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A Chance Encounter

A stranded traveler runs into a familiar webcam model in the airport
I couldn't believe how bad my luck was. I'd been dismayed enough that my trip to our company's Orlando location was only two days long, but they'd been two dark, rainy days as the city was brushed by the edge of a passing tropical storm. I'd woken early to find the windows of my hotel room pelted by heavy rain; a quick check of the news had confirmed my worst fears, that the storm had turned quite a bit to the West and was going to pass much closer to land than forecast. And much closer to me.

I'd left the office at two, and cleared security at the airport as quickly as possible. I spent the next three hours sitting at the gate, praying that the news reports were right and no flights would be canceled until well after mine had left. Never one to be unprepared, I'd already saved the number to the airport hotel in my phone in case I needed it.

It was just around 5:00 when, engrossed in a book, I heard a collective groan and curse erupt from the crowd around me, and looked up to see the Departures board solid red - canceled. Even my short little hop to Atlanta.The gate agent announced that all flights were canceled for the night, but if the new forecast was correct, they'd probably be resumed the next afternoon. Crap. Fuck.

I dialed the hotel number as quickly as I could and, after a few minutes of panic and "can you hold while I talk with my manager?", I'd reserved literally the last room in any of the airport hotels. A "Royal Suite" with a California King bed and a nightly price to match. Oh well, I figured, either the company would pay for it, or at least I wouldn't be stuck sleeping in a chair for who-knows-how-long. The woman on the other end of the line had taken my credit card and confirmed the reservation, but told me that there was a line forming out the door, and I might as well wait an hour or two before I checked in. At least I had a room. I grabbed my bags and headed for the other surely-insane place, the terminal bar. I figured I might as well indulge myself before the stranded travelers drank the town dry.

It seemed like another much-needed stroke of luck that a seat opened up at the far end of the bar just as I walked in, and I was a fraction of a second quicker than the four people behind me. I made only a passing glance at the woman in the seat next to me - quite attractive from behind, with a nice round ass pushing against the bar stool, the sexiest blue and green dyed hair, and a teasing bit of thong showing above her jeans - as I slid my bags onto the floor against the wall and hopped on the stool before someone could dive in and take it from me.

In any less packed of a room, or any less frustrated a state of mind, I certainly would've taken more notice of her. But between my overwhelming stress and how cramped the bar was, my mind was almost completely focused on the drink I needed. The bartender happened to be right there already, struggling to serve the growing mob of guests, and I wasted no time ordering a double Basil Hayden's on the rocks. Might as well make the best of it, I figured. I texted a few people to give them the update and happily downed half of my drink when it arrived.

Finally feeling like I could relax a bit, I glanced down the bar to the still-growing crowd. My eyes quickly drifted from face to face, watching the throng of angry travelers jockey for enough space at the bar to escape with a drink. I'd seen about all I could possibly want until my eyes finally made it to the woman sitting next to me.

I'd be lying if I said that the first thing I noticed was her angelic face or beautiful, pouty lips. My eyes were immediately and quite magnetically drawn to her amazing cleavage. From my vantage point it seemed like it went on for miles, though only the first few buttons of her tight black shirt were undone. My eyes followed the line from the lightly bronzed skin of her upper chest, down between her wonderful breasts so tantalizingly pushed together, to light, creamy skin barely touched by the sun.

At the angle I was sitting, I could just barely make out the top edge of her red bra. I could feel my cock twitch in my pants as my eyes followed back up the line of her cleavage to her shirt, the little chest pocket pulled to the side by the size of the massive breasts contained within. I surveyed their profile as best I could, following the lines from her shoulders, down to the edge of the bar they were pushed up against, and down to her torso, straying for a minute to linger on her hips and luscious thighs. The largest pair of breasts I'd ever held were a DDD, but hers had to be nearly twice that size, perfectly rounded, and straining at the bra and thin shirt that held them back.

As her head started to turn in my direction I instinctively averted my gaze, looking back to my drink. I took another few sips and then glanced over, to find her still looking back at me. Those eyes, oh, those deep brown eyes. I was lost for an instant as I stared into them, wondering how I managed to be sitting next to such a beautiful woman, and what the fuck I would say when my mouth finally opened.

My eyes moved down along the line of her face, down to her full, sensual lips, and then back to her eyes. I almost fell off my stool when I realized how familiar her face was. I felt my mouth open, but nothing came out. At first I couldn’t place her; maybe it was the stress or the bourbon, or maybe the lack of context. After what seemed like minutes, but was actually a second or two, it clicked.

Working long hours usually from my home office brought with it all sorts of diversions and distractions, and one of my favorites was browsing some of the webcam model sites. With my distaste for professionally-produced porn and a dash of disposable income, it was no big deal to spend a few dollars here and there on truly amateur videos, especially when I felt like the money was actually going to the talent instead of some production company. And every once in awhile, I’d find someone who was actually nice to talk to and pass the time with. My expectations were never terribly high, but if it keeps two people from being bored and maybe gets us off too, what’s not to like?

I fought back a gasp when I finally realized that the woman in front of me looked exactly like someone, Danielle, who I’d “met” on one of those sites. I hesitated for a moment, figuring the odds of such a chance meeting were virtually impossible, especially with the day I'd been having. But I knew she was from Florida, and the hair... that captivating greenish-blue hair… how many women could really look like this, I wondered? And, the less chivalrous part of my brain reminded me, I'd seen enough of her that I should probably be able to tell.

My mind raced. This wasn't exactly a situation I'd been in before. Sure, I'd had plenty of hot chat friends, but they always fell into one of two buckets; either just an online thing with no intent on ever meeting, or people I'd met on various "dating" sites where the outcome was abundantly clear from the beginning. But she was neither, nevermind the fact that I'd paid her for some videos. I wasn't exactly clear on the social etiquette for such situations; apparently Emily Post had left this one out. But... god, she was even hotter in person

Part of me desperately wanted to just start a normal conversation, completely ignore the fact that we'd communicated before, have a few drinks, and then... what? Presumably stumble drunkenly back to my hotel room and then furiously beat off until I fell asleep, or died of dehydration. Part of me wanted to just strike up a conversation, hit on her the way I would anyone else, and see where things went. It occurred to me simultaneously that getting how I knew her out of the way sooner rather than later would probably be best, and that I'd now been staring speechlessly at her for far too long. This all felt very out-of character for me.

"I'm Jim," I said with all the eloquence of a rock.

“Uh… hi...” she said, hesitating. “Have we met?”

I paused for a moment, and then said, “Yeah. Well… sort of. Not… in person….”

The look on her face was quizzical at first, and then I saw the recognition in her eyes.

“Oh my god! Jim! Hey!”

We talked for a while, at first about where we were headed in our travels, being stuck there, the usual small talk. I told her how good she looked and that her pictures didn’t really do her justice - a compliment which she took quite well. I bought us each a few rounds, and we caught up on life and ran through a relatively amazing array of topics - sex not being one of them.

After about two hours and quite a few drinks, I asked Danielle if she’d gotten a place to stay.

“No,” she said, “I figured I’d just end up sitting by the gate all night.”

“Well…” I said, “I got a room at the hotel, but the only one they had left was a suite. You’re more than welcome to share it if you’d like.”

I’d expected her to graciously decline my offer right away, but after a moment of thought, she looked up at me and said, “Sure! Let’s go!”

Never to be one to waste a good opportunity, I settled the tab and grabbed my bags, and we headed off to the hotel. We talked a bit more on the way, and finally checked in and got in the elevator. Once the doors closed, she leaned against me. I figured it could just be the booze, but when she stayed there, I wrapped my arm around her. We finally made it to the floor, and I found the room and let us in.

The door to the hotel room shut with a loud “click” as I flipped on the light and then locked the deadbolt. I heard Danielle drop her bags on the floor and I turned towards her, my eyes once again taking in the soft, sensual curves of her body. I stopped for a moment, looking into her eyes, trying to decide if I should give in to my deepest desires or take things a bit more cautiously. After all, we’d really only met less than an hour before, and I didn’t want to assume too much from our previous conversations.

As I decided whether to listen to my body or my brain, Danielle leaned up and placed a single, slow, sensual kiss on my lips. The look in her eyes left no room for doubt.

The instant that she broke the kiss, my left hand was against her face, my thumb on her cheek and my fingers curling around her neck. I pulled her face close to mine, kissing her deeply as I pushed her back against the wall. I almost knocked her off her feet, catching her only with my right hand placed firmly on her ass. I could feel my cock growing in my pants as my tongue pushed into her mouth and my fingers dug into the soft flesh of her beautiful round ass.

A low moan passed from Danielle’s mouth into my own as I tilted her head back, pushing it against the wall. I pushed my body against hers, reveling in the feeling of her huge, soft breasts against my chest. My mind flashed to the pictures and videos she’d sent me, the amazing body that always made me cum so hard now pressed against my own. There was no going back; I had to have her, had to see the look on her face as I pushed my cock deep inside her.

Danielle’s arms wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer. I moved my left hand from her cheek, slowly down the side of her neck, running my thumb over her throat. Down over the top of her chest and her shoulder, my thumb brushing over the bare skin of her upper chest as my fingers swept over her wonderful breast. My hand moved to the side where our bodies met, my thumb caressing the side of her breast as my fingers slid down her side. My hand finally reached her hip, squeezing it tight as I pushed my aching cock against her.

The feeling of her body against mine was intoxicating. Every curve, every movement and moan bringing me pleasure. The throbbing tool in my pants begged me to just turn her around, rip off her pants, and nail her hard right against the door, pounding myself deep inside her until I filled her with my cum. But this beautiful woman had given me such pleasure, albeit at a distance; no matter how much I yearned, I had quite a debt of orgasms to repay.

My left hand slid over the soft curve of Danielle’s hip to the cheek of her ass, joining my right and squeezing her ass hard, sliding down and cupping it. I pulled up, lifting her slightly and pushing her even harder against the wall, as I thrust my hips forward and ground my engorged cock against her. A deep sigh escaped Danielle’s lips and I stood there for a minute or two, pinning her against the wall, my tongue still exploring her mouth, my hard cock pushing against her, as my hands squeezed her soft, round ass. I broke the kiss, leaning back slightly but keeping her pinned against the wall with the weight of my body.

My hands moved up the curve of her ass, finding the hem of Danielle’s shirt and sliding my thumbs under it, against her bare skin. My fingers wrapped around her hips and I leaned back, pulling her body off the wall. Both of my hands grabbed hold of her shirt and yanked it up, pausing just as it pulled over her massive breasts for her to raise her arms, and then pulling it free of her body and tossing it somewhere over my shoulder. My hands returned to her waist as I leaned back even more, taking in the amazing sight in front of me. The sight of her perfect tits barely constrained by the red bra, the smooth silky skin of her chest disappearing beneath the fabric and her nipples ever so slightly pushing through it, was breathtaking.

I let out a deep moan as I leaned forward again and brought my mouth to the nape of her neck, kissing gently a few times before taking a small piece of skin in my mouth and biting down hard. She let out a deep moan as I slightly increased the pressure, running my tongue over the skin between my teeth. There was no way she wasn’t going to carry the evidence of this night for the next week.

I moved my mouth down over her shoulder, slowly, teasingly, kissing and nibbling my way to her left breast, reveling in the softness of her skin under my lips. My hands moved around behind Danielle’s back, unhooking the clasp on her bra just as my lips reached the edge of the fabric. I straightened my back and leaned back again, my eyes transfixed on the soft flesh that was slowly uncovered as I slid her bra off. My cock throbbed against her when I finally saw her breasts in all their glory; the soft milky skin, her tantalizing faint areolas and erect nipples, the way they hung perfectly on her chest just waiting to be held and squeezed.

My hands slid up and cupped her breasts from underneath, lifting them and slowly rubbing and squeezing the undersides. Their weight and softness drove me crazy as I felt my cock throbbing harder in my pants, straining at the fabric. I held them up, running my thumbs up to her areolas, slowly circling them both at the same time before quickly flicking over her nipples. That elicited another gasp from Danielle, as she leaned forward, trying to increase the pressure. I lowered the breast in my right hand, running my hand over it, and then pinched both of her nipples hard between my thumbs and forefingers. She moaned deeply and my right hand continued up, over her breast, up her neck to just below her jaw. I wrapped my fingers around the line of her jaw and pushed back, forcing her body once again against the wall. I’d give her a chance to take the lead if she wanted, but right now, she was mine.

I moved my left hand from her nipple, cupping her breast and raising it up, as my eyes looked deep into hers. I bent my knees, lowering my body and bringing my mouth to her soft flesh, using the hand on her throat to ensure our eyes stayed locked. My open mouth landed just below her areola and above my hand, taking her flesh between my teeth. I bit down until her initial gasp turned to a groan, then released and flicked my tongue over the area. I continued, leaving a trail of bites and lick around the outer side of her areola, moving as slowly as my throbbing manhood would let me. She’d try to urge me on, to move around, to push her magnificent breast against my mouth, and I’d just grip her throat tighter and push her back hard against the wall.

My mouth finally reached the top of her areola. My brain wanted to continue the teasing, to make sure that she’d be lying on the floor begging before I gave attention to anywhere farther south. But part of me wavered, and then gave in. My mouth opened and the tip of my tongue touched that softest of skin, swirling once around her areola and then flicking hard over her stiff nipple. Another gasp escaped her lips as her eyes closed tight. I leaned ever so slightly forward, wrapping my mouth around her nipple, sucking it in and grasping it lightly between my teeth as I began working it with my tongue. The tip of my tongue ran in small circles, around and around, then flicking over it with as much force as I could apply. Danielle settled back against the wall and began moaning.

After a minute or two, I released her skin from my mouth, giving it a last flick. I straightened my body up and looked into deep brown eyes as they opened, deciding exactly how much torment she - and I - could handle. I moved my hands from her breast and throat, straight to the button of her tight jeans. She let out a gasp as my fingers reached inside the waistband. I popped the button through the fabric, yanked down the zipper, hooked my thumbs behind the top of the fabric near her hips, and ripped her jeans and thong down to her ankles in one motion.

I stopped, crouched down, my face inches from her sex. Her thighs were perfect, thick and soft, just how I like them. I could see the lips of her cunt directly in front of me, and her smell was intoxicating. Oh, how I wanted those thighs wrapped around my head, or wrapped around my waist while I drilled my cock deep into her. I momentarily considered reaching my tongue forward and running it between her legs, but not yet. I inhaled deeply, savoring the sweet aroma, and moved my face forward just a bit. I exhaled deeply, Danielle moaning as she felt my warm breath on her most sacred skin.

I stood, quickly, before her unrestrained body could react and force contact. Her five-foot-two frame put the top of her head just below my chin, and standing this close to her, she had to tilt her head up to look into my eyes. She stood in front of me, now completely naked and I still fully clothed. I moved my hands to my chest, just below my neck, slowly unbuttoning my shirt and letting it fall to the floor behind me. Then I paused for a moment, looking deeply into her eyes, making sure I thought she was just on the edge of begging - for a fucking, a licking, anything. I took a step back and slowly reached my hands forward and down to my belt, undoing the buckle, then the button of my jeans, then the zipper. My cock was straining at the fabric as I pushed my jeans down, finally allowing it to pop free, restrained only by the thin fabric of my boxers.

I stepped out of my jeans and kicked them aside, and I could see Danielle’s eyes fixed on the hard dick bobbing up and down inches in front of her body. Her neck moved first, bending downwards slightly as her left hand came up and moved towards my package. I grabbed her left arm at the wrist, then the opposite with my other hand, and raised her arms over her head as I pushed back and pinned her to the wall. She let out a loud, “Ahhhhh,” and I slid her arms down the wall just enough to allow myself some movement. Simultaneously, I slid my hands up from her wrists, holding her hands against the wall, my palms against hers, and took her left breast in my mouth. My lips locked around as much of her areola as would fit, as I bit down and flicked the tip of my tongue repeatedly over her nipple. Danielle groaned loudly, a perfect combination of lust and frustration.

I brought my arms together over her head, her arms with them, and wrapped my left hand around both of her wrists. As I withdrew my right arm, Danielle pushed her hips forward off the wall, and our bodies met. My cock, clad only in the thin fabric of my cotton boxers, flipped upward as her body came towards mine and, for a moment, was trapped between us. I pulled my hips back, stopping the contact, and she let out a frustrated, whining moan. Well, I couldn’t tease the girl forever, no matter how much I wanted to.

I bent my knees slightly and thrust my hips forward, pushing my boxer-clad cock between Danielle’s thighs. My head pushed against the lips of her pussy, spreading them as it slid forward, and Danielle let out a moan so loud and deep I thought she might cum just from that. Instantly, I could feel her wetness soaking through the fabric covering my shaft. I shivered, and felt my cock twitch and throb between her thighs. The feeling was almost too much to handle, the heat and wetness of her cunt, my cock squeezed between her beautiful thighs. Every muscle in my body wanted to throw her to her knees, bend her over, and bury my engorged member deep inside her.

I pulled back and thrust again, rubbing my cock and the soft fabric against her wet folds, angling my body up a bit to make sure it brushed over her clit. “Oooohhhh,” came the response, along with a shudder of her body.

“Fuck me,” Danielle whispered, “please give it to me.”

“Hmmmm,” I responded. This was getting to my brain too, and I didn’t know how long I could maintain my self-control. But there was one more thing I wanted before she could have what she needed.

I stood, pulling my cock from between Danielle’s legs. My left hand relaxed around her wrists a bit, and my right moved to the bottom of her neck, my palm against her chest. I released my beautiful companion’s wrists and slid my left hand down the side of her body, running my fingertips just barely over her skin, until I reached the curve of her hip. I flattened my hand against her skin, sliding it back over her ass until my fingers dipped into the cleft, squeezing the cheek of her ass hard and pulling her body off the wall. I removed my hand, pulling it back and giving her ass a hard open-palm slap. Danielle yelped and jumped as a sharp slap resonated in the small entryway. She began turning to her left, looking down, presumably trying to move to the floor.

My hand on her chest stopped her, turning her instead in the other direction, facing the door and with her back to the room we hadn’t yet entered. I increased the pressure on her chest, pushing her backwards, until she started to walk. My eyes roamed over her body, from her beautiful face down over her massive tits to her thick, luscious thighs. I wanted every inch of her, to feel her beautiful lips wrapped around my cock, her breasts in my hands as I pounded away at her wet little hole, basking in the look on her beautiful face. I walked Danielle backwards across the suite, watching her body as she walked and steering her by my hands on her ass and chest. Just short of the far wall, her calves met the edge of a large, over-stuffed chair. There was an ever so slight panic in her eyes as the unrelenting pressure on her chest threw her off-balance and she fell backwards into the chair.

I gave Danielle a few seconds to gain her bearings, and realize that she was safely in the chair. The outline of my cock was clearly visible through the thin and now-wet cotton, bobbing in front of her. She leaned forward in the chair, opening her beautiful mouth and looking up at me, waiting for me to release my hardness and slide it into her mouth. I briefly thought about it, but there was more than enough time for that.

I pushed Danielle back in the chair and dropped down on one knee, pushing the other against the front of the chair. My hands reached down to her thighs, right at the hip, with my fingers reaching around towards her ass. I let them hover there, just for a second or two. Then I quickly ran my hands down the sides of her thighs, and hooking my hands behind her knees.

I pulled Danielle’s body forward on the chair until her ass was just barely hanging over the edge, then lifted her thighs up and back towards her body, spreading them in the process. She let out a gasp, and I a deep moan at the sight of her wet, pink cunt only a foot or two from my face. I pushed her legs wider apart, and farther up, my hands now wrapping around the back of her thighs just above the knee. The sight was pure ecstasy for me, seeing her beautiful pussy spread right before my eyes, dripping wet and ready.

I dropped my other knee to the floor and leaned forward, as quickly as I possibly could, my tongue sticking out as far as it could between my lips. Luckily my aim was right, and when I finally made contact with her soft lips, my tongue pushed directly against her burning hole, stopping for an instant and then pushing inside. Danielle screamed out a loud “Ahhhhhhh,” as I pushed my tongue as hard and deep as I could. Her taste was amazing, so sweet and maddening.

I thrust my tongue in and out of Danielle’s cunt a few more times, each time eliciting the sounds of pleasure that I so deeply enjoy. Then I pulled my tongue out, quickly running it up the length of her lips and over her clit, pushing hard, and receiving deep, “Uuuuhh,” in response. I pulled my mouth away for just an instant, and Danielle let out a whiny, sad, moan. My arms left her thighs, but she reached up and took them in her own, keeping them raised and spread wide. “Aww, what a good girl,” I thought.

I reached out with my left arm and grabbed the coffee table, dragging it behind me and pulling it forward over my legs. Then, I reached up to Danielle’s calves and pulled them forward, placing her feet on the coffee table behind me. I leaned forward again, my left hand reaching up and grasping her left nipple, rolling it between my thumb and fingers, as my tongue once again pushed against her hole, then licked up the length of her slit and started to circle her engorged clit. She let out a loud gasp as my tongue began working in earnest along with my fingers. With my free right hand, I pulled off my boxers and let my cock spring free, making sure Danielle was too engrossed in my other actions to notice.

My right hand moved up to Danielle’s unattended breast, joining my left in pinching her wonderful nipples and twisting them slightly between my fingers.

“Yessss,” Danielle moaned to me.

I pushed my face deeper between her legs, licking up and down her lips and flicking her clit with my tongue, circling it, sucking it into my mouth. Then I’d lick back down her lips and push my tongue into her dripping hole, just long enough to distract her before shooting it back up to her clit. Danielle just laid back, moaning and gasping as I did my best to bring her to the edge, but not push her over too soon.

After a few minutes, I felt her body tense a bit as she said, “Oh god… oh god yes…”

I started to flick my tongue fast over her clit as both of my thumbs and forefingers pinched and slightly twisted her nipples, pulling them up slightly.

“Fuck, fuck… fuck!” were the last intelligible words out of Danielle’s mouth before I felt her thighs start to shake and squeeze against my head. She thrust her hips forward with a screamed, “Aaaahhhh!” as I felt the twitching of her pussy, and a gush of her sweet juices. Danielle came and came, clenching my head between her thighs, moaning and thrusting her hips. I slowed my tongue and released the pressure on her nipples, savoring every sound and movement of hers.

As Danielle came down from her climax, I slowly removed my hands from her breasts and ran them down her body, over her thighs, once again hooking my fingers behind her knees. I pulled her thighs apart, releasing my head, and pushed them up and back towards her body, just as they’d been before. Danielle moaned, and I stopped for a few seconds to take in the sight of her pretty cunt, her swollen lips open wide and glistening with her wetness and my saliva.

Keeping her legs pushed back, I stood up, my knees bent, kicked the table back from behind me, and - before she could realize what was happening - leaned forward and slammed the full length of my cock deep inside Danielle’s wet pussy, bottoming out with a loud “slap.”

“Aahhhh!” she screamed out, at the top of her lungs.

I withdrew my rod, leaving just the head pushing against her tight little hole, and rammed it in again with a deep groan. Danielle’s head was thrown back, eyes shut tight, her beautiful pouty lips open wide as she screamed.

“Ugh… yes, yessss…” she moaned as I drilled my hard cock deep inside her, “ohhh fuck me!”

I leaned forward against her legs, pushing them back with my body, and slid my hands down to her hips as I started pounding the my entire cock in and out of her, my balls slapping against her ass as I bottomed out. The feeling was beyond description; I’d wanted this woman for so long, seen this amazing body and perfect little pussy so many times, and now my hard shaft was finally deep inside her. I reveled in the feeling of being inside her, of how wet and burning hot she was, of the soft folds of her cunt wrapped around my cock, and of the look of perfect ecstasy on her beautiful face.

I tightened my hands around her hips as I pounded my aching shaft harder and deeper into her hot, dripping hole.

“Ughhh yeah,” I groaned to her, “take my fucking cock.”

As my thrusts quickened, I became transfixed by how Danielle’s huge, soft tits bounced as I fucked her. They were amazing enough on their own, but seeing them moving like that every time I slammed my cock deep inside her was growing too much for me. I slid my hands up from her hips, taking one of her exquisite breasts in each hand, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I held them as best I could, their size being too much for my hands to cover. I just pounded away at her wet little hole, holding her by her breasts - and slowing the bouncing that had been threatening to push me over the edge.

Danielle’s moans had turned to pants as I mercilessly pummeled her with my hard rod, occasionally slowing down and gyrating my hips with my full length deep inside her or pinching and twisting her nipples. Eventually she tilted her head and looked up at me, moaning, “ohhhh shit, I’m close.”

My right hand instinctively left her breast, reaching down and brushing my thumb over her wet clit.

“Ahhhhh!” she gasped.

My thumb started rubbing up and down over her clit then circling it and flicking it. My left hand moved from her breast to her face, gently stroking her cheek and then wrapping around her throat, exerting just enough pressure to make its presence known. As Danielle began gasping wildly, I moved my feet back so that my thrusts landed on her body with my full weight, shaking her and pushing the chair back ever so slightly.

“Fuck! Oh fuck… yes!” she gasped.

I pounded harder, forcing every last bit of my cock deep into her. “Take my fucking cock,” I growled at her, “take that fucking cock, cum all over it!”

“Ohhhhh fuck,” she gasped, and another few hard rubs on her clit sent Danielle over the edge, covering my stiff shaft with another flood of her juices.

“Ahhhh fuck! FUCK!” she screamed.

I felt my balls tighten as the feeling of Danielle’s orgasm flooded over me; the sudden tightness as her hot pussy clamped down on my cock, trying to pull it deeper, the sounds of her moans and screams, the perfect sight of her beautiful face deep in pleasure and her tits bouncing as my thrusts crashed into her body. Somehow, I fought back the urge to fill her to the brim with my hot load.

I slowed my thrusts as Danielle caught her breath, fucking her a bit more softly but still giving her all my length. When she finally came down from her plateau and opened her eyes to look at me, she gave me a big grin. I just said, “get on your knees and bend over.”

“I need a minute,” she started to protest, but I just slammed my cock deep into her, getting another sharp “ahhhhh” in return.

“And I need your perfect little cunt,” I said, “from behind.”

Danielle complied, slowly and shakily starting to climb off the chair.

“On the floor,” I directed.

She slid down onto the floor and turned around, resting her elbows on the seat of the chair and pushing her ass out towards me. My cock twitched and bobbed as my eyes feasted on the perfect, round ass in front of me. Once again, her photos didn’t do her body justice; the wonderful roundness of her ass, the wonderfully sexy line where her cheeks met her luscious thighs, and her wet pink lips all just seemed so perfect, and so amazingly erotic.

I got on my knees behind her, taking Danielle’s hip in my left hand and running my right over the curves of her soft ass, giving it a nice strong squeeze. I leaned forward, taking a chunk of her right cheek between my teeth and biting down hard as two fingers of my right hand pushed deep into her cunt. Danielle screamed, and as much as I wanted to savor the feeling of her soft flesh in my mouth, I removed my fingers and straightened my back.

My right hand moved from her ass, grabbed my cock, and rubbed it up and down her dripping slit.

“Mmmmmm, yes,” Danielle moaned back to me.

My left hand tightened on her hip, sliding down to just above the curve of her ass and grabbing hard, soon joined by my right. With all of my strength, I rammed my cock deep inside her, our flesh meeting with a loud clap. I pulled back and pummeled her again, quickly building up my former rhythm of deep, hard fucking. The feeling of Danielle’s soft ass against my thighs and hips was heaven; this beautiful woman was simply built for a good, hard fucking.

I pounded away at Danielle’s cunt like that, reveling in the feeling of her tightness around my shaft and her ass and thighs against my body, matched only by the supremely erotic sight of her ass bent over in front of me.

“That’s it, take it,” I groaned at her, “give me that fucking ass.”

“Yes!” she moaned back.

I slid my hands up from her hips, along her sides, slowing down just a bit as I did. My right hand left her body for just a moment, brushing her blue-green hair to the side, and then reaching down to cup her massive swinging right breast. My left hand went to her left, and I squeezed both of them, lifting them up towards her chest as I continued thrusting my cock deep and hard inside her.

“Oh fuck,” Danielle moaned, “cum! Fucking cum in me!”

My hands left her tits; my left gathered up her hair and pulled tight as my right landed hard on her ass with a loud “crack.”

“YES!” she squealed.

A few more hard slaps, and then my right hand reached around to the front of her thigh, grasping her between her hip and thigh and pulling myself deep into her.

“Uggh,” I groaned, “god you feel so good on my dick.”

With the increased leverage from my hand on her thigh and the other in her hair, I could pound her even harder, slamming her body forward and shaking her ass and thighs as my thrusts crashed down on her. I could feel her wet sheath gripping onto my cock, trying to squeeze the seed from it.

“Ohhhh, FUCK baby!” I screamed to her as I pulled her hair tighter, my hips crashing into her beautiful round ass. Danielle was uttering a continuous stream of grunts and gasps as I pummeled her hole, knowing that I couldn’t hold on for much longer.

“Shit, Danielle,” I groaned, “I’m almost there.”

“Ohhhh… yes… cum…” she replied, “please cum.”

I wanted so badly to hold back, to keep this amazingly hot reaming going all night, but I knew I couldn’t. Every man has his limit, and with a body this hot in front of me, I’d reached mine.

“Give me your tits,” I growled to her as I delivered a last few crashing thrusts and then pulled my cock from her, gripping it tight in my right hand. My left released her hair and grabbed her by the shoulder, turning her around to face me.

Danielle leaned back against the chair, reaching down for her beautiful tits and holding them up.

“Oh! Fuck! Take my cum!” I groaned.

“Yes,” Danielle told me, “give me your--”

My first load came like a bullet, shooting straight in Danielle’s open mouth as I screamed out a deep, “Aaahhhh!” It splashed across her lips and covered her tongue as I pointed my cock down slightly, and shot my next thick load on the top of her right breast, some of it splashing onto her upper chest. I groaned deeply as I directed my cock with my hand, spraying my next few shots in her cleavage and over her other breast. As I could feel my balls emptying, I leaned forward and pushed half of my cock in her mouth, shooting what was left deep down her throat.

Danielle just moaned around my throbbing shaft.

“Suck it clean,” I instructed her, “make sure you get all of it.”

When she had, I withdrew my cock, stepped back, and sat on the coffee table behind me to admire the cum-covered beauty on her knees in front of me. Danielle closed her eyes and rolled her head back, a smile on her lips. I smiled back, watching my cum roll down the soft skin of her tits.

“Come on,” I said, “you need a shower.”

End of Part 1.

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