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Cum licking Stories

cum licking

The Sissy School Experiment: Caught Crossdressing by Wife

My wife's reaction to discovering her crossdressing husband, and her solution to save our marriage. The Sissy School Experiment.

From as far back as I can remember, I've always had a secret obsession with cross-dressing. It started as a harmless fantasy, but as time went on, I found myself drawn to the texture of lingerie and unable to resist the satin fabrics, silky dresses, and s...

The Bus Ride

A sixteen-year-old girl has an amazing sexual experience with a much older man on a bus.

I am sixteen years old and ride the bus home every evening from dance practice. I am really too young for this long bus ride so late at night with all these strangers. I know my parents would think so, so I lie to them and let them think I get a ride home...

Lights Camera Action - First Scene

Bill, a regular at a local coffee shop, becomes the star of explicit videos for an adult website when two intriguing women offer him the role of a lifetime

I settled into my usual spot by the window of the coffee shop. The aroma of fresh coffee enveloped me. It was a refuge from daily life, where I could lose myself in caffeine and solitude. The two women sitting across the room had become a familiar sight t...

Kitten Begs Daddy for Punishment

Kitten knows she did a very bad thing, so she waits for her Daddy to tell him what she did and beg for her punishment.

Hello Daddy. Yes, your little Kitten is waiting for you. On my knees, wearing only my little panties. And you know what that means; I've been a bad kitten. I need to confess to you, Daddy. I need to tell you what I did so that… So that you can punish me,...