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She Called Herself Nancy

She Called Herself Nancy

Nancy had sex early, did it as a hobby, then turned it into a profession

Somewhere in the Black Hills of South Dakota lived a woman by the name of Magill but everyone knew her as Nancy. So let's call her Nancy from the Badlands of South Dakota.

She lived in a very small rural town where everyone knew each other. Whatever you did in town was broadcast like breaking news on national TV. Everyone was okay with that because it was one of the town's sources of entertainment. The other was sex.

Nancy's husband was Virgil who went to North Dakota to work on the pipeline. There are very few jobs in their town of cowboy hats, horses, guns, and sex. So Nancy was alone except for her dog, Baker, and two sons.

In high school, she was the prettiest girl with the biggest tits in her class of only thirty-eight kids. Her body developed early as did her sexual urges. The school had no team sports except for one. The boys were competitive in the sport of hunting virgins. They wanted to be the first to stalk their prey and make the kill. They had certain rules. The age of consent was sixteen, so a girl had to be "legal" and willing. It was not allowed to take a girl against her wishes. The thing was, that never seemed to be a problem.

Virgil was Nancy's first. He was two years older than Nancy when Virgil took her into the hay barn and introduced her to fornication, in other words, he fucked her.

Virgil had quite a reputation among the girls at school. It wasn't his looks, personality or his cock. Rumors circulated among the girls about his low hangers, two walnut size balls stretching half way to his knees. All the girls talked about it.

Nancy was sixteen, impetuous, curious and wanted to see them for herself. It was no rumor. They looked to be holding enough seed to populate the entire state of South Dakota. He did his best in hopes of accomplishing that goal.

Virgins never get it right the first time. That was true with Nancy. It was an awkward messy roll in the hay with Vigil. She soon found there was more to him than just his hangers. He was a squirter, a never ending squirter. When he pulled out, Virgil shot stream after stream of his spunk over her face and tits. She was dripping with cum. Nancy didn't get the chance to enjoy the pleasures a girl deserves while being fucked. She wondered if it was always like that. It wasn't. Sometimes guys didn't pull out.

As she was passed around from boy to boy, her reputation and pleasure increased. She had her favorites, of course. Dylan was one of them. He was also loved by Nancy's girlfriends and some of their mothers as well. Dylan was known for his six inches. The six inches was when his dick was as soft as a marshmallow. But when he was hard, he was really hard adding three more inches. Erect, Dylan's cock stuck straight out like a knight's lance in a jousting match. The girls rarely saw it any other way.

The first time wasn't romantic with Dylan. He bent her over the tractor and rammed all nine inches into her. She fucked him before school, after school, and once during a washroom break at school. She loved it and Nancy was sure she would marry Dylan.

That was before she became pregnant in her junior year with Virgil's child. At least she was pretty sure it was his. He had squirted into her pussy once too often. She never finished high school. Theirs was a shotgun marriage like most of the marriages in town. She didn't love him but she asked herself, Hey, what does love have to do with it?

She had a son and two years later gave birth to a second son.

When Virgil left for North Dakota to work on the pipeline, she was twenty-seven years old and had gained five pounds since high school, mostly in the chest area. Nancy hated wearing bras because of her size so when she walked, her tits swayed like pine trees in a summer breeze. Everyone noticed, especially the married men.

She was impulsive and knew what she wanted. And what she wanted, and what she needed was a bedtime partner while Virgil was away. Nancy wasn't afraid to go after it, and she did it with enthusiasm. One of her targets was Dylan.

Dylan still lived in town and had knocked up Mary Lou shortly after graduation. They have a ranch adjacent to hers. When Nancy's sexual urges got the best of her, which was as frequent as weeds growing in the rose garden, she called Mary Lou to ask that Dylan stop over to fix a tractor or shoe a horse.

Dylan was always greeted by Nancy wearing a long white robe no matter what time of day. It was their private arrangement to say she was wet and horny. Dylan understood he was there to fix her physical predicament. It was Nancy's itch that needed his special kind of care.

Nancy would lay on the bed seductively opening her robe revealing her luscious breasts and shaved pussy enticing Dylan as he stood before her with his jeans down to his knees. She opened her legs and played with herself for a few moments while he stroked himself hard. He didn't take off his hat or shoes. There was no time for foreplay. It was a quickie so that Mary Lou wouldn't become suspicious if he stayed too long.

He mounted her and drove his long hard staff directly into the place with an itch. They fucked for a half hour, long enough for her to experience several strong orgasms and until powerful surges of cum gushed into her cunt. It wasn't about love.They never kissed. They never hugged. It was always about lust and raw sex.

Nancy was always satisfied with the job he had done, although it was only a temporarily fix. It's just that there would be times when other things needed repair.

There was one other lover that entertained Nancy while Virgil was away. It was an odd relationship because he was a little kinky and preferred sex with a woman during her period. He was a one of a kind and Nancy loved it. It was the time of the month when her itch was strong, needing a man's attention. The man, Stanley, lived in the next county so he stayed for a couple of days. Nancy told the boys he was a hired ranch hand. So Stan did a few chores during the daytime, then the main one at night. Of course, it was a monthly arrangement that worked well especially in the winter when she felt lonely and needed overnight company.

When her lovers weren't available, Nancy would drive over to the next town for a drink at the Hills Saloon and Inn. Most of the men were strangers but Nancy made friends easily. She usually dressed wearing a blouse with her boobs bulging and ready to pop out.

The first time she was there, Nancy had been drinking for several hours when one of the men she had met at the bar took her to his room. Nancy didn't catch his name but, was turned on by being with a complete stranger. She had done it once before. It excited her. She could feel her wetness increase as they climbed the stairs to the room.

Showing off her tits was like opening the curtains for a one-act play. She was naked from the waist up when he pushed her to her knees and unzipped his jeans. The stranger pulled out a plump but not overly large cock and pulled Nancy's head toward him. He was much bigger than she had first thought once she had him in her mouth and sucked him hard.

Nancy was no stranger to cock sucking. She had been practicing her craft for over ten years and had learned to deep throat by the time she was pregnant with Virgil's baby.

They rolled on the bed together with his pants lying on the floor and her skirt pulled up to her waist. Spreading her legs conveniently opened her pussy lips leaving her cunt wide open. He wasted no time with his mouth on her pussy and clit. The man was great at eating pussy. He was so good she didn't need his cock, but then she wasn't going to turn it away either. After a while, the stranger had her hyperventilating with his head buried between her legs.

Her moans were moans of desire. Her shouts were shouts of pleasure. Nancy couldn't remember when she had been so wet and so ready to be fucked before. Maybe it was her fertile time, but she knew she had to have that man's cock inside her sooner rather than later. With super girl strength, she dragged the man on top of her.

My God, how good it felt to have a man filling her vagina again. She hadn't seen Dylan for almost two weeks and Stan wasn't coming for a week. To be fulfilled, she needed the stranger inside her forever. He didn't last forever. He spilled his first load into Nancy's cunt before she had cum herself.

They spent the next hour drinking beer and telling lies about each other. Finally, he asked for a blowjob which she eagerly provided. It took a lot of cock sucking to bring the man to another climax, but finally, his thick cum spilled out like foam overflowing a beer glass. She licked his cock clean.

He thanked her and suggested she leave by the back door because his wife was downstairs tending the bar. He was the owner. When she opened her purse at home, it held a gift of two crisp one hundred dollar bills. She would have done it for free.

Tragedy struck a couple of months after Virgil returned to the ranch. He caught Nancy in bed with a man. Quickly pulling up his pants and running for his life, Dylan tried to escape but Virgil was too fast, picking up a gun and shooting Dylan dead in his tracks.

Mary Lou was inconsolable at his funeral. It was attended by every female forty and under and perhaps a few over forty as well. Nancy wept in sympathy, but it was mostly for show. Virgil was found guilty although the shooting was clearly a result of adultery.

The jury sided with the fact that Virgil had been away too long and had not satisfied his wife according to their marital vows. Mary Lou claimed Dylan was the perfect husband, and that he had never been unfaithful before. She said he didn't deserve to die at the hands of a jealous husband. She wept and wept on the stand.

Virgil was strung up with his boots on and his hat slung over his back. Nancy was now a widow seeking to use it to her advantage.

With Virgil and Dylan gone, no money coming in from the pipeline, and raising horses not paying the mortgage, Nancy had no other option except to leave the ranch to her boys and move to Vegas. She was only thirty years old and in the prime of her life.

At first, she was a server in a casino. There was more money as a stripper, so she did that for several months. Eventually, she became a high-end escort on the Strip. It paid good money and she loved it. Back in South Dakota, Nancy had discovered the thrill of fucking strangers. She did it at the Hills Inn and Saloon and once at a Dakota resort when her husband had gone fishing. It was a turn-on and of course, she loved cock, big, small, and everything in between.

Nancy prospered as her reputation grew. Men went wild screwing a woman with such beautifully large tits and a vivacious sexual appetite to go along with it. Two years after moving to Vegas, she starred in two porn videos as Miss Magill. Acting wasn't her thing, so she stuck with the escort service.

At forty, when she lost some of her appeal. Nancy opened up a brothel in Nevada and called it Magill's Raunch House. It was in an ideal location boarding with California. Some of her women were pros in their thirties and forties moving from other whore houses. A few others were new ladies desperate for money. They were often divorced and what men call MILFs. Then there were younger women who worked in the adult video business eager to supplement their income. Kara was such a girl.

Kara was in her mid-twenties, stood five feet nine, slim, with a blond pixie haircut. She was ambitious and had the same exuberance for sex as Nancy. Kara had a bubbly personality, a pretty face, sensuous mouth, a terrific smile, and tits that every man loved. They were not large like Nancy's, but firm and perky with nipples that pointed upward.

Kara said she loved having a cum cocktail before getting down to serious work. Her techniques were second to none. She massaged a guy's balls making them thicker, stimulated his prostate and was expert at fellatio. Deep-throating while her tongue licked his balls was her specialty. It all made for a bigger load when he finished.

This gave Nancy a novel idea. It was a simple idea known as Cock/Tail Hour. It was from four in the afternoon until eight at night. The 'Hour' was either for guys in a hurry and needed a quickie or for others with time to spare. Those wanting "Tail" were given early bird prices on single services. Those in a hurry or needing quick relief ordered a drink. The drink came with a blowjob at the bar. Private rooms were extra. It was all very economical. Tips were encouraged and selfies cost an extra twenty dollars.

The public bulletin board was filled with ads for swingers clubs, adult entertainment models, A/V services for those wanting videos of special occasions, sperm banks, porn websites and adult chat rooms. On a second board were pictures of the girls seductively dressed. In the back was a souvenir shop where Nancy sold sex toys, lubricants, and adult videos.

She tried to be a role model and show the girls the joy of sex. Nancy wanted them to leave their clients with the impression he was a great lover. Kara excelled at it.

One afternoon a man straight out of the movie, "The God Father" drove up in a big Cadillac. His chauffeur opened the car door and two men stepped out. The man looked to be about sixty. The other was younger, he looked like his lieutenant. The two asked to speak with the madam. They wanted to talk with Nancy.

The older man was a little gruff and demanded, "We want your best girl."

Nancy asked, "You mean you want our two best girls? All of our girls are the best."

"No," he said. "We want a girl to service my friend here. It's his birthday. I want to be there to be sure she gives him a good time."

"I see, sir, but I have to charge you both."

"How much?"

"It all depends on the services we provide. I'll take your credit card and we will charge accordingly. You will see it listed as 'No Bodez Biznus' on your statement."

The older of the two gave her a credit card. She gave the younger man an iPad to choose a girl.

"Well," he said, "I sure would love to fuck you with those big knockers."

She winked at him and said, "I'm not available this afternoon, sir."

So, of course, they chose Kara as a second choice who greeted them as she always did when meeting customers. She wore a tight fitting skirt that wrapped around her ass showing every curve, crease, and slit. Kara wore six-inch spiked heels and a loose fitting blouse with a deeply cut V-neck. She never wore underwear. Bras and panties would only conflict with the ensemble and cumbersome when getting down to business.

In the room, Kara undressed the younger man sucking on his thin but long cock. At first, the older man watched from the sidelines. When he saw her swollen pussy lips and his friend plowing into it, he unzipped himself and began stroking his own cock. She began riding the younger man cowgirl wearing a cowboy hat for effect.

The lieutenant kept yelling, "Ride me a whore, ride me, ride me hard."

She rode him like a bucking bronco. The sight was overwhelming while the God Father watched. Her enthusiasm for the job finally got to him. He jumped onto the bed and joined them for a threesome. It's probably what they had planned in the first place.

While one filled her cunt, the other reamed her ass. Kara had only done DP twice before, once on camera and once at Magill's. She performed like it was the most joyful moment of her life, an attitude Nancy had tried to instill in all of her girls.

The two men finished plastering her with cum. The older man covered his fingers with the leftovers and shoved it in her mouth. She devoured their cum with a gracious smile.

They were generous tippers and Kara asked them to stay a little longer. The lieutenant said they needed to get back to the family for dinner in Vegas before flying home to Kansas City.

The older gentleman climbed into the Cadillac apologizing to the chauffeur for taking so long. The chauffeur started the car and said, "It's alright sir. They have curb service."

The visit was over for the tourists from Kansas, but the day wasn't over for Kara. She had three more customers that night. It was a profitable day.

Several years later, Nancy meet a man that reminded her of Dylan with all of the same equipment. He had some money. She had some money. They married and moved to California

Nancy sold the Raunch House to Kara who was clever and an excellent business person. Through her contacts in the adult entertainment business, she hired younger more attractive girls and called them "hostesses." She expanded the services and built a highly successful BDSM chamber for couples who wished to indulge in their fantasies or spice up their marriage. The surprise was the number of women who reserved a night in the chamber for her anniversary.

The Raunch House offered yearly memberships for a thousand dollars that included discounts on a variety of services. For an extra fifty bucks. a hostess would shave her client's balls and Kara instituted "Frequent Gentlemen" cards. The card was stamped after each visit. Following twelve visits in a single year, the client got a free one with a girl of Kara's choosing. Tips were not included.

The website included a virtual video tour and a listing of "Premium Parties." They consisted of bachelor parties, orgies, and gangbangs for, of course, premium prices. A popular service was with younger clients. Any boy with a photo ID and proof of age could get a "Rites of Passage" special on his sixteenth birthday. Kara always made sure she was available for the boys. She just loved the young vigorous cocks.

The most memorable occasion was when identical twins showed up. They called themselves Butch and Sundance. Their ID's said, Peter and Patrick. They were too shy to be together, so she did each one individually. Butch was first. He was nervous. Kara undressed herself first, then Butch. She spent several minutes resurrecting his flaccid cock to its full potential. He might have still been a young boy, but he was hung like a horse with tightly wound balls teeming with new life. Butch fucked with the youthful energy of a stallion and emptied his six-shooter into her with round after round of ammunition that never missed the intended target. Sundance was next up for sloppy seconds. The results were the same. She loved fucking these boys and others due to their boundless energy.

There were two small booths, like dressing rooms at clothing stores. The rooms had signs reading, "Cum in here and be a donor," and "Cum in here and we'll have a drink on you." They were used for daily blowjobs as well as the ever popular Sunday "Double Header." Like it says on the menu, "Our first swallow at regular prices, the second one at fifty percent off. Guys who arrive in pairs on Sunday usually choose the Double Header.

Bob and Gary were there Sunday afternoon. Bob sat on a stool while Anne sank to her knees sucking his cock dry. His buddy, Gary, watched through a small door window with the curtains purposely left open. Then they exchanged places using Annie again. Bob and Gary got the double header!

Kara knew that some men found that a blowjob wasn't enough. After a few drinks and being rejuvenated, they often took a girl to a room for a more intimate encounter. Kara called the Double Header her "lead in" like at a grocery store.

Gary spent the next hour with Anal Annie in a private room. Bob finished with Pussy Penny.

The Tuesday night special was for uncut cocks. The men got 20% off and a free drink. Kara was quickly becoming wealthy.

In California, Nancy might have been past the childbearing years when she and her new husband moved, but she never lost her interest in sex. And she was as faithful to him as a nun is to the Catholic Church.

She never returned to the Badlands of South Dakota.



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