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Erika - Chapter 3

"Edged and denied for bad grades at school"

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The rest of the month passed rather quickly for Erika after that. Not counting the usual boredom of school that is, and the tedium of actually having to pay attention in class. In 1815 Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo, and in 1920 the League of Nations was first formed. What did both of these events have in common and how did they set the world stage? Who cares, and who knows. It was really all sort of the same anyways, and the fact that most of her classmates seemed to share the same opinion as well didn’t escape her. They were living in the modern century now for goodness sake, with smartphones and computers. If anyone ever wanted to know what some old tart a hundred years ago thought about the civil rights movement, then they could simply go look it up by themselves.

As such, as the early morning hours of her Saturday morning finally rolled around, it was with some amount of relief that she finally woke up. No more tests, and no more school. And as if it couldn’t get any better than that, an entire two full days of relaxation with nobody to come and bother her. Well, nobody except for her mother of course, and the countless tiny little things she had to do. Like lying on her back with her legs held up in an M-position and her bottom stuck out over the edge of the living room couch. Fully naked as well with her clothes lying next to her on the floor. Oops. Probably should have spent a little more time memorizing why the events of the interwar period were important and how they shaped the next couple of decades instead of slacking off at school.

“Umm-…, Mom?” said Erika.

Sitting in a chair directly in front of her, her mother smiled as she moved forward to pull her waist into her lap.

“Yes, sweetie?” she said.

“Why are we doing this again?” said Erika.

“Well, why do you think?” said her mother.

She took the opportunity to reach down between her legs, and Erika tried very hard not to look at the sad and crumpled up report card set out beside them on the coffee table. Along with the red marks that ran across the top of the page and the less than complementary observations of her teachers. Could do better, one said, followed by a very long and exact description of how she could improve. Things like not dozing off and actually taking notes in class, and maybe start believing in her own abilities a little more so she could apply herself better. Or something along those lines. It was a bit hard to focus as the fingers brushed up against the inside of her thighs to creep up towards her privates, and she bit down on her lips as she felt herself being spread apart.

Tap… tap… tap…

Tap, tap…


“Oh-…,” said Erika.

Immediately she froze as she glanced over to see if her mother would notice. Which fortunately was not the case today, though that didn’t make things any better for her as the fingers continued to trace around the tiny little nub hidden at the top of her folds. Around and around it went, coaxing the sensitive little button out from underneath its hood, and against the pressure that was already starting to build, it was almost as if there was something rising up inside of her like a train that couldn’t be stopped. Something hot and sticky that she knew she wasn’t supposed to touch.

Swallowing hard, Erika gripped down with her hands against the edge of the couch. It was a bit like what happened during her last inspection all over again, only that this time everything felt much more real. The stimulation pressed up against her again, and the more it seemed to brush up against her down there, the more she felt her hips start to move. And regardless of how hard she tried to ignore it or escape its grasp, it was as if the feeling was practically inevitable. Like that, an eternity seemed to pass as the emptiness inside her slowly swelled up, and it wasn’t until the minute hand had crept a significant fraction of the way around that her mother finally pulled her hand away to admire the results.

Or maybe admire wasn’t exactly the right word to use. Looking down at the tiny sliver of pink spread open in front of her, she let out a sigh of disappointment as if she really shouldn’t have expected anything else.

“You’re wet again,” she said plainly.

Despite the fact that this was far from the first time that her mother had seen her like this, Erika blushed hard.

“Sorry,” she mumbled. “I won’t do it again.”

“And your nub,” said her mother, not appearing to hear, “Look at it, all swollen and hard. Is this why you haven’t been paying attention at school? Because you keep trying to play with yourself down here?”

The statement was accompanied by another stroke, and Erika jumped as she felt something inside her start to throb. Followed by another stab of emptiness inside her as her privates let out a twitch, and she grit her teeth as she felt her anus start to squeeze down. A feeling that was made even worse by the plug that was currently shoved up her rear, something that seemed to be happening more and more often nowadays ever since she had received her first enema, and she whimpered as the rounded end of the device shifted in response. Almost as if it had a mind of its own, thrusting a little deeper between her cheeks every time she moved, and against the fullness filling her up inside, it was hard to think as her mother shook her head again in thought.

“Erika,” she sighed, “Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with you.”

She looked up, and Erika blinked as her gaze wandered across the smoothness of her stomach and the soft points of her chest. Perfectly formed like tiny little cherries poking up from her front, framed on each side by the shallow curves of her shoulders and her arms, and for a moment there almost seemed to be a flicker of an emotion. Then her eyes hardened again, and it was as if it was never even there in the first place.

“Like, your father would have been so proud,” her mother continued on in the same way as before, “All grown up now, just like a proper young lady. It’s just that with him gone now, and the way you seem to keep getting further and further away from me with each passing day…”

She paused as her hand wandered down between her legs again, and Erika winced as she prepared herself for another round. The fingers crept back up to spread her labia apart until the tight opening of her entrance could just be seen, and she shivered as her mother reached up with her other hand to peel back her hood. Briefly, she glanced over towards the clock hanging up on the wall. They had to be getting close to the end now, right? Just a couple more minutes left to go perhaps? Already, they were starting to stray past the length of their usual session, and there was no way it could go on like this for much longer. Not unless she wanted something really bad to happen, and there was no way her mother would ever allow something like that. It was just simply not possible. Not unless something had changed.

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Famous last words. Sometimes, she really needed to learn how to keep her mouth shut. There was a soft tap just above her slit, and she closed her eyes in response. This time, however, instead of the soft and gentle teasing she had expected, the pressure was much stronger. Almost as if it was intentional, and she gasped as her mother carefully rolled the delicate nub between her fingertips like it was made of dough.

"M-Mom!" Erika protested.

Pulling her legs up even closer, she whimpered at the sudden roughness of the touch. And the sudden spike of static inside her head even as she tried everything she could think of to stop her insides from clamping down.

“I-… what are you-…?” she said.

Another press, however, and the words caught in her throat as her mother continued to look down at her from above. All while her fingers continued to play out a pattern that seemed to cause every single muscle in her body to simultaneously tense up. A bit like a wire being stretched taunt, and for a moment it was almost as if she could feel her vision fading out at the rising sense of shame. Then, as her mother pulled her hand away at the very last moment, it was as if the world was back in full force again as she looked over to find herself still lying across the couch and on the very edge of something that simply refused to come.

“I’ve decided,” she said firmly, “This is for your own good. If you can't control these urges on your own, then I'll have to do it for you. Two times a week, just like this until your grades improve and you learn to stop.”

“But I haven’t-…,” said Erika.

“I know, sweetie,” she said, “But it’s just something that I just can’t risk. And if this is what it takes to keep you on the right track, then I’m afraid you’ll just have to learn to put up with it for now. At least until you’ve shown me that you can be responsible enough to take care of yourself.”

She smiled the same smile, and this time she reached over to pick up a brush. Not a particularly large one, thankfully, measuring out at only half an inch across and of the type used only to put in the finer details of a picture, but even despite its size, Erika could only watch in horrified silence as it slowly descended upon the parted folds of her labia. Like that it trailed upward, gathering up the wetness already there as the bristles soaked it up, and bit by bit like a missile homing in on its destination, her mother moved her hand to gently trace the very tip of the instrument over the sensitive and stiff organ that was her nub.

Immediately, she gasped. The feeling was much more concentrated than before, and struggling against the soft points of the bristles as they dragged across her skin, it was hard to keep her hips from moving against her control. Already, she could tell that she was close, closer than she had ever been before with her body already made tense by the repeated starts and stops, and if this went on any longer then it almost felt as if her very soul was going to shatter. Into a million different pieces as well, and against the rising sense of urgency as the brush traced an endless series of circles around the top of her vulva, bit by it was almost as if the world around them was growing smaller and smaller until the only things that seemed to exist anymore were the walls of the room.

The pressure rose up inside her like water threatening to overflow until she couldn’t take it anymore. Just a little bit further, and then…

Tap… tap… tap…


“Oh!” said Erika, “It’s not-… I can’t-…”

The brush pressed down against her one last time, and for a moment, it was as if her brain had turned off. Whatever else she was going to say after that never made it out of her mouth though as the stimulation was suddenly cut off. And instead of the release that she had been waiting for, the sudden drop in pressure that had been building up for so long, there was only a single slow and painful spasm as her mother pulled her hands away just in time, and she wailed out loud as the entire weight of the tension came crashing to a halt.

For what seemed like an eternity, it held her there, balanced on the very edge of something that threatened to come toppling down, though even as her body shuddered under the pressure of being held back and her hips rose up, without anything to keep the feeling going it was as if a value had been placed deep inside of her to bottle everything up. Like that, against the empty frustration that lingered afterwards deep inside her tunnel, it wasn’t until what felt like an entire minute of painful agony had passed that her body let out one last desperate spasm before finally growing still.

Breathing hard, a while seemed to pass as she sobbed. Erika cried as she let the tears flow down. Awful, that had been simply awful. She never wanted to go through something like that ever again if she could help it.

Just like usual, though, whatever her thoughts were on that, reality tended to be much less accommodating when it came to such ordeals.

“One down,” said her mother, “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”

“I-…,” said Erika.

“Now just six more to go before we’re done,” she said.

Reaching over for her report card, her mother crossed off the first topic. One out of seven. Then, setting it to the side, she smiled as she looked down, and still lying across the couch with her legs spread wide open and her privates on full display, Erika couldn’t help but whine as she felt the fingers make contact with her once more. Down below, she felt the plug push another fraction of an inch deeper into her bottom, filling her up in all the wrong places even as it stretched apart her rear hole, and with a sigh of resignation drilled into her over the last couple of times or so, she bit down on her lips as she felt something inside her give up.

It was going to be a long day ahead of her. Another tear rolled down her face as she grit her teeth. By the time it was over, she didn’t even want to think about how sore her legs would become.

Written by RetrospectiveInsomnia
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