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Swinging Stories


Things "Swing" Into Action for the Happy Suburban Couple

Jack hooks up with a Lush buddy while Trisha is exposed to new lesbian and interracial experiences.

When they arrived home from their dinner at Ed and Vicky’s, Trisha told Jack she had to use the restroom and she sprinted inside. Ed’s seed was still seeping from her pussy and she wanted to clean up as soon as possible. She desperately wanted to take a s...

A First Night Of Swinging For Wendy

Our first visit to a popular Midlands sex club

And Wendy said, "Ready? Let's go swinging." Wendy looked amazing. She was wearing a dark green dress, split to her thighs. It showed her fabulously long legs off, and I couldn't wait to show the rest of her off. The drive to the club was about thirty minu...

Fuckin' Intense

My wife plays without me at the nude resort.

There’s a first time for everything. This story tells about the first time my wife had sex with another man, without me. It’s not about cheating, since I was aware it was happening, and I totally approved. Linda knew I’d like it, although I know she did i...

Swinging Into Christmas

Steve gets a little more than expected...

It almost haunted me… Like every day, I looked across the street and there it was: Club Eden. Since we moved here, almost nine months ago, I have stared at the little red sign. Almost invisible to all those who just passed as they went about their everyda...

Joan's Job As Company Personnel Representative-Chapter Ten

All Four Clients Celebrate Intimately With Joan and Warren.

The homes are completed for Joan's clients from the home show. She has spent the last year working with them to create their very exclusive homes. She had a very intimate relationship with the clients during the design and construction of their custom hom...

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Swing It

Jitters before entering a new world of excitement and possibilities.

As we approached the swingers' club, I pulled his hand back. "I'm scared." "Of what?" "That you will like someone more. Leave me for her." Sir chuckled. "That's absurd." As I lowered my eyes, he lifted my chin. "Do you know why I am still with you after a...

If Brussels is only the Appetizer, Then What on Earth is Helions Bumpstead?

An unexpected Christmas gift can be a wonderful surprise. And surprises come in a multitude of different guises. But sometimes, you get more than you bargained for…

Finnair Flight AY1335, somewhere over Germany I stopped what I was doing, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. For a moment, I sensed the presence of magic. It was almost tangible; I could virtually taste it in the aether. Not an easy thing to do in a m...

Xmas Comes Once A Year

What do you do when an ex-girlfriend invites you to dinner?

They say that Christmas comes around once a year, and in the process causes much stress to those who have not prepared well enough, those who have to visit in-laws, those who are not fortunate enough to afford the most recent toy for their child, and thos...

My Wife's Best Friend: Part 3

The girls are out shopping, so the man of the house turns his attention next door

As tempting as it was to join my wife in the shower that morning after I watched her and her best friend lap each other's pussies, I stayed behind in the kitchen, nursing a hangover, sipping coffee and wondering what I was going to say to Jodi, the friend...

Joyeux Noel

A Christmas Trip To France Proves Explosive

I'd been seeing Daisy for about five months. She was a strawberry-blonde—carefree, energetic, free-spirited Irish girl with a sex drive that almost matched my own. As we approached Christmas, we were juggling with the decision as to where to spend the fes...