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Five Days: Monday

"As Jack completes some chores for Maggie, she finds him more and more irresistible."

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Author's Notes

"Time to get back to my roots, with a story about a cute wife who gets mind-controlled by the neighbor over the course of a week. This first chapter really sets the stage; things will get hotter as the story unfolds. <p> [ADVERT] </p>As always, thanks for reading, liking, favoriting, and commenting on my stories. I love your feedback!"


At exactly 8:00 a.m., a thunderous knocking at the front door of the large suburban home jolted Maggie awake. Groaning in frustration, she tossed off her covers and sat up in bed. Still groggy and a little confused, she checked the time before stumbling out of bed and into her slippers.

“This had better be good,” she grumbled to herself. She checked in the mirror to make sure her hair wasn't too disheveled, and her flannel pajamas were buttoned all the way up.

Dragging her slippers across the tiled entryway floor, Maggie finally arrived at the home’s entrance. Maggie opened the door and saw Jack, her neighbor's eighteen-year-old son. He had a hopeful look in his blue eyes, and his sandy hair was tousled. He was holding some sort of gadget in his left hand as he grinned at the older woman.

“Good morning, Jack,” she said groggily, blinking the sleep out of her eyes. “What’s up?”

“Hi, Mrs. Harris,” he said brightly, despite the early hour. “Did I wake you up? I’m so sorry about that.”

“No, no. It’s fine,” Maggie offered. She and her husband liked Jack well enough. He was a pretty decent kid. He frequently mowed their lawn and did odds and ends chores for them, especially when Maggie’s husband was away on one of his frequent work trips. Maggie long suspected the young man held a little crush on her, which she found kind of adorable. “So, what brings you over so early?”

“There are a couple things, actually. First, I wanted to give you this,” he said, offering the gadget he’d been holding to her.

Maggie glanced at the device as she reached out to take it from him. It was a metallic box, fairly simple-looking, with a series of ten little unlit lights on top. Almost as soon as she picked the box up from his hand, one of the lights lit up, and it started making a very faint, low-pitched melody consisting of five different tones. The melody was actually very catchy, Maggie decided.

“Well, this is certainly interesting,” she said, turning the box in her hands and looking at it. “What is it?”

“It’s something new I came up with,” he grinned. “It’s a relaxation device. Simply place it in a central area of your home. It will help you feel relaxed and refreshed. I thought it could help with the times that Mr. Harris was away on his work trips.”

Maggie smiled at the young man. Jack was always tinkering with something or developing an intriguing new device. His mom informed her that Jack had received acceptance into a prestigious Ivy League school's technical program but opted to stay in town instead.

“Well, thank you, Jack.” Maggie smiled, still not entirely sure what exactly the device would do for her aside from playing that gentle melody she found herself growing attached to. “I’ll set it on the shelf in my dining room and let you know if I start feeling more relaxed. So, you said there were two reasons you popped by?”

“Oh, right!” he smiled. “I was wondering if there were any chores you needed help with today. I’m trying to keep myself busy over summer break, and I know you and Mr. Harris can always find something for me to do.”

Maggie considered his request, finally starting to feel awake as Jack's gizmo hummed away in her hands. His enthusiasm was infectious, and she couldn’t help but smile at his eagerness. Certainly, she could find something for him to do.

“I suppose I do have a few things around the yard that you could help with,” she replied. “Mr. Harris was supposed to pull the weeds in my garden before he left on his latest work trip, but he didn’t have time. You could start there. Come on in, and I’ll get you the gloves and tools from the garage.”

Maggie stepped aside so that Jack could come through the doorway. Once inside, she led him through the house, stopping briefly to drop off the device in the dining room and then heading into the garage, where they kept all the gardening supplies. After digging through a bunch of clutter, Maggie found the tools and handed them to Jack. He thanked her and headed into their backyard. Maggie stepped back into the house. On the way to her bedroom, she stopped again by her shelf in the dining room and looked at Jack’s device. She thought it definitely had a lovely little hum.

Putting the device out of her thoughts, Maggie continued to the bedroom to get ready for the day. She didn’t have any big plans, so she decided on a pair of sweatpants and an old, baggy sweatshirt. As she was slipping into her outfit, she found herself humming the little melody from the relaxation device. It was so simple, but very catchy. In her mind, Maggie started imagining lyrics to go along with the tune. Spend more time with Jack, she thought in her mind, in time with the tune she was now humming. Spend more time with Jack.

After getting dressed, Maggie headed off to the kitchen to pour herself a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Looking out the kitchen window, she caught sight of Jack working hard in her garden. He really was an impressive kid, she thought as she started humming the little melody once more. Spend more time with Jack. She sang the catchy tune over and over in her head.

After taking a few bites of her cereal, Maggie began to feel uneasy. Here she was, enjoying her little breakfast all alone, while Jack toiled away in her garden. Deciding she should spend more time with him, she rose from her chair, went to the back door, and swung it open.

“Hey, Jack!” She called out. “Have you had breakfast yet?”

“No, ma’am,” he replied cheerfully.

“Well, why don’t you come in here? I’ve got some cereal out on the table, and I’d be delighted to share.”

Jack agreed, and a moment later, the two were sharing conversation over bowls of cereal. As they chatted away, Maggie found herself really looking at the boy for the first time. He really was a good-looking guy, she found herself thinking. If she were a single teenage girl, she’d probably be excited to be sharing breakfast with such a strapping young man. Even as an older, married woman, she realized that she was truly enjoying the experience. The way he smiled. The way he kept glancing at her. He was just so cute.

When breakfast was over, Jack excused himself, heading back out to the garden. Maggie cleaned up her cereal and drifted back over to the kitchen window. For the longest time, she just watched Jack work while she hummed that little tune. He really was dreamy, she thought. He probably needed to beat the girls back with a stick. As she found a mild sense of arousal building inside her, she imagined the words to the little tune once more. Spend more time with Jack.

That was a good idea, she realized. She should spend more time with Jack. Slipping on her gardening shoes, Maggie went out into the back yard and joined Jack in the garden. As they worked together on the weeds and pruning, Maggie found herself getting a little turned on by the neighbor’s teen. He really was a handsome young man, she thought. So strong and muscular.

Around lunchtime, Jack and Maggie finished up in the garden. Feeling like she should spend more time with Jack, Maggie offered to make him lunch, and the two had a wonderful conversation over some sandwiches. As they ate, Maggie noticed that the second light on top of her new device had come on.

“So, what’s with the lights?” Maggie asked Jack, gesturing to the device on her shelf.

“Oh, the lights are just the steps in the relaxation program. The more lights there are, the more the program works.”

Maggie smiled. She did feel a bit more relaxed. Maybe there was something to his little device. She also felt a little turned on, but she assumed that was just from being around this sexy young man all morning long.

After lunch, Jack asked Maggie if there were any more chores he could do, and Maggie suggested that he could mow the lawn if he’d like. Jack agreed, and after digging out the lawnmower, he set out on the task. Maggie found herself humming the little device's tune as she watched him mow. She still imagined the first set of lyrics to its little song from time to time, but with as turned on as she was, a new verse popped into her mind. Show some skin for Jack.

That was a wicked little idea, Maggie thought with a thrill. Show some skin for Jack. This handsome young man was out there doing chores for her out of the goodness of his heart. Wouldn’t it be a rush to give him a little eye candy as a thank-you? She looked down at her outfit. It was just so frumpy. She had a stunning figure. Her husband often complimented her on her physique. Why not show it off? Why not give the kid something to think about tonight in his bed?

With a shiver running through her at the thought, Maggie watched from the window as Jack took off his shirt and resumed mowing. The lyrics danced around in her mind. Show some skin for Jack. Show some skin for Jack. Spend more time with Jack. Show some skin for Jack.

Deciding it was only fair to do so, Maggie raced to her bedroom, tossing her sweatpants and sweatshirt in the hamper. Digging through her closet, she found what she was looking for—her favorite sundress. It dipped down just enough to show a hint of her generous cleavage, and it was short enough to show some of her legs, too. It was perfect—cute without being overtly sexy.

Maggie went back to watching Jack work, coming outside to compliment him as he finished.

“Wow!” she smiled at the shirtless boy as he rolled the mower back to the garage. “You’ve done a wonderful job back here. Between the garden and the lawn, this looks absolutely beautiful.”

Jack smiled, eyeing the woman in her sundress. “Not as beautiful as its owner,” he replied with a grin.

Maggie blushed. Was Jack actually flirting with her? No, that couldn’t be. He was just paying her a thoughtful compliment, she decided.

“Why, thank you, Jack,” she smiled at the boy. “That’s very sweet of you to say.”

“And true,” Jack added. “So, is there anything else you can have me do today, Mrs. Harris?”

Maggie thought about it for a moment. “Actually, yes, at least if you’re not afraid of organizing. The garage is just so cluttered right now. Mr. Harris keeps saying he’ll get around to straightening it out, but it’s starting to get pretty bad. What would you say to doing a little sorting in there?”

“That sounds great!” Jack replied. “I’d be delighted to do that for you, Mrs. Harris.”

Pushing the mower into the garage, Jack set about the task of organizing the space while Maggie stuck around to help and keep him company. He left his shirt off as he worked—not that Maggie minded at all. He was such a stud of a young man; there was nothing wrong with enjoying the sight of his muscular teenage frame. Truth be told, Maggie thought as the tune returned to her mind, she really should show some skin for Jack herself.

Excusing herself to change into something more comfortable for cleaning the garage, Maggie returned to her room, humming the device’s little melody the whole way. Show some skin for Jack. Show some skin for Jack. Show some skin for Jack. As she dug through her wardrobe once more, she sang the tune in her mind over and over.

When she finally returned to the garage, Jack turned to look at Maggie, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. In place of her adorable sundress, Maggie now wore a pair of sexy cutoff shorts and a tank top that hugged her curves. Maggie smiled at the boy and quickly resumed her work in the garage. As they continued to work, Maggie kept noticing Jack checking her out. Every time he did, it got her a little more turned on. She was nearly forty. It was definitely reassuring to know she could catch a young man’s attention like this.

Of course, she knew she should show some skin for Jack, and while she was definitely turned on, she was also very careful not to go any further than that. This was still her neighbor, and she was still a happily married woman. There was nothing wrong with showing a little skin or spending time with him, but that was the limit. No matter how horny she was getting from all the attention.

By early evening, Maggie and Jack had made excellent progress on the garage, but there was still plenty left to do. Jack offered to come by the following day to finish up and tackle any more chores Maggie could come up with, which Maggie readily agreed to. They said their goodbyes, and Jack headed home for the evening.

As soon as he was out of sight, Maggie ran to her room. Stripping out of all her clothes, she threw herself on the bed and started running her hands up and down her body. For whatever reason, she was just so turned on. She couldn't recall feeling so passionate in a long time. As the tune from Jack’s device played on repeat in her mind, Maggie’s fingers found their way to her already drenched pussy.

Spreading her legs, Maggie dragged her fingers up and down her pussy lips a few times before they found their way to her clit. As she massaged her clit with one hand, her other went to work on her tits, kneading them as she groaned in her bed.

“Oh fuck. Oh, Jack,” she whimpered as she continued pleasuring herself. She imagined Jack with his shirt off, smiling at her. She imagined herself helping him out of his shorts. Getting down on her knees. Taking him in her mouth. She imagined being bent over by Jack, taking his cock inside her dripping entrance right there in her garage.

Before long, Maggie exploded in orgasm, her body shuddering in delight as she came, picturing Jack there with her. This first orgasm led to another, then another. By the time she closed her eyes to go to sleep, she was truly worn out, having lost count of how many times she had brought herself off imagining her sexy, young neighbor. As she drifted off to slumber, the last thing she could remember was that catchy little tune coming from Jack’s device.

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Written by ThePenisMightier
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