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Bisexual Female, 32
0 miles · Michigan


The new chat wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't such a long lag when I try to do something. Whenever I type something I want to go into the room I am in or if I click on chatter to see their profile or block them or send them a private message the lag is so long I swear my screen freezes up. But it doesn't, it moves eventually.

If you see me on and are sub and want to roleplay send me a message in my messages because I am having a lot of trouble with lush since they have changed everything and fucked it up. Please, if you use acronyms when talking to me like HRU for how are you I won't answer you. That is just one of my pet peeves. If anyone is willing to edit my stories so LUSH will accept and post them, please let me know. I got a PLATINUM membership so my stories will get posted faster and so I can have access to global rooms. I am having a little trouble with getting my stories approved because of punctuation and stuff like that. If anyone is willing to edit I would really appreciate it. Plus you would get to read them before everyone else. I am still hooking up with friends and referrals of friends. (In real life) I don't hook up with strangers anymore. I like to be in charge when I am with men and women. Please PM your name and age and that you are a sub so I know you read this. If you don't I will tell you to read my profile and do like I ask.
I like to bowl and shoot pool and ride my bike. When me and my girlfriends used to go out on dates we would go to dinner and bowl a lot. I would rather do something like bowling so we can talk instead of a movie where we can't talk.

Favorite Books
Mostly interested in love stories. I like to read famous people's diaries too.

Favorite Authors
Danielle Steel, Agatha Christie. ME (HAHA)

Favorite Movies
Titanic, Gone with the Wind, The Twilight series, Hunger Games.

Favorite TV Shows
Under The Dome, Longmire, The Walking Dead, The 100.

Favorite Music
Country mostly, '50s-'60s rock and roll. AC/DC, Guns and Roses. Blue Grass (without singing)

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My Relationship With My Stepson Part 2

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When we woke up the next morning Bill was so sore he could barely walk. I suggested, “You know, maybe we should stay another day. Your mom might get suspicious of you walking like that.” He said, “I think you're right. I think I'm just going to stay in be...

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My Relationship With My Stepson

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My name is Sam. This happened about five years ago when I was forty-five years old. I met and married a woman who had a six-year-old son named Bill. He was shy around most people but for some reason, we really hit it off. He seemed to like spending time w...

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My Fortieth Birthday Party

Me, A Stripper And Twelve Girlfriends.

This happened about a month ago on my fortieth birthday. I live alone and some of my girlfriends came over and insisted I let them take me out for my birthday. We are all such good friends I couldn't say no. I went with them and we ended up at a local bar...

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