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Sex Therapy: Session Six

"Lights, camera, action!"

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Author's Notes

"Welcome to the sixth installment of the Sex Therapy series. If you haven't already, go back to the first chapter and start there so you're not lost. The story is starting to wind down, folks. I have two more installments to post. What will happen with Lexi? What about Aaron? These questions, and a couple more, will be answered. As always, thank you for your likes, favorites, and awesome comments. <p> [ADVERT] </p>I love hearing from others who enjoy the work I put out. Thanks for reading!"


As she waited for the doctor to arrive so her session could begin, Lexi couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible week she had. In so many ways, she felt closer than ever to being the wife Aaron deserved. She diligently tackled her homework every day over the last week, taking cock after cock. She was certain that with all the experience she was building by fucking every guy she could, she’d be more than ready for her husband when the time was right.

Finally, the door to the therapy suite opened, and Lexi rose to greet Dr. Miller. Stepping into his arms, Lexi pressed her lips into his for a deep, sensual kiss. For several moments, the two remained there, making out passionately, before finally separating and moving over to their chairs.

“I’ve been a super good girl this week, doctor,” Lexi purred as she took her seat.

“Oh, really?” Dr. Miller asked, a grin on his face. “Do tell.”

“Well,” she began, “after our last session, I went home and really reflected on it for a while. It felt kind of weird at first, but I ultimately realized that you were absolutely right, doc. If I’m doing all of this for Aaron, there’s no way having sex with other men could possibly be cheating. The more I thought about it, the more it just totally made sense to me.”

“That’s great to hear,” the doctor replied. “So what did you do this last week with your newfound knowledge?”

“Oh my god,” Lexi smiled. “I took it to heart, and I fucked like a bunny in heat. First, I called Andrew, and I apologized for flipping out on him. I invited him over so we could talk things out, and gave him the best make-up fuck session that I possibly could. I let him fuck me so many times that night. We had a lot of fun, especially when his wife called. There I was, getting nailed hard in my bed, while Andrew was just chatting on the phone with his wife like nothing was going on. It was so hot.

“The next couple days were super sexy, too. I fucked my coworker Alan over our lunch break on Wednesday. That night, I went to a bar and let a guy I’d met there bring me back to his hotel room. He had a pretty nice cock, and I had so much fun that I stayed with him overnight. We fucked twice more in the morning before I went home. At the gym on Thursday I ran into the guy who I’ve worked out with a couple times lately. I brought him home with me and we went at it all evening. I tried to get him to stay overnight, but he had to get back to his wife, which I totally get.

“Friday morning was pretty good, too. I caught my neighbor out mowing his lawn. His wife was away for the day, so we went over to his house. That guy has some kinks, let me tell you. After I blew him and let him cum in my pussy once, he goes to his closet and brings out this box. Inside it, he’s got a gag, blindfold, and some handcuffs. I actually felt pretty bad for him. Here’s this sweet old guy who clearly gets very into his fucking, and his wife hasn’t been into sex hardly at all lately. I figured that this might fall into the ‘extra credit’ zone, but I decided to throw the guy a bone and play along with him. It was kinda fun, actually. I sort of enjoyed being gagged, blindfolded, and cuffed while getting fucked by a guy who’s calling me all sorts of slutty names.

“But as fun as all of that was, the absolute best time had to be Friday night. Dre wanted to take me out again, and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. That man knows how to treat a lady. We went to this fancy dessert bar where we tried like twenty kinds of cheesecake, then he took me out to this club where we danced for hours. The whole time we’re dancing, he’s touching me and grinding on me, telling me how sexy I am. By the time we get back to his place, I’m absolutely drenched. I probably fucked him in every room in his house that night, and if you saw his house, you’d know how impressive a feat that was. That man knows how to absolutely destroy a pussy, too. He rode me so hard, so many times, that the following day when I picked my husband up from the airport he actually asked me why I was walking funny.”

Dr. Miller chuckled. “It certainly sounds like you had a great week. How did the rest of the time go after your husband got back?”

“It was okay, I guess,” Lexi shrugged. “Having to wear my ugly clothes around him was a bit of a drag, and it was really hard finding time to do my homework. On Sunday night I managed to get together with this guy I met online for a little bit, but we both had spouses back home, so we had to fuck in his car. Still, it was better than nothing.”

“That definitely makes a lot of sense,” Dr. Miller responded as he retrieved the therapy device from his drawer. “It’s so great that you took your homework so seriously, Lexi. If you keep making this sort of progress, you’ll be right where you need to be sooner than you think. Are you ready to get into this week’s material?”

“You know it!” Lexi smiled, taking the device from the doctor and relaxing back in her chair. After a few quick taps on the doctor’s screen, Lexi found her eyes drifting shut as the sensation of blissful warmth took hold of her.

“Lexi, are you feeling good?” Dr. Miller asked.

“Hmmmmm, so good,” she replied.

“Excellent, then let’s get started. Lexi, before we started using the therapy device, you told me about your encounters with various men this week. Is it fair to say that you’ve had a good time being slutty for all of these men and fucking them?”

“Definitely,” Lexi smiled through her bliss.

“Good girl,” the doctor replied, tapping his screen. “You should like it. Getting fucked is the best thing ever, and being as slutty as possible while you’re doing it only makes it even better. Isn’t that right?”

“Mhhh-hhhhh,” Lexi agreed as the warm vibration penetrated her to her core. “It’s so good.”

“Very good, Lexi, you’re doing so well with your therapy. Before you know it, you’re going to be the kind of wife Aaron deserves. He deserves the very best in a wife, doesn’t he”

“He does,” she purred.

“And because Aaron deserves the best, you need to become the best slut there can be. You need to become as naughty and as slutty as you possibly can. That’s the only way you’ll ever be good enough for Aaron. I want you to say that for me, Lexi. Tell me that to be the best wife, you need to become the best slut you can possibly be.”

“Yes, doctor,” Lexi responded. “To be the best wife for Aaron, I need to be the best slut possible.”

“Good girl. Now, you’ve made some very good progress on being as slutty as possible over the last several weeks, Lexi, but there’s still work to do. Do you want to know what the next step is for you to become the slut Aaron deserves?”

“Of course, doctor.”

“Excellent,” the doctor continued, tapping his screen a couple times. “We’ll get there in just a moment. Before we do, though, I have a question. What kind of job do you have, Lexi?”

“I work part-time for a small marketing firm.”

“I see. That brings me to my next question. Do you love your job? Is it something that you feel that you were born to do, and you live for your work every day you go in?”

“Not really,” Lexi said thoughtfully through the blissed out haze. “I mean, it’s not a bad job. My coworker, Alan, is a really good fuck. Aside from that, it’s just another job I guess.”

“Just another job,” the doctor echoed, tapping his screen a few times. “That doesn’t sound very pleasant. It also doesn’t sound like a good fit. Aaron deserves the very best in a wife. You’ve said that much. You have so much potential, Lexi. More than what you’re putting to use now in your current job. Would the very best wife find herself working in a job that’s only dragging her down?”

“No, I guess not,” Lexi admitted, furrowing her brow slightly. She had never thought about it until just that moment, but her job really could be a drag. It truly wasn’t the best fit for her, and she deserved better. Aaron deserved better from her.

“Okay, Lexi, I want to talk about occupations for a minute. Let your mind focus on all the different types of jobs out there. Now, out of all those jobs you can think of, I want you to answer this question. What is the job that stands out to you as the dirtiest, most depraved job a person can have?”

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Lexi thought about the question for a moment. “A lawyer?” 

Chuckling, the doctor collected himself and tapped his screen a couple more times. “That was a good guess, Lexi, but I was thinking more along the lines of slutty occupations. What is the sluttiest job a person can have?”

“Oh,” Lexi answered, before thinking a moment longer. “Maybe a porn star?”

“Yes!” Dr. Miller exclaimed. “That’s exactly right, Lexi. very good girl. A porn star is the sluttiest job a person can have. Only the best sluts can be porn stars. So let’s put these pieces together. To be the best wife you can be for Aaron, you need to be the best slut you can be. We know that’s true. We also know all the best sluts are in porn. Finally, we know that your current job is a bad fit for you. With all those facts laid out for you, what do you think your next step should be to become the perfect slut for Aaron?”

Lexi scrunched her face as she thought. In her mind, she felt like she could see where the conversation was leading. At the same time, she couldn’t believe what the doctor could be suggesting.

“Are you saying I should try to find work doing porn?” She finally asked.

“Yes,” the doctor replied. “That’s exactly right. To really become the perfect slut for Aaron, you need to work your way into a career for perfect sluts. You need to start making porn.”

Even as far under the effects of the therapy device as she was, Lexi found herself shaking her head slightly. “I, I don’t think I could do that,” she stuttered.

“Why is that?” Dr. Miller asked, pressing his screen several times.

As the therapy device’s effects intensified, Lexi tried to hold onto her thoughts. “I, I’m not sure. I guess it feels like I’d be betraying Aaron. You know, with men watching me like that.”

“Oh, Lexi, that’s not the case at all,” the doctor said as he tapped his screen. “In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s think about this. Does Aaron want you to be happy?”


“Of course he does. Now, is there anything that makes you happier than being fucked?

“I guess not,” the woman admitted.

“So there you have it. Aaron wants you to be happy, and nothing fills you with happiness more than fucking. That in itself is proof that this can’t be a betrayal. Beyond that, all the way back in our second session we covered the fact that you aren’t responsible for other men looking at you in a sexual way. Together, that’s all the proof you need that this isn’t just acceptable, it’s a good step in the right direction. Does that make sense, Lexi?”

“I think so,” she admitted, trying to focus on what the doctor was saying through the sensations of the therapy device.

“Good girl,” the doctor praised. “This week, your homework is to look into what it takes to become an adult entertainer. As you work on this and your other homework, I want you to remember that you’re doing all of this for Aaron.”

The doctor tapped his screen several times before speaking again. As with prior weeks, Lexi found that her mind was drifting too much to focus on his words. Instead, she gave more thought to what the doctor was saying. At first, part of her felt like there was a flaw somewhere in his logic, but in her condition she couldn’t identify what it could be.

The more she thought about it, though, the more she realized that he was right. The bottom line was that the sluttier she became, the better a wife she’d be for Aaron when the time was right. There was just about nothing she could think of sluttier than getting into porn. It just made sense. On top of that, she really did love fucking, and making money to do something you love seemed like a wonderful opportunity.

By the time the doctor was shaking her out of her fog, Lexi knew beyond any doubt that the doctor was right. She belonged in porn. She thanked the doctor for another session full of wisdom though a blowjob and quick fuck. WIth that out of the way, she raced home and spent the better part of her day researching what it took to become a porn star. From what she learned, it seemed like the most sure bet was to set up a fan page on a subscription-based site, and use social media to promote it. Marketing was right up her alley, so she went to work.

By the time Aaron arrived home for the evening, Lexi had managed to set up a creator account on SexyFans, a popular subscription porn site. She even posted a few videos. Taking advantage of her experience working in marketing, she crafted a couple of posts showcasing her new channel on the popular social news sites. Of course, she didn’t share any of this with Aaron, since he probably wouldn’t understand that she was doing all this for him. By the time she slipped into bed that evening, she had already brought in a few subscribers to the “Sexy Lexi” channel.

As the week progressed, so did her goal to make a name for herself in adult entertainment. Everywhere Lexi went, she found herself looking for opportunities to build her brand.

On Wednesday, she took another extended lunch break so she could fuck Alan at work. It took a little bit of convincing, but she ultimately talked him into using her phone to record their fuck session for her fan page. The sex was really good, and she had to admit that she felt a little guilty about putting in her two week notice after letting Alan pump her full of cum. Still, she knew it was the right thing to do for her marriage. Between the video with Alan and a few strategic posts featuring pics of her used pussy, she gathered another handful of subscribers by the time the day was done.

Thursday turned out to be another day of success for her adventures in porn. She wasn’t able to find her regular gym buddy when she arrived for her morning workout, but that actually wound up working in her favor. Instead, Lexi found a couple guys who were more than happy to exercise with her, and afterwards they were more than happy to come back to her house and spitroast her. Between their threesome videos and the content she recorded with each guy individually, she had material for several more posts, earning her a few more paid subscribers in the process.

Her luck only continued over the weekend. On Friday afternoon, Lexi gave her husband as chaste a hug as she could as she thanked him for letting her go on a little weekend getaway with a few of her girlfriends. Once she was all loaded in the car, she set out, on her way straight to Dre’s house. When Dre opened his door, she thrust the brand new camera she’d purchased the day prior into his hands.

“Here,” she said. “Make sure you get a good shot of my pussy when you’re loading it full of cum.”

Moments later, Dre did his best to control the camera as Lexi did everything in her power to showcase how much of a depraved slut she was. She started out by sucking him off in his living room. That led to the bedroom, where Lexi moaned about how much better his cock was than her husband’s as he slammed into her over and over. After pumping his load into her pussy, Lexi took his cock back into her mouth, slurping up all their juices. By the time she and Dre collapsed into his bed for the night, she’d recorded several days of material for her channel, and even managed to post a couple of the steamier clips and send a few messages to her fans who had offered her tips.

By Saturday night, Lexi had hours of footage recorded with Dre, trying all sorts of fun things. From begging him to put his baby in her married pussy as they fucked, to letting him handcuff her and bend her over the sofa, there was so much they experimented with for her budding porn career.

On Sunday Morning, Lexi woke up to something that felt outright magical. One of her videos with Dre had been featured on the SexyFans homepage. By the time she’d realized what happened, she’d already had over a dozen new subscribers. Her subscriber count continued to climb through the day. Even after she went back home to Aaron on Sunday night, the number of new followers was still growing.

When the video finally fell off the front page Monday morning, Lexi had amassed enough paid subscribers that her...

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Written by ThePenisMightier
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