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Stephanie- Chapter Five

Steph gets what she wants
I stripped down to only my underwear while I was waiting for Mike. He would come, I knew he would. And if he didn't, I'd go down there and bring him up myself. I didn't have to wait long before there was a knock on my door and Mike came in, his black hair slightly dishelved, his chest bare. I pretended not to notice him, and started to play with my hair, giving him a good look of my back. I heard him pull his pants off and smiled to myself, this was going to be a lot of fun. But I hadn't bargained for what I got: him taking control.

"Relax, Stephie, and this will be fun," he whispered as he nibbled on my neck as his hands gripped my tits from behind. This small contact sent shivers down my spine, and an electric spike right to my pussy, soaking through to my bed. "Stand up and face the mirror," he picked me up and turned me to face my ceiling-to-floor wall mirror. He pulled off my panties and lifted my right leg up onto my desk, completely exposing my wet cunt. 

He started kissing my neck up and down, nibbling and biting hard, the arousal went straight to my pussy and it dripped my juices down my legs. He sent shivers down my spine when he trailed kisses along it, making my hairs stand on edge. He smelt my ass and moaned, "Ohh baby!" He twisted his head up and under my arm, his lips crossing over my erect nipple, and he drew it into his mouth. My fingers dug further into his arms as he bit down hard.

I cried out as he pinched my nipples hard, back in his position behind me. I felt his cock press against my cheeks.

He trailed his fingers down my stomach to my dripping pussy, and starting toying with my clit. I moaned as he said, "Look at your cunt, look at your cunt as I play with it," 

I looked down to see him slide a finger up my pussy, and felt him twist and turn inside of me. He gently stroked my pussy wall as he teased me, inching me closer to an orgasm. I pressed against his finger begging for more, and was awarded when he slid another two in.

"Oh baby," I moaned as I moved my hips in a circular motion, forcing his fingers in deeper. "Give me more!"

"Beg me Steph, you have to beg me," he whispered as he spanked me. 

The force of the spank doubled the pleasure his twisting, teasing fingers were giving me. "Please Mike, I want all your hand inside me, fucking my wet cunt. Please, Mike, fuck me with your hand." The site of his fingers inside me was absolutely perfect.

He rubbed his palm against my swollen clit, causing me to completely soak the carpet we stood on. He eased in his remaining fingers, and slowly pushed he entire fist in. The feeling of his rough, calloused hand against my soft, wet pussy wall was enough to send me into a blissful orgasm.

He rocked his fist tightly within me as I came all over him. He roughly teased my G-Spot, and nibbled my ear. The combined arousal sent me into yet another orgasm, and he pulled out his fist to lick all my juices up.

He hooked his arm under my right leg, pulling it up so my pussy would stretch even more. He placed his huge cock (he was even larger than James!) at my entrance and moved around for a bit. "You gotta beg for it baby. Beg for my monster to fill your delicious cunt!" 

"Please! I want your cock to rub against my pussy walls, I want you to release your beautiful cum inside me. I want to feel you in me, Mike!" I groaned, and his cock slid it perfectly. 

He was gentle at first, but he started picking up the pace and thrusted harder and deeper. The feeling of his cock inside me was wonderful: his cock was rock hard and it pounded my pussy like there was no tomorrow. 

He struck deeper and deeper, until he could go no more. His balls were banging against my ass, but couldn't be heard over our grunting and moaning. He brushed over my G-Spot, violently bring on an orgasm. 

"Mike!" I yelled as I came over his cock, and I felt his release as well. If he hadn't been holding me upright, I would have collapsed from pure ecstasy.

"Baby," he moaned as his fingers played with my tits, "your cunt is magnificent. So perfect. Can I explore with your ass?"

I was too tired to say no, and I wouldn't have either way. When I nodded he through me over my desk and spread my legs, revealing my pink asshole. He walked into my bathroom, and walked out a moment later with some body oil, which he poured on his hands and smeared across my ass, letting it dribble down my hole. The oil was arousingly cold against my skin.

He poked a few fingers in, twisting and turning much like he had down to my pussy, stretching it enough for his cock. When he was satisfied I was loose enough, he slowly slid his cock in. He added more oil to make his fucks more smoother, and soon he was rocking me, and my desk, into another world.

It felt so good to have a cock as large as Mike's fill up my ass, and I was yelling and screaming in absolute bliss. "Baby yes!" My boobs were slamming against the table, the pain turning me on even more. He slapped my ass a few times and stuck fingers in my pussy, ferociously finger-fucking me. 

"I'm coming!" He yelled just as his hot seed burried itself in my anus, "Oh baby that was so hot," he continued to finger me until I came as well, licking up the cum that came from my cunt and ass. "We taste so nice mixed together," he said as he bought his lips to mine.

I tasted the saltiness of our cum together, and sucked it out of his mouth. He fondled my breasts as I played with his dick.

"C'mon," he whispered, "let's get cleaned up, you need a shower."

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