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Straight Male, 65
0 miles · Fort Worth


I am an upper-middle-aged man contemplating a life that passed by with no major relationships no friendships, but no regrets. Some people are blessed with great looks, others with the ability to make many friends, still others to have access to great careers. But with ease of life coupled with no drive comes complacency, and without excuse I found myself 53 and unhappy. I made the change to have a positive attitude and moved on. Healthy, optimistic, and humorous, I have attempted to develop some level of artistic notice, both in images and prose. But most enjoying the ride!

Workwise, I am working as an online database consultant, as well as a few other sites which I will leave to more private conversation. I separate my Lush / sex life from my real life; too many problems happen when the 'twain meet, particularly with very conservative (RE: sexless) clients. 

I don't really have time for too many outside interests. I tend to work a lot, creating digital content through Photoshop artistic rendering programs that I drum up. Most of my work is conventional for pay, but I enjoy more erotic themes, which can be seen in images and albums. I've taken a hankering to writing, but haven't published much.

Sexually, I tend to be attracted more to younger women. That is the extent of my "kink," but I suspect most men have that kink to a certain degree. Now, I ascribe "younger" to state of mind more than actual age, mainly because it emulates my own desire to learn and to stay actively...human!

Supporting Lush Stories

For the first time for a non-work-related organization, I have decided to support this site with a Platinum subscription. The talent of writers is much greater than any other publication or web presence, and the people are all top-notch here. I hope others consider their involvement here on this site that gives us so much pleasure!

I have not had the pleasure of being sexually intimate with a woman since the early 80's...1983, to be exact. I am one of those guys who had an "average" look, but not hunky; never in position to date, never in financial condition to even attempt a relationship. Yes, I try, and try, and try, and while most people seem to have sex on a whim and a snap of their fingers, I estimated I've wasted several thousand dollars over the past 38 years trying to woo women. But one should never say never. Ironically, I've set up about 20 people who ended up marrying, some now have grandkids, so it's not as if I can't spot what makes relationships work. But like the matchmaker who remains forever single, so be it for me.

If you look at my media, I show I have a lot of projects with regard to rendering. If you would like to have a personal portfolio done in confidence, let me know. If you are a Lush member and can either travel or be within reasonable driving distance, I can also take high-resolution pictures that will guarantee top-quality, gallery-ready images for reproduction or just for your personal question. For Lush members, it's all free, just reasonable costs to be discussed. Enjoy!

Favorite Books
The Matarese Circle, The Betsy, The Happy Hooker, 1984, Animal Farm, Sherlock Holmes comes up the top of my mind. I did read a lot of Penthouse Letters during my formative horny teen years, though! But those aren't books.

Favorite Authors
Robert Ludlum, spy thriller novelist
Harold Robbins, 60's - 70's contemporary fiction
Xaviera Hollander, first major female sex biographer
George Orwell, frighteningly prescient social novelist

Favorite Movies
The Shawshank Redemption
The Big Clock
No Way Out
Zero Hour!
Airplane! (Yes, a remake of Zero Hour!)
The Fugitive
Back to the Future trilogy
Matrix trilogy
Pulp Fiction

Favorite TV Shows
Warehouse 13
Covert Affairs
Doctor Who (Classic, not New Era)
Perry Mason (Regular series, not movie series)
Man in the High Castle

Favorite Music
Classic Rock (Late 60's through early 80's)
Original MoTown (50's, early 60's)
Classical Music (traditional, some music scores)
Disco (but not during its heyday)
Any good brass covers of happy songs

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