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"Ah, Marian. I'd like you to meet my daughter. This is Karen. She's going to be practicing her executive skills with the company for an indefinite period."

Jeremy Bates had dropped by the office of Mrs. Wintergreen on a slow afternoon, with a beautiful strawberry blonde on his arm. The twenty-something-year-old had her luscious hair flowing down the back of her shoulder less dress, which was far too short for the older woman's taste. Karen eyed up the auburn-haired HoD and smiled wanly at her with sensuous red lips.

Unless her body language translation was seriously wrong, Marian sensed that this one spelled trouble. Marian had long known that the one thing that most daughters of eminent businessmen want to do is impress on Daddy how they can be independent and ruthless. They invariably dream of being considered an important person in their own right.

"I'm pleased to meet you," said the girl as she offered her hand to the other.

"Likewise, I'm sure. Do you have an office yet?"

"I thought I'd give Karen one on this floor. That way, you can keep my daughter under careful observation."

"Not that I shall need a chaperone."

Again came the look of lordliness from the younger one. Indeed, within a week, Karen Bates was behaving appallingly, telling all the staff how rich Daddy was and how she was going to run things her way from now on. Then she made the mistake of letting everyone know that they had better watch out because she was going to take over from Mrs. Wintergreen. Word got back, of course, and Marian decided that enough was enough.


At five p.m. on the Friday of Karen's first week, Marian summoned the girl to her office. Her office was perched in the corner of one of the most well-known office buildings in the City of London. Number Twenty Fenchurch Street had a unique look that garnered the nickname The Handset.

Mrs. Wintergreen had risen to the top in a relatively short period, and she had established a reputation within the company for ruling with a firm hand. The forty-two-year-old had made it clear that she was in charge, and more than that, let it be known that she was not to be challenged in any way. She reigned over all and the higher-ups gave her carte blanche to keep those members of staff in check.

The daughter of the boss, however, was altogether different. The cool blonde stepped in with a haughty demeanour and as she walked across the thick carpet, her high heels gave her a distinctive wiggle. The older of the two was having a telephone conversation, and she waved at Karen to take a seat.

She sat on the opposite side of the desk in silence. Her white blouse had the top three buttons undone, and her blue skirt was so short that it pulled tightly across her shapely bottom. Her attire had obviously been chosen for one effect only, to push her tits up and out and display lots of legs, creating a wealth of exposed flesh that bordered on the indecent.

Marian was dressed more formally, but despite her choice of attire, her womanly figure still managed to impress. Her cleavage poked out from the low-cut top, and the dress clung to every sexy contour of her well-proportioned bum.

It was a ghastly evening outside, with rain lashing the windows and the sky darkening more than usual. Wintergreen was on the phone, yelling at someone at the other end. Things were not looking good. She hung up and looked at Karen with a face like thunder.

"Well. This has been a shitty week. It looks like our investments are going down, and some of my clients want to sell their shares. I'm going to have to work Saturday and try to make some deals that we should have completed by today. Do you have anything to say?"

"Are you blaming me? It's none of my doing."

"Don't be impertinent. Since you started here, you've been finding ways to annoy me at every turn.
"It so is. You prance about the floor in skimpy skirts and half-undone tops, deliberately distracting half of my staff. I mean, what does that achieve except complacency and slack work?"

"I admit to that. I like to dress sexily and quite like to wear tops that show off a bit of cleavage and skirts that display my legs. So what?"

"I pride myself on running a tight ship. I do not tolerate any untoward behaviour that might divert attention from duty. You might think that because you're the daughter of the CEO you can just waltz in here and do things your way. Well, let me tell you, young lady, that I am the boss around here, and until that changes, you do what I say."

"Oh, that's right. Daddy told me about your nasty temperament and little chastiser."

Marian sat back and swept an imaginary strand of hair back over her ear. She steeped her fingers and nodded her head.

"I know that I am a hard taskmaster. I never attempt to hide it, and neither am I ashamed of it. I can be cruel for no other reason than to keep the staff in check. A complacent team makes mistakes, none of which we can afford. Yes, my methods are somewhat unique, and there are few out there just like me. On the other side of the coin, some women LOVE to be dominated and humiliated, and get off on the pain that I provide them. Are you one of those?"

"Excuse me?" Karen leaned forward and prodded the desk with her index finger. "You really think highly of yourself, don't you? You're overrated, do you know that? The staff despises you. They talk about you behind your back and ridicule you. You're pathetic and outdated."

Despite her apparent bravado, Karen Bates was overwhelmed by the sheer presence of this extraordinary woman. The almost physical sense of assurance and control oozed from every pore. Did the bitch know that she was gay? Did she feel a certain attraction to the older woman? Karen pressed her cute bottom into her seat and took a deep breath. Her flimsy pair of underwear cupped her hot snatch and absorbed her dampness. Mrs. Wintergreen clenched her fists.

"Have I bullied you, Miss Bates? What I have told you to do is do your work. If you do not work as directed, then there will be repercussions. Do not attempt to try my patience, woman."

"How dare you try and reprimand me. You don't have the authority and you know it. My father would have your guts for garters if he heard you speaking to me like this."

Mrs. Wintergreen bowed her head and then rose slowly from her seat. She walked around her desk and drew closer to the other woman until her austere face came within inches of Karen's. The daughter of the boss never expected it, but she gasped loudly when the sharp slap hit her across her left cheek. For a split second, Karen was stunned, and then she growled with indignation and rage and charged the other. She lashed back with her own open-handed slap to the side of the other's face, making her head snap back.

Marian grunted and slammed her shoulders into Karen, who squealed with shock. Caught off balance, the blonde reached out and grabbed onto the other's top, yanking hard on the open front and causing buttons to go flying. They came together in a grapple, high-heeled shoes thudding as they locked their arms around each other's bodies. Their faces snarled as their heads pressed into the opponent's. Fair hair intermingled with dark as they spat and hissed. Marian's freed-up tits jiggled as the torn front of her top flapped uselessly.

Karen shoved forward, and her own breasts collided with Marian's. Both women had enough upstairs to make a tit fight of it as they slammed into each other with their hands behind the other's back, so they now held each other in a mutual bear hug. Breasts mashed with breasts as each tried to assert dominance. As they wrestled, the two of them toppled to the carpet.

Marian had the wind taken out of her sails as she was tackled to the floor. Although she had youth and athleticism on her side, the older woman was heavier and more experienced. Marian immediately gained an advantage and got on top of Karen, wrapping her legs closed around her upper thighs.

"You may be the daughter of the boss, but I’m going to show you your place. That is under me. Literally."

Karen fumed as she found herself pinned down. Her left arm wormed free, and with this, she grabbed a handful of Marian’s hair. She lifted her legs and, in a Herculean effort, got Marian onto her back. With Karen straddling her, she began raining slaps on her tits. Marian gritted her teeth and pulled the blonde by her hair as they grappled.

"Cease this at once!"

"Make me, bitch!"

Marian changed tactics and also grabbed Karen's tits, tearing the thin fabric of her blouse so that her unfettered boobs tumbled out. Not to be outdone, the MILF had her top rent apart, and her tits were also manhandled roughly.

"Leave my tits alone!" they cried in sync.

Marian was able to slide to one side, and the next thing that Karen knew was that she was toppled onto her back and the older woman was on her. The HoD hiked her skirt up and sat on the younger one's face, thereby smothering the blonde with her muff. She held her arms above her head, dipped forward, and started to slide up and down Karen's mouth.

"I own you, understand? You are not my equal, nor will you ever be."

Mrs. Wintergreen was truly in her element. Not only was she demanding respect, and, in doing so, humiliating the young pup, but she was getting her sexual kicks at the same time. She ground her damp crotch hard to emphasise her point. She relented and got up, rubbing her moist underwear with a soft sigh. That was when she made her mistake because as she turned her back, Karen was on her again.

"Where are you going?"

The bold blonde reached out and pulled Marian back by her tattered top, thus removing what was left and so releasing the older one's boobs. Karen held her in a bear hug and squeezed her tits together as she humped her from behind.

"Somebody should have punished you a long time ago!" she said as she held Marian tightly.

"They have," thought the MILF as she allowed herself to be pushed against her desk. and bent over the surface. Her skirt was then brought back to reveal her nice, round backside in her pink panties. Karen raised her right hand and then smacked Wintergreen hard on both cheeks.

"Ow!" yelled Marian with a giggle in her throat.

"You're a sadistic bitch, and you deserve to be punished."

Karen meted out a series of short, sharp spanks on the exposed nates of the older woman. Marian kept her feet planted firmly in the carpet as she was spanked a lot harder than she had expected. She was quite impressed by the girl's efforts and secretly congratulated her. She was easily able to shake off any discomfort, even though her bum cheeks were glowing bright red. She wiggled her rump from left to right and made exaggerated moans of displeasure. Satisfied for now, Karen finally stopped and bent down to whisper in her ear.

"I think you’ve learned your lesson, don’t you?"

"Think again."

Now fully able to move freely with her top off and her skirt hiked up above her hips, Wintergreen held her younger rival by her wrists and turned her to her right. Marian expertly came behind the hot blonde, and frog marched her to the same desk. Karen was forced to lay across the top so that her bare tits met the wood. As her skirt was lifted up, she tried to kick back, but this just made her more unsettled on her heels. She suddenly found herself feeling the same punishment she had just dished out.

Karen found it so humiliating to have her bottom thus exposed, allowing her nether regions to be visibly displayed. She now figured out that Wintergreen was stronger than she thought as she kept one hand up her left side and set. Being spanked was bad enough, but getting spanked bare-assed was the worst. Having said that, the blonde felt an unexpected excitement, and she clenched her legs and bottom together tightly. Marian was thorough and proficient, smacking one cheek, then the other, back and forth. She lifted her head to quickly peek back at the topless MILF. Her tits bounced as her right arm came up and down in a wide arc.

"Are we done? FUCK!"

After a brief pause, Karen shrieked as the rapier-thin riding crop met her vulnerable nates. Mrs. Wintergreen welcomed that familiar tingling in her loins as she watched Karen clench her buttocks and stick her legs out straight behind her as the first crop met soft flesh.

Marian swatted the weapon all over the young girl’s bare behind, which left vivid red stripes on her white skin. From now on the HoD was totally in control as she spanked her boss's errant daughter thoroughly. Even with one hand meting out chastisement, Wintergreen managed to lose her skirt so that she stood in only her panties and heels.

"No more. You win."

"Are you sorry now?"


"Yes, yes, I’m sorry."


"Sorry for what?"


The crop continued to meet the mark with hard smacks, and Karen caught her breath and gasped.

"I’m sorry for being a bitch."

"Very good. Well done."

And with that, the spanking was finally over. But Marian wasn't done yet.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

As if things weren't embarrassing enough, Marian started to rub her fingers in Karen's juiced-up slit, testing the moistness that resulted from her beating. The attractive blonde squirmed on her heels as she was probed unashamedly. As she rubbed up and down, Maria whispered sweet nothings in her beaten rival's ear. You've been a good girl, and good girls deserve favour. Now that Karen was nice and submissive, she was putty in the hands of the experienced older woman. Karen sighed and began grinding back and forth to allow herself to get lost in the moment.

"I want you to show me how sorry you really are."

Karen slowly got back up on her wobbly legs and saw that her tormentor was not butt-naked in her heels. She struck a fine figure with perfectly proportioned breasts, thighs, and hips tapered to underscore her tantalising mons. Bared and brazen, Marian had transformed into an animalistic Domme with a hunger for flesh. Karen brazenly unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the carpet. She kicked it away and let the darker-haired one get an eyeful of her own stunning form.

The blonde was a vision of beauty, with flawless porcelain skin, a tight figure, and a backside like a ripe peach. Her breasts had pointy nipples that were erect and hard, surrounded by small areolas. Between her upper thighs sat her prominent pussy mound that rose out from a visible V that ran from her narrow hipbones to the bottom of her trimmed pubic area.

"What do you have in mind?"

Marian bent to her special drawer in her desk and retrieved her gold bullet vibrator. It fit discreetly in the palm of her hand and had a nicely tapered tip. Karen pushed back to the edge of the desk and stood with her legs planted wide apart. She tilted her chin in a show of defiance mixed with capitulation and presented the neat triangle of her trimmed bush that seemed to point down to her prominent clitoris and the wet slit below. They both knew there was no going back now. Marian nodded and turned on the vibe, pressing the end against the bulge of the blonde's pudendum. Her moist labia puffed out on either side, as the lightly buzzing sex toy was eased just inside her vulva.

"Oh, fuck!"

With a steady hand, Wintergreen watched the toy as it parted her pussy lips like butter. There was no resistance, and the gold shaft disappeared inside her completely. As she eased it back out, the vibe glistened with sticky juices. With eyes fixed on Karen's, the naked MILF put it in her mouth and sucked the juices off.

The younger of the two welcomed the return of the thrum of the fake dick as it was swept down her mound and across her labia once more.

"Feel good?"

Karen whimpered an affirmative as she separated her legs wider and splayed open her pussy slit.

"Goodness!" Karen moaned as she felt the tip lightly glide across her anus, and she lifted up to receive the wonderful stimulation.

Marian teased the girl further by rotating the humming thing around her labia over and over. Karen gripped the edge of the desk and shunted to and fro. Marian pressed one of the buttons, and the steady pulsing sound increased to a louder tone. Karen involuntarily inhaled through flared nostrils as the vibrator was held in place on the top of her cunt. Agonising vibrations strummed her clitoral area, and her right leg shot up so that the knee came up to hip level. Marian let the tip only trace a line around the erect button.

It was far more intense than Karen had expected, as the vibe was then thrust firmly in and out of her slippery muff. The persistent vibrations were driving her crazy as Marian pressed the highest setting and the toy hummed louder and faster inside Karen's pussy.

"Oh, god! Oh, fuck!"

"Turn around."

Karen fluffed her hair as she shivered with delight. Her hands came palms down on top of the desk, and her legs were rudely kicked out by Marian's heel. The MILF traced the humming bullet up and down the cleft between Karen's separated buttocks, and the blonde made a slow humping rhythm against it as she craved more.

"Ugh! Please, please!"

Karen pleaded for the vibe to be placed inside her as she scooted back in urgent rotations of her bottom. Marian obliged her and inserted the thrumming dick into her with a clockwise twist. Karen started panting repeatedly as the full length of the shaft was thrust deep into her pussy. Marian increased the speed of the vibrator so that it was a steady in-out movement that made for a trilling sound that sucked Karen's juices right out of her. The quick and steady driving pace of the toy was making her mad with lust.

"More, more!"

"Oh, you want more?"

Marian removed the vibe, and then she smacked Karen twice on each rear cheek and moved the tip of the vibe to her puckered butthole. She guided the tip of the vibrator to it and gently pressed it. With a subtle twist, Marian pushed into Karen's anus halfway.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, you nasty bitch!"

"Correct." grinned her tormentor as she pushed the vibrator home until her hand met bum.

"You witch! You slut! You fucking cunt!"

"Dear me, language!"

Marian pushed and pulled, twisted and rotated, and pushed and pulled some more. Karen lifted her right heel up as she gripped the desk until her knuckles turned white. After a full minute of arse fucking, Marian resumed cunt fucking. Mrs. Wintergreen's own excitement built as Karen hopped from one heel to the other. The blonde squealed in pleasure from the intense pressure in her cunt. Wave after wave swept through her as she was pushed to the brink.

"Are you going to cum?" Marian asked as she thrust in harder.


Karen's body tensed, and her thighs moved as close together as they could without obstructing the vibrator. Juices gushed from her cunt, and she groaned loudly as she went limp. Marian switched the device off and pulled it out of her spent pussy. Her loins and inner thighs were soaked as a result of her thunderous orgasm. But still, she was not done, and she went down on her knees, and her mouth and tongue went to work in the vibrator's absence.

Marian parted Karen's buttocks with both hands and licked around her pussy and anus. Her pointed tongue poked in the girl's bum hole and lapped at the tiny perineum with spit-covered lips. Karen pushed back harder and hissed as long licks traversed the length of her muff. Karen was still shaking from her intense orgasm as she felt the tip of Marian's tongue remain in her puckered starfish. She stood a little taller and reached back to pull her cheeks apart.

"Lick me. Lick me, you slut!"

She squirmed as the wet tongue darted in and out of her shitter, and even Marian bounced up and down as her pussy ached for attention. Using her right hand, the MILF flicked at Karen's clitoris, and the double stimulation was enough to bring the young blonde to another climax. Marian smacked her jiggling buns and stood triumphantly.

"My god! I've never met anyone like you. You're incorrigible!"

The two naked females hugged, and their wet mouths met in a French kiss, both offering their tongues to the other.

Karen moved down so that she came face to tit with her tormentor. As her slender hands moved up her flanks, she smothered Marian's left breast and sucked in the stiff nipple. The older woman tilted her head back and held the blonde to her bosom as she was teased and nibbled on by hard white teeth. Both of her tits were smeared with saliva as Karen dropped down further, kissing Marian's gently sloping stomach. Dropping to her knees, she came face to face with her dark pubic muff. The blonde licked the inside of Marian's upper thighs, and the woman hissed at the delicate contact with her soft flesh.

"Such a gentle touch."

Karen hummed as she began to lick the length of Marian's weeping slit. The tongue teased her entrance as the daughter of the boss swiped her tongue down and up, and across. Marian held the top of Karen's head and pressed down to make the girl press into her snatch all the more firmly.

"Yes, right there. Lovely!"

After much sucking and licking, the two melted to the carpet, their naked bodies entwined and limbs thrashing. Boobs squashed boobs and lithe legs clasped tightly in ever-twisting circles. With Marian inevitably on top of Karen, she used her cunt to mash against Karen's. Their individual juices merged, and their labia glistened as a result.

"Up, up, just there."

With a slow but firm gyrating motion, Marian rubbed her clit on Karen's, and both felt a buildup of divine pleasure. As they pussyfucked, audible squishing noises emanated from their nether regions. They humped and bumped with ever-increasing groans until Karen cried out.

"Oh, I’m going to cum!"

Her third orgasm coursed through her, and she shook as she lay back on the carpet. Her pale body was covered in a sheen of perspiration, and she struggled to catch her breath as Marian continued to cunt fuck her. She got a better purchase and ground down hard while rotating her hips.

"Oh, shit. Coming! Mrs. Wintergreen's mouth gaped open in a silent scream as she squirted and wetted Karen's thighs and loins.

Her tits bounced and her belly undulated as she climaxed. She rolled off, satisfied, and fell in a heap on the carpet.

When they had gathered their wits, they both began to get dressed again, pulling up their skirts and trying futilely to bring their tattered tops together over their chests.

"Thank you, Miss Bates. You may be excused."

Karen looked at the smug bitch who had her head down at her desk and was browsing her latest messages on her PC. Rolling her eyes, the daughter of the boss came to the inevitable conclusion that Wintergreen was going to be even more insufferable than ever.


"Marian. What a pleasant surprise. How may I help you today?"

"I'll get right to the point. I want to get spanked. I want to suck your cock. I want you to fuck my brains out. Right here and right now."

Jeremy Bates, the Chairman of the Board, no less, sat bolt upright in his leather upholstered chair and did a double take. It had been a month since he had last seen her when he introduced her to his daughter.

Bates was a tall fellow, standing at six feet three in his socks. As always, he was immaculately dressed and clean-shaven. His office in a building in Canary Wharf was on the thirtieth floor, with a gorgeous view of the Thames outside. Large floor-to-ceiling Burma teakwood framed fluted glass partitions create an almost clinical interior.

The past month had been exceptionally quiet for the HoD of his company, and Mrs. Wintergreen had been bored stiff, and decidedly horny. She ruled the staff with an iron fist, and as a result, all of her team had been on their best behaviour. Much to her regret, as she did so enjoy meting out a scolding. At the age of forty-two, the sexually active vixen had missed any form of gratification, and the horny MILF was climbing the walls.

Despite the difficulties of being married to an older man, her marriage was a haven of regular sex, although somewhat diluted due to Harold's diminished physical frailty. As a result, masturbation became her usual way to relieve herself in that way. But of course, this wasn't enough to satisfy her leanings toward the kinky side. Spanking, as part of sexual play, was one of her favourite means to heighten sexual arousal. Whether giving one a good whack or being spanked herself. The enjoyment of pain was as good a part of the pleasure as it was for her to dish it out.

Her body was in reasonably good shape, and she cried out to be stroked, kissed, licked, sucked, and spanked, She desired the physical touch and yearned for her breasts to be nibbled and her nipples sucked. But most of all, she wanted to be fucked.

"Now then. What's brought this on?' asked Bates as he toyed with his necktie."

Marian stooped over the desk and spread her hands.

"I've been a bad woman, and I need to be chastised. I've been mean to your daughter, and I did not spare the rod. So please do the honours."

Marian had fire in her eyes as she used her right hand to trash the desk, sending everything tumbling to the carpet.

"Right here on your desk."

Marian stood upright and opened her white double-breasted trench coat. The item had a long-sleeved design with a button fastening and a belted waistband. She wore a pair of fire truck red latex gloves that came to her elbows, and Bates watched her with wide eyes as she slowly undid the coat and let it fall from her body.

Under this, the slender and leggy auburn-haired MILF revealed to him her semi-nude state. Apart from the gloves and a black leather neck collar, she was totally naked. Her gazelle-like pins were encased in a pair of black over-the-knee thigh-high boots with a lace-up side and a pointed, chunky heel.

Bates rubbed his chin in approval at the unexpected sight of the woman with the perfectly proportioned breasts, taut upper thighs, and hips that tapered out to underscore her tantalising mons. Bared and brazen, Marian had once again become consumed by her animalistic hunger for sex with her boss.

"You've been mean to Karen, so I've heard. And I agree that you need to be chastised in the only way you know. We can begin by having you come here and suck my dick."

As she closed her eyes in relief, Bates was rewarded with that wicked smile of hers. He always got a special thrill from how she looked at him from the corner of her eye. His gaze moved downward toward her muff, which had just the right amount of pubic hair to sculpt her vulva. The way the high boots highlighted the pale flesh of her upper thighs made his dick throb in his pants. He had to fumble and rearrange his trousers to ease the tightness around his growing erection. It had been several months since he and she had made out together, and now was as good a time as any to renew their on-and-off affair.

"Right. I heard that there have been a few setbacks recently. I have high hopes for you to remedy that fact.

The naked minx slid down in front of him, tracing the folds of his well-pressed trousers that housed his fun package. With a delicate touch, she used her thumb and forefinger to tug the zipper down all the way. Her right hand vanished inside the open fly, and she fumbled with his burgeoning erection that she freed up from his underwear.

She glanced up at him and looked into his clear blue eyes as she ran her fingertips over the thickness of his shaft. With wetted lips, she popped the spongy glans into her mouth and hummed audibly as she sucked and drooled over it. When she let it out, a thick string of spit lingered on her lips until it broke and dripped onto her deep cleavage.

"Get on with it, Wintergreen. I have some business to attend to."

"You bastard!"

She brought her gloved hands up, took hold of his butt cheeks, and squeezed. Hands-free, she sucked in his bell end and gave it loud and lewd slobbers as she bobbed her head back and forth. With a downward drive, she swallowed more, four inches of cock that felt warm and hard in her mouth. Bates firmly guided her head onto his dick, and Wintergreen went for it, gliding down his hard shaft until she began to gag a little. The more she sucked him in, the more she drizzled his length with her spit.

The bitch was proficient at fellatio, and she always gave him that wonderful sensation of blood racing up his organ. Her exquisite tongue traced its way along one side of his dick before flicking across and down the other. The coolness of her glove made him shiver when she cupped his scrotum as she licked him off. The sight of her head in his groin was one of sheer eroticism as she deep-throated him with relish. His cock throbbed and expanded to the point where he thought he might cum down her throat. She released him and caught her breath.

"Come on."

Bates shed his jacket and quickly undid his necktie and shirt. His trousers hung loosely around his knees as Marian stood up and set her bag on the desk. She showed him her toys for the day. She had brought with her a riding crop that had a length of 17 inches. This one had an exquisite hand-woven texture and a non-slip handle that made it easy to hold and operate. She also held up a black silicone ball gag, with a leather strap to wrap around the head and buckle at the back. Bates took this and tied it off over her head, making sure the smooth ball fit snugly in her mouth. Marian inhaled through the sensual scent of leather, that lay just across the bottom of her nose.

"You witch!"

The cock hungry MILF tottered over to one side of the desk and bent at the waist with the palms of her hands on the freshly cleared surface. She planted her legs out wide and wiggled her rump at him as she bit down on the ball in her mouth. With her nether regions on full display, his rock-hard cock pointed straight up at the ceiling. He smoothed out her white buttocks and caressed the plumpness of her flesh. He stooped forward, breathed out on her supple skin, and used his slightly parted mouth to hiss air between her upper thighs. Her pussy streamed down the inside of her legs as a result, and she jiggled her rear end in anticipation of what was to come.

"Ungagagg!" she groaned into the gag. She had worn a few ball gags in her time, so this was nothing new to her.


"You really are a fucking pervert."

"Mmmm," she moaned, her pleas muted by the gag.

He prodded her crack with his pointed tongue. Marian's head came up as she gritted her teeth around the ball in her mouth and welcomed the pleasurable tingling in her loins. His mouth left a long smear of saliva from her anus to her clit as he lapped at her like a puppy. He held her trembling legs firmly apart as he made buzzing noises on her clitoris with pursed lips.

His face connected with her inner thighs as he vibrated directly on the tiny nub. Marian leaked juices in a flood of passion and dappled his mouth and chin as a consequence. He used his darting tongue to delve into the tantalizing folds of her wet slit, and Marian whimpered accordingly. Then he took a long lick up her soft folds, which were practically dripping with her love honey, and gave her a hard smack on her right cheek.


He flicked out at her clit again, and his mouth and lips sucked and licked her until she was writhing on the heels of her high boots. The aroma from her dripping sex filled his nose as he pushed his tongue past her outer lips and lapped her from bottom to top. She tasted amazing, and he nearly shot his wad as he probed and pushed inside.

"So you want me to spank you with the crop?"

"Eng!" she blurted.

"Just let the dog see the rabbit first."

Bates moved between her splayed-out legs and placed the business end of his rampant dick at her entrance. The horny MILF gasped as he aligned the opening of her soaking-wet pussy with the tip of his cock. He sank into her inch by rough inch. With his knob now inside her sumptuous muff, he pressed his aching cock in all the way and the first feel of him made her throb and ache. As he moved in. she could feel his groin against her backside as he thrust in, and Marian moaned at the superb insertion. He kept on going until he filled her up, and then he paused.

He raised his body up. and the subtle shift of his shaft inside her made her hiss audibly. He pulled back out, and her cunt contracted as he left her. He shoved in again, and she stretched out around him as he went in balls deep. Three more times, he repeated this, and then he pushed in so hard that as his cock disappeared into her pink pussy, she squirted like a geyser.

Bates held onto her hips as he plunged into her over and over, and the memory of their previous couplings came rushing back. He stared at his cock gliding in and out of her, and he looked forward to spanking her nates. He used his left hand to slap her on the left buttock. Marian responded with heavy breathing as she welcomed the sensation of the sudden impact.

Again, he brought down his open palm on her quivering bum, and the slap echoed loudly throughout the plush office. She jumped but did not resist as she received hard spanks across both cheeks, turning them light pink. He pulled out of her with a pop, and as his glistening dick wagged in front of him, he used both hands to whack her backside. Marian panted and pushed her backside up toward him, loving how her bottom bounced with each slap.

She was then roundly spanked all over her rear end in random patterns. Across, sideways, dead centre. Marian wiggled and clenched her buttocks together, raising her hips as she pushed up on the toes of her high-heeled boots. He finally stopped and lightly rubbed her burning bottom, letting his hand move down between her legs. She spread her thighs gladly, raising her hips as she continued to gasp.

"Now, the crop."

Bates grunted, and Marian shot up from her knees as she was suddenly struck by the rapier-thin weapon.

"Are you my little slut?" he asked, his question punctuated with a crack of the crop on her lower cheeks.




"You want this?"



"And this?"



The leather crop traced a line from her backbone to her bottom, where he stroked her squishy gash.

"Yes, you are a little slut."

He watched intently as he pushed harder, and her labia parted from the persistent light thrusts. Marian groaned louder as she was unable to contain the joyful pleasure of her violation. Her buttocks clenched, and she moved her legs in and out as more strokes of the crop landed on target.

Bates used the crop all over the woman’s bare behind, and the sound of Marian's howls threatened to be outdone by the sharp retort of the riding tool as it bounced off her jiggling cheeks. She had started to count each spank but gave up after two dozen. Marian bucked and squirmed as her boss spanked away with her chosen tormentor. He stopped and rubbed his wrist as he inspected Wintergreen's fiery red cheeks.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.


Marian stood up and cupped her buns, feeling the heated flesh of her beaten backside.

"And how about a crop dusting?"

She grinned and lifted her bottom up against the edge of the desk. She understood his intent and sighed as he trailed the tip of the crop from her heaving tits to her undulating stomach. She spread her legs as he slid it up her thighs to grind the braided leather over her damp snatch. She yelped when he tapped her pussy lightly. He teased her by stroking the insides of her thighs once more before abruptly slapping the crop directly on her clit.

The grateful vixen's knees buckled from the wicked assault on her clit, and she gripped his left forearm with her fist when he rotated the crop and gathered her copious moisture on the tool. He held it up for her to lick, and the submissive MILF opened her mouth as he plunged half of the length of it inside. He moved it in and out, and Marian hummed happily on the leather crop until it dripped with her saliva. Bates grinned wickedly as he pulled it out and thrust it back into her cunt.

Slippery with spit, the thing was used to fuck her gently, and Marian experienced a series of mini orgasms that caused her to shake and shiver. Her hips shunted forward and back as she embraced the searching crop. He finished off by pulling the crop from her cunt and slapping her clit a couple more times. With his prodigious dick aching for pussy, Bates let the crop fall to the carpet and held his knob to her entrance. Without a sound, he drove up into her, and she held onto his shoulders as he started to shag her against the desk. He effortlessly lifted her legs out as he slammed into her with lustful lunges. So hard and fast was he, that their loins made loud, wet, squelching sounds as they met. 

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"Take that cock! Take it all!"

Marian had her boots in the crooks of his forearms as his huge, throbbing log rammed inside her, pounding her willing body into the edge of the desk. His rhythmic fucking increased in speed as he hammered his cock into her with snorts of derision mixed with lust.

Marian positively glowed with sensual beauty. Her eyes were bright and moist, and her jiggling tits gleamed with their combined sweat. He bent and smothered one of her boobs with his mouth, and his tongue flicked against the hard nipple. Bates grunted as he plunged his cock ever deeper inside her slick pussy. His energetic strokes made her thighs tremble. His balls slapped her as he gave her his all.


He withdrew his pulsing prick and quickly untied the strap that secured the ball gag on her head. As she gulped in the air, he grabbed each side of her head so that he could ram her mouth down on his turgid dick. As she gurgled and gagged, he thrust his cock up into her gaping mouth. The MILF took his entire length down her throat as he held her head still.

"That's it, you whore. Where you belong."

Marian gagged when his cock hit her throat, but Bates didn't stop. He fingered her mussed hair as his cock went deeper down her throat and his balls smacked against her chin.

"Watch out!"

He slipped out, and she lifted her face, now streaming mascara and makeup.

"Here it comes!"

His cum spurted out in even spits, and Wintergreen felt his warm goo land on her cheeks and lips. After a half minute, he had stopped ejaculating, and her face was completely coated in his cum. As silence fell, they both dressed and gathered their wits. Marian made for the door, covering her sensuous form in her raincoat. As she glanced back at Bates, she saw that he was already on his phone and conducting business. Bastard!


Written by moasan
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