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Welcome to our collection of famous adult stories! This category features some of the most popular and highly rated stories from our talented writers.

Here, you will find a diverse selection of erotic fiction that explores a wide range of fantasies, kinks, and desires. From steamy one-night stands to passionate affairs, our famous adult stories are sure to captivate and excite you. Whether you're looking for something sensual and romantic or wild and kinky, you'll find it all in this category.

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Another Week with Auntie Beryl (Part 5)

You really need to read all of the 'Another week with Auntie Beryl' series...

My most recent stay with Auntie Beryl had been eventful. I had been caned by Auntie and her friends; the following day my friend Ron and I had seen Kate being caned on her bare bottom. Kate and I were then made to undress in front of all the family and we...

Tramp (Part One)

A regular night out clubbing takes a turn

It's freezing outside at 6 am on a Sunday winter morning. It can get that way in Melbourne. But to those loyal people that are waiting in line to get out of the cold for what everyone calls 'church', it's worth it. I'm one of those loyal people who are th...

My First Time Shared

My name is Karen, this story is true and took place a few years after my husband Dave and I married. I agree to be shared with hubby's coworker and I love it.

We were newlyweds with all the stresses of a new marriage, both working, a mortgage, and two very young children, but we worked at keeping our love life with each other strong. Our sex life was good when we weren’t too exhausted to have it. We both had go...

Since you insist…

A wife gives in to her husband’s request

Rick and Jerry finished their beers, the last of many, and left a big tip on the table for Annie as they prepared to leave. “Fuck, I’m a little buzzed,” Rick announced with a laugh. “It’s been a while since we got together.” “Yeah,” Jerry agreed. “Too lon...

A Nude Family Birthday

Family and friends celebrate the twins' coming of age birthday

“Today is the big day,” I said, lying naked on my back under the covers next to my husband, Paul. He turned to me and pressed his dripping erection against my thigh. His hand slowly caressed my breasts, playing a little with my nipples before he slid his...

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Mom and Son Masturbate Together

Mom watches Ethan and, eventually, Ethan watches mom

I glanced into my son’s room as I walked past and saw he was masturbating. I’m not sure I’ve ever done a double-take before, but I walked another two steps before I stopped, my head snapped up, and I walked back to his door. “What are you doing, Ethan?” I...

The Sleepover

A mom is attracted to her son's best friend.

God, she was horny that night. She knew her period would be coming the following day. For some reason, always the day before she began her monthly cycle, she would get ragingly, violently horny. Her body would just ache and burn everywhere. Maybe it was n...

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The Naughty Babysitter

...It wasn't a good idea to hire an eighteen-year-old nymphomaniac to babysit...

When I was eighteen and just about to start college disaster struck. My father became gravely ill and was unable to work. As a result, our family quickly fell into financial hardship. My mother did all she could to keep things afloat and put on a good fac...

Julia’s First Hotwife And BBC Experience

Story of Julia’s first time with another man out of wedlock, and her first time being stretched by a BBC.

Julia and I have been married for five years now and together for nearly ten. We have a young family with three children and life has been good. Our sex life remains active and I loved fucking her throughout the various stages of pregnancy and lactation....

Daddy's Love

Her body was changing and her father was the one benefitting from it.

We all have those times when, as a loving daughter and father, we get close to each other and share intimate moments. It’s an extension of our love for each other and I have always loved cuddling up to my dad while watching the television for as long as I...

Sex with my son

My son masturbates and fucks me and more, then he and my daughter go at it

I walked down the several steps to the lower level of the house. It was an older, split-level home and the two other bedrooms were on the lower floor, along with a bathroom, the laundry, and a small family room that we never used. Beth had stayed overnigh...