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Belt Stories


Wish You Were Here

“Look at you, already flushed and breathing hard. You like this, don’t you?”

His footsteps echoed off the hallway floor. It was the warning I needed to get in position. He didn’t know it at the time, but there was a reason I wanted hardwood floors throughout the whole house. It was not just for aesthetics. Subs needed every advant...

Katie's Miami Sexploits - Day Three

Katie escalates things, doing what is necessary to make the most of her final day in Miami.

I barely remember taking the elevator to my room. I awoke late the next morning from a deep sleep, naked in the cool sheets of my plush bed. The quiet sounds of waves lapped the shore below. I couldn’t remember being more relaxed. My body tingled and felt...

Chapter 4- Fiona's New Roommate

Fiona is disciplined by her new roommate who is just a year older

Fiona remained standing, looking down at the still blurred outline of Miss Brown, her hands on her head, pretty sure that her hair mound was now glistening with her sex juice, but hoping not. Miss Brown remained silent and made it look as though she was d...

Eat Prey, Love

Seeking redemption from the church has never been so much fun

My plaything howls. A dewy droplet oozes from her bare pussy streaked with belt marks. She snarls, writhing on the bed, straining bonds holding her spread-eagle. I lash her again. "Promiscuous slut!" She arches. Wails. Slumps. Drips. Her fiery gaze locks...

Little Kaninchen Unrestrained

Can the little rabbit endure her master's games?

The scent of wet leather drifts to my nostrils as I clamp my teeth around his belt and wail, the searing heat from the stripe of wax on my exposed breast racing to every nerve ending that matters. I choke back the safe word behind the unforgiving loop tha...

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From Halo to Horns

She searches for answers under the control of an online hookup.

He'd totally understated his looks. All I can do in the entrance to the opulent hotel bar is steady myself, gawp and take a shaky breath. Tabby at work's been catfished enough times that I know men can be all Brad Pitt in the profile picture and Benicio D...


A lecturer once told me: "Don't fuck with probability. It'll probably win." I shoulda believed him.

The nausea isn't as all-consuming as usual when I crawl in my underwear across the air-conditioned lock-up to lie gasping and perspiring at its edge. I must be acclimating to time jumps. Coherent thought's a luxury in these first few minutes so I simply w...

The Club - Chapter 4

Home again, Lisa and Peter relieve the tension from the evening and debrief a little.

I parked and got out of the car, then walked around to Lisa’s side to open the door for her. I didn’t step back to give her all the room she wanted, instead, she had to squeeze against me so that I could close the door. Lisa looked up hopefully as I leant...