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Lori Learns To Be A Shared Wife

"Once she started she could not quit."

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Author's Notes

"My wife needs to be happier in life. I tell her my fantasy and she finds that she can't get enough cock from strange men."

Lori, my wife of ten years, is a nose-in-the-book librarian. She doesn't know how gorgeous and sexy she is. She works at the county library in a small southern town. She dresses conservatively, some would say mousey.

She is very petite with small A-cup breasts and stands at only 5'2". Her hair is light red, long, and curly, and is the softest that I have ever felt. Soaking wet, she weighs at most one hundred pounds. I have posted her picture above. She has an incredibly soft smokey voice with a Southern accent.

She loves sex with me but only on weekends and special occasions. We have four-hour sex sessions when we do have sex, with her cumming at least eight to ten times. I cum four to six times, but I am constantly hard the whole four hours, other than about ten minutes after I cum.

She sports a small red pube triangle above her pussy and waxes the rest. Her labia are long and prominent with her clit the size of a marble. When she gets sexually aroused her tight pussy gets soaking wet.

My name is Mac and I build houses. I am a full foot taller than Lori at 6'2". I have a muscular tanned body with a thick seven-inch cock.

Sometimes, after making love or in between rounds, I try to talk dirty to her by telling her my fantasy stories of sharing her with strangers. She finds this disgusting and tells me I am all she needs. But I think sometimes, am I all she wants? She may say that it's disgusting, but when I tell her my dirty fantasies, her pussy gets soaking wet, and her breathing gets labored.

All the above is how it once was as the following is the story of how Lori became a shared wife and cum slut, all with my approval and encouragement.

It's hard to explain the excitement and ecstasy of sharing the love of your life. I feel proud of her and want every man to know and experience what I have. I feel jealousy and horniness at the same time. I love how happy Lori is when she tells me about her cheating and orgasms. We usually have great uninhibited sex afterward, and at the end of the day, she always comes back to me. She calls it claiming her back as my wife.

One Saturday afternoon, Lori and I took the 1966 Mustang convertible on a road trip into the North Georgia mountains. It was about an hour and a half drive one way.

We visited beautiful lakes and streams, and waterfalls and even stopped at the Cabbage Patch doll nursery and store. Lori wore a skimpy yellow bikini top, short cut-off jeans, and flip-flops.

We had an enjoyable day in the mountains as we started heading back to the house at about 6:00 PM. After about a half-hour the Mustang started sputtering and cut off. I pulled it to the side of the road and popped the hood. Lori got out and leaned against the car and was on some App reading.

I looked at all the possibilities that I could think of when I noticed the distributor cap was broken. Just then a tow truck pulled up with a handsome driver of about thirty years old.

He got out and his name tag said Ted on it. I told Ted what the problem was, but he and Lori were just looking at each other. Lori was a stunning site leaning on the car while the well-built Ted had a massive bulge in his jeans.

Ted said that his aunt and uncle own a garage about fifteen minutes down the road, but they are closed. He said that he is fairly sure that they have the distributor cap size that I need in stock. He would have to call his uncle to open, and he did not want to disturb him on a Saturday evening.

I asked, "What could we do to get you to open up and give us a quick tow? I can pay double."

Ted nodded towards Lori and said, "How about ten minutes alone with her?"

Lori thought about my wife sharing fantasies, and Ted is a good-looking man. She stepped up and said, "Call your uncle to open the store, and let's go over to the other side of the car away from traffic."

Ted called his uncle and told him to meet us at the garage in twenty minutes. He grabbed Lori by the wrist and pulled her to the passenger side. He leaned her against the car, slid his big hands under her bikini top, and pulled it up exposing her tiny but beautiful breasts.

Her pink nipples were long and narrow jutting out like darts, while being surrounded by deep pink one-inch diameter areolas. He sunk his mouth on the right tit and fondled the left.

Lori brazenly unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them. She could see the base of his fat cock as he was commando. She pulled his cock up and out until the full nine inches was pointing to the sky.

She had never held a cock this big and thick. Her eyes went wild and crazy. She pulled his jeans further down exposing his large hairy balls. Lori dropped to her knees and licked the head of his cock, then slowly pushed her lips over his shaft taking in about seven inches.

Lori usually doesn't like giving head until she gets a little tipsy or grows tired of my begging. I have only cum in her mouth two to three times by accident, resulting in her scolding me and then withholding sex from me for a while.

Ted grasps Lori's soft hair and pumps his large cock slowly into her mouth. By the look on his face, she was doing a fantastic job. She was very enthusiastic about bobbing her head in rhythm with his hip pumping.

He grasps her hair tighter and face fucks her hard. Lori could tell he was about to explode. Her lips were stretched wide as she clamped down on his cock so that he could spill his seed down her throat.

Ted let out a loud grunt, he slammed his pelvis into Lori’s face and, shot multiple spurts of cum into her mouth. Lori held his cock in her mouth while swallowing all his juice. His cock softened and slipped out of her glistening lips.

Lori stood up, pushed her bikini top back in place, and climbed into the cab of the truck. Ted pulled up his pants in a daze. He hooked our car up and we both climbed into the cab of the truck, with Lori sitting in the middle. She rode with a hand on each of our crotches.

When we pulled up to the garage, Ted's aunt and uncle were already there. We said our hellos, then the aunt and uncle, and I went searching for the distributor cap on the shelves. It took us about fifteen minutes to find it and about five minutes to replace it onto the Mustang. The car started right up.

About that time, Lori came stumbling out of the office towards the car. She was wearing a long white t-shirt that had Georgia Bulldogs written across the front. Her chest and right shoulder were exposed through the big neck hole. Her hair was messy and her face and chest blushed red.

She climbed in the front and said let’s go. She had this glaze or glow all about her.

I asked if she was okay as I pulled out of the lot and headed for home. She asked me to give her a minute to collect herself.

As we drove home Lori smiled at me and this was her account of what happened:


"When you and Ted's aunt and uncle went into the storeroom, Ted asked if I wanted a coke from the office. I told him yes and followed him in.

I know you watched me suck his big dick. You must be confused, but I did it for you. Once I saw his beautiful thick cock, I got so horny and lost control, especially after he roughly handled my titties, and you stood there and did nothing.

His cock filled my mouth and stretched my lips. I felt his bulbous head slip down my throat and I came in my panties. The next thing I knew his cock thickened, so I knew he was going to cum. You always begged me to let you cum in my mouth, so I thought that's what men liked so I clamped down to let him know it was okay to shoot into my mouth.

He shot more cum than I have ever seen, and the funny thing is that it tasted good, and felt good going down.

On the ride to the garage, all I could think about was having that massive cock in my tiny little pussy.

Once in the office, he pushed me against the wall, grabbed my top with both hands, and tore it in two. He bit both my nipples hard and sucked my titties until they were marked with his bites and suction.

He ordered me to take off my shorts and panties. I pushed them down, but the panties stuck in my wet pussy, so he forced them the rest of the way down to the floor.

As soon as I stepped out of them, he slid me up the wall and put my legs over his shoulders with his mouth on my pussy. My head was hard against the ceiling tile, and I used both hands pressed against the ceiling to balance myself.

He bit my inner thighs and bruised them as well. I was so turned on that I was dripping my juices all over his neck and shirt. His tongue slipped in deep into my pussy and I came once again. His tongue found my marble size clit and licked and sucked as I flayed my legs around in ecstasy.

His hands left my ass, and I heard him unbuckling his pants. He slid me down the wall until his cock head entered my pussy. I screamed 'Oh God.' and came again. I was in fucking heaven.

He lowered me further onto his cock, and it was stretching my walls open further than they had ever been. It hurt so bad but felt so wonderful. I screamed as I continued being impaled by his cock. I finally felt his balls on my ass. He held me there to allow me to catch my breath.

I started bouncing on his cock, pulling his cock out about seven inches, and then dropping back down to the base. My God, this felt so good as my innermost walls were so electrified, and my clit was tingling. I could feel every ridge of his cock on my nerve endings.

Ted said I was the tightest pussy that he had ever had, and that I tasted so good and sweet. He started plunging hard to match my bouncing. It felt like my inner walls were being dragged out with his cock and then shoved back in.

It still hurt and I started crying, but it felt too wonderful to stop. It's hard to explain. He started to call me cunt, whore, and bitch as he started cumming deep into my womb. As soon as I felt his seed shoot into me, I came so hard that I passed out.

I woke up on his desk as he was sliding my shorts back on me. He looked a little scared that he had hurt me. He felt relieved that I had woken up and smiled at him. He pulled a new white t-shirt off the shelf that they sell to tourists. He slipped it over my head and said sorry for ruining my top, and that he was keeping my panties.

I tried to stand but my legs were shaking, so he helped me towards the door. My pussy, thighs, and tits were so sore that it made it difficult for me to walk. His semen was dripping down my legs. He took a clean oil rag and wiped me clean. I then reached up and grabbed his face and gave him a long, passionate kiss. I told him goodbye and stumbled out the door and saw you in the car.” 

My dick was so hard as we pulled into the driveway, just as she finished her story. I carried her in and laid her on the bed. I started her bath and then stripped her clothes off. She had multiple bruises and bite marks on her tits and thighs. Her pussy was swollen and red. I sat her down slowly into the bubble bath and I gently washed her.

Lori looked up with tears in her eyes, as it just hit her that she fucked a man that was not her husband. "You aren't mad or disgusted with me, are you?" She cried.

I placed my hands on the side of her face, gave her a tender kiss and said, "I love you so much for fulfilling my fantasy. You are the love of my life and now someone knows exactly what I have with you. I am turned on and in awe of you."

"Well, my pussy will not be able to take your cock for a few days, but when it is ready, I promise to give you the ride of your life. I will, however, suck you like a Hoover and take your seed down my throat."

It has been a little over a month since Ted destroyed my wife's pussy. I pulled into our driveway after a hot grueling day at the construction site. I found Lori soaking in the tub. She told me to get in with her, as she wanted to tell me about her day. I stripped and climbed in.

Lori recounted:

“It was a normal, slow day at the library. The usual pervs came in to use the computers to watch porn. I had two school buses come in with fifth graders to see my demonstration on the Dewey Decimal System. There was the man and woman homeless couple outside the front door peeing and pooping on the sidewalk.

Joan didn't show up again, so I was working all alone. At three, I had to close the library on my break so I could walk across the street to the coffee shop.

While I was sitting there eating my danish and sipping my coffee, in walked two handsome Georgia State Patrolmen. They ordered and got their food, but there was no place to sit as all the tables were taken. I asked if they wanted to sit with me and keep me company.

They looked me over and said they would love to if I didn’t mind. They sat down and I found out that they worked at a South Georgia station and had just been to Atlanta for some tactical training. I told them I worked at the library across the street.

Patrolman John was tall with red hair and had broad shoulders. He was in his early thirties. Patrolman Jerome was a tall, lanky, light-skinned black man. He reminded me of a young Harry Belafonte. They were both so polite and funny.

I was wearing my drab brown full-length skirt, a wide belt at the waist, and flats on my feet. I had my big glasses on, and my hair tied back.

We were having so much fun getting to know each other that I asked them to come over to the library to talk some more. John had noticed my big diamond engagement ring and gold wedding band. He asked if my husband would mind if two guys were flirting with his wife all alone in the library.

I said that you wouldn't mind, and that you would hope that there would be more than flirting.

I locked the door to the library and kept the closed sign up. I grabbed both the patrolman by their ties and led them into my office. I pulled my hair tie, and my long curly red hair fell over my shoulders and down my back. I was about to take my glasses off when Jerome asked me to leave them on, as they made me look hot and studious.

I took off my belt and kicked off my flats. I slowly unbuttoned the dress from the top down. I was not wearing a bra. As you know, my tits are small and they do not need support. I dropped the dress onto the floor and was embarrassed as I forgot I had on some old holey granny panties.

Jerome noticed my embarrassment and told me not to worry. He grabbed the scissors off my desk and cut them off from me.

Jerome went wild when he saw my red triangle and long pussy lips. John couldn't take his eyes off my pink nipples that were sticking out a stiff 3/8".

'Well!' I said, 'Why am I the only one that is naked?' They both started stripping off their uniforms. John was muscular with a six-inch circumcised cock, which was about the same girth as yours. Jerome's cock was dark black, uncut, and about seven inches. It was slightly meatier than yours.

I got down on my knees and grabbed both their hard cocks and alternated jacking and sucking them. I sucked Jerome until he grunted and came into my mouth. I swallowed it all, and as soon as I placed John's cock back in my mouth he shot off as well. He spunked so much that I could not contain it all. His milky cum dripped out down my chin. I grabbed a tissue and cleaned it up.

Jerome laid on his back on the rug. I slowly sat on his wonderful cock, as his eyes rolled up in his head. I slid my hips back and forth so that his cock pressed against my engorged clit.

John bent over and sucked my long nipples. I tugged at his cock until it got hard again. Jerome pulled me down flat so that my nipples were stabbing him in the chest. He told John to go for the gold.

I felt John behind me as Jerome held me in place while his cock was deep in my pussy. John smeared some of my pussy juice onto my ass. My eyes grew big as the head of his cock touched my starfish. I asked him to be gentle as I have never had anal sex.

The head penetrated my anal opening as it rested at my tight sphincter ring. He pushed slowly forward, and I felt him slip past my sphincter and penetrate me by about two inches. I was amazed, as it felt damn good in my ass. As he slipped it in all the way, I could feel both dicks as they both penetrated me.

They got a good rhythm going, pumping me from behind. I came so hard that I squirted for the first time in my life. I kept having small multiple orgasms as they filled my holes with their cocks.

John came in my ass and pulled out. Jerome flipped me over, put my legs over his shoulders and drove into me until we both came at the same time.

They both put on their uniforms as I dressed as well. They gave me a hug and a kiss. John said he sent me a message on my phone as a present for you for sharing your wife with them. So here it is on my phone, a video of the whole sex session. They set their phone up to record without me knowing.”

I watch the video often, and Lori watches me jack off to it. To recap: Lori is fulfilling my fantasy of sharing her with others. I get to cum in her mouth often, and I get to have occasional anal sex.

Being one of the top librarians in the county, Lori got invited to an innovative technology conference in Vail, Colorado. It was a cold January, so Lori bought all new winter outfits. She is so tiny that she just disappeared in her new winter coat.

This is Lori's account of her trip as told to me upon her return:

“The plane ride was tedious, but the bus ride was worse. I finally arrived at the hotel and conference hall. I checked into my room, which had a huge fireplace, and a large picture window with beautiful views of the snowy mountains. As you know I don't ski, so most of my activities were inside.

I went down to the bar and ordered a martini, neat. I sipped it slowly as I perused the room. It was pretty much empty as the conference didn't start until the next day. The busboy looked bored, so I started chatting him up. His name was Chad and he just turned eighteen. He was a senior in high school and had made the US Olympic ice skating team. He had massive thigh muscles.

I forgot to tell you what I was wearing. I had on that black strapless cocktail dress that just barely covered my ass. I wore no bra, of course, and it was freezing cold, so my long nipples were prominent. I wore six-inch stilettos with black hose and garter belt. My panties were crotchless.

I noticed the boy was constantly staring at my nipples poking through the fabric of my dress. I stared into his crystal blue eyes as I twirled my red tresses around my fingers. I would touch his arm when I laughed, and I slowly spread my legs as the hem of my dress rode high on my thighs, exposing the top of my hose and my crotchless panties.

My exposed pussy finally caught his eye, and he stammered as he tried to talk. I asked him did he liked what he saw. He just nodded. I took his hand and pressed it onto my now wet pussy. He blushed and said that I felt nice. I rubbed his hard cock through his pants and felt a hard ten-inch cock. It was the same thickness as yours, but it was strong and straight.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He told me yes. I then asked if he used his nice cock on her young pussy. He admitted that he had never had sex of any kind other than jacking off under the covers once his parents went to sleep. I had a small quiet orgasm on his hand when he told me this.

I stood up and gave him my spare key. He told me he gets off in an hour. I kissed him on the cheek, and I sucked my juice off his fingers and then I walked away.

There was a knock on the door and Chad stepped in. I lay on the faux bearskin rug in front of the roaring fireplace. I was posed with my head in my hand, and with one knee up exposing my long wet labia.

I ordered him to strip and lay beside me. He was very muscular, especially his ice skating thighs. His cock stood straight out like a flagpole. His balls were tight in his large sack. He stepped towards me, and I pulled him down next to me. My pussy was buzzing with anticipation. I grabbed his cock with both hands and jerked him for a minute or two. I kissed him deeply, running my tongue down his throat.

He tried to mount me to fuck me, but I stopped him. I told him to be patient and that we had all night. I could see precum dripping from his dick. I bent over and licked it off and I moaned. I pulled his face to my tiny breasts and had him suck and kiss them. My long nipples were sucked deep into his mouth, along with my whole tit. I humped his thigh, spreading my moisture all over. I had another small orgasm, which I know he did not pick up on.

I lay on my back and spread my legs. I pulled his head into my pussy while placing my legs over his shoulders. I instructed him where to lick and suck. He noticed my protruding clit. I told him what it was and how to gently rub and squeeze it. I then instructed him to suck it. I squeezed his head tight with my thighs and bucked my pussy hard into his face. I screamed as I had a massive orgasm, and I creamed his face good.

He was so proud that he gave an older woman an orgasm with his mouth. I told him it was my turn, and I grabbed his cock and licked the head. I then plunged my mouth down his shaft. I opened my throat and took all ten inches. His eyes almost popped out of his head. I fondled his balls with one hand and grabbed the base of his cock with the other. I bobbed my head up and down his cock while jerking the base as he pinched and twisted my nipples.

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He came quickly into my mouth, and it tasted so salty and good. I swallowed it all and continued to suck his still hard cock. I grabbed his hand and pushed his two fingers into my small cunt. I showed him how to finger me and reminded him about my clit. I taught him about my G-spot and how to push into it. As he did, I came again and moaned into his cock.

I had enough. I needed this flagpole to impale my cunt. I rolled him on his back, and I mounted him. I stared him in his eyes as my pussy slowly slid down his cock. I was soaking wet, so it pushed in quite easily. I sank until he hit my cervix. Then I pushed on down as it slipped past, and I bottomed out pelvis to pelvis. My eyes rolled up into my head and I shook and shuttered as I squirted my clear fluid onto his young body.

I made two or three pumps of my hips and Chad came deep inside me. He fucked me about six more times that night in every position of which I could think. His favorite was doggie style of course.

In the morning, I kissed him goodbye, and I told him to go use what he learned on his girlfriend. He almost cried as he said goodbye.

The conference was very boring, but I met this interesting sixty-eight-year-old librarian. His name was David. He was funny and charming. He was incredibly good looking and stood about 6'4". He had thick, curly grey hair with a mustache and goatee to match. He was from Boston and was the lead librarian at the main city library.

We sat together at lunch and at the conference for the rest of the day. As we sat and listened to the speaker I rested my hand on his thigh. He put his strong hand on top of mine.

I was wearing a grey pinstriped pencil skirt with my hose, garter belt, and black thong. I had a loose white blouse with a black bra showing through to hide my long pointy nipples. It did not stop them from showing through after all.

We ate dinner at a nice restaurant, and we shared two bottles of wine. He asked me up to his room to continue our conversation. I accepted, and we walked up the stairs to his room.

Our conversation eventually turned to sex of course. He said that he rarely gets an erection these days unless he really gets turned on. I asked what turns him on, and he looked sheepishly away, and said he likes to dominate and spank women. I at once became wet. My thong was soaked with my juices.

I stood up and looked sternly at him, and told him to dominate me. He immediately changed his stature, and he seemed to grow strong and tall over my petite body. He took off his belt and folded it in half. He sat down in the chair and pulled me over his lap. He struck my ass hard with the belt and it stung. He continued with the spanking, with the belt slapping both my cheeks.

He then slipped his hand up my skirt and pulled my thong to the side. He roughly stuck two fingers in my pussy and finger fucked me until I came.

He pulled my skirt up over my hips to my waist. He then shimmied my thong off my ass and over my ankles. He sniffed my wet thong, then balled them up and stuffed them in my mouth.

His hand rubbed over the cheeks of my bare ass. He stuck his fingers back into my wetness again. He abruptly pulled them out and spanked my ass hard with his bare hand. He slapped hard ten times, then switched cheeks. He repeatedly spanked as I flinched and cried. It stung so bad but sparked a fire in my pussy. He took a picture of my red spanked ass with his phone and showed it to me. My ass was blistered.

He slid me down to my knees between his legs and pulled out the thong from my mouth. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a hanky and dried my eyes and cheeks. He grabbed me by the neck and tore open my blouse shooting buttons across his room. He pulled off the torn blouse, pulled my black bra up and over my head. He told me my nipples were outstanding, but my breasts were disappointing.

He flicked both nipples hard with his fingers. He sucked and bit each of my nipples hard. He slapped my little titties until they were pink and sore. I started whimpering again.

He grabbed my chin, and looked me in the eyes, and asked me if I wanted to stop. I shook my head no, as I was determined to be fully dominated.

David reached again into his pocket and applied clamps on both of my sore nipples. They hurt but only a little. They were attached together with a chain, and each clamp had a small tassel hanging from them.

He ordered me to stand up and take my skirt off. He bent me over in front of him so he could view my pussy and asshole. He rubbed his hands over my hose on my thighs, and he pulled and popped both G-strings against my thighs. My six inch stilettos made my ass poke out further than normal. He rubbed my ass and told me my ass does not disappoint, and that it was fabulous. It was sore as hell though.

He stuck his tongue in my pussy and jammed two fingers in my ass. I came hard as he licked and bit my clit, then fingered my ass. His face was all wet. He made me lick his fingers, which had just been in my ass. He then grabbed me by the hair and sat me on the chair. He reached into his suitcase and pulled out a black thick, twelve-inch dildo. He pushed that fat thing into my pussy as I grunted in pain.

The dildo was slimy with my juices, and my pussy adjusted to the thickness. He rammed it hard against my cervix a few times, then it slipped by, and I took the whole twelve inches. He pumped it in out of me, as I felt it on every nerve ending in the walls of my pussy. My clit was buzzing with ecstasy as I squirted my juices all over his clothes.

He ordered me to get up, get dressed, and that he was done with me.

I stood up and asked him if I could service his cock. He just laughed and said that his cock hadn't been hard in years, and there was no need to worry about his cock.

I slapped him across the face and ripped open his shirt as his buttons flew all over the room. I pulled his shirt off and rubbed my hands on his grey haired chest. He had a nice, muscular chest. I unfastened his pants, as if you remember the belt was already off. I pulled them down, and he stepped out of them. He was wearing blue striped boxer shorts, that I told him to lose.

His eyes watered, and he shook his head no. I slapped his face again and jerked them down to his ankles. He had a handsome four-inch circumcised cock. It hung there flaccid above a large hairy set of balls.

I pushed him down onto the chair, and knelt between his legs, while rubbing my dart like nipples on his thighs. He looked away, embarrassed, as my sexy move had no effect on his cock.

David, don't you think I’m pretty? He cried, ‘God yes. You are a beautiful baby angel that heaven has sent to me.’ I had to gather my wits as I almost teared up. ‘It is no use.’ he said.

I slapped his face a third time and swallowed his soft cock whole. I sucked and tongued his cock, and I cradled and fondled his balls. I felt a little movement, maybe just a twitch. I rammed my middle finger into his ass hole and began massaging his prostate. He obviously had an enlarged prostate, as it was bulging hard against his anal wall.

I fingered and sucked him, as we locked eyes, I felt his cock grow hard. It hardened so fast that it caught me off guard and choked me.

I pulled my mouth off, and we both stared at his thick seven inch boner. I dropped my mouth down again and swallowed the full seven inches. I slurped and moaned.

Suddenly, I hopped up and mounted his lap. Tears were running down both of our faces as I slowly impaled his cock into my pussy. I moved my hips back and forth, letting his cock head pull out to my labia, then I shoved his cock back in until our pelvises collided.

I fucked him a good five minutes when he grabbed my throat, and squeezed as he shot a shit load of cum deep in my cunt.

We hugged in the chair as his cock softened and slowly slipped out. I couldn't look at him while I got up and got dressed, as we both would have lost it again and start crying.

I yelled, ‘See you tomorrow!’ as I went out the door. He did not show up the next day, but when I got to my room after the conference, there were a dozen roses on my bed with a note that said, ‘Thank You My Baby Angel.’”


I had jacked off and came halfway through her story. When she finished, I said, "Baby, you are so fucking hot. I love sharing you with others." We fucked for hours that night.

A few months later, Lori met me at the door when I got home from playing golf at a charity event out of town. I was gone for two days. She was wearing her robe with nothing under it. Her face was bright pink, and I could smell her juices.

We both sat down at the kitchen table, and we held each other’s hands. She told me she had some news for me.

This is the story she told to me:

“After you left Friday, I just tinkered around the house washing clothes, mopping, and other chores. I took a long bath at about five PM. While I was shaving my coochie, my phone rang. It was Ashley, who was bored as well because Dan was off with you playing golf.

We decided to get dressed and go to that new fancy restaurant and bar that just opened downtown. We were both dressed very sexy in low-cut, short dresses. I wore a red dress and Ashley wore black.

While we were eating and drinking wine, I noticed a gorgeous couple in their mid-forties sitting two tables away. They looked to be very much in love, as they just stared into each other’s eyes. Her diamond ring was a little bigger than mine, and her wedding band matched his.

I pointed them out to Ashley, and she just nodded, uncaring, as she was pretty drunk from the wine.

The live band started playing in the bar area. I asked Ashley if she wanted to dance, but she was too drunk. I called her an Uber to take her home and told her I was going to stay and dance a while.

The band started playing a slow dance, when Mitch, the very handsome married man, asked me to dance. I asked if his lovely wife would mind, and he said, ‘Probably, but she had to step out to take an important call.’

He put his arms around my waist, and mine were around his neck, as we swayed to the music. I am not going to lie, but this man exudes sex appeal. He was the most debonair and charming man I have ever met. He smelled great and had fluid moves, so I just melted in his arms.

My panties were soaked. He whispered in my ear that he could smell my excitement. He told me that Meghan, his wife, reacts the same way. I would have fucked him on the dance floor if he had asked.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly. He was about 5'10" tall with an athletic build. The song ended, and as he thanked me, and kissed me on my cheek, I grabbed his cock with my right hand, and whispered, 'I want.' I don’t know what came over me, as I knew he had a beautiful, sexy wife. I turned a deep shade of red, as he just smiled and rubbed his hand over my ass when he left to go back to his table.

His wife came back to their table and spoke a few words while he nodded. She grabbed her purse and kissed him before she walked to the exit door.

It turns out that she is a lawyer, and just had a client get arrested, so she had to go sort his bail.

Mitch kept staring at me with his dreamy eyes. I was still wet from our dance. He stood up and came over to my table, grabbed my hand, and pulled me towards the door.

When we got outside, he put his arm around my waist and deeply kissed me. It was the first time he ever kissed a woman other than his wife since they met. I, of course, have kissed and done much more to many men.

He said there was some magnetic connection between us that he couldn't shake. I grabbed his cock through his pants and told him to get in my car, as I was taking him to our house. He seemed to have a magnificent cock which I soon found out to be true.

He fingered me the whole twenty-minute drive to our house. I must of cum three or four times. When we pulled up in the driveway, we shared his fingers, sucking my juices from his fingers.

He carried me to our marital bed and laid me down. I undressed quickly, as I lay there. His sexy glare at my fully naked body sent shivers through my body. He took off his shoes, socks, and his shirt.

His chest was perfectly sculpted like Adonis. I was panting as he lowered his pants and boxers. He had the most beautiful cock that I had ever seen. His cock was eight inches of straight rigid steel. A circumcised piece of art, with no flaws.

As he walked to the edge of the bed, I threw my mouth onto his cock. He held my hair away from my face as we locked eyes. and I inhaled all eight inches. I slowly bobbed my head up and down his shaft as he gently rolled his hips back and forth in my mouth.

We were in perfect sync. I must have sucked him for fifteen minutes before he gripped my hair tightly, and shoved his groin hard into my face, while exploding his tasty seed down my throat.

He bent down, and devoured my lips and tongue, making me share his semen with him.

I shuddered and convulsed with a tremendous orgasm at the touch of his lips to mine.

He sucked my little titties gently, taking turns with both, and tweaking each pointed nipple, as he switched from one tit to the other. He kissed my taught belly, as I arched my back in ecstasy. He rubbed his nose through my red triangle, then dipping his tongue deep into my wet pussy.

He tongued from my asshole to my clit, up and down what felt like an eternity of bliss. He dove his tongue deep, as he spread me open with two fingers. I raised my legs and placed them over his shoulders, so to give him better access.

He then sucked my marble sized clit, as he methodically pushed two fingers into my pussy, curling them to rub my G-spot. I screamed and bucked my hips, as I squirted clear fluid into his mouth, and on his face. He kept fingering slowly, and sucking my clit, until I softly came again, this time just oozing my cream unto his tongue.

Mitch got up and wiped his face with a towel. He then lay down on top of me locking his eyes with mine once again. He placed the head of his cock at my wet entrance, and lovingly slipped it in inch by inch. I moaned and shivered. as every inch penetrated my cunt.

His balls touched my ass, before he gyrated his hips, moving his cock in and out of me. I was crying tears of ecstasy, as I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my ankles together.

My clit felt like it was electrified, and I could feel his cock with every nerve ending on the walls of my pussy. He fucked me like this for a good twenty minutes, when we both came together. His sperm filled me with warmth and comfort.

He lay on top of me, caressing my face, and gently kissing me. His cock was still hard inside me, as I purred, and stroked his strong shoulders. He lifted up and placed my legs over his shoulders.

He pulled his cock out until the head was at my entrance, then he drove it hard, deep into my womb. Mitch drove his steel cock into me hard and fast. My legs were flaying out of control. He fucked me hard and long, as I screamed his name repeatedly.

His cock thickened, and his breathing became grunts. I tightened my pussy muscles to grip tighter on his cock. He let out a primal yell as he shot his cum deep into me. He slowed the pace, and he kept fucking me. He saw my eyes roll up in my head as I spasmed into a tremendous orgasm, causing him to shoot another massive load of sperm into my sore pussy.

We lay together, caressing and kissing each other for a while, when he said he had to get home before his wife did. I called him an Uber, as he got dressed. He kissed me deeply before he left the door.

I sat at the table dazed, only dressed in my robe. It had been twenty minutes since he left, and my clit was still protruding out and buzzing.

There was a knock at the door. Meghan walked in before I could stand up. She glared at me and threw her keys on the table. She told me she could smell her husband’s cum all over me.

I was shaking and scared as she was 5'8” and had thirty pounds on me. She tore off my robe, and picked me up, and placed me on the table. She said, 'Just look at your little tits with love marks all on them, and your red, swollen pussy lips. He must have worked his magic on you. Now it's my turn to take you.'

I was in shock as she dropped her dress onto the floor. She was naked except for a garter belt and black hose, as she kicked her high heels off. Her 38D breasts stood out firm, with large areolas and plump hard nipples. Her pussy was bald, with long lips hanging down. I could see them glistening with moisture.

We walked hand in hand to our bedroom, which smelled of Mitch's semen and my juices. Meghan sat me on the bed and told me she was going to claim him back from me. She spread my legs and pulled her hair back.

I was breathing hard with excitement, as I have never been with a woman before. She asked how long he was here, as my pussy was swollen and red. I told her for over three hours. She said that I really was a whore, and spread my pussy lips, and dipped her tongue into my folds.

Damn, she could eat pussy. I came hard, and she didn't even touch my clit yet. She drank all my juices, and all of Mitch's cum that I pushed out. She massaged my G-spot with two fingers as her mouth found my clit.

'Mmmm. Your clit is beautiful.' She moaned as she sucked it, as I flowed more juices onto her tongue and fingers. 'Your turn,' She ordered. 'Kiss me deeply, suck and play with my big tits, then eat me as I just did you.’

I was nervous and shaking, as we rolled over with me on top of this Amazon beauty. We kissed and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Her lips and tongue were so soft and sensual. She held my face tightly as she had a small orgasm.

I slid down and sucked her nipple into my mouth, while pinching the other hard. This is what I liked when you play with my tits, Mac. So, I went with what I knew. Her breasts were large and firm, with large brown areolas, and pencil eraser sized nipples.

I got lost sucking and playing with her globes of pleasure, as we both moaned. I snuck one hand down her flat stomach, until I found a huge clit protruding from her hood. It was like a small dick, so I jacked it off with my thumb and forefinger.

Meghan started spasmodically bouncy and thrashing her hips. She screamed and came hard, and long river of her cum flowed out of her pussy, down her ass.

I felt in charge now and I let her rest a minute, as I lightly bit, and sucked her nipples.

I slid down, and got my first whiff, and close view of another woman’s pussy. Her lips lay apart like butterfly wings, topped by her large dick like clit. She was soaking wet, so I just used my tongue to push through her folds, and licked, and sucked deep into her pussy.

Her odor drove me crazy, and her taste was sweeter than my juices tasted. I kept lapping her pussy, then my tongue and lips went to her clit. I twirled my tongue around it, then hungrily went down on it. I sucked and licked her phallic shaped clit, while I inserted four fingers deep in her pussy. I curled my fingers into her G-spot. She arched her back, and pulled my hair, as she came once again, pouring her juices into my mouth.

We laid there and cuddled for a while. She held my face and told me she needed one more thing from me.”


"Damn!" I said. My cock was rock hard, and ready to have a long fuck session with my wife. She undressed me and held my cock.

"What was the thing she needed from you?" I asked. She led me by my cock into the bedroom. Meghan laid spread eagle, naked on the bed. She was every bit gorgeous as Lori described.

Lori whispered in my ear, "Fuck the hell out of her as I watch."

Lori sat in the chair and watched me eagerly climb between Meghan's legs. I have never had another woman’s pussy since I met the love of my life. I have never been harder than I was at that moment.

I sunk my cock to my balls, into her wet and waiting cunt. It was glorious, as I fucked the hell out of this beautiful sexual being. She bit my neck and pulled my hair. She squeezed her pussy muscles at the right moments. My pace, and breathing quickened, as I looked back at Lori.

She was sobbing gently, as she watched me plunging my cock into Meghan. She nodded and smiled through the tears. My hips stiffened, and Meghan screamed, as she came on my cock. I shot my seed into her pussy with such force, that it splattered back out.

I rolled off and Lori climbed between us. She first cleaned my cock with her tongue then dove between Meghan's legs and cleaned her pussy.

Lori to this day tells me her stories of fucking other men and an occasional woman. We have tremendous sex sessions afterward.

We have super sex sessions after I tell her my stories of fucking other woman.

Written by MacFun123
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