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Stupid Teasing Bitch Gets Punished

I meet a stupid bitch on vacation who likes to flaunt her tight, hot body. I decide to punish her for being such a tease, and to find out just how tight her cunt is.

I keep seeing you at the resort, wearing your tiny bikinis, putting your incredibly hot body on display. My eyes take in your dark blonde hair, your firm b-cup breasts, and your flat stomach. But your most amazing assets are your perfectly formed and prop...

The Bus Ride

A sixteen-year-old girl has an amazing sexual experience with a much older man on a bus.

I am sixteen years old and ride the bus home every evening from dance practice. I am really too young for this long bus ride so late at night with all these strangers. I know my parents would think so, so I lie to them and let them think I get a ride home...

The Pain Slut

A young girl discovers her addiction to pain with her boyfriend's father.

This is the story of how I discovered that I am a Pain Slut. My name is Chloe, and I had been dating Chris for about six months since the beginning of our freshman year of college. He was a great guy, and we did all the typical things that young couples d...

Kitten Begs Daddy for Punishment

Kitten knows she did a very bad thing, so she waits for her Daddy to tell him what she did and beg for her punishment.

Hello Daddy. Yes, your little Kitten is waiting for you. On my knees, wearing only my little panties. And you know what that means; I've been a bad kitten. I need to confess to you, Daddy. I need to tell you what I did so that… So that you can punish me,...

Treat Me Like A Whore

A young girl is willing to do absolutely anything to get an older man to degrade her and treat her like a whore.

Boys have wanted to fuck me since I was sixteen years old. They are drawn to my pretty face, my slim, petite body, and my firm c-cup breasts. I'm in college now, and I have had a few boyfriends. The sex has been okay, but not great. Because I am so tiny,...

Will You Cheat On Your Wife?

Nineteen-year-old Alyse is staying at the home of her college roommate's parents. She quickly discovers an opportunity to seduce Mr. K to cheat on his wife.

My name is Alyse, and this is the story of how I met Mr. K, the father of my college roommate, Kristin, and seduced him to cheat on his wife in their home. I am a self-professed whore, and I am not the least bit ashamed of it. I love sex, and I love the m...

My Friend Jenny Bought My Pussy

Katie has a sleepover with her friend Jenny, so Jenny's Daddy, Mr. Thomas, can pay for and use Katie's pussy.

Mr. Smith made his plans to set up more parties for me. I felt sure they would be very popular and very lucrative. Meanwhile, I had been very intrigued by Mr. Thomas's invitation (or maybe it was more like he placed an order) for me to plan a sleepover wi...

Little Bitch Gets Punished

Little bitch has had a good start becoming my submissive. But to err is human. And to be punished is inevitable.

We fell into a lovely routine over the next few days. She would work out at the hotel gym every day, wearing her slutty and revealing workout clothes. I would return to the hotel after work, and she knew how to be waiting for me. She would be on her knees...

My Teachers Bought My Pussy

Katie is a high school escort, a secret discovered by her teacher. Despite his promise, it turns out he wasn't able to keep her secret to himself after all.

Mr. Smith did indeed become a regular customer. I would meet him in his office at least once a week, where he would transform me into his good little girl whore with a stack of cash. He was insatiable and would usually cum two or three times; all I had to...

My Teacher Bought My Pussy

An 18-year old high school student who is secretly a high-priced escort gets caught by her teacher.

"Hi, Mr. Smith! You wanted to see me after school?" "Come on in, Katie. Close the door." I did as he asked, feeling curious about the situation. Mr. Smith had never asked me to come to his office after hours. He had a very odd expression, and he kept glan...

Training Her Cunt

I continue my training of little bitch. She's desperate to have me use her pussy, but how long will I make her wait?

I put her to bed later that night, still wearing her soaking wet panties, and still unsated. After she fell asleep, I undressed myself, got ready for bed, and lay down next to her, falling asleep quickly. In the night, I awoke drowsily to feel her curled...

Training Her Mouth

A young girl has decided to become my submissive. She has learned the rules well. Now her training begins.

I left her lying there on the bed. I went back out to the living room and continued to sip on my whiskey. After fifteen or twenty minutes, I went back into the bedroom. I watched her for a few minutes, admiring her young body. Her skin was so smooth, her...

Learning The Rules

A young girl wants to become my submissive, so I begin the process of vetting and training her. Tonight, perhaps, we will begin.

“So you’ve decided?” I asked her, as soon as I had answered her call, without even a 'hello.' Little bitches don’t get a 'hello.' “Yes. I want to do it.” “You accept and will abide by all the rules and boundaries?” “Yes.” “Yes, what?” A brief silence. “Ye...

I Need to Make Some Money Tonight

A young stripper propositions me because she needs money to make the rent

I have l loved strip clubs since the first time I went into one, back in my early twenties. I somehow missed the experience while in college, so my first time was driving home from a business trip. I saw the sign and made an impulse decision to stop. I en...