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3 weeks ago
Heteroflexible Male, 40
0 miles · Pennsylvania


Married guy living the cuckold lifestyle. I happened to find this site while looking for some good stories to read and it seems to be an awesome place. I look forward to connecting with like minded people and of course read some well written stories. I have experienced a lot over the years, with my wife on her journey to becoming an amazing hotwife, as well as relationships before her. I'm an open book, so feel free to reach out if you need advice, or just to have a interesting chat.

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Becoming His Whore

Kelly and Jason become friendly with a stranger they meet at the local bar

It was Friday, and work had been a never-ending storm of small fires and nothing but barked orders from upper management. Some friends had somehow convinced me that going out would be a fun way to make up for the bad day, and honestly, I didn’t want to go...

The Blindfold

You can't slip one past her

You slip it over her eyes and move away from the bed. Looking over at him, you give a slight nod, and that's all he needs. You watch as he moves onto the bed, between her legs, and pushes inch by inch slowly into her. She groans as she accepts his thickne...


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