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We Met Online - A Daytime Rendezvous

We met online and now it was time to meet in open the door and let me in thinking, 'what am I in for'. As you turn to shut the door you are pressed up against it from behind thinking, 'what have I done'...only to realize that my lips are caressing your neck, my tongue glides across your earlobe. My hands slide up your thighs and graze between your legs, you gasp, and as my hands reach your hips I turn you, my lips meet yours and they part as our tongues dance together. You grasp my shirt and pull it over my head feeling the muscle of my shoulder and back under your fingertips, our lips still locked except only when I remove your shirt, our hips grind together...still pressed against the door.

As my right hand unbuttons your jeans, my left unclasps your bra releasing the soft mounds of your breasts ready for my touch, chilled to arousal. As my lips part from yours, you sigh, as I kiss my way down between your breasts and across your exposed tummy. I reach your jeans and pull them to your ankles, revealing a tiny black thong that leaves little to the imagination, but a lot in anticipation.

You step out of your jeans and my tongue glides from your knee up your right thigh, pausing to kiss your hip bone, my hands caress both inner thighs, and as my lips find the taught tip of one milky white breast, my hand greets the black thong already moist with excitement. You gasp when my teeth gently clamp down on your breast, and moan as my fingers find their way inside that ever so tiny black thong... I flick your taught little clit with my middle finger spreading you wide with the rest you gasp and bit down on my shoulder, occasionally my fingers dart inside your tight wet pussy. I can tell by your breath that your about to orgasm for me and I pull you tight to me, still pressed against the door, and work vigorously on your clit. Your body begins to vibrate in my arms, small whimpers escaping clenched teeth, and with one more flick of my finger your soak my hand in sweet juices, crying out, one hand on the door handle and one on one firm cheek of my ass.

You collect yourself quickly and turn your body moving me so my back is to the door and you kiss your way across my chest, cupping both cheeks of my ass in your hands. You open the button of my jeans and can see my hard throbbing cock stretching the fabric beneath, you pull my jeans and underwear to my ankles revealing my hard, stiff cock already beginning to drip with the thought of you wrapped around it. You run your tongue down the shaft of my cock and across my shaved balls taking one in your mouth and gently sucking on it, I moan in pleasure.

As you leave my balls, your tongue gliding up my shaft, licking the pre-cum off that has dribbled from the tip, you circle the tip with your tongue before enveloping my cock in your mouth and I groan in ecstasy. Your tongue expertly swirls my shaft, up and down, fast and slow and before long, my balls cupped in your hand jolt, and I blow stream after stream of hot cum into your mouth and throat, moaning, tense from head to toe. You swallow it all, taking my cum, moaning in the pleasure of receiving it, and lick my shaft clean and work your mouth back across my take my hand...and lead me to your bedroom.

You guide me to your bedroom, your pussy dripping from your first orgasm by the door, our clothes still lay discarded by the door, your body tingles with what is to come. I lay you down on the bed and kiss you, hard, passionately, my fingertips caressing you, you can feel my still hard cock pressed against your thigh. Our lips parts and I begin to explore your body, pausing at each nipple, sucking, licking, tongue glides across your tummy circling your belly button caressing across your belly from hip bone to hip bone as my fingers reach up and caress your nipples.

My tongue glides just past your pussy's waiting wetness and glides just down your inner thigh to your knee, across your calf, slowly, methodically. It crosses across the top of your foot that and I take a couple toes gently in my mouth and suck on them, flicking them with my tongue...I move to the other foot and do the same. I then work my way back up your second leg, across the knee, licking your inner thigh. I can smell the musk of your musk and my cock stiffens even more...the lips of my mouth brush gently on the lips of your wet waiting pussy and you moan...

My lips pressed against your pussy lips my tongue comes out and glides slowly parting your lips, tasting you for the first time, drinking you in, tasting the sweet juices of your pussy and your body shudders as I begin to flick your clit with the tip of my tongue. My left hand reaches up and slowly grazes across your erect nipples and you moan as I tighten my lips and clamp down on your clit with them. I take my right hand and gently slide two fingers into your wet waiting pussy, curving them up to find your g-spot, licking, sucking, and nibbling your clit. My mouth leaves your clit and strokes the lips of your pussy around my fingers and follows the trail
of juices down to your tight asshole, wet with the juices of your pussy I rim the outside of your tight little hole while my fingers writhe inside of you, stroking inside of moan as my tongue glides across your wet asshole.

My left hand leaves your nipples and comes down to continue to rim your asshole as I move my tongue back to your pussy lips, gliding my tongue up and down as my fingers begin to press on your swelling 'g' moan and writhe all around me...your body getting ready to cum once again. I work your pussy lips and 'g'spot more and more with the occasional flick to your clit, you whimper as my tongue passes over your clit and I know you are getting close.

You are so wet the index finger of my left hand is slipping in and out of your ass as the juices flow from your pussy, you moan in delight every time it slips in, every time a little deeper. Finally I attack your clit as I hear your breathing cry out in pleasure as I work both your holes and your clit, stroking your 'g'spot......I can feel the lips of your pussy begin to tighten on my fingers and I press hard on your 'g'spot, keeping the rhythm steady, flicking your clit all in a perfect rhythm, you moan with pleasure, my finger is now sliding in and out of your ass with are about to cum, your moaning is getting louder, my rhythm keeps up, guiding your body to release. Your body begins to shudder and you cry out as your orgasm squirts from your soaking pussy into my waiting mouth and face, my tongue keeps lashing you, my fingers keep working your ass and pussy and wave after wave of cum soak's my face! So much cum, the sheets soaked with pussy juice...I lap it up, both of us in ecstasy.

You grab me by the hair and pull my face back up to yours, licking your juices from my cheeks and look me in the eye and beg me to fuck you...You can feel my shaved balls sliding around in your soaked pussy's want me cock in you you tell me, you grab my cock and realize how hard I am and beg me to fuck you. I get off the bed and pull you to the edge so you ass is just lightly hanging over...I spread your legs...and stroke your wet pussy with my dripping wet dick...flicking your swollen clit with the head of my cock. I stroke your wet pussy with the head of my dick, you are soo wet I keep slipping in a little, you gently moan at my stroking and then look up and me and say, ""...and I plunge my rock solid cock into your soaked and waiting pussy!

We both moan in pleasure as we are finally together, slowly I grind my hard cock in you...feeling your wet lips envelope my cock ready to suck the life right out of it......we grind against each other I put your thighs against my chest and your ankles at my should and push deep into moan louder with each thrust, hard, then soft, hard, then soft...picking up speed each time. I begin to really hammer inside of you as you play with your clit...I can tell you are close to cumming yet again....and I thrust faster. As you begin to buck under me and your a screaming moan escapes your lips my cock explodes filling your soaked pussy with hot sticky cum, thrusting a few more times...we collapse on your bed together. We pant heavily as we come down from the high of orgasm and our skin tingles with the sensations of sexual pleasure.

I roll off you and you stretch out on your tummy...relaxed. You noticed that even though I've cum my cock is still rock hard, and as I notice you staring at my still hard cock it stiffens more and I roll on top of you, with you still face down on the feel my cock slide in between your ass cheeks, you ass crack slippery with the juices from you earlier orgasms. You moan as I stroke cock in between your cheeks. I glide my tongue down your back from your neck, tasting the salty sweat of your skin until I reach your ass. My tongue glides down the crack and as it passes over your asshole your gasp and moan. I give your pussy a little flick, at which you squeal and then move back to your pussy juice soaked ass. I rim your tight little asshole as my fingers flick your clit, you moan in anticipation of what I'm going to do.

I slide a finger into your ass with one hand and another in your pussy with the other, and you let out a cry of pleasure, then two fingers, then three...and then I move the head of my cock to your asshole and gently press against it, waiting for your okay to enter scream, "fuck my ass"...and I slowly plunge my rock hard cock into your asshole! You scream in ecstasy as I begin to thrust in your ass, my balls slapping the lips of your pussy, I see your hand slide under you and realize you are playing with your clit...this won't take long for either of us...I thrust in your tight hole, it gripping my cock like a vise and you giggle with giddy pleasure. As I'm about to cum again I hear you scream and feel your juices leap from your pussy soaking my balls and I fill your waiting ass with another massive load of hot cum!

We collapse yet again...glowing...spent...and promise this will not be our last daytime rendezvous! :)

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