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Hypnosis Stories


Timmy's Promotion

Timmy's future depends on an important recommendation.

Timmy Titmus paused to read the sign on the office door. "Dr. Sigmung Samenschlag, Behavioral Therapist," in big letters, and below that a list of services, including Personality Testing, Marriage Counseling, Addiction Counseling, and Employment Assessmen...

Sex Therapy: Epilog

Lexi is a complete and total slut. Her husband caught her cheating. The story concludes.

EPILOG A bottle of bourbon and a mostly empty glass sat on the desk in the dimly lit office. Moonlight flooded through the window as a desk lamp illuminated a stack of papers. In the dark, a man sat there, his eyes running over the notes from the morning...

Sex Therapy: Session Seven

Lexi is finally ready to return to Aaron, but will it go according to plan?

SESSION SEVEN Lexi could hardly contain herself when the doctor entered the room. Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed her lips into his, giving him a deep, sensual kiss. As their tongues danced, the doctor’s hands wrapped tightly around the woman, c...

Sex Therapy: Session Five

Lexi made a mistake. Or did she?

SESSION FIVE Lexi couldn’t get comfortable. Her mind raced as she waited in the plush chair, wringing her hands. Was she really going through with this? How did it even come to this point? Why did she agree to come here in the first place? As much as she...

Sex Therapy: Chapter Four

When Dr. Miller encourages Lexi to get physical with the men she's with, it opens up a whole new world.

SESSION FOUR Dr. Miller had barely entered the therapy suite before Lexi was all over him, wrapping her arms around him in a tight embrace as she planted little pecks on his cheek. He smiled, hugging the woman back. “Well, hello Lexi,” the doctor said aft...


Teen daughters are hypnotized to stop their lustful behavior.

Calvin and his wife did their best to raise their two daughters, Aaliyah and Penny. Ages sixteen and seventeen, respectively. They treated them with respect and put them in the best Christian private school. All that they asked in return was that the two...

Sex Therapy: Session Three

Lexi learns the benefits of flirting

SESSION THREE As soon as the door to the therapy suite opened, Lexi jumped up on her feet. Dr. Ainsley Miller had barely clicked the door shut and turned back to face her before the woman’s arms had wrapped around him in a tight hug. “Well, hello, Alexis....

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Sex Therapy: Session Two

Alexis continues her therapy sessions with Dr. Miller, and realizes it's time for a makeover.

SESSION TWO Alexis’ smile couldn’t be contained as the receptionist ushered her back to the therapy suite. She’d been looking forward to this moment for most of her week. She made so much great progress, and she couldn’t wait to let the doctor know. After...

Sex Therapy - Chapter One

Eager to save her marriage, Alexis begins attending sex therapy sessions. Fortunately for her, the doctor knows exactly how to help.

SESSION ONE Alexis couldn’t get comfortable. Her mind raced as she waited in the plush chair, wringing her hands. Was she really going through with this? How did it even come to this point? Why did she agree to come here in the first place? Taking a deep...

Reverie, Reminder, Ritual

Sometimes Controlling Your Mind Takes More Than Spirals and Scotch.

Scrolling for spirals to make herself feel better, Madam reached for her tumbler of scotch and tipped back another swig. Nothing was really satisfying, and she felt more depressed and empty than was healthy to feel. She didn’t want to go through the whole...

Miss Udders - Part 3

Lily's humiliation is completed in a creamy, sticky grand finale.

“Mr. Carlson, please. Please don’t make me,” begged Lily pathetically. They were both in her supply closet, minutes before class was set to begin. “Now, now,” scolded Tyler, relishing his position of power, “You said it yourself. What is your number one j...

Miss Udders - Part 2

Lily falls deeper and deeper under Tyler's spell as she loses control of her classroom.

Lily Uden checked the roster of her new class once again. She knew in the back of her mind that this last-minute schedule change should have made her furious. These students on the list were all Senior boys in their last semester of school. They had all f...

Miss Udders - Part 1

A student hires a mesmerist to punish his busty teacher.

“Hmmm…” said the young, blond teacher, putting her hand to her chin, pretending to be deep in thought. She was standing in front of a crude painting of a man holding a football, and Tyler Carlson stood nervously to the side. He was close to passing, and i...