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Dominant female Stories

dominant female

Tasting Authority - Her Intern's Submissive Service - Part One

A curvy CEO of a busy company hires an intern to pleasure her. She is dominating, bossy and rides her intern's face over and over with her increasingly wet pussy.

As I strode through the bustling office, I could feel the admiring glances following me, the envy simmering in the air. My auburn hair cascaded down my back, a wave of fiery allure that commanded attention. With each step, confidence radiated from me, emp...

Teaching Karen a Lesson Part II

A week after I taught my wife some manners, our lives have changed for the better, but has my wife really changed?

“Hey, honey,” Erin called from the bedroom. “Can you zip me up, please?” “Sure, dear,” I said, finishing the last gulp of my coffee. “Wow, look at what we have here…” I marveled at my wife’s backside as I approached. She wore a slender red dress that hugg...

Corporate Seduction: Pleasing the Boss

A CEO of a busy company hires an intern to pleasure her. She dominates him and uses his face as a sex-toy to pleasure herself after hours.

The dimly lit room is adorned with a sleek, black leather couch and a mahogany conference table. The walls are lined with framed certificates and accolades, a testament to the success of this company. A large, ornate chandelier hangs overhead, casting sof...

Summer's Heat Part 2: Erotic Encounter

Derek's and Summer's erotic adventure continues. What does Summer have in mind this time?

As I stepped into my apartment after work, the echoes of the day's events banged around in my mind. Summer's playful banter and actions all morning, and the lunchtime encounter that left me both bewildered and exhilarated—it all swirled in my head like a...

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The Enveloping Requirement: Part 5

Christopher Robertson lands himself in further bother during his disciplinary weekend with his boss lady, at her pristine home.

The lights had been out in Miss Lexington’s bedroom for around ten minutes. Chris had been lying awake, thinking over the last day and a half, here at Miss Lexington's immaculate home. He wanted to know, what was it about the Sunday Telegraph that Miss Le...

Female’s P.O.V~ It all began with his eyes, conversing with mine with such persuasive language. He’d gaze at me with a steady depth in his eyes, not showcasing any sign of resignation. Yet I could still sense his delicate side, seizing him to turn bashful...

Apple Of Her Eye - Chapter 1

He cums when he eats apples?

Why do people collect unusual items? To someone who doesn’t collect, it might appear strange, a waste of time and space. But for those who collect, it’s the opposite. When they come across something unique and rare, their immediate thought is to save its...

Vengeance Ch. 1: Rendezvous

Everyone has their limits.

Twenty-one out of twenty, and I grin, sipping my cognac. I write down eighteen. Lisette needs guidance, not hubris. Her wilfulness works against her intelligence. Is this how I should spend Saturday evening? Through the tall windows, dusk deepens into nig...

Advise And Consent

His study of interracial sexual stereotypes leads a white PhD candidate to some provocative conclusions.

It was right after my thesis was accepted that my graduate advisor took ill and was hospitalized, so I was assigned a new advisor to help me prepare for the oral exam. Dr. Brownlee was a senior fellow at the nearby Institute for the Study of Curative Equi...

The Wife Part 13

Her story, the final outcome.

I suppose most would say that I have lived a charmed life; raised in a middle-class suburban home, the only child of indulgent parents. I was a generally well-behaved girl who performed well in school and did not cause problems for them. After I started j...