please."

He comes around to open the passenger door for me, and it's here that I can finally glimpse his features. He is breath-takingly handsome, dark-skinned, toned and muscular, but not stocky or bulky at all, and underneath the brim of his snapback, I notice he has very nice eyes. He appears to be in his early 20s.

After staring for maybe a moment too long, I get into the car and he shuts the door. He comes around and gets into the driver's side.

"I live..." I tell him. "I'm not sure how far away that is from here, because I don't really know where I am."

He smiles at me. "I'll get you there...What's your name?"

"Bria. You?"

"I'm Tre."

I gaze out the window, analyzing our surroundings, but I am not familiar with any of it.

"God, did I really walk this far off? I have no clue where I even am."

"I guess so. Why were you out so late, anyway?" He looks at me with his deep, sexy brown eyes.

"Ha, I was at my, uh, friend's house." I stammer,mesmerized by the realization that I'm in a car with one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. And then I see I'm being childish. I sound like an obsessed hormonal girl.

I'm pulled from my thoughts by Tre's voice, which isn't talking to me, but some guy in a booth.

"One night, please." Tre says politely.

"I'm sorry, where are we?" I ask him. All I see is a close-knit surrounding of trees and forest. It almost looks like a camp site.

"I just need to talk to a friend quickly, and then we'll get you home. Your house is right around the corner from here."

I try to think, and realize by glancing at the clock on the car radio that we've been driving for an hour and a half! I can't believe this at all. How did I not know how much time had passed? It seemed like only 20 minutes.

As he drives slowly down the narrow, dirt road, I know that my house is no where near here. I've never come to a place like this, or seen it. My neighborhood is in a big, sprawling city, with no wooded areas or camp sites like this for miles. Somehow, I also know that I shouldn't object, or try to argue with him. It could start trouble. I have no clue what his temper might be like.

Eventually, after driving by some tents, RVs, and campers, Tre makes a left into a closed-off area, with many bushes and trees around the edge, so that no one could peek through the thick forestry. The area is maybe 30 feet long and 30 feet wide, pretty small, with an RV in the corner.

Even though I know there is no friend, I still ask. "Where's the friend you need to talk to?"

"This is his RV. I borrowed it. Nice, right?"

I nod my head, dismissing the fact that he didn't answer my question at all.

"Come on." Tre pulls the key's from his car's ignition, and opens his door.

"No. I'll just wait here."

He shakes his head and laughs. Then he gets out, shuts his door, and comes over to open mine.

"Out." He beckons to the RV.

When I continue to stay put, he grabs me by the waist and swings me over his shoulder with ease, and sprints to the RV before anyone can hear my screams. Once he's in he slams the door shut, and brings me to the back of the RV, where there's a room with a bed. He throws me onto the mattress.

"Tre, I can't be here. My parents know I'm late, they're probably worried sick. Just take me home."

"Don't worry." Tre smiles warmly, despite this insane situation. "I called them pretending to be Melanie's dad. You're not expected home until tomorrow. And as long as you cooperate, you'll be there by morning."

"How do you know my friend's name?" I demand.

"I'm her older brother's friend from college." He explains.

I barely remembered that Melanie had a brother. He goes to college a billion miles away. I've never met him before, so I have no clue how he'd even know I existed, or why his friends would find out about me as well. I decide there's no point in pushing for more questions from Tre though, so I just stay silent.

He gets onto the bed and hovers over me.

"Melanie told her brother about something you said to her. About a fantasy you've had. To get fucked by a black guy."

That bitch! For all I know, a million people could know that I said that. Okay, I need to calm down. This isn't so bad. All I have to do is lay here, and wait for him to do whatever he wants, then I can go home safely. It's not like he's some old, hairy, perverted man. I almost want this. Almost. I'm just so scared and worried that I'd rather be home than here in this RV with some strange guy.

Tre takes off his shirt and vest and leans into me and starts kissing my neck, down to my collarbone. He then rips open my t-shirt, revealing a black fancy lace bra. Normally, I don't ever wear it, because it's itchy. Right now, I'm glad I have it on because otherwise I'd be wearing one of my old, ratty white cotton bras, and that's embarrassing.

Tre reaches underneath the bra and plays with my breast, my nipple. As he does this, he kisses my lips. My heart is beating a hundred miles a minute. This is too overwhelming. I just want to be home. But I need to cooperate and make it seem like I want this, or else he might get mad. I slip my tongue in between his soft lips and run it along the inside of his cheek. This must make him get a little more excited and aggressive, because he starts biting my lip and pinching my nipples. I moan quietly into his mouth.

He reaches around and unsnaps my bra. I get nervous in the moments before he pulls it off. I've never showed a guy my boobs before. Nobody in high school seemed worth it. But now it's happening, Tre is taking it further than I've ever been, and this makes me realize how tiny and innocent I am, lying underneath this guy, who's probably experienced this sort of thing a million times.

When he sees them, he smiles and starts licking and biting them.

"I bet you love having a black guy on top of you, huh? You slut, you love having your tiny titties played with."

I get scared when he starts talking dirty. But it does make me wonder why he's rubbing me and trying to tend to my needs. Wouldn't he want me to be doing all this to him? As he continues to suck at my breasts, he slowly trails down to my jeans, which he unbuttons and unzips. He then slips his hand into my matching black lace underwear, and starts stroking me. This makes me squirm and shake. The stroking sends waves of pleasure into my body. I don't masturbate often at all, so I'm not really used to it. I moan, gradually getting louder.

"Shhh..." Tre murmurs into my ear, sexily. "Quiet, Bria."

No matter how hard I try, I can't stay silent, and right when I can feel myself starting to cum, desperate for his hands tor rub me harder, he pulls away, and everything fades before I can have an orgasm. This leaves me soaking wet and very turned on. Despite how terrified I am, how worried and self-conscious feel, I want him now more than ever.

Tre pulls me up and gets underneath me. "Pull down my pants." He commands.

I feel weird. I've never touched a penis before, and I know what this is coming to.

Once, Melanie blind-folded me on my birthday during school and led me somewhere, claiming she had a surprise, but when she took off the blindfold I was in the girl's locker room, hidden in a shower. Just as I reached forward to pull back the curtain, I saw a crowd of guys pile in, wearing football gear. It was the team coming back from their sports practice. Turns out, I was actually in the BOY'S locker room and she hid me there so I could take a peek at their naked bodies. It was a terrifying day, and the only time I saw real penises up close.

I push away that thought, and pull down Tre's jeans, revealing his designer boxer briefs. The bulge is overwhelmingly large, and I'm not sure how he expects me to handle it. I take a breath, and pull back the briefs. It is indeed HUGE, and very stiff.

"That's hard for you, baby." He whispers. "Put it in your mouth."

I decide there's no point in hesitating and contemplating and being scared. It needs to be done, and at this point I don't feel a huge problem with it because I'm very horny and I just want him to make me cum.

I grab the bottom of it and guide the tip into my mouth. It's very warm, and kind of soft, despite it's stiffness. I try to deep throat, but I only manage about half without risking gagging. I start moving my head up and down, Tre starts to groan, and grabs my hair in his hands, clearing it out of my face. I look up into his eyes as I deep throat him, and he's staring right back. I play with his balls while I suck his dick, until he starts groaning louder, when he explodes in my throat. I pull it out of my mouth, and his load goes all over my tits, as well. When he's done, he looks me up and down and grins. I can feel the cum still on my tongue, so I show it to him, swallow, and then show him to prove it's totally gone.

"You love that, don't you?" Tre laughs sensually.

Then he pushes me back down. I lie my head on a pillow, and try to be sexy for him, playing with my own titties, and rubbing my clit in my panties while I stare at him longingly. He strokes his hard cock very fast, and I can see that he's almost about to explode again, but he stops himself, but his eyes look desperate and full of want.

"Let's see what that pussy looks like."

At this point, I don't really care what he sees. I'm glad I shaved earlier today before I went to Melanie's. Although, no one ever sees my vagina, I still like to keep it hairless. I always have a landing strip.

I lift my butt so Tre can pull off my panties, and he throws them across the room. He opens my legs and admires my pussy for a brief moment, then he leans down and licks my pussy, puts his tongue inside and sucks on it. I almost go insane, I feel myself steadily approaching climax within seconds, still very horny from the stroking. He pulls back once again, and I can feel myself fill with desperation. I want him to make me cum so badly.

But instead he slips a condom on, spits in his hand and quickly moistens my vagina, although it's not really necessary because I'm very wet. He turns me over so I'm on my hands and knees, and I take a deep breath as I feel his penis stroking my clit. He rubs his cock on my labia, and then starts to work the tip into my very tight hole.

"Oh shit." I breathe.

He is massively wide, and I'm a virgin, so it takes him a minute to gradually make his way in, stretching my pussy. Once he's in, I can tell we're both desperate for each other, to make one another cum. Tre pulls his cock back out, and plunges it back in. I squeal in pain, but this pain feels good in some way. I want him to fuck me hard, no matter how much it hurts. I want it badly.

"Oh god, fuck me, Tre. Stretch my tight little pussy with your huge black dick. You don't know how bad I want that cock."

He rams into me over and over, and I barely even notice how hard my head is hitting the headboard with each time, but I don't care. I can feel myself getting there. I want to cum so bad. Tre groans and I know he's letting out his hot load, and this brings me over the edge. I can feel myself shaking in delight as the orgasm washes over my entire body.

"Oh god yes!" I scream, having totally pushed aside his previous command to stay quiet, and he doesn't care either.

I ejaculate all over the sheets, squirting until I finally settle into the calm afterglow.

As I lay naked, now underneath a blanket that's been replaced by the soaking wet and very sticky sheets, Tre kisses the back of my neck from behind me.

"You're the best I've ever had. That was amazing." He says abruptly, and that makes me feel flattered and proud.

"You're the best I've ever had, too." I respond, and this makes him laugh because we both know I'm a virgin, but I also know he's still going to be the best when I start having sex with other people. No one can beat that.

As I consider this, I drift off into a deep sleep, and I don't wake up until the next morning, when Tre is standing over me, fully clothed, his hand on my shoulder.

"Wake up, Bria. We gotta go."

I remember that my parents are expecting me, and so I change quickly, and we get into Tre's car. On the drive back, we talk and laugh and actually enjoy ourselves. He gives me his number once he's pulled up near my parent's house, but just far enough away so that they don't question me about who drove me here and who was in the red car.

"Thanks," He smiles, and leans forward to kiss me. After I've wrapped my arms around him and made out with him for a sufficient amount of time, I pull back and say "Thank YOU" before getting out of the car and walking away, realizing that Tre just fulfilled my secret fantasy.

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