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Bisexual Female, 26
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Hello there, visitor! 😊

If you enjoy reading my stories and poems, please leave a tip (Lush Coins), or buy me a coffee.

All of the pictures are mine, and yes, I'm a "Night Owl". 🤣

This is Stacey, from San Diego, California. I'm in my late twenties and work as an Academic Content Writer. I've been reading erotica for several years (you have no idea how old I was, 😜) and have finally decided to start publishing my own stories and poems on Lush. I hope you like reading my stories and poems as much as I enjoy writing them! ❤️

I live alone and am always nude at home. My family lives in the same city, and I visit them every weekend. As a full-time nudist, I feel more comfortable without clothes (don't judge me, please) 😉. By the way, I adore my body.

Want to know more about me? Just message me... ❤️


1. Reading and Writing Erotica

2. Going to the textile as well as the nude beaches

3. Nude Cycling

4. Sunbathing

5. Skinny Dipping

6. Nude Hiking

and much more...

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Love Stacey 😘

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In The Dark

She caught her brother with a woman in the laundry room.

The three people paused in surprise as the door opened. John’s face became pale as he turned his head towards the door, standing completely naked in the dark room. Alicia was standing in the doorway facing the small, dark room, one hand still on the handl...

A Good Wife?

Tired husband gets a blowjob from…

He sits down on the couch next to her, tired after work. "Honey, can you be a good wife again?" he asks, pointing to his massive hardon. She ties her hair into a ponytail, sits on her knees, and begins sucking the warm, pulsating meat like a delicious can...



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