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Hot, Wet Redhead

Gorgeous 18-year-old redhead cheerleader in his shower.
I got home from my meeting and set my briefcase on the table. I loosened my tie as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. As I opened the door, my heart began to race. I had fantasized about this more often than is healthy, but there lay Eve's cheerleader kit on the floor next to my bed. Muffled sounds of the shower running flowed out the narrow gap, as the chocolate hardwood door to my master bathroom stood slightly ajar.

I didn't want to think. If I hesitated, I feared I'd lose my nerve. I stripped and quietly opened the door... and time stood still. I took in every detail of this familiar room as if for the first time - the object of my long unrequited affection was hot, wet and completely naked merely a few strides away.

The room was dimly lit; only a solitary, warm light above the shower had been left on. The air was thick with steam but that wasn't why I was having trouble breathing. Fogged up glass blurred her form but I could see her hands were lathering shampoo in her breathtaking copper-coloured curls.

I reached for the handle and slowly pulled against the magnetic closures. They gave with only the slightest sound. I took in her naked form and had a sense of déjà vu, but she was more lovely and stimulating than I had ever imagined. Eyes clamped tightly closed against the potentially stinging suds, she continued to work the shampoo in as the splatter of hot water hit my feet.

I took the final step, slipping silently into the shower behind her. We were no more than a foot apart, but she didn't seem to notice my presence. I leaned against the cool tile and watched as she pirouetted to rinse the foam from her hair. The emerald that dangled from her belly button jewellery was the same colour as her eyes. Low light and the wetness made her hair two or three shades deeper in colour.

Her breasts raised and lowered as she vigorously worked the suds out. Her pale skin sparkled as the light danced off the sheets of water running over her. She faced back to the spray and rinsed the soap off her face. I could contain myself no longer. I reached softly and slipped my hands across her skin above the curve of her hips, longing to wrap my arms around that tight little belly and pull her close. She seemed to jump, but only slightly, and to my surprise and delight she leaned back against me slowly and softly. As my throbbing cock nestled partly between her fabulous bum cheeks and slid up her soapy back, she turned her head slightly and glanced back at my face, then cooed and pulled my arms tight around her waist.

"I knew it was you," Eve's sweet voice whispered.

I slowly ran my hands over her soft skin, sliding slowly up to cup each breast, gently kneading the globe and the softly running my index finger over each erect nipple. I pulled her close. My engorged penis pressed between us. I wanted to savor the embrace that we were sharing, but also wanted to slam my cock into every opening in this gorgeous young cheerleader.

As the conflict raged between my heart and my hard on, I continued to pepper her with little kisses on her neck, shoulders and back. I nibbled at the little emerald studs in her ears. When this aspiring businesswoman had begun her internship as my personal assistant, I knew that she embodied my fantasy woman. Yet, I was genuinely impressed with her business acumen and instincts as I mentored her for the past year and a half. Hadn't this jaw-dropping beauty just regaled me with tales of her 18th birthday party? Now I held her naked form in my arms.

I was yanked back to reality as her hand snaked between us and grabbed my cock.

"I'm glad you joined me," she cooed as she spun to face me without losing hold of turgid member. I still had not found my voice, but I tilted my head forward and found her soft, full lips with mine. Our tongues snaked out between parted lips, sending a delightful tingle throughout my body. Her bright red bush brushed lightly across my scrotum and our warm, wet bodies slid smoothly against each other.

I had adored every inch of her well-toned 5' 2" body from a distance; especially on days she came over straight from school. She would traipse about my office in her soccer shorts or pleated plaid uniform skirt, both of which accent her firm bum and legs. Her cheer uniform, now in a heap on the floor of the next room, had a much shorter pleated skirt and a sliver of her firm belly peeked out.

How many times had I moved to the overstuffed chair in my office area having "forgotten" something in my top desk drawer? My eager bumistant never seemed to walk around and open the desk drawer. Invariably, she would stand with her back to me and lean over my desk to retrieve the item. The camera in my mind had snapped the image many times of this young beauty on tiptoes, bent over and stretching across my desktop.

Now, like a blind sculptor my hands explored all the locations I had long pictured. My hands lingered on her fabulous arse, lifting her to me as our passionate kiss continued. All the stadium stairs runs had certainly helped her on the soccer pitch, but I was enjoying the benefits of them now. Whilst I was not in the peak physical condition that Eve maintained, I was determined to make up for it with sheer effort and attentiveness.

I slid my hand around and ran my fingers over her labia. She moaned into my mouth and tried to pull my head closer. I flicked her clit and her moans crescendoed as two fingers slipped into her tight, warm pussy and my thumb rubbed in circles firmly against her clit. I broke our kiss and leaned forward to suck one of her glorious nipples. My other hand continued to knead her firm bum. Her hips pushed against my thrusting fingers.

The perfume of her ardor filled my nose as her inevitable orgasm began. She writhed in my grasp and gasped for air. Her entire body quivered and I gradually slowed the steady manipulation of her clit, the probing of my fingers. I had continued to lightly flick her nipples and transitioned to gently sucking, then soft kisses on her chest.

Her sigh signaled the end of her orgasm. I pulled her to me and held her limp body close. Her chest heaved and her head snuggled in the crook of my neck as her body recovered from the flood of pleasure.

Her breathing had nearly returned to normal as she began kissing my chest and reached for my cock. It was no longer steely, having lost some of its force whilst I had focused on satisfying Eve's desires. Her free hand skimmed over my arms, shoulders and chest, tickling the tiny hairs - as if the stimulation of my cock in her soft hand wasn't enough. She kissed her way down my chest, lingering to lick my nipples... then down my stomach. Her second hand clasped my cock. The stroking ceased as her tongue licked a circle around the head then flicked the V on the underside. It seemed as if every nerve in my body felt the pleasure. Seeing this beauty work on my cock, I felt like I would cum instantly. I didn’t dare stare any longer or this amazing feeling would end too soon. But I couldn't look away.

Eve skillfully kept me at the edge of my climax. Her green eyes gleamed up at me, filled with longing. Her pretty young face hovering inches from my throbbing shaft. And then she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and... screamed!

I almost had a heart attack as this beauty shot to her feet and scurried to the back wall of the shower. My hyper-sensitized cock was blasted with ice-cold water and I screamed more like a little girl than this little girl.

She had used me as a human shield. Meanwhilst, I had struggled to turn off the damn water. We were all shock, shivers and nervous laughter as we spilled out of the shower. We had been vaguely aware that the water was no longer hot, but it seemed to instantly turn into ice, as if a switch were flipped and the water heater completely drained.

Eve sprinted from the bathroom and dove under the fluffy, white, overstuffed down comforter on my cherry four-post queen bed. I instinctively reached for a towel, but quickly came to my senses and made my own trail of wet footprints.

We tucked the coverings tightly around our intermingled bodies, trying to warm from our shocking shower, and began to chat. She told me she had grown attracted to me very quickly, that she had wanted to get me to make love to her for more than a year, and how she wasn't sure if I was clueless or didn’t find her attractive since all her flirting comments and seemingly accidental brushing against me had seemed to go unnoticed. I let her know that it quickened my heartbeat each time I thought she had caught me staring at her bum, her hair or her lips – my favourite of her many delicious physical attributes.

“What about these?” Her fake pout was adorably sexy. The piercing afternoon sunlight was diffused by several layers of sheer white curtains, backlighting Eve's hair and giving her an amber halo. She propped herself up on one arm and pushed her pert young breasts toward my adoring eyes.

I was game. I quickly bobbed my head toward her chest and began nipping at her nipples. She again erupted in glorious laughter. There was comfort and joy in that sound. Shortly she threw back the sheets and covers and looked toward my groin.

"I guess I'll have to start all over," she teased, looking at my limp member and winking. "Here! Hold this!" she declared, deftly swing her lithe, athletic figure around in the bed. She positioned her bum next to my chest whilst I laid back. I began to run my hand over her smooth thighs and bum. She wasted no time swallowing my waking cock.

"Mmmm," we moaned simultaneously. Her muffled sound vibrated my now rock-hard cock. Her hips dipped and swayed each time my fingers neared her pussy. She was manoeuvering to have my fingers explore her folds further. I was teasing her to enhance her arousal with anticipation. I relishing the view of her head sliding up and down my pole. When my hands completely left her body, she moaned longingly. Letting my cock slip from her mouth, she looked up to see why I wasn't touching her and had begun to shift about. I was propping my head up with a couple pillows.

I scooped up her hips and lifted her pussy to my mouth. She let out a big moan as my tongue found her clit. She muffled her own moan by sliding the ‘ooooh’ over my cock until my cockhead was sliding down her throat. With my tip now being squeezed by her throat muscles, she moaned again. she seemed to like the way this made me squirm. She began pulling her head back until my whole cock had nearly slipped from her mouth. Each time she sank back onto my cock until her nose was tickling my balls, she would multiple my pleasure with another moan.

My left hand roamed her back, her bum, her thighs. The first two fingers on my left hand had begun to piston in and out of her pussy. I rapidly flicked the tip of my tongue across her clit. I ran a finger down her bum crack and she moved against it as the tip reached her bumhole. I slid that finger in her pussy and then placed the slippery digit at her tight bumhole.

She stopped sucking my cock and pushed back until her bum had swallowed my finger. She was now grinding her clit against my chin, pinching the sensitive, swollen little thing between that and her pubic bone. She dropped her lips to my cock again and began pumping her head furiously. Her hips grinding away at my face and fingers.

"I'm gonna cum!" I said to her. She didn't slow. She began grunting and snorting and grinding. I shot with an amazing force. If this had been a masturbatory fantasy still, I would have been moving my head out of the arch of my load. No longer a fantasy - my sticky load spewed into Eve's throat. Her throat muscles clamped down on my cock in order for her to swallow. I was reaching new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

Her pace was relentless. She milked my throbbing shaft with her mouth and continued her pelvic assault on my face and hands until she raised her head and let out a scream – not an “ice-cold water on your back” sort of scream, but a howl of passion and release.

I withdraw my fingers as her body slowly lowered onto mine in just the position that we had finished. I couldn't help but run my hands over the gorgeous young bum that lay on my chest.

"Oh My Gosh!" I sighed.

"Yeah," Eve replied.

She licked at the side of my sensitive nuts and I squirmed. A little at first, then flipped her off me as she persisted. She laughed. I love that laugh. We both sat up. I enjoyed the sight of her naked in my bed even more because of how comfortable she obviously was there. This was not to be a nervous, secret fling. She wanted to be there again and again... and so did I!
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