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Please Don't Tell My Daughter

The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

I had just finished raking up the leaves, and when I came inside, my daugher, Laura, informed me that she taking her sister Lisa Black Friday shopping. As a single father, I thanked the gods the day my oldest got her license so I wouldn't have to be a disinterested observer on their shopping jaunts. I told them not to spend all day out and she said that they were only going to one store anyway.

I went upstairs to wash off all the grime I accumulated on my body. As I finished rinsing off, the doorbell rang. I tried to quickly dry myself off, but it rang again, so I wrapped a towel around my waist and went down to answer it.  It was Evie!

Evie was a friend of Laura's, in town for the Thanksgiving holiday during her freshman year in college.  Evie and Laura were friends from the neighborhood summer swim team, and they spent many a summer day hanging out in our backyard pool. I never minded since Evie was most definitely hot - her bright blue eyes always sending impulses straight to my groin, and her slender but curvy body stirring my lust. But to my dismay, I was old enough to be her father, and I could only ever look, never act.

"Oh, hi Mr. Jones, is Laura home?" she asked.

"Sorry, no, she took Lisa shopping - shall I tell her you stopped by?"

"Oh, that's Okay, I texted her that I wanted to borrow her blue dress and she said I could pick it up anytime."

"Well then, why don't you run in and get it and I'll let her know you have it."


Evie ran upstairs to fetch it and I watched her tight jeans make their way upward. I made sure to reposition my towel in order to hide any possible activity.

"I couldn't find it. I'm going to text her," Evie announced, as she sat on my family room couch and buried herself in her phone. She removed her jacket to reveal a sheer black blouse with a shiny black bra underneath. I've always coveted those perfectly round breasts, having seen so much of them in those miniscule bikinis she wore in the summer.

"How's college treating you?" I asked, as I felt like I needed to make small talk.  I was also slightly mesmerized by her outfit so I needed an excuse to stare at her.

"It's good. Learning lots of stuff, both in and out of the classroom."

"I bet," I replied, as my mind wandered off about the possibilities of what that meant.  I felt myself needing to go upstairs before she noticed involuntary movement under my towel.

"I'm gonna go get dressed. Make yourself at home and let me know if you need anything."

I escaped up to my bathroom, and just about ten seconds after I closed it, there was a tapping at the door.

"Yes?" I asked.

The door opened and Evie stepped inside. "Um, there's something I wanted to ask you."

"What is it?" I asked, my heart nervously pounding.

"What's going on here?" she asked, as she reached her hand inside my towel and wrapped her hand around my semi-rigid shaft.

I was pleasantly shocked, but I grabbed her arm and began to pull it away and said, "I don't think that's a good idea."

But she tightened her grip and asked, "Why not?"

"Well, I could think of a lot of reasons why this would be bad - and what about Laura?" I sternly replied.

"Laura would never find out, and I wouldn't tell anyone... I've learned in college that if I want something, I shouldn't ignore it."

Evie gazed into my eyes to gauge my reaction to all of this. She decided to start stroking since my arm didn't seem to be using  enough force to remove hers. My long neglected cock grew very excited by all of this. My brain was fighting to say no, but the rest of my body had other ideas. My eyes looked into hers as my hands ran up her front to squeeze her ripe breasts.  Evie softly moaned as she tugged at my cock, working me fully erect.

"You're quite a man, Mr. Jones," as she coyly sized my length in her hands. "I've wondered about you."

"You have?" I questioned. Little did she know the numerous fantasies I've imagined with her.

"Yes, sir. Everyone knows Laura as the one with the hot dad."

Evie had a way about her that was not going to be denied. I was overcome by her interest and the amazing proposition in front of me. I couldn't resist. I pulled off her shirt and removed her bra. My towel fell to the floor as she grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. I kissed her as I pulled on her large pointy nipples. My god, she had some great tits!

I leant down to suck on one of them and she gasped loudly. Her nipples were sharp as darts. Was this really happening? In my bathroom?

I undid her jeans and pulled them down. I discovered incredibly sexy black thong underwear. She smiled as I stroked her shaven wet pussy. I pushed that thong down around her ankles.

She leaned over the counter sink and I continued to massage her pussy. My fingers became quickly soaked with her juices. I looked at Evie in the mirror and her eyes were closed and mouth was open.  Raising her chin and exhaling as she moaned for more.

I decided to bend her over more and lick her pussy from behind. She tasted so sweet - the sweetest pussy I had the pleasure of eating. And she gave me plenty to taste! I buried my face to suck on her, and she moaned as she released even more, dripping on my face and down her legs.

I rose and informed her it was my turn. Evie began to turn to get down on her knees, but I held her in place. I stepped behind her and slid my throbbing cock between her legs, rubbing the top of my head along her eager pussy. I pushed my head up inside her - HEAVEN!

My cock advanced halfway in her tight pussy and I asked her, "Are you okay?"

She replied, "Yes, I'm on the pill. It's okay." 

Not what I meant, but good to know. I decided to push my cock all the way in. Fuck, she felt amazing!

I started to fuck this beauty, slowly at first. Evie held on to the edge of the countertop, looked up at me in the mirror, and said, "Fuck me with that big dick!"

I held her hips and started to pound her. Evie caught my rhythm and started to fuck me back. She moaned louder with every increasing thrust until she let out a silent shriek and drenched my cock.

I decided to pull out, put my arm behind her knees, and carry her to the bed. As I laid her down and she spread her legs wide open, parting those pink pussy lips for me. I knelt below her thighs and teased my head up and down her slot. Evie begged me to give it to her, so I invaded her pussy again.

I started pumping her slowly, but then the pace really picked up. My torso railed against the back of her legs, providing that rhythmic beat of pounding flesh.

Evie braced her arms to keep me from banging her head into the headboard. Her toned biceps strained as the bed rocked against the wall as if I were going to hammer a hole in it. I joyfully watched her perfect tits bound back and forth as I fucked her to no end.

Evie's moans began to crescendo and I started to groan myself.  She screamed, "OH FUCK!" and it was too much for me - I fucking exploded! Deep rooted waves of pleasure rocked my body as I shot load after load of cum inside her. Reality had lived up to fantasy!

As she drained every last ounce from me, I collapsed on top of her. We barely caught our breath when we heard the garage door open. Evie and I frantically got dressed and made our way downstairs. She turned around and went back to Laura's room.

As Laura opened the door, Evie came down the stairs with blue dress in hand.

"Hey Laura, thanks for letting me borrow the dress!" Evie hurriedly said as she went out the door.

"You're welcome! Did you want anything else?" Laura replied.

Evie replied, "No, I pretty much got what I came for!" and she glanced over at me and smiled.



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