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Seduced in her Sleep

A lonly wife gets a surprise vist late one night.
Cindy’s husband Mark had been traveling lot leaving her neglected and horny.  She couldn’t really keep track of his schedule he was gone so much.  She didn’t think she could ever bring herself to cheat but she definitely had her needs and needed to do something about them.  

It was just another night where Cindy had went to bed early when Rick slowly crept up the stairs.  Cindy didn’t even notice that some one else was home until he slipped into bed with Cindy, and even then Cindy didn’t really wake up.  Cindy was sleeping on her side and Rick gently spooned her the way her husband might.  Rick’s warm breath and touch relaxed and put Cindy back to sleep, it didn’t even occur to Cindy that Mark was out of town for the week.

After a few minutes Rick begins moving his big strong hands up Cindy’s hip and back down.  He does this very slowly and continuously.  Cindy didn’t yet wake up but instead is beginning to have a dream about being touched.  Next his hands make its way up Cindy’s side all the way to her ribs and on its decent down he traces her hip bone barley brushing his finger tips down the front of Cindy’s thigh.  

If Cindy were awake she’d feel his throbbing rock hard cock pressed against one of her cheeks.  Her body responds anyway as Cindy begins to get wet.  

Rick gently rolls Cindy on her stomach and lifts the oversized t-shirt she is sleeping in over her ass.  Rick slowly caress her cheeks to see if this wakes her.  With Cindy still breathing deep, Rick pushes ahead.  He caress the backs of her thighs and Cindy exhales loudly.

Rick brings his hands all the way up Cindy’s thighs and discovers just how wet she already is.  Rick’s cock is demanding attention, the mix of adrenaline and lust driving him to get into position behind Cindy.  With Cindy still asleep, Rick rubs his hot mushroom head up and down Cindy’s slit.  He gets a nice coating of Cindy’s juices on his cock then he ever so slowly pushes the tip in.  

Rick some how controls himself and inches in very very slowly so he doesn’t wake Cindy up.  Cindy’s hot box feels so unbelievably good that it takes every once of self control for him not to just pound away full force.  He finally gets all the way in and holds still for just a moment to make sure Cindy’s still asleep.  He starts pulling out just as slowly as he pushed in.  The first few minutes are like this where Rick barely moves just creeping in and out.

Cindy lets out a little moan and he can’t tell if she’s still sleeping or not but he continues anyway.  Rick picks up the pace just a little bit, still moving in and out very very slowly.  Cindy’s moans are getting a little louder now.  He continues his slow steady strokes.  

Cindy is so hot; her pussy is sending surges of pleasure throughout Rick’s body.  Rick isn’t able to control himself any more and he picks up the pace even more thrusting harder and harder into Cindy.  With both hands Rick pulls Cindy’s hips back to meet the full force of each of his now powerful thrusts.  

With Cindy’s face berried in a pillow her moans are now full throttled screams.  Rick doesn’t know when Cindy woke up but now she is definitely pushing back to take Rick’s hard cock even deeper.  
“Oh yes yes” Cindy yells thinking her husband has woke her up for a late night romp.

Emboldened, Rick grabs Cindy’s hair and pulls back, spanking Cindy with the other hand.  Again without being able to control himself Rick yells back “You love it don’t you, tell me you love it, beg me to fuck you harder.”

A little surprised, because Mark doesn’t normally talk like that and his voice sounds gruffer, but she is completely turned on, Cindy quickly complies begging Rick to fuck her harder.  

With Cindy’s hair still in his hand she can’t really turn around to look at him.    Rick continues to pump his cock in and out of Cindy bringing her closer to the edge.  With his other hand still on Cindy’s ass he works his thumb over her tight asshole making circles around her puckered bud.  Then he spits on it lubing it up for his thumb.

Rick works a single digit in Cindy’s butt and she begins to really howl having been deprived of this kind of attention from her husband.  Cindy’s hips are now thrashing back and forth as he works his thumb further in her tight hole.  Once he’s got it in as far as it will go he begins wiggling it up and down and in and out in rhythm with his cock.  This is too much for Cindy as she erupts with the best orgasm she’s had in years.  Waves of pleasure tear through Cindy as her hips shake and her stomach tightens.  Rick can feel the walls of her pussy convulsing around his cock and it pushes him over the edge.  His balls tighten and cocks twitches as he shoots streams of hot thick cum deep into her.

They pause for a minute to catch their breaths before he slowly pulls out.  Cindy turns around to kiss him but he’s already up and heading to the bathroom.  Cindy thinks he look a little taller then Mark, but can’t really tell in the dark and quickly falls back asleep.  

In the morning Cindy wakes up and Rick’s gone.  Cindy’s still in an afterglow of the great night when it hits he that Mark was still out of town.  Cindy then realizes the front door was unlocked and Rick had left a t-shirt behind that she had never seen before.      

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