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7 hours ago
Straight Male, 44
0 miles · Netherlands


Long time Lush visitor. I wrote some stories and poems. Currently in the groove again and writing some new stories. Have a look and read them. Maybe you'll even like one or two.

I like to chat with people, about everything, not just sex. But I'm always interested in what gets people going (might spark new story ideas), so don't hesitate to say hi.

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Punished by the principal -1-

Ashley's unfortunate accident turns out a bit different then she had expected.

Principal Grant was sitting in his black leather chair. In front of him scattered papers lay over his mahogany desk. However his focus wasn’t on the papers, he had turned his chair towards the window and was staring through the blinds. It was a hot Septem...

What best friends are for

You'd be surprised what best friends are good for. For Chelsea, a little slut of mine.

When Chelsea heard that her parents were going on holiday for a week, she was delighted. She would have the spacious house all to herself, no one to bother her. She could walk around naked, at least if she kept the blinds shut from overly curious neighbou...

Waking Up

A good morning surprise

I wake up with the familiar feeling of my manhood at full strength. It’s hard and throbbing and… wet. Wet and warm, like a mouth wrapped around it. Like her mouth wrapped around it. I smile. Still with my eyes closed I feel her touch. Her hand at the base...



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