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The Escort and the Dirty Conscience

Alison's dark desires continue in this follow-up to The Escort and The Dirty Substitute...
I can still remember the empty echo of my stiletto heels, clicking against the marble floors as I rushed out of the Hazelton Hotel. I felt filthy. I didn’t dare look at the impeccably groomed doorman as he nodded to me while I hurried past him.

“Have a good evening Miss,” he said in his well-mannered way.

He was oblivious to the debased scene I had just left in Room 2412 as I had successfully turned my first trick as a high-class escort. Yet, why didn’t I feel “high class” at all in that moment? My body ached; my pussy and ass, and mouth felt raw from all the dirty abuse I had reluctantly submitted myself to with Conrad and his kinky wife Tamara. I had walked into that beautifully expensive hotel room suite as a curious college student, but their initiation had left me feeling like an entirely different kind of Alison as I crossed the dark street and hailed a cab.

My mind was filled with images of the intensity of his eyes as he had ravaged every orifice of my body, transforming me into a living fuck doll to satisfy both his desires as well as the voyeuristic kinks of his socialite wife. I could still feel his hands digging into my flesh, his fingers thrusting into my pussy, his cock throbbing in my ass as he had pounded me over and over again. I blurted out my home address to the bored cab driver and settled back against the dirty leather seats to stare out the window and relive every moment. Why had this turned me on? How could I have found excitement in such raw depravity?

Sadistically, and as a form of self-punishment, I forced my thoughts to turn to my boyfriend Seth. He was home tonight, studying. I imagined him bent over his biology textbooks by lamplight, waiting for my call to let him know I had gotten home from work alright. He had assumed I was at my waitress job, of course. I imagined what he might do or feel if he had been witness to my transgressions. I tried to process my feelings. Surely I had to feel guilty for what I had done? But then why did I just feel a kind of numbness, like I had just gotten high off a sexual version of cocaine and wasn’t quite ready to come down yet?

As an afterthought, I fumbled in my purse for my cell phone. I had to do some damage control. I typed out a fast text to Conrad, the client I had just left. “Please don’t share the details of our evening and our potential future arrangements with Liana”. I swallowed hard, pressing send before I could rethink my words. In a way, I had not only betrayed my boyfriend, but I had also inadvertently stolen a valued client from my friend. This had been the whole reason she’d asked me to this dirty favor for her, believing my naiveté and inexperience would ensure I would see this as a one-time deal. Somewhere along the way, my conscience had reconsidered this promise.

My roommate Liana… the one who had gotten me into this whole mess, was still nowhere to be found when I got home. I was relieved for this. I peeled off the clothes I had worn and left them in a pile on the floor, and put on my familiar white waffle-weave robe. I stashed the bag of dirty cash I had received for my “appointment” under my dresser as though it was stolen money. Then I went to the bathroom and filled the tub with fragrant bath salts. I made the water hot, hoping it would scald my skin just a little and remove the memories of my night. I could still feel his cum inside my ass, could still see the physical reminder of the bite of the leather belt he had tethered around my waist.

I let out a long drawn out sigh as I lowered myself into the hot water, feeling it burn deliciously and immediately flush my skin pink. I tried to empty my mind of thoughts. I had to make peace with what I had done. Everyone had a few crazy nights to be locked into a mental vault forever, and so I reconciled myself with the idea that this was mine. Nobody needed to know. It didn’t have to change anything. I loved Seth and the life we were building together. This one act of sexual savagery didn’t have to define me.

And yet the longer I soaked in that bath, the more I realized the memories would not fade away. My hands slipped down over my belly that still stung from the abuse of that belt he had used as a harness as he ruthlessly fucked me from behind. 

Oh god. How he had fucked me… 

I drew in my breath, unable to resist letting my hand drift lower to the tender folds of my pussy that were still swollen from his aggressions. Through all the dull pain, there was still an undeniable throbbing that he had begun and that still hadn’t stopped. I slid two fingers into my aching slit, and sighed, leaning back against the tub, while my head lolled to the side. I had never felt so used, so degraded, and yet so completely alive in my sexuality as I had that night. I whimpered as I teased my clit under the hot perfumed bath water. Everything felt so sensitive. I licked my lips, and twisted one of my nipples with one hand, closing my eyes and once again letting the scene unfold in my mind. 

Down further my hand went until it was tracing circles around my sore little asshole. I had never had anal sex before. I had always sworn it would be something I would give to Seth one day. In my mind I had imagined a special occasion to spoil him with letting him know that I was ready and willing for him to take my anal virginity. And yet, on this one unremarkable night, I had just given it away to a complete stranger. I had let him push his thick cock into my resisting ass, with his fingers digging deeply into my hips, steadying me for his assault. And I had taken it willingly, had even cried out for him to fuck me harder. I slid my finger into my raw little hole up to the knuckle, reveling in the memory of my dirty violation. 

How his wife had loved watching her husband fuck me like that… nice and hard until he was grunting with pleasure, ready to fill me up with his hot thick cum. I could still feel it slick in my asshole as I thrust a second finger in as deeply as his cock had been. I couldn’t decide what had been dirtier… the reality of what I had done, or the fact that I was still so excited by it. I moaned and settled back, sliding two fingers in and out, imagining it was his cock, while my thumb buzzed over my clit in rapid movements. I could feel my chest rising and falling, my nipples hard as stones as they breached the surface of the bathwater, feeling the cold air in sharp contrast to the hot water that stung my skin below. I kept up each separate yet hurried movement, biting my lower lip as I felt myself rising in my excitement level. Oh god… yes… I was so close… just a little more…

The sharp slam of the front door sounded like a resounding slap to my consciousness. I startled, drawing in my breath sharply. I paused in the silence, listening. 

Soon enough, I could hear Liana calling my name.

“Alison? You home yet?”

Quickly I removed my hand from between my legs and nervously brushed back my damp blonde hair, somehow feeling nervous about seeing her after everything that had happened.

The doorknob to the bathroom door rattled before she swung it open nonchalantly, as though she had every right to invade my privacy. Perhaps knowing that I had finally taken that step and sold myself for money had removed any conservative pretences she might have indulged me with before.

My roommate Liana smirked at me from the doorway.

“Washing away your sin already?” she quipped. She wandered in all her long legged beauty and perched on the edge of the tub, completely casual to my flushed nudity. I squirmed in the tub, trying to slide down into the hot water and hide what evidence I feared my body might give away.

I couldn’t meet her eyes. “It went fine.” There was a long pause of silence before I added. “I’m not doing it again.” 

I’m not sure how much I believed my own words, but I felt compelled to say them. After all, Conrad was Liana’s client. And despite having agreed in that moment to see him again, I didn’t want her thinking I was interested in challenging her territory.

She cocked her head as though she doubted me instantly. “Never again, huh? So you didn’t enjoy yourself?”

“No,” I said too quickly. I laughed nervously. “I mean… it was… intense. Too intense for me, if you know what I mean. He’s… twisted. And it was just this one favor. I mean I appreciate how glamorous you make it all sound, Liana. But we’re very different people. And this whole scene… it’s not for me.”

I felt myself shrinking away from the way her eyes raked over me, as though testing my words for validity. Liana had a feral kind of blonde beauty that had always seemed a little cold to me. She was Russian by birth, although her voice had only retained but a slight hint of her eastern European heritage. She was tall, with small, tight curves that made her look more graceful and blue-blood than her real history of having spent most of her youth as an underage stripper and occasional model.

She sniffled slightly and tipped her head back, as though she too were exhausted to be bothered interrogating me any further. “Fucking cocaine”, she whined, quickly forgetting my clumsy attempts to convince her I was still innocent to the underhanded workings of one of her best clients. She smiled at me. “Thanks Alison, for bailing me out of this afternoon. Although I’m sure your bank account is thanking me regardless of how much you try to convince me you didn’t get off on the whole experience.”

She looked down at me again, only this time I felt her eyes lingering in a softer way on the swell of my breasts, and then traveling down the outline of my naked body, barely concealed by the perfumed bathwater. I thought she might be looking for evidence of the kind of sex play I might have just indulged in, but I realized it wasn’t quite that. She was… looking at me. Suddenly I felt more naked than I had before. I knew Liana was bisexual, but she had always considered me a prude by her standards. She had always regarded me as a little sister, but there was something different about her eyes in that moment. They wandered over my curves with unhurried appreciation, quickly increasing my level of discomfort.

Her full strawberry lips curled up in a smile, and she dipped one long finger into the bathwater, ever so close to my thigh, and then dragged it slowly around the form of my body while I held my breath.

“Did you cum tonight?” she teased.

I didn’t know how to answer, afraid my admission would make her realize I had liked the entire experience a little too much. Finally I exhaled, and found my voice.


I knew she didn’t believe me because she just let out a low chuckle and reluctantly stood up.

“I’m going to bed Alison,” she sighed. “I’ll leave you to your recollections.”

“I’m not recollecting,” I cried nervously. “I’m trying to forget!”

She laughed again and then turned her head back to look at me, her blue eyes dancing with a kind of bemused knowing. “Yeah…that’s what I said too, after I turned my first trick”.

My heart was pounding. I felt flushed with the heat of the bath water; dizzy from the rush of emotions I had been experiencing all night. And I was frightened that after all my conservative upbringing, and my meticulous commitment to education and a desire for a life I could be proud of… perhaps in the end, I was more like Liana than I ever wanted to imagine I could be.

In the days that passed, I tried to wipe my mind clean of the filthy memories of that Saturday night. In some instances I thought I was having some measure of success. I got back into my old routine of waitressing at the restaurant during my evenings, and spending my days off with Seth. When I was around him, I forced myself to stay in the present, and to not let my mind wander to where it always seemed to want to go.

Life seemed so different after my little adventure… so… benign. There was nothing to make my blood race or set me up on that sexual high I was starting to unconsciously crave. I held tight to Seth’s hand as we crossed the dark street from the movie theatre we had just come from. Even the film he had chosen somehow seemed uninspired. It was the predictability of life that was beginning to weigh on me. It was the knowledge that this was just another Friday night being his sweet college girlfriend. I glanced at him as we walked back to his apartment. He was still the same Seth I had known and loved since junior high school. Why didn’t it seem like it was enough any more?

Once inside his apartment, he flicked on the television, the way he normally did on a Friday night, but instead of cuddling up with him on the sofa, I went to the kitchen.

“Want a drink?” I called.

“Uhm… sure,” he said, already distracted by his channel surfing.

I seized the bottle of vodka from the fridge and poured a shot for myself first. I drank one, and then another, enjoying the hot burn down my throat. Then I set about making two vodka sodas, rather heavy handed with my own. I was already feeling the beginnings of that first intoxicated swoon of inebriation. I found myself smiling and suddenly more relaxed. 

I handed Seth his drink, and we clinked glasses. He looked up at me as I crawled towards him on the sofa, with a kind of bemused surprise. 

“Already drunk after one sip?” he laughed, as I slid my hands up his thighs with uncharacteristic aggression.

“Maybe,” I teased playfully. I didn’t want to tell him I’d downed all those shots in the kitchen, but I’m sure he could taste the vodka on my tongue as I leaned in to kiss him.

I swung one of my legs over him so that I was straddling him, sitting in his lap. I smiled at him, and drank my entire vodka soda in one long gulp. He watched me with considerable confusion, as though unsure of what to make of my sudden turn of mood.

I set my glass down on the table by the end of the sofa and started to rock back and forth on the bulge that was growing in his jeans. Encouraged, I continued a rhythmic grinding against him, as I leaned in to kiss his neck and then lick my way up to his ear. 

“I want to be your whore tonight,” I purred into his ear, reaching down between us to rub his now rock hard cock. “What do you think about that?”

I could tell I had caught him off guard, and uncertain as to the right way to answer, he kissed me to avoid a response. I was unhinged by the alcohol coursing through my veins and the sudden desire to reclaim that sexual high I had been missing since that night that had heralded my downslide into a new kind of sensuality. I became suddenly aggressive. I pulled at the buttons on his shirt, breathing harder, as I rode against the hard bulge rising up to meet me. Seth seemed confused by my sudden lustful attack, as I unwittingly heard the soft pop of the buttons off his shirt in my haste to remove it.

“Hey,” he said, grabbing hold of both my overzealous hands. “Careful. It comes off, you know. Relax!”

“I don’t want to relax,” I said with a lewd grin, not heeding his obvious warnings. “I want you to fuck me. Isn’t that what you want? To get your hard cock inside me and teach your little slut a lesson.”

From then, I wasn’t paying attention to his obvious shock at the sudden transformation of his sweet girlfriend into a feisty, aggressive, sexual creature that he didn’t seem to recognize. He lifted me up off his lap, standing with me. I immediately started to pull at him, hooking my leg over his hip.

“Come on, I want you to make me cum. I want to be your dirty girl tonight.”

“You’re drunk,” he said with a laugh, although at the time, I didn’t notice his words were laden with apprehension. He had never seen me like this, clawing at him, trying to incite him. I wanted him to pull me onto the bed and take control of me, fuck me roughly, treat me like his personal fuck-doll. My explorations with that single night with Conrad and Tamara had me wanting more than our usual lovemaking that seemed more soothing than carnal or passionate.

Our sex play was combative that night, me pushing for more, and him trying to temper the cagey desires that I had unexpectedly unleashed on him.

By the morning, the blistering pain of my hangover headache was evident the moment I opened my eyes and moaned. I rolled towards him, and realized he was awake and watching me.

“Feeling a bit of pain?” he asked.

“Yes,” I sighed. “I guess I drank a little too much.”

“No kidding. I was about to ask what you had done with my girlfriend last night. What gotten into you, Alison?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you remember the things you were saying… and doing?”

“Not… exactly. Why, what did I…?”

But to my surprise he got out of bed, and I was left facing his back as he put on his boxers. He seemed edgy, as though my performance last night had jarred him, and not in a good way. He picked up the shirt on the floor, and I remembered breaking the buttons off it, wondering if he was still annoyed with me. Still not facing me, he spoke again.

“Everything ok with you, Alison? I mean seriously.” His voice was tight, as though bracing himself for my response.

“I’m fine,” I said, my voice feeling raw, and unconvincing.

“You just don’t seem like yourself these days… And obviously, I’m wondering.”

“Everything is fine,” I broke in, before he could continue asking me questions I didn’t want to answer. “I’m just… tired from work, and…I’m sorry, I guess I just drank too much last night.”

He turned to look at me briefly, his eyes revealing a concern that went beyond what had happened between us last night. “I just feel like the more time you spend with Liana… the more you start to get negatively influenced by her. You’re not like her, Alison”.

“I know that,” I said softly, still trying to reaffirm this in my own mind. I didn’t know what else to say to him. 

He seemed to understand our conversation was at a standstill as well, and he just shrugged and walked out of the bedroom. Our relationship seemed at a precipice. I had to recommit myself to the life I knew, or else run the risk of losing what had been most important to me up until that one fateful night.

A week later, I was on my computer, looking up pricing on weekend getaways that I could surprise Seth with. He was away for a few days, visiting his family, and I had been deep in reflection, realizing how much I wanted to put our relationship back on track. I thought a nice getaway would be a great way to reconnect. Especially now that I had a financial cushion I could enjoy for the first time in my life. I was expecting just another relaxing evening at home, finalizing trip details, and curling up with a good movie. But what happened next set the whirlwind of temptation back in motion.

Liana walked through our front door and slammed it with dramatic aplomb.

“Get dressed baby! We’re going to a fabulous party tonight!”

I looked up at her, and cocked an eyebrow. “Not interested. I’m staying in tonight.”

Her blue eyes widened, “Oh come on! You haven’t even heard the details. You remember Elliot Walker right?”

I shrugged. Liana was forever dropping names of rich and well connected men, as though everyone should know who they were, but of course I never did.

“He’s having a party at his country house. It’s an hour’s drive out of the city, but he’s sending the limo to pick us up. I already told him you were coming. It’s going to be incredible. They’re having the Kobe beef flown in special from Montreal, Cristal champagne, and the best networking of anyone who’s anyone…”

I half listened to her drone on about all the glamorous details, but kept my gaze firmly fixed on the Bahamas vacation package I was eyeing, trying to think of Seth, and I relaxing on the beach together, rediscovering our own brand of normalcy.

“I can’t Liana,” I said finally, when there was a pause in the conversation.

“Yes, you can,” she said insistently… only this time, there was an undeniable sharpness to her tone. “You owe me.”

I looked at her with surprise, uncertain as to what she was getting at. Had she spoken to Conrad? My heart started a quick hammering. She didn’t seem all that amused with my attempts to blow off her offer.

“It’s one night,” she said finally. “Go get dressed. Put on something sexy. The limo will be here at 8pm.”

She didn’t give me any opportunity to disagree with her; she was already walking off to her bedroom. “Don’t disappoint me, Alison”, she called before she shut the door.

I swallowed hard. It’s not that I hadn’t accompanied Liana to these kinds of jet-set parties before. But I had been avoiding her since my fall out with Seth. I wasn’t prepared to throw away a long-term relationship over my curiosity about her lifestyle. And yet, he was out of town that weekend. I felt that same sense of intrigue prickle the back of my neck, as my conscience quickly worked overtime to spin my desires into something that resembled logical reasoning. In this case, perhaps the smartest thing would be to go, so I could see once and for all, what a vapid, shallow, seedy world that scene was. It’s not like I’d be doing anything wrong. I would just be a guest at a party. I would be an observer of sorts, trying to make peace with the realization that this world was not meant for me.

Very quickly, my evening’s fate was sealed. By 8pm, I was standing by Liana’s side when the driver opened the door to the limo that was waiting to take us to our destination. The familiar butterflies in my stomach, and raw anxiety had me in a heightened state of alertness, even as Liana poured me a glass of champagne from the bottle that had been set to chill for us in the limo. This was an unfamiliar lifestyle, yet one that seemed heady with novel excitement. I took the glass and sipped at it, as I sat back against the luxe leather seats. 

This environment was natural for Liana, and she stretched out like a blonde jungle cat in her black strapless dress with the long slit exposing one long leg almost to the top of her thigh. She shook her dark blonde mane and smiled at me.

“You’re going to love this party,” she assured me.

I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t trust her at all, and especially not since that night I’d betrayed her by networking future arrangements with her best client. Yet she seemed relaxed and lighthearted as the bubbles of the champagne slowly made us giddy as we eventually pulled into the large manor home on a beautiful expanse of country estate. I surveyed the darkened grounds, which included tennis courts, and what appeared to be horse stables.

“Wow,” I breathed. “It’s beautiful.”

“Elliot is old money, of course. The house is fabulous. Who knows, we might even enjoy a game of tennis in the morning.”

“Morning?” I cried with alarm, rushing to keep up to Liana in my nude stiletto heals. I was wearing a white silk slip of a dress, and the cool summer breeze whipped around me, making my nipples rise up hard under the fragile fabric.

Liana waved a hand dismissively. “Oh, you know. Sometimes these parties can go a little longer than expected. Elliot has plenty of spare bedrooms. And besides, it would be nice to have a morning skinny dip in that pool he’s got… wait until you see it!”

Suddenly, my stomach was in knots as I realized how far out of the city we were. If I wanted to leave, a cab would cost a fortune, and I didn’t have a credit card on me. I looked around the dark landscape with trepidation as we made our way up the cobblestone walkway. I was effectively trapped there, until Liana decided we could leave. I found myself quickly wondering what I had gotten myself into.

The doors opened to my night’s adventure, for better or worse. The party was as lavish as Liana had promised; only it didn’t seem nearly as sophisticated. It became quickly apparent to me that the men were in control of the night. There were many beautiful women draped over furniture, leaning against balcony balustrades and lounging topless in the hot tub on the large back deck. But they were all decoration; visual eye candy that were relying on the men that had issued their invitations to determine what they said, where they went, or who they mingled with. 

Champagne glasses were being passed around, and awkwardly I watched as a large try inlayed with a mirror was placed on the table, with quite a large quantity of cocaine already finely cut and waiting for guests to enjoy. Liana was one of the first girls there, and seemed almost inanely elegant in the way she snorted the drug. She gestured to me and held out a silver colored straw, but I just shook my head. It was clear I was well out of my element.

I spent the first half of the evening talking to the host Elliot, who seemed intrigued by my naiveté and nervousness. He ensured my champagne glass was always filled, and as a result, I started to lose track of what I was drinking. The party was degenerating fast as more alcohol and designer drugs were consumed, with Liana being a kind of ringmaster of festivities. 

“So Alison, do I really have to ask you?” Elliot asked finally.

“About what?” I asked, distracted by the soaking wet brunette that had walked in from the hot tub. She was wearing small bikini bottoms, and her breasts jiggled freely as she walked in and lightly toweled off before lighting a cigarette, seemingly oblivious to her nudity.

“How much do you want? For the evening?”

I should have known that question would be coming. “I’m not… an escort.”

“Really? That’s not what Liana told me,” he said with a smile. Elliot was a good-looking man, likely in his early thirties, and obviously his wealth came from his family. This meant that he could be a playboy; getting everything he wanted without much responsibility attached to it. I could tell he wasn’t used to being told “No”.

Liana sidled up beside me, and nudged me with her hip, all drunken smiles as she looked at Elliot with deliberately teasing eyes. “We’re a package deal tonight Elliot. Remember we settled the fee earlier?”

I looked at Liana with wide eyes, feeling my pulse start to accelerate. “What are you talking about?”

“Shhh,” she chided me, pressing her fingers against my lips as though I was a child she was silencing. “You’ll love it.”

Elliot smiled, his dark eyes twinkling with interest and he folded his arms. “Package deals are my favorite. But it seems one half of the package is having second thoughts…”

“She’s just nervous”, Liana laughed. “That should please you Elliot. I know you love a girl that needs to be corrupted.”

He laughed, and suddenly I felt like I had been completely left out of the joke. I shrugged away from Liana, and glared at her, my green eyes flashing with a warning look that didn’t seem to faze her at all.

“We’ll be back in a minute Elliot. We’re just going to powder our noses, no pun intended, in the ladies room. We’ll meet you in the usual place, right?”

“Looking forward to it,” he said, with a wide predatory grin, as he winked at me.

Liana grabbed me hard by the wrist and virtually dragged me off down the hall into the large marble bathroom, and quickly locked the door behind both of us.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I cried. “I told you, I’m not into this. I’m not some little sex doll you can rent out to your friends!”

I had never stood up to her before and part of me flinched reactively, anticipating the backlash. I was not disappointed.

“You make me laugh Alison. You pretend to be better than me, when in reality, you’re just the same kind of dirty whore you want to believe I am. I’m about to make us a small fortune with Elliot. He has more money than he can spend in ten lifetimes! And let’s just say… you owe me.”

I shook my head, backing up against the counter. “I already did you a favor once. It was a one time deal”.

Liana laughed and walked up to me with confidence. She put her hand on my thigh, and brazenly ran it up under my skirt. I felt his fingers slide up the tender slit of my pussy barely covered by the little white-jeweled thong I was wearing. Her fingers dug into me, while I froze in shock. Her face was just inches from mine.

“Do you think I’m stupid, Alison? Conrad told me everything. He told me how much he paid you for becoming his depraved little slut for the night. I didn’t realize how good you are at licking ass. And didn’t you tell me that you hadn’t even tried anal with your darling boyfriend Seth yet? Seems like you had no trouble telling Conrad to fuck your puckered little virgin hole now did you!”

I closed my eyes and twisted my face away, inwardly reeling from the sharp sting of her words.

“It wasn’t like that…” I moaned. Her fingers slipped around my thong and without even realizing it, she had one long manicured finger thrust firmly up into my pussy, easily violating my wetness. I had never seen her this aggressive. Her blue eyes were glazed over, and my heart was pounding, uncertain as to what would happen next. No woman had ever touched me this way, and certainly not someone I had considered a friend up until that moment. Suddenly it was like I didn’t recognize her at all.

“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen now Alison. You and I are going to fuck Elliot Walker. You’re going to do whatever I say tonight. Because if you don’t do exactly what I say, I might be forced to tell your boyfriend what a total whore you are. Do you really want him to know how you had your tongue up a total stranger’s ass, and how you got off on being used for money?”

“NO!” I sobbed, without even realizing I had said it. “You wouldn’t….”

“I would,” she said smugly. “Like I said. You owe me. You want me to force you into it, so you don’t have to accept the fact that underneath your little girl next door act, you’re just like me”.

“I’m not like you,” I whimpered, still aware that she had two fingers now buried in my cunt, sliding in and out with long slow thrusts. It was humiliating to be standing there with my legs shaking; being treated that way… effectively blackmailed by another woman. I swallowed hard at the lump in my throat, and I knew what she was about to say before the words ever left her lips.

“You’re already wet. Are you sure you’re not like me?”

I glared at her while she smiled with satisfaction at my response. She pulled her fingers out of me and then smeared them across my lips so that I could taste my juices on my fingers. I tried to turn my face away but she was too fast.

“Easy there princess,” she murmured. “I’ve heard you can be feisty. But I looks forward to seeing it for myself.”

“I’m not fucking you Liana,” I bit back. “I’m not into women.”

“You will be after tonight,” she said sweetly. “Let’s go.”

She took my hand firmly in hers. Liana was taller than I was, and although she had a model’s body, she certainly had the strength advantage over my smaller dancer’s build. Resisting her would be an exercise in futility. I didn’t even know where I was. I was over an hour’s drive from the city. And I was in a strange house, with even stranger people. And the idea of Liana ruining what I had with Seth, had my adrenaline racing. I had no doubt she would do it. She had nothing to lose.

She assertively led me up the dual staircase, down a long hallway of closed doors, to the darkened room that was awaiting us. I felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter, completely uncertain as to what fate had in store for me, and unable to change the course of events that were about to unfold. 

I tentatively let my gaze wander around the darkened room. There was a fire burning in the fireplace… crackling, and throwing an uneven lick of warm orange light around the room. Directly across from us, a lamp was suddenly turned on and I jolted to see the outline of a naked man. It was Elliot, standing brazenly in front of us. As he walked towards us, I cold see his long hard cock bobbing stiffly in front of him. He was all lean muscle, and had the kind of body that shouldn’t have necessitated him using an escort service. Clearly he could have any woman with his looks and money. Unless what he wanted was something most women were not interested in giving.

“Mmmm…. Elliot. You got ready without us,” Liana teased, holding tightly to my hand as though she knew I was in danger of bolting from the room.

“My imagination got away from me,” he admitted with a smile, taking a sip of the snifter of cognac he was holding in one hand. He set it down on the long desk in front of an ornate wall of bookshelves. I realized we were in the library. The firelight danced off the rich dark walls, and leather club chairs. 

“Look how innocent she looks, all dressed in white,” Elliot smirked. “So scared. Darling, surely you’re not afraid of me, are you.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I could feel my knees clicking nervously together. Somehow this situation had me far more uncertain than that night with Conrad. I realized the variable responsible for this anxiety was Liana.

My roommate and friend seemed like she had transformed into someone I no longer recognized. There was an arrogant confidence to her, at ease in her element, and the way she licked her lips, as she looked me, making me realize she had been waiting for this night for quite some time.

Liana walked up to me authoritatively and pushed me backwards until I had stumbled up against the long leather lined desk. 

“This is part of her game Elliot. She’s a whore and she doesn’t want to admit it to herself. She just needs to be convinced.”

I winced at her words and let out a gasp of alarm as she pressed me back against the desk, until I was forced up and partially onto it. Liana smiled at me in the darkness without sympathy and put both hands on my bare thighs. She slid them purposefully upwards, bunching the white silk of my dress up until I had to move before she ripped it as she worked it up around my waist.

“Such a pretty little jeweled thong you wore,” she grinned. “Are you sure you weren’t expecting someone else to be admiring it tonight?”

“No,” I whispered, feeling tears spring to my eyes. “You know why I’m here. It wasn’t for this.”

“Plans change Alison,” she said matter-of-factly and then to my surprise, she slid down to her knees, roughly parting my legs while I gripped the edge of the desk to steady myself. 

Elliot watched the scene unfold from over her shoulder, and he instinctively began stroking his cock.

“Look at how delicious this little snatch is,” Liana purred. “I’ve been wanting a taste of it since she moved in with me, Elliot.”

“I have no doubt”, he agreed. “I’ll enjoy having a lot more than a taste of it tonight. Why don’t you warm her up Liana.”

My jaw was partially agape, not quite believing that my friend was bent over at the waist, surveying my pussy with a kind of interest she obviously was not just faking for her client. She rubbed my clit through the sheer white thong that was suddenly soaking wet. I couldn’t help myself. The entire scene both terrified and aroused me at the same time. Her long tongue slithered out from between her soft lips and began to lick at the wet centre of my panties. Her tongue went back and forth in long easy strokes while I held my breath, still in disbelief at what was happening. Her tongue was hard and probing and it slid around the fabric until it was against my trembling clit, circling it and undulating against it until I was struggling to contain the little gasps that threatened to erupt from my throat. I didn’t want to enjoy it, and I certainly didn’t want her to think I was, as she eagerly ate my pussy with an expert tongue.

I tried to squirm away from her, but she held my thighs tightly. I could feel her long nails digging into either side of my hips so that there was no escape from her hungry mouth. I started breathing harder and faster as I brought one hand up to my mouth, biting on the knuckle to prevent my strangled moans.

“You like that don’t you,” Elliot said with a smile, coming up beside me to run his hands down the back of my head, twining in my long blond hair. “You like how it feels to have your best friend sucking your clit like that. Does it make you feel dirty?”

“Yes,” I gasped, finally releasing the moans at her expert skills as she tongue fucked my wet hole over and over again with relentless abandon.

“Maybe I’ll have to find a way to shut you up so that you don’t moan too loudly, so that you don’t have to admit how much you’re enjoying this.” He took a fistful of hair closer to my scalp and started to pull it back forcing me to lie down against the table, while I groaned my protest.

“Don’t do this,” I sobbed.

“Don’t do what?” he teased, but I could see the glaze of lust clouding his dark eyes as he looked at me lying helplessly against the desk. He pulled the straps of my beautiful white dress down roughly, pinning my arms at both sides, until my breasts were exposed for his hands to fondle. He rubbed at my nipples that were hard with arousal despite my anxiety at the situation I had been put in. He took each nipple in between his fingers, squeezing them and rolling them with pleasure.

“Do you think your boyfriend would be shocked to see you like this?” he asked with amusement. “Or do you think he would be more upset to know that you liked it.”

I writhed against Liana’s probing tongue as it ceased thrusting in and out of my hole, to slip down further. She lifted both my legs up until they fell back against my chest and then splayed them wide. Her tongue slid down my wet labia until it found the little pink star of my ass where it pressed against it’s resistant muscular ring while I moaned loudly.

“Ah, that’s what you like isn’t it,” Elliot mused. “You are a dirty little girl, aren’t you.”

“No,” I cried, but it was clear that I was losing all credibility. Liana’s probing felt like a serpent’s tongue and I was shocked as it wriggled past my resistant opening into my ass. “Oh my god,” I sobbed.

“Shhhh… You don’t want your boyfriend to know how much you’re enjoying this now, do you? Let me help quiet you down”.

His hard cock loomed in front of my face, and I moaned with reluctance, trying to twist away from it, but the straps of my dress had restrained both my arms and I felt helpless, laying splayed out on that desk, with nowhere to turn.

He put one hand on my forehead, forcing my head back to it’s original place so that I was facing him and that hard rigid shaft that he pushed forward, against my lips until they were forced to open.

“That’s it,” he said urgently. “Take it all in like a good little slut. All the way”.

My eyes widened as I whimpered, feeling him penetrate the depths of my mouth until the bulbous head hit the back of my throat, and he sighed deeply. He slowly began to slide it in and out of my mouth, back and forth. I fought not to gag by the depth he was achieving by having me pinned to the table, with nothing to do but accept that cock into my mouth and let him drive it past my wet lips. I could feel the pre-cum oozing down my throat while he kept my head immobilized, smiling down at me with a kind of lusty need that had me both nervous and excited.

His hands squeezed at my breasts, roughly playing with my nipples while he continued to fuck my mouth that was now slippery wet with saliva and cum. Both hands raked up over my breasts to pause against my throat, as I heard him moaning with pleasure. His cock was pulsing and jerking in my mouth and finally his hands slid up to both sides of my face.

“Open up for me,” he cried and I accepted more of his thrusting, forcing me to relax my gag reflex until I was deep-throating his cock for those last long strokes, while he held my head tightly. With one long groan, I felt his cock jerking against my lips and he half pulled out as he flooded my mouth with several long jets of hot thick cum. It filled my cheeks, dripping down my throat, and coated my lips. I struggled to swallow it all down, lest I choke on it as he withdrew his cock, still groaning.

“Mmmm… you’re such a good little whore,” he sighed, leaning down to kiss my cum-stained lips. I was startled to feel his tongue slip into my mouth, letting the remnants of his cum pass between us as he kissed me slowly and passionately, tasting the remains of his violation, while I could still feel Liana licking my ass and rubbing my clit with her fingers. 

The pleasure of what her tongue and fingers was doing to me, combined with the shear depravity of the situation had me unexpectedly kissing Elliot back, eager for him to taste himself on my lips, and consecrate the whole madness of the situation. I let his tongue explore my mouth, pressing my own against his, in a way that seemed to excite him. My reluctance was quickly fading.

Finally he pulled his lips from mine. “I think you still have much to learn about yourself,” he said with amusement. “I think you like feeling dirty like this”.

“I do,” I gasped, grinding my asshole against Liana’s tongue to her pleasure and surprise. “I love being a fucking whore like this.” My admission was crude and shocking, but no longer deniable. 

“Then let us help indulge you in it,” he said with a satisfied smile. 

Suddenly he disappeared from my view, and I was left staring up at the ceiling, still writhing against Liana’s tongue. I awkwardly struggled to pull my arms out of the straps of my white silk dress, letting it slither to my waist as I moved up on my elbows just as I heard Liana’s stifled moans. She was still bent over at the waist, but the fast tear of fabric seemed to resonate in the room as Elliot split her dress at the seam with his bare hands, tearing it apart until he had exposed the round curves of her ass. She wore no panties and he slapped her ass hard.

“Dirty slut didn’t wear panties now, did she”, he groaned. “Just the way I like it”. She spread her legs wide for him, while he dove into her snatch from behind, licking her pussy and ass with aggressive fervor, while squeezing her soft cheeks, spreading them apart to make way for his roving tongue.

Liana moaned against my clit, continuing to lick and tongue me while I rested back on my elbows, unable to tear my eyes from the scene. I started to buck my hips up against her mouth, feeling a wave of pleasure start to flame inside me, rising up until I was actively grinding my pussy against my beautiful friend’s face as I came hard, drenching her mouth in my juices.

“Fuck yes!”, she cried over my groans as though elated at having made me come. She dug her tongue deeply into my snatch, as though savoring my wetness. My pussy was swollen and pulsing in the after throes of my orgasm, as I lay back to let her lick up all of my juices, still in wild disbelief over what was happening. 

I should have stopped there, but instead I slid up and off the desk, letting Liana brace herself against the ledge. Elliot was rock hard again and his hands clawed at Liana’s ass, as he groaned loudly before driving himself into her pussy from behind, causing her to lurch forward, and grip the edge of the desk. He fucked her with force, reminding me of Conrad and the way he had pounded me over and over again.

Like a depraved slut, I found myself crawling towards the heat of their sex. I worked my way between her legs, no longer caring that I had never licked a pussy. The sight of his hard cock thrusting past the soft wet lips of her cunt had me hungry for both of them. I stuck my tongue out, licking her clit that quivered against my mouth as I heard her moan loudly. I sucked her clit hard, heady with the scent and taste and sounds of their fucking as his cock slammed in and out of her, his hips slapping loudly against her ass. My tongue darted out to get a taste of his cock, covered in her slick juices. I could not get enough of it. He groaned and slid his cock out of her snatch and slid it into my eager mouth as I sucked all of Liana’s sweet juices off of it before he drove it back inside her. I continued licking all around them, sliding further down to tongue his balls, and roll them in my mouth, feeling them tighten in response to my mouth.

“That’s it,” he moaned. “Don’t stop. Mmmm… baby, you know where I want you to go”.

I moaned, feeling my own pussy gush juices, in the mix of their excitement combined with mine. I slid out from between her legs and crawled around behind him. He hunched over her back as he continued fucking her, the very moment he felt my hands slide up the round contours of his ass. I slid my fingers into my mouth, soaking them with saliva before rubbing my finger against his tight little hole. He moaned with appreciation.

“Is this what you want?” I gasped. “You want my tongue in here don’t you.”

“Fuck yes,” he cried. “You better start licking it, you dirty little bitch.”

“You wanna get your money’s worth, don’t you”, I shot out; smiling at the power I felt over him in that moment. He was desperate for what I could give him. And I wanted to give him the pleasure he craved.

I spread his ass cheeks wide, delivering several long, hard licks up against his hole. I encircled it with my lips before starting to wiggle my tongue inside him as deeply as I could while combined with the motion of him thrusting his cock into Liana’s soaking wet snatch. He alternated thrusting and then pausing to enjoy the sensations of my tongue buried deep in his ass, wiggling back and forth and darting in and out before undulating against that sensitive little hole while he swore dirty obscenities over how delicious it all felt.

The thrill of the entire debased nature of the scene had me dripping wet again. My pleasures had come unhinged, letting my conscience melt away. My mind went to all kinds of dark and forbidden places until the idea of my boyfriend seeing me like this, with my tongue buried in the ass of this strange man who was simultaneously fucking the hell out of my roommate, had me wildly excited instead of guilty. Seth had no idea what a depraved slut I really was inside. He had no idea that I had come to crave this and want it. The shock of my own realization had me gasping and feeling even dirtier than before.

“I need you to fuck me,” I cried finally. “Now.”

Elliot slowed his thrusts. “You need me to fuck you?” he mused. “I think I have to hear you beg for it.”

I stood up, coming around to face him, completely shameless in my intentions. I must have looked like a mess. My blonde hair was tangled and wild, the stickiness of his cum still stained my lips and chin. My white silk dress was still bunched up at my waist and it hung there like a loose belt of fabric, as my nipples rose up hard under his gaze. I felt like a dirty little girl. The kind of girl I never imagined I would ever be.

“Please fuck me,” I begged, my green eyes glazed over with a kind of depraved desperation. “I want to feel you deep inside my tight little hole. And you know what hole I want you to fuck…” My voice trailed off, as my hand slid up the back of my thighs as I half turned, showing him the soft curve of my ass, leaving little doubt as to what I wanted.

He smiled lewdly. “You want me to fuck that little ass, do you? Are you sure you can handle it”.

“Yes,” I promised. “Please… just force that cock inside me. Nice and hard, fast and long. I need to feel you inside my ass…. fucking it… please.”

He needed no further prompting. With a loud groan he pulled out of Liana, leaving me with one last glance of his wet cock, slick with her juices, before he grabbed a handful of my dress, using it to pull me roughly toward him. I gasped as he spun me around, grabbing the back of my head and forcing it down and forward until I was side by side with Liana, who was still holding her position. She turned her face to the side and looked at me then and the real shock of the moment passed between us. And then she smiled.

I felt his hands on my ass, pulling the cheeks apart. I turned my head to see him sliding his fingers into Liana’s pussy, using her juices to lubricate my little hole and prepare it for the assault I had just begged him for. 

“Oh my god,” I exhaled, waiting expectantly for what I craved. I felt the hard mushroom head of his beautifully cut cock press against my hole. I moaned, as I pushed out against it, opening it up to the girth of his cock as I felt the head slip inside. I was breathing hard, succumbing to the delicious violation with my eyes closed, my head falling forward as slowly he inched forward until I had taken the entire length of his shaft deep inside my ass. 

“Does it feel good,” he asked.

“Oh god, yesss,” I groaned. “It feels so good. Please fuck me now. Don’t stop.”

Needing no encouragement, he seized hold of my hips and drove his cock in and out of my tight little hole while I moaned loudly, unable to hold back the raw, primal desire that had overtaken me. He fucked my ass hard. I felt his hips slapping against me, his hand burying itself in my hair, pulling, so that my head was yanked back as he rhythmically thrust into me. I felt split apart, raw and wild, as he rode my ass, spurred on as I begged him to fuck me harder. I felt like I almost lost consciousness of time and place until I felt Liana’s mouth on mine, her tongue pushing past my lips as she kissed me passionately, while her hand slid between my legs to play with my clit. I was so close. I could feel myself about to come in waves of pleasure.

“Do you feel like a slut now?” Elliot cried.

“Yesss….” I sobbed with delirious pleasure. “I’m a dirty little slut that just wants to get fucked over and over again.”

He clenched a handful of my blonde hair tighter and yanked my head back roughly, before twisting my head until it turned sharply to the side.

“Well I think you’re in luck then.”

My eyes widened. Standing in the doorway to the library was three men I recognized from the party. They were all standing there; zippers open, stroking their hard cocks as they watched the scene unfolding before them.

“We might just make you a rich girl before you leave this place.”

The resulting orgasm felt explosive like a hot white fire that quickly burned through all my preconceptions and prior intentions. It shattered what was left of my dirty conscience and there among the sordid ashes of my violations, the real Alison emerged and finally opened her eyes.

I’m couldn’t be certain if I was speaking to the lust-crazed men standing in that doorway, or the new Alison when the next words left my lips. 


And this time, I meant it.

--- To be continued…

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