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Chores Stories


Five Days: Monday

As Jack completes some chores for Maggie, she finds him more and more irresistible.

Monday At exactly 8:00 a.m., a thunderous knocking at the front door of the large suburban home jolted Maggie awake. Groaning in frustration, she tossed off her covers and sat up in bed. Still groggy and a little confused, she checked the time before stum...

Salt Of The Seat

Why didn't Pet remember about the bra?

Ma’am was waiting for a phone call when she called Pet to her office. “I need to keep myself occupied while I wait for this callback, come sit next to me.” Pet felt confused but did what she was told. She smoothed her skirt under her and sat next to Ma’am...

Stephanie Learns A Valuable Lesson In Responsibility

An older teen accepts a new way of life and the importance of responsibility.

On a sunny Friday in May, Jill walked into her house after a long work week. She put her things down and sat down with the mail, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. When she got to the letter from Stephanie’s school she paused before opening it. It was...

The Princess Chronicles - Chores

Princess learns the consequence of not completing her chores.

The Knight walked in from work, went to put His things away for the day, looks around shaking His head. “Take the dog for a walk,” He says to Abby. Walking in to the bed room, sound asleep is His sleeping princess all curled up in a ball. He can only assu...