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Surprise Encounter with the Boss

A woman caught by her boss is punished in a surprise manner.
Kelly had been working so much lately that she hadn’t had time to go do any of the things that she truly enjoyed or made her feel like a woman.  She thought about canceling her gym membership and her fiancé hadn’t tasted her in ages.  She had even been so busy that she hadn’t realized how much pent up energy she had.  

Kelly was working late as usual, and after finishing a major project, feeling proud of herself, Kelly began to relax and revel in her small victory.  That’s when her body started sending her reminders of its most primal needs.  That familiar warm feeling began running through her body as her hands unconsciously started running down her neck and chest.  

Kelly began to feel her breast through her cloths and looked around the office to make sure no one else was still there.  Then she settled in her chair and decided to do something naughty and long over due.  As she continued to fondle her breast, her other hand started tracing the inside of her thighs.

Kelly let out a sigh as her hard nipples poked through her top.  Kelly freed her swelling breasts from the confines of her top and traced circles around her nipples with her tongue.  Kelly also traced her moist pussy through her damp panties.  She couldn’t believe she let her self go this long without any satisfaction as she was getting hotter and hotter.

Kelly slides her panties down and started making large circle around her clit.  Wetness is building up and just then her boss Stan yells “just what the hell do you think you are doing… I want to see you in my office in five minutes!!!”  As he storms away.

This can’t be happening.  Kelly suddenly feels like she is going to vomit.   She’s only been working here a few months and is sure Stan will fire her.  Head spinning, Kelly starts to think of what she will tell her friends and family.  Time seems to stand still and after an eternity of waiting Kelly gets dressed and walks into his office.

She’s sure he can hear her heart pounding through her chest.  Kelly can’t bare to look him in the eye but Kelly can feel his eyes glaring at her stone-faced.  Stan doesn’t say anything for a minute relishing the awkward silence and her shame.  He begins to walk in circles around Kelly lecturing in a loud voice, but she’s so nervous she really can’t even comprehend what he’s saying until he yells “bend over and grab my fucking desk!”  

Kelly doesn’t even question this and she almost falls over when his hand first makes contact with her ripe ass.  Kelly lets out a yelp and her knees buckle.  She just started to catch her balance when he lands another spank.  Kelly yells louder this time.  Kelly braces herself as the next few minutes a flurry of spanks come down hard on her ass.  

Stan pauses for minute and tells Kelly to keep looking down at the desk and not to move.  Kelly is in total compliance.  She can’t believe this is happening but it seems to be happening so fast she can’t think straight either.  Her heart is pounding so fast the adrenaline is intensifying every sensation.  All that pent up sexual tension in her body is now coming out and mixing with her embarrassment and fear of losing her job.

Stan unzips her dress and pulls her dress and panties down.  He also pulls her top up over her head leaving Kelly naked and totally exposed.  He stops for a minute to admire the view.  Her nicely rounded ass is already a nice rosy color.  

Stan stands over Kelly and whispers in her ear what a bad girl she’s been.  His words cut through her and send shivers down her spine straight to her pussy.  He then reaches down and feels her wet pussy.  “You love it don’t you” he asks.  When she looks away in shame he begins playing with her clit.  Kelly bits her lip trying to hide how good it feels, but her needs betray her and she lets out a moan.

 “Beg me” Stan yells.

And with this he pulls back and slaps her ass hard.  The sharp crack of his now wet hand feels much sharper and harder on her naked ass.  Her pussy is now burning with desire.  Kelly had no idea it was possible to get this worked up this quickly.   

“Please…” is all Kelly manages to get out.

 “What?!?!” Stan yells again.

“Please” Kelly whimpers.  He delivers a steady rhythmic barrage of spanks as Kelly totally lets go.  Her body is on fire.  As the sting runs from her ass around her body her pussy is turning that energy into pure ecstasy.  

When Stan finally stops the throbbing of pain and pleasure mixing together has got Kelly making almost animal like sounds.  

Stan grabs Kelly by the hair and tells her to beg him to fuck her hard.  Kelly can’t take it any more and lets out something like “fuh-mi.”

She’s not really sure when he got naked but she squeals as the heat of his hard cock brushes against her dripping wet pussy.  

“Beg me” he yells!

Stan makes circles around her clit with the head of his cock and Kelly can feel his pre-cum mixing with her juices.  Wetness is running down her legs as he places the head at her entrance.

“You’re engaged aren’t you slut” Stan asks as he continues toying with her cunt.

“yes” Kelly says in total shame.

Kelly can’t believe what she’s about to do, but now there is no way she could stop it even if she wanted to so she decides to go with it full force.  Kelly pushes her hips back trying to find the hot prick and force it in her hungry cunt.

Stan slaps her ass hard and yells “only when I say slut!”

With that he spanks her a few more times just to prove a point.  Then Stan grabs a fist full of her hair and with one easy motion pushes his thick cock all the way in.

Kelly shudders and can’t breath as he pushes the walls of her cunt to new limits.  Kelly can’t move she is so overcome with unbridled lust.  Stan hold still for a minute in total control.  Then slowly he begins to pound deeper and deeper into her.  It doesn’t take long for Kelly to explode with pleasure.  Kelly’s whole body begins to shudder as she moans louder then she knew she could.  Stan grabs her red ass while he fucks her hard and can feel her tight pussy convulsing on his cock.  As waves of pleasure ripple down her quivering legs, Stan continues to pound away.  She is pleasantly surprised at Stan’s staying power as he continues to thrust deep into her over and over again deeper and deeper.  

Again Kelly feels like her knees are going to buckle only this time it’s because of pure exhaustion and pleasure.  Just then she feels his cock start to twitch as he pumps streams of thick hot cum deep into her.  He slows down and continues to pump away until he falls limply out of you.  

“Clean yourself up and go home” Stan says as he walks out.  

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