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Million dollar baby - part 2

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My hot cum was all over Taylor's gorgeous face and boobs, and with a squeal of embarrassment she quickly dove face first into the water to wash it off. The person standing in the doorway was over seven foot tall and built like a tank; definitely not someone you want to mess with. I instantly recognised him as Firenze, my personal bodyguard and butler.

Taylor emerged from the water apprehensively with her hands covering up her luscious boobs, but when she that it was just Firenze she lowered her hands, allowing herself to be exposed again. His presence brought no discomfort at all; maybe because he would do anything to protect us, even lay down his own life.

"Jeez... a knock would've been nice!" she groaned at him; she wasn't angry, just a little shocked.

"I never knock," Firenze chuckled with a slight smirk, but he quickly turned his attention to me. "Jacob, I've got news of utmost importance."

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"The conference being held in Tokyo has been moved to an earlier date," he said. "We have to leave right now if you want to make it."

I immediately jumped off the jacuzzi and told him to start up the jet; this business trip was a big deal, I couldn't miss it.

"What?!" Taylor shrieked as I went to pack my bags. "Get back here Jake!!"

She followed me into the room with a towel wrapped around her curvy body and an upset expression on her face. I walked towards her and tried to slide my hands around her waist, but she pulled back and looked into the distance angrily.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked, hoping to get her attention.

Taylor's eyes moved from wherever she was looking and glanced into my eyes. She said nothing and her eyes faded back into a distant stare.

"You know how important theses business trips are," I told her, "I'm only going for a few days."

"We were finally getting so close," she said softly with her voice quivering, "then you just walk away like it means nothing!"
"We're only 18 baby," I told her reassuringly, "we've got the rest of our lives to do anything your heart desires."

I kissed her goodbye and jumped onto my private jet. Firenze was the pilot, and we arrived in Tokyo just in time. Everything went smoothly, and after a few days my business there was done. I couldn't wait to get back home to Taylor, but I decided to chill in Tokyo for another day or two.

Tonight was a starry night, and Firenze drove the Lamborghini while I admired the amazing scenery of the neon lit streets of Tokyo. I started to regret leaving Taylor and felt the urge to go home, but then I saw a girl that took my mind completely off Taylor. She had an hourglass shaped body with perfect curves, and she looked like a goddess from another world.

"Pull up by that girl," I commanded while pointing in her direction.

Firenze stopped the car next to her and I quickly stepped out. I walked up to her and found myself face-to-face with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She was young like me, and her lightly tanned complexion and dazzling green eyes had me entranced.

“Um hey stop staring,” she said with a soft laugh, “Can I help you?”

The sweet melody of her voice sent delicious shivers all the way down my spine, and I felt like grabbing her sexy body and whisking her away. But I regained control of myself and took things slow.

"Sorry, I couldn't help but stare, you're just so beautiful," I said confidently, "are there many people like you here in Tokyo?”

“Like me?” she echoed. “Sure. Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Yeh lots of people like me here.”

“You have a lot more than that,” I said, blushing a bit, "I'm Jake, what's your name?"

“I'm Xiomara,” she answered, “but everyone calls me Xio.”

"Xio- lovely name," I smiled at her, "do you want to go for a ride in my car?"

"You're cute, but I can't," she said, "I don't ride with strangers."

"It's ok, I understand," I said reluctantly and headed back to the Lamborghini.

"Wait a sec," I heard her say shyly.

I looked at Xio's angelic face, and she slowly walked up to me with her juicy boobs and huge ass bouncing up and down. After a bit of hesitation she got in the car with me, and I took her to the five star hotel I was staying in. She was awestruck by how luxurious everything was, and I could tell she wanted all this.

"How does someone get a life like this at such a young age?", Xio gasped in amazement.

"By becoming my girlfriend," I replied.

"And how do I become your girlfriend?" she asked with a provocative smile.

I pulled her young, supple body close to me and whispered seductively, "You strip..."


My eyes hovered over Xio's luscious boobs, which were conspicuously covered up by her revealing top. I could see a bit of the purple bra she had on, and the curved shape of her double D's were brought out with prominence. The little skirt she was wearing was so short that she only had to bend a little to reveal her matching purple panties, teasing what was hidden underneath. Her clothes needed to come off. I wanted every inch of her sexy body to be exposed, and she knew it.

"You want these Jake?" Xio asked with a flirty moan as her hands moved to her juicy tits.

"Hell yeah!" I exclaimed, "Will you strip for me?"

"Hmm... put on some music first," she told me with her green eyes twinkling; her eyes showed how bad she wanted to be rich like me.

I walked over to the stereo and put on some sexy music, then sat down on the sofa.

"Go for it," I winked at her. I could already feel my dick getting slightly hard in anticipation.

Xio stood in front of me with a naughty smile on her face, and her voluptuous body got into motion, swaying rhythmically to the music. Her hands seductively caressed the curves of her hips, and she slowly started to lift her top up, revealing the caramel complexion of her perfectly flat stomach. Her hips swivelled as she pulled her top up higher, exposing her luscious boobs that were jiggling in her lace bra.

“You like what I'm doing?” Xio asked with a provocative smile as she threw her top on the floor, observing the tent that was forming in my pants.

“I love it so much,” I answered truthfully. "I'll love it way more when your bra comes off."

"You'll have to wait patiently for that," she said teasingly.

Xio turned around with her back to me and bent over with her ass shaking, and her fingers trailed up her silky smooth legs, all the way up under her little skirt. She unhooked her skirt while still shaking her body, allowing it to fall down to her ankles. She slowly stepped out of it and turned back around to face me.

I intently watched Xio swaying her hips in front of me, teasing me in just her bra and panties. Her luscious boobs and ass bounced up and down as she danced to the beat, tantalising me with each rise and drop of her ass. My dick was was getting longer and harder every second, and I knew I wouldn't be able to contain it in my pants much longer.

"Are you ready?" Xio asked seductively while rubbing her boobs through her bra. I could see her nipples getting hard against the soft fabric.

I was unable to speak, awestruck by what was about to happen. I just nodded my head franticly in obvious approval. She smiled at my enthusiasm and reached behind her back, starting to unclasp her lacy bra.

Once her bra was unclasped Xio let it fall forward against her arms, and my eyes immediately lit up. But before I could even take a glance at her juicy boobs she quickly turned around again, with her back to me. What a tease!! She dropped the bra to the floor and gently rubbed the curves of her boobs up and down; all I could see was her bare back and ass shaking.

"Mmm, my breasts feel so nice and warm in my hands," Xio teased, turning her head to look at me with a devilish smile.

"Heyy let me see," I begged desperately.

"Nope," she said defiantly with her hips swaying side to side, "I don't think you're ready yet."

I wanted to get up and pounce on her sexy body so bad right now, but I somehow resisted the urge and let her carry on her tease. Her hands trailed down to her panties and she gave her pussy some steamy attention.

"Ahh Jake, I'm getting wet," Xio moaned as she rubbed her pussy through her panties. "Are you as turned on as I am?"

My dick was so hard right now I couldn't contain it in my pants anymore, so I quickly undid my zip and pulled my jeans down, along with my boxers. As soon as my rock hard dick sprang into view Xio stopped shaking her ass. She turned around to face me again, exposing her luscious boobs to me; I was transfixed in an open-mouthed stare. She slowly came over to me with an amazed expression on her face, and got down on her knees in front of me.

"Wow it's so big," she cooed while she gently put her tiny fingers around my fat cock, "I'd love you to loosen up my tight pussy with it."

"Not yet," I winked at her while picking her up, "Bounce on my lap first."

I sat there on the sofa naked from the waist down, and Xio was only in her purple panties. She climbed on top of me with her knees planted on both sides of my legs, then started bouncing to the music. Her exposed boobs were jiggling in front of my face exotically, and I reached out a hand to touch them.

"No touching yet!" she said quickly and playfully smacked my hand away.

Xio's hips swayed to the music faster and faster, hypnotising me as her boobs occasionally smacked into my face. They felt so soft against my skin, and I wanted to bury my face in them. Her panties rubbed against my pulsating dick as she shook her body up and down, and I could feel how wet she was.

"Wow you're so wet," I said in awe, "I guess you really want my rock hard dick inside you huh?"

"Oh my god, yes!!" she yelled ecstatically.

Xio got off my lap and made her way towards the bed, pulling her panties down on the way. She jumped on the bed and spread her legs apart, and I got between her legs. I put my hands onto her wet pussy, getting her warm pussy juices all over my fingers.

"I want your dick inside my pussy," she moaned as I gently rubbed her clit, "Come on Jakey I want you."

I froze. Chills were running down the length of my spine.

"W-what did you just call me?" I stammered.

"Um... Jakey?" she repeated in confusion.

There was only one person that ever called me that, Taylor. Taylor... the girl I love more than anything else in the world. I looked down at the hot naked girl in front of me; what on earth was I doing?? I couldn't hurt my baby by fucking a random hot girl, but I couldn't say no to sex either...


Xio's young, sexy body lay naked on the luxurious bed, fully exposed with her legs spread wide apart. I was kneeling between her legs with my rock hard dick just inches away from her little pussy, which was dripping wet with her juices. I gently trailed my hands up the silky smooth skin of her hips until I reached her breasts. She looked hungrily in my eyes as my paws got hold of her gorgeous boobs, causing her to moan sexily and her nipples to go harder.

"Ooh Jake!!" Xio moaned as she got even wetter, "I can't wait any longer, put it inside me you sexy beast!"

My dick was pulsating in anticipation, but the thoughts of Taylor burning in my mind stopped me from putting it inside her. Xio grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to her, making the tip of my hard dick touch her wet pussy. It almost went in, but I quickly pushed myself in the opposite direction just in time.

"Is something wrong?" she asked in a slightly amused tone.

"I can't do this," I said, overcoming my sexual desires.

"Why not??" she questioned incredulously.

"I've got a girlfriend," I replied with my dick starting to go soft, "I don't want to hurt my baby like this."

The sparkle in Xio's green eyes faded instantly.

"B-but I thought you said if I strip..." she started stammering.

"I'll pay you for that," I said quickly.

"Do I look like some kind of prostitute or something?!" she yelled at me as she pushed me off her.

Xio jumped off the bed and started to put her clothes back on her supple body, a million times faster than when she took them off.

"You stupid jerk!!" she screamed while storming out without a second glance at me.

I felt accomplished, I didn't even think it was possible for a guy to say no to sex with a super hot girl like that. But at the same time I felt terrible about almost cheating on Taylor; how could I even let it get that far?? I couldn't keep this locked up inside me, I had to tell her and hope to god she forgives me. I was way too scared at first, but I eventually plucked up the courage to call her.

"Hey Jakeeey!!" Taylor exclaimed happily through the phone.

"Baby..." I said slowly, turning the happy atmosphere melancholic, "I did something stupid..."

"What did you do??" she asked worriedly.

"I... I found this hot girl on the streets of Tokyo and took her to my place and then made her strip and then..."

"What the fuck??!" Taylor screamed, cutting off my rambling , "I thought I could trust you!!"

"Baby I can explain..." I started to say quickly, but she cut me off again.

"No! It's over Jake, I can't trust you anymore! Bye!!"

And she hung up before I could say anything. I tried to call her a again and again, but she wouldn't answer.

"Firenze!" I yelled, "Pack the bags, we need to leave right now!!'

We flew home as fast as we could, and upon stepping into my mansion I knew something wasn't right. The place felt empty and dreary, like something was missing... Taylor was gone.

"Quick find out where she is!!" I screamed.

I sat down on the sofa with my head in my hands. I think I was crying... I just sat there like that in silence thinking about why I'm so stupid.

"I've found her location," Firenze said suddenly, breaking the silence.

"Let's go then!!" I frantically responded; I had to get my baby back...


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