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A chance encounter

A guy meets a beautiful girl in a club
It was fairly good Friday night. Beers have been sunk in my regular city-centre pub and spirits are high. Around midnight, my friends I decided on a club to hit. With hopes raised of a place packed with beautiful girls and a distinct lack of guys, we headed on over, paid the door cover and opened the doors to what can only be described as a big disappointment. It was a sausage fest and the music sub-par, to say the least. The few women that were there had faces like clumsy beekeepers, some indistinguishable from their male suitors. Deflated, we hit the bar in the hope that Jägermeister might enliven our sinking fortunes. If we could stick it out for an hour or two, then maybe the party would really get started and, fingers, toes, limbs crossed, there would be some non-rancid female action.

It would appear that lady luck was shining on our persistence that night as at about 1:30 am a group of what can only be described as stone-cold beauties burst on the the rapidly livening up dance-floor. The grins plastered across all of our faces gave away any thoughts of playing it cool. Before you know it, my friends were all dancing almost bump and grind with these goddesses. I am somewhat quiet compared to my friends and though I am a reasonable looker, picking up girls does not come naturally to me.

Feeling a bit left out, I started to head back to the bar but that when I saw her. It was like the crowd parted for me. The light hit her like it was guiding me; a porcelain beauty with sultry eyes that could easily portray both innocence and fuck-me-now in just a blink. She was wearing a tight black dress that showed off the most magnificent cleavage and legs clad in fishnet. I stood for a second, jaw dropped and my pulse suddenly racing, staring it this magnificent picture. To my amazement, it looked like she was staring right back at me. I looked over my shoulder to check if there was someone behind me she could be looking at, but no, I was the only one looking her way.

She strolled towards me, grinning at my rabbit caught in headlights expression. I was about to stammer and introduction but this was cut short by her putting a manicured finger to my lips silently telling me to hush. She draped her arms over my shoulders and started moving to the thump of the music. Instinctively, I moved with her and any notion of nerves quickly faded. I was loving this experience and so was she. The only awkwardness was the growing bulge in my jeans. I was sure she would notice. Trying to subtly move to not poke her proved to be a failure. She look at me with a surprised grin as my straining cock jabbed her one to many times. Amazingly, she dropped a hand down to my waist. Within a flash, she was inside my boxer shorts and maneuvering my swollen member to comfort, adding a few extra strokes for good measure.

"So you find me attractive?" she whispered into my ear.

"More than you know," I stuttered back.

"Come back to mine, I want to find out exactly how much you want me," she replied.

I didn't need to be asked twice as she took my hand and led me back out into the streets. Mercifully, she lived close the the club. As soon as we got through the door, our mouths were joined as we kissed each other with intensity I have never known; tongues swirling over each other.

"Go to the bedroom," she demanded.

"Get undressed and lie on the bed for me."

I was in no mood to argue as I slid off my shirt, jeans and boxers and walked towards her bed.

I waited for about two minutes, my cock hardening just at the thought of sleeping with this stunning woman.

"I'm coming in now so you'd better be ready," I heard from another room.

Then, there she was, standing in the doorway in the hottest black lingerie I could have dreamed of, stockings showing off perfectly toned legs and the rest accentuating her incredible curves.

"See anything you like?" she said

I could only nod in response.

"Well, close your eyes because I can't have you coming too soon."

Once again, I did exactly as instructed and a few seconds later I felt her straddle me. I could feel a few wisps of pubic hair, so she must have taken her panties off. She slid up my body until I could smell her pussy just above my face.

"Now make me come," she demanded.

I set about her pussy with more enthusiasm than I had ever done for any of my boring girlfriends, letting my tongue roam widely from her clit, over her sopping hole and deep inside and then teasing it over her tight, button asshole. My hand gripped her perfect ass, guiding her mound closer to my eager caresses. After a few minutes, she was grinding against my face and moaning with abandon.

"Don't stop, DON'T STOP," she moaned as an orgasm ripped through her body, drenching my mouth with her warm juices.

After a few seconds to recover, she slid down my body again, all the while looking me straight in the eyes with a look that read 'now for your reward.'

She took my cock in her hand and gently kissed the tip and ran her tongue from top to balls. Her kisses and licks became wilder and firmer. Before long, I was begging for her to take me inside her mouth. Christ, it was worth the wait as I have never felt heaven like when she sucked me deep inside her mouth, her tongue still teasing, one hand stroking the base and the other cupping my balls.

I did not think I could hold out for much longer but sensing this she stopped, fully aware that she had all the power to make me come or not. She moved up and sat herself on top of me, the entrance of her pussy teasing my cock. She slid over my straining member, not allowing me to enter her but heightening my sense of sexual tension.

"Please," I begged

"Let me fuck you."

With that, she aligned herself and pushed down, guiding me deep into the most welcoming, tight pussy I have ever fucked. I reached up to tug down her bra straps, managing to free her heaving, perfect breasts from their sexy prison. She grabbed my hands and pushed them down above my head, riding me harder and faster and restraining my movement to just me thrusting back from below. I was on the brink pretty soon and begged her to kiss me. As our lips locked, I came hard, flooding her pussy with what seemed to be and endless stream of cum as she slumped on top of me.

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