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Fuck me boots Stories

fuck me boots

Mrs. Wintergreen's Rule Of The Crop, Part Thirteen

Marian visits with the CEO and his daughter

"Ah, Marian. I'd like you to meet my daughter. This is Karen. She's going to be practicing her executive skills with the company for an indefinite period." Jeremy Bates had dropped by the office of Mrs. Wintergreen on a slow afternoon, with a beautiful st...

Mrs. Wintergreen's Rule Of The Crop, Part Six

Mrs. Wintergreen enjoys some quality time at home

Mrs. Marian Wintergreen tottered into the bedroom of her home in Ipswich in ridiculously high-heeled boots and shivered. Although the weather had been unseasonably warm, the tall female felt no warmth. This also may have been because apart from her thigh-...

Mrs. Wintergreen's Rule Of The Crop, Part Five

Boss lady turns the tables on her CEO

Jeremy Bates stood straight-backed and imperious as he inhaled through flared nostrils and contemplated his lot. All of six-three, with baby blue eyes and well-groomed hair, he always had an air of faux superiority about him. Well, normally. But, here he...

Pretend Prostitute Part 2

I fuck and suck my way as a Faux Whore again!

Late last night my phone rang. It was Brad. He said that his friend that thinks I'm a prostitute was in the mood for my services again. They'd gotten a hotel room close by, and I was to arrive as quickly as possible, following the instructions I'd been gi...