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12 hours ago
Straight Male, 49
0 miles · Chicago, Illinois, USA


I am an older man who appreciates the invigoration of youth.

I consider myself a Daddy Dom, but incest is not my thing. I am more of a “gentle Dom,” into power exchange and sexual domination, and lighter on the pain infliction side

Age gap and sexual favors for money / things of value are two of my biggest kinks. I love reluctance and blackmail scenarios, such as girls offering sexual favors to get out of trouble, to have a secret kept, etc.

I also have a cheating kink, and love scenarios where a younger girl seduces an older (married) man. Cuckqueaning often makes and appearance in these fantasies.

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The Bus Ride

A sixteen-year-old girl has an amazing sexual experience with a much older man on a bus.

I am sixteen years old and ride the bus home every evening from dance practice. I am really too young for this long bus ride so late at night with all these strangers. I know my parents would think so, so I lie to them and let them think I get a ride home...

The Pain Slut

A young girl discovers her addiction to pain with her boyfriend's father.

This is the story of how I discovered that I am a Pain Slut. My name is Chloe, and I had been dating Chris for about six months since the beginning of our freshman year of college. He was a great guy, and we did all the typical things that young couples d...

Kitten Begs Daddy for Punishment

Kitten knows she did a very bad thing, so she waits for her Daddy to tell him what she did and beg for her punishment.

Hello Daddy. Yes, your little Kitten is waiting for you. On my knees, wearing only my little panties. And you know what that means; I've been a bad kitten. I need to confess to you, Daddy. I need to tell you what I did so that… So that you can punish me,...


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