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Wet panties Stories

wet panties

Messing With His Mind

I knew the juicy idea would work on his mind in the same way that the sensation of him leaking out of me was working on mine...

At our friends' home, before going in to the party, I grabbed his hand, pressing it to the crotch of my panties. "Wow, babe, you're soaked! How are you that horny when we just..." "That's mostly you, silly." "But you went in to clean up." "I decided I lik...

Will You Cheat On Your Wife?

Nineteen-year-old Alyse is staying at the home of her college roommate's parents. She quickly discovers an opportunity to seduce Mr. K to cheat on his wife.

My name is Alyse, and this is the story of how I met Mr. K, the father of my college roommate, Kristin, and seduced him to cheat on his wife in their home. I am a self-professed whore, and I am not the least bit ashamed of it. I love sex, and I love the m...

Gone Fishing

Fishing for guys is so easy

God, she was horny. She was dripping so much her panties were ruined. She was, to put it bluntly, gagging for it. She sat on the step and tugged the hem of her sundress up her thighs. She pretended to read a book as she watched the workmen finishing up fo...

Cindy and I have been friends since the eighth grade. I first saw her sitting alone during lunch, and it looked like she was crying. I approached and immediately felt drawn to her. I didn't even ask and just sat down next to her. She was sobbing, so I put...

An Unexpected Reunion

Following a painful loss, Garnet and her cousin take comfort in each other.

"This would have broken Grandma's heart," I said. My cousin Shane and I sat beside each other at my grandmother's dining room table, watching in horror as our family engaged in a screaming match. We'd returned from Grandma's funeral earlier that afternoon...

A Win-Win

Two roommates engage in mutually beneficial stress relief.

Though it was well after midnight, I remained awake, my restless movements tangling the sheet around my legs. Insomnia, which had plagued me since I started grad school, was becoming more and more frequent. Swearing under my breath, I sat up and climbed o...

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My Brother's Wife: Part 1

My brother's horny but inexperienced wife begins a quest for sexual adventure.

Sherry and I hatched the plot together, although I will admit that I was the instigator – and that I held a few things back, hoping to surprise her. Sherry is my brother Tom’s wife, and they’re probably my favorites of my four brothers and their spouses,...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G Part 3

Angelica struggles to keep her hands out of her panties. Her brother takes her on a date

March Angelica's nubile body was bursting with sexual energy. Her brother was flicking her switches with every kiss and every caress. Every night, Angelica struggled to keep her fingers off her hot puss, so she figured she would switch her focus off her b...

The Best Thing I Ever Had At Applebee's

It's not on the menu, but it comes highly recommended.

My husband’s birthday present to me, in addition to taking me out to Applebee’s, a movie, and a night in a nice hotel, all in Colorado Springs, was something from a company called Lovense, which sells sex toys. I had a pretty good idea what it was for and...