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Rain Stories


A Handy Man - All Day - Pt. 5

A fun romp in the woods on mountain bikes gets exciting in more ways than one!

“Good morning, beautiful!” “Good morning, handsome!” Haley replied, rolling over to face him. For her, waking up in the morning in Jack’s bed was the highlight of their first weekend together, despite the incredible sex they’d shared the night before. Aft...

The Couple That Spanks Together - Part 7: Shelter From The Storm

In which a walk down Memory Lane quickly becomes a slog.

Rachel had found herself in the dark, praying for illumination as to what could possibly be wrong with him. Bertie had been withdrawn for the last week, quieter even than usual, and while her boyfriend was a classic introvert at the best of times, he also...


sexy rainy road trip

Watching the trees pass, green fields, raindrops slide on the glass. Quiet, wet tires on wet road, wipers going, music. Green lands, cows, dots of sheep on a steep hill. I look at you, strong hands on the wheel, relaxed, watching ribbons of road, driving....

Melancholy Paradise

The picturesque brunette; sweet face, pert tits, a tiny waist with an ass juicier than a spring peach. Her cock was beautiful, too.

Thick raindrops caressed the windows of the vehicle in a natural curtain of privacy. My pussy grew wet as she tenderly kissed me. This couldn’t be the last time. I refused to believe it. Everything but this exact moment in time and space rejected. Her hea...

Love thy Neighbor: Part 6: Firsts

Lyn tastes her first pussy, gets her pussy licked for the first time, has her first threesome, and endless orgasms

Mesmerized, my pussy pouring out overheated nectar to the point of dripping down my legs, I watched my sexy, redheaded neighbor finger her pussy while she talked on the phone with my husband, John. I fingered myself as well, watching her, enthralled by he...

The Downpour

Seventeen-year-old schoolboy gets caught in torrential rain without his door key his mature female neighbour helps him out

It had been threatening rain for a while but when it came, it was sudden and torrential. People were scurrying around outside looking for shelter as forty-nine-year-old Denise Scott looked out of her window at the deluge. One person scurrying around that...

Storm, What Storm?

Two life-long friends hook up in what can only be described as the perfect storm.

About two months ago, Phil Peterson completed an online survey for the hell of it. A few weeks later, he got a call and was informed that he had won a free trip to a Cancun resort for a family of four. Since it was just him and his son, Nathan, he invited...

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I'm a Bad Aunt, But Not Really An Aunt: Part 3

Thomas makes a stunning confession and I tease him, finally catching him in the act

I’d like to say that I slept the sleep of the dead that night. I would be lying. I slept well although I did awaken several times, haunted by erotic dreams. I think I spent more of that night with my hands buried between my legs than I did with my head bu...

Summer Rain

A long-awaited summer rendezvous.

Your train pulls up to the platform and those butterflies in your stomach, subdued by the inevitable delays, suddenly leap back in to life and begin their merry dance again. Will I be on the platform, waiting with a crass sign in hand, your pseudonym bold...