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Spanked for Speeding, Part 2

"Some girls never learn..."

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Exiting the highway and dropping down into the trees, she thought of Little Red Riding Hood and smiled. The anticipation throbbed wickedly inside her. Turning right, onto the two-lane, she passed the new gas station. Her tongue flicked across her lips; she was once again headed towards her Grandmother’s house. A naughty Little Red Riding Hood, wanting the big, bad wolf to find her. She was even wearing a red blouse.

The road curved away from her, disappearing in the green of the forest. She went 60, the speed limit 55 (she was paying a lot more attention to that, since the twenty-two lashes with the belt). The curves seemed to go on forever, one after the other, like some cruel god was stretching the road out longer and longer before her. Finally, a half hour later, she came around a curve and saw the sign for the county line. She’d been hoping that his white and green cruiser would be sitting under the sign, waiting for her. It’s okay. He’ll be here. She’d go mad if he wasn’t.

A naughty smile playing across her lips, her foot pushed the accelerator down, nearly to the floor. A thrill ran hard through her body. The speedometer crept up, higher and higher. She could barely breathe she needed it so bad. The car charged up a long, gradual hill, then she had to slow for a corner just over the ridge. After two more turns, the road straightened, and she once again accelerated. She wished she had a faster car. Another turn. A cute, little red farmhouse flashed by on her right. The trees opened up to a big pasture on the left. She looked in the rearview mirror for the hundredth time, hoping, hoping, hoping. He wasn’t there. What if someone else is patrolling today? She didn’t like that thought and pushed it away.

The little, dirt road -the one she’d pulled into the last time- flew by her window. She stared into the rearview mirror at it, still not fully believing it had happened. Slowing down, she went around a curve, heard her tires squeal slightly, then floored it again as the road straightened out. Down a long hill and across a narrow bridge, the car dipped and then went flying up the hill. After the top of the hill, she had to slow down to go around another curve, then slowed still further as she went by the high school. School was out; only two lonely cars sat out front.

In the three weeks since he’d pulled her over, she’d been able to think of nothing else. She wanted -no, needed- to feel the belt again. Feel the strength of his hands. Taste his cock in her mouth, and his seed.

The stop sign signaled the edge of town. Her grandmother lived two streets down, on Rosemary Street, in a tiny house filled with knickknacks and memories. She pulled into the convenience store parking lot, disappointment filling her. She found a spot away from the other cars and parked. Her forehead against the top of the steering wheel, she closed her eyes and started to cry, her need peeling away the edges of her heart.

She cried. Why didn’t she think to get his number? She could have called to confess her speeding. Ask him to punish her. She doubted she could ask for it, but maybe he would know, if she called. A little voice in the back of her mind said, Your panties were in your mouth. How could you have asked? Not to mention, he was the one in charge. If he’d wanted his number in your phone, he’d have given it to you. He probably has yours and hasn’t- She told the voice to shut up. That little bit of anger helped, and she found a Kleenex and wiped her eyes and nose.

A shadow passed over her and she jumped. Embarrassed, she looked behind her - just a kid walking to the store.

He’ll be there now. She backed out of her spot, then pulled onto the road. After the high school and the curve, she accelerated again. Watched as the needle slowly edged past 70. Without realizing it, one hand was in her mouth, and she chewed on her finger. Please, please, please. Please, I need you.

After thirty minutes of frustration and nearly back to the county line without a glimpse of his patrol car, she wanted to cry again. Still she went faster, foot to the floor, angry and frustrated and ready to break. After barely making it around one bend, she slowed down, then crossed the county line. Now she knew it was hopeless. He wasn’t working today, or he was off patrolling somewhere else. Maybe he was saving someone. Or spanking someone else. That thought tasted awful, and her lips curled around it.

After turning the car around on the side of the road, she floored it, rocks from the edge of the road rattling off the bottom of her car. Though she knew it was hopeless, her heart wanted and wanted and wanted.

After two more bends, it was too much. A tear escaped one eye. She kept driving, only half able to see, not even speeding. Eventually she couldn’t see at all. She slowed, pulling to the side of the road. Feeling alone and empty, the tears flowed hard. It’s not fair...

Eventually she ran out of tears. She looked around and realized it was the same spot he’d pulled her over. A spot she’d never forget. She pulled the car up the little side road, seeing her tire tracks from the time before. The car in park, she closed her eyes, her heart achy and tired.

Her mind replayed each moment of that day. The lights of his car flickering in her rearview mirror. His anger at her speeding. His hands unbuttoning her jeans. Him pulling them down. The cuffs biting into the skin around her wrists. Being bent over the hood, then him ripping her panties from her body. The crack of the belt. The feel of it, and the heat and pain it delivered to the skin of her ass. Without realizing it, her eyes closed and her fingers slipped inside her shorts, rubbing yet again.

She wanted his cock. Not just in her mouth, like last time. Oh, she wanted to taste him first, feel him grow hard against her tongue, but then she wanted him inside her, pounding her. Even what he’d threatened last time, she wanted that. Wanted him to own her. Take her. Her fingers rubbed faster and faster, her breath quickening -

Tap tap tap.

She jumped and screamed. She looked up at the window.

It was him.

Holy crap. Doubt flooded her - what she dreamed about, what she craved, also deeply scared her.

Her heart in her throat, she lowered the window. Wondering what she looked like, she said, “Officer...was I doing something wrong?”

He smiled. “Playing with yourself by the side of the road - that qualifies as indecent exposure.” A bit of playful wickedness flowed through his words, hitting her and spinning her heart.

Embarrassed, she pulled her fingers out of her shorts.

“Clean them off,” he said. The edge in his words turned to steel, and she knew she’d never tell him no. She closed her eyes and slid her wet fingers into her mouth.

“And there’s the matter of you speeding, yet again. I had three calls about a car flying up and down this road -the same car- in different directions. The description rang a bell. That wouldn’t be you, would it? Speeding on my road? Didn’t I warn you about that?”

Fingers still in her mouth, she looked up at him.

His words surprisingly kind, he quietly asked, “Do you need to be punished?”

Looking down, embarrassed, she nodded.

“It will need to be worse this time, since you didn’t learn your lesson.”

She took her fingers out of her mouth. “Yes, sir.”

He stared off into the distance, above the top of the car and at the trees beyond, the muscle in his jaw clenching and unclenching. Fuck, what was he thinking? Her eyes trailed down his fit body, stopping at his belt, then staring at his zipper. She wanted to reach out, touch him, make his cock so hard.

The car door opened, surprising her. His fingers once again wrapped around her upper arm. The strength she loved was there, immediately lifting her up and out. She reached out, her hand finding the fabric of his shirt, and then his tight stomach underneath. She wanted to touch his skin. He ignored her hand as he marched her around the door and pressed her thighs against the side of the car, then pushed her face down again, the hood hard against her. She’d forgotten the smell of it--oil and metal and him.

One arm went behind her back, and the cool metal of the cuff wrapped around her wrist. Click-click. She reached back her other arm, wanting to please him, wanting to be at his mercy, hoping he’d have none. Click-click. She’d had marks on her wrists for days after the last time, and she’d missed them when they faded away.

He pulled her up, spun her around, his eyes staring down into hers. She didn’t say anything. Couldn’t, really. His hand reached down, and those damn steel fingers cupped her sex through her shorts and her panties. He lifted her up, onto her toes. Can he feel how wet I am? She was happy that she’d shaved that morning, her legs and her pussy, for him.

“Tell me what you need.” The steel was back in his voice, making her knees shake. She looked down, but he didn’t like that and lifted her chin back up.

“To be punished.” It was barely a whisper, but he heard it and nodded. She added, a little louder, “To be taught a lesson.”

A little, wicked smile played across his lips. “On top of your shorts, or on your bare bottom?”

“Bare bottom, sir.”

“Good girl.”

Damn, did she like those words. They made her heart shine.

His fingers unbuttoned her shorts, then pushed down her zipper. Her hips pushed forward, wanting to feel him against her. Ignoring that, he ran a thumb out to the edge of each of her hips, then pushed her shorts halfway down. He crouched down, pulling her shorts down to her ankles, then looked up at her. His fingers found the edges of her panties--she was wearing a pink thong--and pulled them down, too. The air played across her wet pussy. His lips were so close. God, what she’d give, what she’d do, to feel him lick her pussy.

Ignoring her need, he stood up. “I thought I might see you again. I brought a couple of things, just in case.”

Leaving her there, exposed and wet, he walked back to his patrol car. She knew better than to move. He opened the trunk, dug around a bit, then closed it and started walking back.

Oh fuck.

In one hand was a long, wooden paddle. With holes in it. In the other hand, a long, black bag. What was in that?

When he got close, she said, “Please, kiss me.”

That brought him up short. He looked at her, his head tilted to the left, like he was really thinking hard. He shrugged. After putting the bag and the paddle on the hood, he stepped in front of her. One hand went deep into her hair. The other held her neck and the bottom of her jaw. He tiled her head sideways and kissed her, his tongue deep in her mouth. She felt another wall crack and tumble down. The kiss went on and on, and she wanted the moment to never end.

He ended it with a lick of her lips. Kissed the tip of her nose. Stared into her eyes. “We do need to get you punished. It is why you drove all this way.”

She nodded.

“Today, you’ll be naked.”

She wanted to argue. She didn’t. He spun her back around and undid one of the cuffs. He pulled her arms above her head, then pulled her little shirt off, fiddling with the cuffs until he got it free. He tossed it into the front seat, then undid her bra. He lowered her arms and slid the bra off as he turned her back around.

“Mmmmm,” he said. “I like those.” Her nipples hardened. She so wanted him to touch them, bite them, own them. Instead, he spun her back around and re-cuffed her wrists together behind her back. A big hand pushed her flat against the hood, the heat of the metal shocking her nipples. She felt his hand at her ankle as he pulled her feet free of her shorts and panties. Only her shoes were left. She was naked, in the middle of nowhere, about to be spanked. Spanked hard, from the look of the wicked paddle just inches from her nose. The little voice asked, Why did he leave your shoes on?

His boot spread her legs wide. “I’m sure you remember how I like you positioned. You are going to please me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” She arched her back, feeling exposed, offering herself to him. There was no doubt he could see everything: her ass, her wet pussy and her tiny asshole. She couldn’t stop him from doing anything he wanted.

The wood of the paddle touched her ass. “A dozen, I think, to start.” The paddle rubbed against her. “Ask for them.”

She closed her eyes, her body shaking with excitement and fear and need. “Please, sir, may I have twelve?”

“Good girl.”

Again, his words made her heart shine.


The first one took her breath away. She squirmed, trying to get the heat to move somewhere else, and in a hurry.

“Get that ass high. Or do you need extras again?”

Her eyes squeezed tightly shut, she arched up again.


A little, tight moan escaped her lips.

“Oh, I heard all your little cries last time. Saw your tears. And still you didn’t learn.”


She liked the belt better. Decided not to mention it.


The sting was deeper than the belt. Worse. She could feel the holes in the paddle as each crack lifted her up higher onto her toes.


A car drove by. She didn’t care. Part of her wanted the world to know he owned her. That she’d been a bad girl and was being punished.


He stopped, his hand rubbing her ass. She liked that and spread a little wider, for him. His fingers teased her pussy. “So wet. Naughty girl. After last time, I know you’ll be even wetter when I’m done. Your face, too.”

His finger and thumb found her swollen clit. She gasped. He rubbed it, pinching and teasing. “Please...” she moaned.

“You’re right. We should finish with the paddle.”

His lovely fingers disappeared. Her frustration threatened to boil over, but what could she do about it? Nothing.

“Get that ass up. Baby, don’t make me give you extras.” The ‘baby’ did weird things to her heart she didn’t even understand. Legs wide, she strained to lift up as high as she could. She wanted to please him.


It started to burn. To roast her bottom, much quicker than his belt.


The little voice, the one that represented logic and how things should be, asked, Is this really what you want? What you need? Like a whisper, from deep inside her, her entire being responded, Yes.


Each one hit the same spot low on her ass - her sit spot. Oh, it hurt. A tear leaked from her eye.


Still she arched up, wanting desperately to please him. The pain didn’t matter. She forgot that she was naked, exposed to him, more open than she’d ever been. Her only need was to please.


More tears. A rush now, as the walls of her heart turned to dark, wet mud.


She whimpered, her knees buckling. His strong hands caught her, holding her. He kissed the middle of her back, on her spine. “Good girl. Such a good girl.” She’d take a dozen more for those words alone.

His strong hands helped her stand, then turned her body and pulled her close. Her hard nipples pressed into his uniform. He cradled her, holding her, whispering sweet, little words to her. “That’s a good girl. It’s okay. We’re done with the paddle for a bit. I’m here to take care of you, give you what you need.” Her heart soaked up the words like a desert soaking up big drops of rain.

Feeling protected, her breathing calmed. He lifted her chin and kissed her. She kissed him back, her tongue hungry, wanting to taste him. He smiled, then turned her around, the fronts of her thighs back against the car. One of the cuffs released her left wrist.

Her breath caught in her throat. She did not want this to be over. It was not enough. Her need was too big and too hungry.

Spinning her around to face him, he re-cuffed her wrists in front, his eyes full of wicked glee. The hard, unyielding metal around her wrist calmed her. She thought about that; how for the brief seconds she’d been uncuffed, that so much worry filled her -doubt, uncertainty, emptiness- and the re-clicking of the cuff banished all of that. She didn’t understand it.

“I’m not close to being done with you. You’ve been very bad.”

His words scared her and comforted her.

He reached for the black bag on the hood, and pulled out a dark blue blindfold. Her heart skipped a beat. After another good kiss, he put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it behind her head. Her world went dark. Her heart beat like a scared rabbit, but she never said a word, never moved to stop him.

“I have something very special planned for you.” Something smooth and strong and as thick as a finger wrapped around her wrists, just below the cuffs; rope, she realized. He wound nine or ten loops around both wrists, covering the cuffs and anchoring them together.

“Come this way, baby. I’ve got you.” The ‘baby’ spun her heart again. The rope tugged, and she walked towards the front of her car and then to her right. Now her shoes still on made sense. Blind, each of her steps was tentative. He came back, close to her, and wrapped his arm around her back, just below her shoulder blades. “There’s a little ditch here. Put your foot there - that’s it - and now a big step.”

She realized she trusted him. The little voice asked a hundred questions, all to do with why. She didn’t know. Her body relaxed into his arm; she knew he wouldn’t let her fall.

They made it up the other side of the little ditch, then slowly walked through the field of grass; it tickled her shins and crunched under her. A shadow covered her and it was suddenly cooler. She could smell the trees, the grass, and him. For once in her life, she was completely alive, completely absorbed in the moment, all her worries and stress distant and forgotten.

“This should work.” He stopped her and moved around in front of her. She felt her hands being lifted up and up, high above her head. He must have looped the rope over a tree branch or something, because the rope pulled her wrists higher and higher, until her arms were straight above her head and her heels lifted from ground.

She whimpered. She couldn’t form a question, but he understood. “I’m still right here, baby. I’ve got you.” He moved close, his body against hers, and kissed her. “We do still have to take care of your speeding, though. I will teach you a lesson, this time.”

The kindness of his words hurt her heart. She had disappointed him. That she couldn’t stand. “I’m sorry, sir. So sorry.”

Very close to her ear, he whispered, “Next time you need this, you will just ask me, won’t you?”

She nodded, but she wasn’t sure she could.

Slowly, his hands slid down her body, his fingertips leaving goosebumps in their wake. His hair brushed the outside of her thigh, and then his fingers undid her right shoe and pulled it off. The moist dirt felt alive between her toes. Something soft yet strong wrapped around her ankle. He took off her other shoe, then pushed her legs wide, forcing her high up on her toes. More of the soft-yet-strong material wrapped around her other ankle. She tried to move her legs together but couldn’t. Having seen pictures of spreader bars, she guessed one was now between her legs. She thought being bent over the hood of her car and handcuffed was vulnerable. This was a level or two beyond that; handcuffed, stretched, open and helpless.

He said, “Mmmmmm, I like you like this.” His hand cupped her pussy like he owned it. His fingers spread her lips and teased the opening. “You like it, too. Or at least your pussy does. Look how wet you are.” His fingers found her lips, and he wiped them across her face. Willingly, she opened her mouth and he let her lick them clean.

“Good girl.” He pulled the fingers out, then cupped her pussy again. “How many times did you play with yourself after the last time? Ten? Twenty? More?”

“I don’t know, sir.”

He chuckled.

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“That won’t be allowed this time. You play with this pussy when I tell you to and only when I tell you. Is that understood?”

She nodded, so her heart wanting him to control her pussy, wanting that attention. “Yes, sir.”

Her clit was swollen and needy. He rubbed it with the palm of his hand as his fingers slid in and out. She moaned.

“And what did my naughty little girl think about as she rubbed her naughty little pussy? Did she think of my belt on her ass? My cock in her mouth?”

She moaned and nodded.

“Did you like looking in the mirror at your ass? Seeing the bruises and welts? Did you rub them?”

She nodded again. Already she was close, her body humping his hand, her breath panting in and out of her chest. “Please.”

“Were you sad when my marks faded? Do you want more?”

“Yes, please.” Her body started to shudder, her legs desperately wanting to close and not moving a hair.

He pulled his hand away. Left her there, his touch gone, her body vibrating, stretched tight, her need consuming her. “Please. Please. I’ll do anything.”

“My anything is wicked, baby. Are you sure?”

“Yes. Please. Anything. Anything for you.”

“We’ll see about that, but we need to get you punished. I can’t have you speeding up and down my road just for a spanking.” He moved behind her. “I’m going to take off my belt now.”

She whimpered.

“Arch your back. Present that wonderful ass to me, baby. Now. Please me.”

Straining even further up on her toes, she arched her ass back and up for him.

“That’s it. Good girl.”


The wicked crack pushed her forward as a breath rushed out of her mouth. On top of the paddle, it hurt. Yet she liked it so much more than the paddle. He waited until she found herself, found her footing, and pushed her ass back out for the next one.


Lower, on the bottom of her ass. She’d forgotten how much that hurt. Her toes lost in the soft dirt, she pushed back again, arching and wanting to please.


The tears started. The little voice said, This is what you wanted? ... Yes, yes, yes, she answered back. More, please.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of the belt hitting the flesh of her ass filled the air. It was the only sound she could hear above her harsh breathing and her cries.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

It went on and on. She lost herself in the pain, her body sobbing even as she arched back, straining to please him. As the wicked belt punished her ass, it slowly filled the hole in her heart. She arched back, for more and more, wanting her heart full. It had never been full.


This one caught the top of her left thigh, on the inside. She danced away as much as she could with her legs held wide, but still the next one found her.


She felt the air brush past her pussy as the belt cracked into the top of her other thigh, against the tender skin on the inside. She screamed.


Another one on the inside of her thigh, this one back on her left leg. Her body danced like a puppet. It was too much, too tender.


A matching one for the right side. She was sputtering and crying. He waited. Her body shuddering and covered in sweat, it took all of her to steady herself and push her ass back out.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

All three cracked into her sit spot. The pain filled her. Oh, it hurt and hurt bad, like her ass would never heal, never be the same, never forgive her. She cried and cried, and still she wanted only to please him. While he was punishing her, she felt like the center of his world, the only thing that mattered. Part of her wanted it to stop, but more of her wanted it to go on and on.

She arched back, not sure how much more she could take.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

They struck middle, middle, low. She cried out, her body at its limit, her breath raw in her throat.

“Three more, baby. Please me.”

Her legs shaking hard, she pushed back on her toes and arched her ass up for him.


She cried out.

“That’s it, baby. Let it out.”

Nodding her head, she arched again. “Please....” She wasn’t sure if she was asking for another one or for it to stop.


She howled. It echoed off the trees, like a dozen other poor girls were getting their asses beat, too. She danced on her toes, having nothing left inside her, then felt her body give out.

“Baby, don’t make me give you extras. Only one more to go. Get that ass out. Please me.”

She nodded, but her legs wouldn’t work. A big shudder shook her body, embarrassed at not being able to please him. He waited. She breathed in and out, the blindfold wet against her face, smelling the forest and her tears and her sweat. Her toes pushed up, and her ass edged out, towards him. How many has he given me?


She howled again. The last of her walls broke, like a damn, with more and more water pouring through. She cried, really cried, the misery and pain and suffering flowing out of her.

“It’s okay, baby. Good girl. I’m so proud of you.” His arms wrapped around her, holding her tight and letting her feet and toes and calves finally relax. “You are forgiven, baby. You are my good girl again.”

She worried about getting her tears and worse on his uniform, but couldn’t actually speak to tell him that. He held her, rocking her back and forth, holding her.

“I’m taking care of you now, baby. It’s all okay.”


When she finally calmed, he lifted her up higher and kissed her. She felt his clothed body, and his cock half-hard in his pants, slide across her stomach. Her other needs woke from within her body.

“Are you okay, baby?” He asked.

She kissed him, then nodded.

“Good girl. Are you sure?”

She nodded again and gave him a little smile. She rocked her hips against him, to show him what she wanted.

He said, “I think it’s time for you to take care of my cock.” She could hear the wicked smile in his words.

Still holding her with one arm, the rope above her slackened and he lowered her arms. He lowered her further, until her knees were on the ground. Her legs were still spread obscenely wide, and it wasn’t a comfortable way to be on her knees, but she didn’t say a word. She wanted his cock in her mouth.

He stepped on the rope tied to her hands, pinning them into the wonderful, soft dirt below her, then rubbed the front of his pants against her face and the blindfold. “Do you want to taste it?”

“Yes, please.”

“Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“Your cock. I want to taste it. Sir.”

“You can do better than that.”

“Please, sir. Please put your cock in my mouth. Pretty please.”

“Good girl.”

The sound of his zipper sliding down made her heart beat like a rabbit again. She pushed forward, her lips against his underwear. He pulled them down, and rubbed his cock across the blindfold and her cheeks.

Obediently, her mouth opened wide.

The head of his cock pushed between her lips. The smell of him filled her, flooding her with memories of the first time he fucked her mouth, and the taste of him. She wanted that every day - his cock and cum in her mouth - every morning, so she could taste him all day, and be reminded that she was cared for and owned.

She sucked. She licked. He moaned his approval, his cock growing fully hard in her mouth, filling it. His hand found the back of her head and the knot of the blindfold. He pushed forward.

“It would be so easy to come in your mouth. Fill you with my cum.”

She moaned around his cock, wanting to taste him, wanting to swallow all of it.

Almost gagging her, he pushed in deeper. She wondered how much was in her mouth and how much wasn’t. He pulled it out and pushed it back in, fucking her mouth. She kept her lips soft but tight around him, her tongue too. She felt his cock swell, and knew he was close.

He pulled out.

Frustrated, she cried out. She leaned forward and found his balls with her lips. She licked them, sucking one into her mouth. “Please,” she moaned. “Please come in my mouth.”

Moving away, he chuckled. “Oh, I bet I wear that sweet mouth of yours out. But today, I have other plans.”

She felt the rope lift again, pulling her back up. With one hand, he helped her stand, until she was once again stretched tight, her body - shoulders and arms and calves and especially her toes - crying out from the abuse.

His fingers found her pussy and two fingers rudely pushed deep into her. His tongue did the same to her mouth. He kissed her hard and hungry. Her hips reacted to his fingers, humping them, wanting so much more. His other hand reached behind her and pulled her hair down, forcing her chin high. He kissed her chin, then left little kisses down her throat as his fingers slid slowly in and out of her. His fingers pulled out, then rubbed across one nipple. He licked her hard nipple clean, then bit it.

“Mmmm, you taste good.”

She mumbled something.

He said, “I’ll show you.” The two fingers pushed back into her pussy, then pulled out. He wiped them across her lips, then pushed them in her mouth. Damn, I am wet. She licked and sucked them clean, and was rewarded with a kiss.

He did the same to her other nipple, wetting it and then licking it clean and biting it. Then he kissed his way down her stomach.

“Do you want me to lick you?” His fingers pushed back in deep as his lips kissed her skin from one hip to the other.

She moaned. “God, yes. Please lick me.”

“You’ve been a naughty girl. It will cost you. Twelve with the paddle and twelve with my belt, later. Is it worth it?” He kissed her where her pubic hair would be, if she had any.

“Yes, anything. Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Please lick my pussy. Oh, God, please lick me.”

The tip of his tongue brushed across her clit, every so lightly. Her body shuddered. It brushed across it again, then he kissed her clit. Still his two fingers pumped in and out.

“Two dozen on your sore ass, just for a little lick. Was it worth it?” She could feel him looking up at her, smiling.

“Please, more.”

“You didn’t think I was going to let a naughty girl like you come or anything, did you?” His fingers slowed.

“Please, please. Please let me come.” Her need threatened to burst through her skin. Tears started again. His fingers were pumping slower and slower. It’s not fair! “Please. I’ll be a good girl. I promise.”

His fingers stopped and slipped out. “I know you will be, baby. I’m not going to let you be anything else.”


The two fingers pushed in deep and hard, taking her breath away. He kissed her clit - his lips were so soft, so tender - then sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed it against his teeth with his tongue. She thought she might faint. Her hips arched forward, trying to get more of him.

Smack, smack!

His other hand cracked into her ass, reigniting her skin. She cried out. He chuckled and kept licking her.

Smack, smack!

She moaned hard, her body shaking against him. His lips still so close to her, he said, “You’re not going to come without permission are you? That wouldn’t please me.”

“Please. Please let me come. Please. I’ll do anything. Pleassssssseeee.”

“I think it would teach you more of a lesson to stop now.”

She could barely think. She knew he could be that cruel. That he could stop now and walk away from her. “I won’t speed. I promise. I’ve learned my lesson.”

Smack, smack!

His hand spanking her ass hurt, but it also sent a jolt through her clit. Hell, through her whole body.

The tip of his tongue found her clit. Circled it, tiny circles, pushing it this way and that. She couldn’t take it anymore. “Please.” Her body started to convulse. What will he do if I come now, without permission?

“Come, baby. Come for me. NOW. Please me.” His lips tickled her clit as he spoke. He sucked her clit back inside his mouth, rolling it between his tongue and his teeth.

His words released her. Her whole body cried out to obey. Like a wave, her orgasm washed over her, the intensity overwhelming. From her hurting ass to her pussy quivering around his fingers and her throbbing clit against his tongue, all of her nerves stood up and cried out as one. She came. She came on his tongue. Her body shook against him, pushing her higher and higher. She lost herself in it all, her body gone, her mind mad.

Still his fingers pumped and his tongue licked.

The second hit her before the first stopped, this one blossoming out from her clit, crackling across her skin. Her body froze as she held her breath. His tongue didn’t stop.

“Please. It’s too much.”

He laughed around her clit. “You’ll stop coming when I tell you to stop.”

Smack, smack, smack!

She tried to move away. Tried to close her legs. Some part of him was on the spreader bar, holding her firmly in place.

Smack, smack!

“Come again. Come now. For me.”

His words pushed her over the edge again. He pushed a third finger inside her, from his other hand, spreading her even wider. Still coming, she cried out. His tongue licked her clit harder. The third finger slid out of her pussy.

His wet fingertip brushed across her asshole. Teased it. Slowly, it invaded her ass, sinking deep into her.

Her cry echoed off the trees, loud and mad. His fingers pumped into her, ass and pussy, in unison. Played her like an instrument, and played her hard. Her body felt like it was going to explode.

She came again. Lost herself in the infinite whiteness. Rode another wave, her body shuddering, feeling like she would melt. His finger pulling out of her ass brought her back, to the shade under the trees, to her aching shoulders and toes. Her asshole clenched and unclenched; it wanted his finger back.

He stood. His wet, wet tongue pushed into her mouth. She felt the head of her cock against the lips of her pussy. She tried to spread her legs, but couldn’t move them wider, either. Her pussy was so wet, he was deep inside her before she realized it, stretching her and filling her. It was heaven.

He stepped between her legs and inside the spreader bar, pushing his cock even deeper inside her. His hands cupped her sore, sore ass, and he lifted her up and down on his cock, spearing her deep each time. He bit her lip. He’s inside me. Those words filled her mind and she loved it.

He growled, “You’re so fucking wet. You’re going to have a lot of cleaning to do, when I’m done with you.”

“Please. Please don’t ever be done with me.”

He liked that. “Come, baby. Come on my cock. Make it nice and wet.”

Something about being told to come put her over the edge. She came again, his hands bouncing her up and down on his cock, faster and faster and faster.

He pulled off the blindfold. Even in the shade, the light was shocking and too much. She closed her eyes, then opened them. He was smiling at her. He kissed her, spinning her heart.

“Do you like my cock in your pussy?” He lifted her up, then let her slide slowly back down.

“More than anything.” It was her heaven.

The intensity of his eyes scared her. Her walls were long gone. She had never felt this close to anyone, ever, and she knew nothing about him.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? Someone that doesn’t let you get away with anything. That cares for you. That knows what you really need. That tells you what you need.”

She managed a nod.

“Tell me. Tell me you want to be owned.”

“I do. Please. Own me.”

Faster and faster, he fucked her, going in so deep. “You feel so good and tight. You’re making a mess of my cock, though. You’ll have to do a lot of licking when I’m done.”

“I want to taste it. You.”

She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. He growled. “I’m getting close.”

“Oh God. Please. Come inside me. Come in my pussy.”

He thrust up harder, pulling her legs higher as he did so, going even deeper than before. She felt his cock grow bigger inside her. “Yes, please, come in me.”

“I am.” He fucked her harder, pulling her body down as he thrust up. He cried out, his face frozen. “I’m coming. I’m coming in you.”

The thought of his come pouring into her pussy, filling her, was too much. A tiny, little part of her brain worried that she was about to come without permission, but there was no way to stop it. She came on his cock, crying out, losing herself in him, his smell, his strength, his control of her.

“Oh, fuck.” Still he pumped, dumping more and more into her. She rocked against him, trying to milk every last drop from him, squeezing her pussy around him.

He laughed, leaning into her, his mouth against her shoulder. He planted a little kiss there. Her hips moved again, still wanting him. Another laugh. What a wonderful sound - him satisfied and happy.

He pulled out, lowering her toes back to the ground. He stumbled to the tree and undid the rope tied there, then came back to her as he lowered her down. She went to her knees as he untied her hands. He had to find his pants (she liked watching him move, watching him naked) to get the key, then undid the cuffs.

She rubbed her wrists while he undid the spreader bar. It felt odd to close her legs, the muscles of her inner thighs complaining about what they’d been through. She needed him close. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her as she laid back in the grass. “Hold me. Please.”

“Don’t get bossy.” He said it with a smile, and did move towards her, down into the grass. She pushed him on his back, then laid next to him. Moving up, she kissed him deep.

“Thank you.” She looked into his eyes, so he knew how much this meant to her, then kissed him.

“You still have some cleaning to do.”

She gave him her pouty face. He pointed towards his cock. Her lips kissed their way down his body, one little kiss after another, until she got there. She licked the head, he gasped, then took him into her mouth. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the mix of him and her.

“That’s enough,” he said, then pulled her up and sideways. “Let’s see how that poor ass is doing.”

Obediently, she turned, showing her ass to him. “Ouch. That’s going to hurt for a few days.”

Smack, smack!

He gave her two, one on each cheek. It took her breath away, but she only bent lower to the ground, giving him her ass. Hell, giving him all of her.

“Come here, you naughty girl.”

He pulled her up, next to him, and put his arm around her. She settled in against him, careful to avoid the grass touching her ass. She kissed him again, then looked up at the tree leaves and the little bits of sky. I want to stay here forever.


He woke her, moving underneath her. Fear filled her, suddenly sad that it was all over. He kissed her, and that made it all better.

“Do you want to go to my place? Get cleaned up before Grandmother’s house?”

She nodded, “Yes, sir.”

He picked her up in his arms, then carried her across the field. It seemed much closer, without the blindfold. He stepped across the stream and made his way back to the cars.

“Watch your ass, baby. It’s going to hurt. Stand here for a second.” He lowered her feet to the ground, then helped her stand against the car. He started to let her go, and she grabbed him and pulled him back close. She didn’t want to ever let go.

“Baby, I have to go back for the toys. It will just be a minute.”

“No, not yet. Please.”

He held her, and she’d never felt so protected. Cared for.

After a long moment, he said, “Baby, it will just be a minute. Don’t move.”

She nodded, then watched him cross the stream and walk to ‘their‘ tree. As he walked back towards her, her heart beat harder and harder. It scared her how much she needed him, and she knew nothing about him.

When he was close enough, she reached out and hugged him again. Felt the strength surround her.

He said, “Oh, and don’t forget, I still owe you a dozen. For my tongue.”

His hand squeezed her ass and she gasped. She wanted to argue, but she felt her pussy get wet with his words.

“Yes, sir. Two dozen, sir.”

Written by 19Savant
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