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A Summer of New

A summer with an old friend that leads to new and exciting things.
I feel like I was always following Amy. She was my best friend growing up, and she was always pulling me along on her adventures. I do not remember how we became friends, but we were always together. In high school she was beautiful, sporty, funny, and a little bit crazy (the kind that makes every guy fall in love with her). Needless to say, I had a huge crush on her. I was definitely in her friend zone, but I didn't mind. She talked to me about everything: guys she liked, music, movies, we practically talked every night.

When we finally graduated from high school, we were both very sad to be leaving each other and going off to different colleges. We promised each other that we would talk every day and nothing would change. But, as most of you know, as time passes you talk less and less. It wasn't long before we did not have time to talk at all. I missed her a lot at the beginning, but slowly I found my own way and began to branch out on my own.

I loved college. It made me feel confident and strong. I met many new friends and went on a few crazy adventures. When I graduated after four years of school, I moved back home for the summer. All the people I knew from my town had either moved on, or popped out a couple kids by this time. So, I was planning on spending my days being lazy and relaxing at the pool. The first week or so went just as I had wanted, sleeping a lot and not doing any work. It was not until my mom sent me to the store for a few items that anything changed.

It was about two o'clock when I drove down to the small town grocery store. After picking up what I needed I headed back home, stopping on the way at a little snow cone hut that I loved. I was standing in line when someone side tackled me, almost knocking me over. When the person freed me, I looked over the see who had grabbed me.

It was Amy.

She laughed at me when I froze, seeing her. College had been good to her. She was more tanned and in shape. Her brownish blonde hair was a little lighter, and she seemed to have lost all the rest of her awkwardness from high school. I was very happy that I had grown up myself in college. I had learned to work out and was more confident with my body. I was now lean but not a twig, with brown hair and brown eyes.

She smiled at me, and I immediately smiled like an idiot back at her. I bought her a snow cone and we sat and talked for ages about school and what was going on with both of us. It turns out that she, too, had graduated from college and was off for the summer before starting her dream job as an elementary school teacher. We could have talked all night if my phone hadn't gone off, my mother reminding me I was needed back at home.

We made plans to meet up the next day to hang out, and that is how we spent most of the next month. Hanging out, talking about our past and future, swimming and watching movies. It was like back when we were kids, spending every moment we could together.

I felt my crush on her coming back in full force, but something was different. I now felt a deeper feeling toward her. Her passion about life, her kindness, and casual beauty caused me to begin to fall for her. I never felt that she reciprocated those feelings back towards me, so I tried to brush those thoughts aside.

One afternoon we drove down to the town next to ours for a drive in movie. We took her old fashioned convertible and found the familiar drive-in theater easily. It was pretty much an empty field, with a large screen and a projector in a booth.

Despite the theater being free on Sundays, it was pretty empty. They were showing a classic movie that we had both seen countless times. We quoted all the lines, laughed like dorks at all the familiar scenes, and enjoying each other’s company.

It was fully dark now, the movie being about halfway over, when a rumble of thunder caused us to jump. We both looked up to see large warm droplets falling hard and fast on us.

She shrieked and laughed, as we both jumped out of the car to pull the top over the car. By the time we got back inside we were both wet and panting hard. We both giggled and looked at each other, the light of the movie barely visible in the falling rain. She smiled at me and leaned over, putting her head on my shoulder. The smell of her hair, strengthened by the rain, was overpowering me.

She smelled like some kind of flower I could never place. Her being so close to me was causing my heart to pound loudly, and I hoped she couldn't hear it. We were both still panting from the quick dash outside. I longed for her, but knew I should be happy with just being with her. I felt her head move, and felt a sense of loss, thinking our moment together was over.

She looked up at me, I looked down into her eyes. They were blue. Very blue. I felt as if I was being carried away in the ocean. I felt myself swallow nervously. The light behind her eyes seemed to change, though I can't describe what I was now seeing.

"You are a really good guy, Ryan." She whispered to me. "Any girl would be lucky to have you..." Her voice trailed off.

"Sure, sure," was my usual semi-sarcastic response. She was always encouraging me to date girls, and find my soul mate--something no guy in the friend zone wants to hear--but something was different this time, and the words died on my lips.

"I really am lucky to have a friend like you..." I didn't know why she was saying all this now. As I tried to process her words, she began to lean up toward me. My heart went into overdrive. My adrenaline pumped through my body, causing time to slow down and for me to take everything in. Her lips were closed, her eyes were shutting, the sound of the rain thunderous on the car. There was water dripping from our hair, and one drop on her lips.

Her lips met mine.

There was an explosion of fire shooting through my body, originating from my lips. My body quivered in the aftermath. I felt her hand on the back on my head, the other softly touching my face as my own arm wrapped around her, my right hand lifted toward her face, but not quite touching.

When the kiss broke apart, we looked at each other for a silent moment. We both laughed nervously, my heart still racing.

"Wow," I heard her whisper, even quieter than before, "that was…"

"Yeah," I agreed, almost too in shock to say much more.

And then she was leaning toward me again. My mouth met hers, feeling the same shock shoot through me. This time she turned her body more to face me, and I moved to meet her. My left hand now in her hair, my right cupped her face gently. Her arms wrapped around my body. I could feel the coldness of the rain, and the heat of our bodies beneath.

My senses were heightened, and I felt like I could take everything in. The thunder and rain surrounded our car, cutting us off from the rest of the world. She was finally in my arms. Her body felt wonderful against mine. All my longing for her burst forward and I couldn't take enough of the moment in as I wanted. Our kiss grew from being closed lipped, slowly, almost nervously, to our lips opening up and I felt her tongue touch mine.

I couldn't help but let out a quiet moan of longing. She seemed to be moved by my sound, becoming more confident. Her tongue pressed into me, deepening our kiss. I moved my hands deep into her wet hair, her own, slowly moving up and gripping my shoulders.


We now began to move together, our kiss becoming more adventurous. She had always shared what she loved when kissing, with me, revealing all of her secret spots she loved. My lips trailed from her lips down her jaw, toward her ear. I heard her take a deep breath as I left little kisses along the way. Reaching her earlobe I gently pulled it into my mouth, sucking on it lightly. She pressed her cheek against my face, her hands tightening on my back. I pulled away slowly, blowing out onto her wet ear. I felt her whole body shudder.

I smiled to myself, I loved how she was responding to me. It made me feel alive, and want her more.

I again took her face in my hands, and looked at her. I moved as if to kiss her, and she closed her eyes. I hesitated a moment, moving my lips slowly beside hers. Teasing her with the wait, before kissing her harder than before. We both moaned softly, our hands once again moving. I loved the feeling of her soft hands on my back, as she grabbed or slide them on me. I wanted more of her, and I could not wait any longer.

My hand slid down her shoulder, over her arm, and onto her side. I needed to touch her breasts. They had long tortured me, and now that I was at that moment, before finally reaching them, I felt my whole body tense up and shudder. My hand pressed gently on the side of her breasts, feeling the rain still clinging to it. She straightened her back, pushing her body into my open hand. I could feel her heart racing below my palm, my fingers softly cupping and squeezing her breast. I slowly moved my hand around, gently at first, but becoming eager and lustful as time passed. I groped her harder, her body responding. I felt her nipple harden beneath, and I felt the blood slowly move down in me. I was slowly losing my inhibition and began to want her more.

Her own hand moved to my side and then onto my chest. She seemed to enjoy running her fingers over my tight chest, as our lips devoured each other. Before I could feel nervous, or doubt what was happening. I reached down, grabbing her shirt. She seemed to be waiting for this, for she grabbed my own, and we both in one motion pulled our shirts up. Tossing mine to the ground I reconnected with her. I think one of the most sensual experiences someone can have is softly touching a girl’s breast through a bra for the first time. I felt myself harden with excitement, as my fingers moved over the material. I softly touched the breast above it, relishing in the sensation of moving from the firm bra to the soft breast above.

Her own hands moved over my damp chest, back up to my shoulders, where she gripped tightly. I once again moved my lips over to her ear, teasing it softly, before moving down to her neck. I bit on it gently, causing her shoulder and arms to erupt in goose bumps. I again smiled, my lips still touching her skin. I would have never guessed she would respond to me like this.

I reached back, my hands on her bra clasp. I leaned back looking her in the eyes, seeing if there was any hesitation in her. She smiled my favorite smile at me, before (almost cheesily) kissing me again eagerly. I met her new enthusiasm happily.

Her bra slowly came off, revealing her perfect breasts beneath. I felt they were as perfect as the rest of her. I put my hands on them slowly. Feeling my lust grow with my manhood. I needed her now. I reach down, grabbing her leg, and together she moved onto my lap. We kissed harder, time seeming to speed up now. I moved my hands onto her soft breasts squeezing the nipples until they were both firm and sticking out. Her lower body began to rock on mine, moving on top of my hardness. She moaned as she rocked, my hands and mouth both now exploring her naked breasts.

I needed her now, and she seemed to feel the same way.

Our hands moved down to our pants, we worked eagerly to undo them, and awkwardly pull them off. If someone could see us they probably would have laughed at her bare butt pressed against the front window as we moved. Both of us now bare, she moved down quickly, wasting no time she slide onto my hard penis. I could have cum in that first moment. I was overwhelmed with emotion. The woman I had always loved, was finally in my arms. Her soft, wet, yet tight pussy moved down to cover my whole member. I heard her groan loudly and she leaned backward, arms around my neck.

The moment turned from sensual to crazy in a moment. I reached down grabbing her bare ass in both of my hands. Lifting her up, I encouraged her to rock up and down. Soon she was riding me hard, our bodies becoming wet again with sweat. The feeling of her breasts bouncing up and down against my chest, her tight lips surrounding my hard penis, her arms around me caused me to lose myself in the moment. It wasn't until I heard her moan loudly, and felt her body shake hard, landing with me deep inside her, that I woke up again. I pulled her tight against me, her pussy squeezing me. I felt myself tighten and release inside her. I came over and over again, as both of our bodies quivered in the darkness.

I leaned back against the seat, her looking slightly down at me. We both smiled, still a little nervously. I kissed her gently, still not letting her body go. I knew things had finally changed between us, and that moment in the car was just the beginning of our relationship that summer.

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