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Melody Stories


Five Days: Monday

As Jack completes some chores for Maggie, she finds him more and more irresistible.

Monday At exactly 8:00 a.m., a thunderous knocking at the front door of the large suburban home jolted Maggie awake. Groaning in frustration, she tossed off her covers and sat up in bed. Still groggy and a little confused, she checked the time before stum...

One Note

Is there any sound sweeter than the sensual song of love sweet love?

 I'm getting close to you.You're getting close to me.We're two melodic notesin loves' sweet melody. Take away one note,and the song is not the same.There's no need to plant a seed,in a sad world without rain. Nothing can be gained,without opening your hea...


creating music

Oh, I need a melody For all the beauty that I see For blood red lips and for a pair  Of deep blue eyes For luscious curves, so full and round I want to wrap my arms around And for the sweetest place of all Between your thighs Oh, I want to write a song Ab...