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Good Girls Don't But I Do

This is another autobiographical account of my sexual journey. A fifty-ish woman making up for lost time and living life on her own terms.

In case you hadn’t figured out from my previous stories, I have never really conformed to society’s norms when it comes to matters of sex and sexuality. I have always had an overactive libido. Okay, if the truth be told, I’ve always been a bit of a slut....

Jack and Alice asked me to join them for drinks on a Friday night. I’ve known Jack since my Sophomore year of high school. I was even a groomsman when he married Alice. Best move he ever made. He said that a very good friend of Alice's would be there as w...

Gardening Made Easy

Lawton wants his yard landscaped, she shows up and plants more than flowers

A truck pulled into the driveway. I wondered if this was the landscaping company I called. The lady got out of the truck, clipboard in hand, and was already surveying the place. She didn’t say a word for a good fifteen minutes before she walked up to me....

Chapter 19 - Our Celebration

Jeff and Valerie begin the holiday decorations, but find time to enjoy thier love.

Valerie called off work the next day she wanted to spend time with Jeff. She was very happy with their Christmas plans. “Jeff let’s get our tree and ornaments today. We can move the table by the window and put our tree there. We can show off our tree to t...

Chapter 18 - The Holidays - Already?

The job was finished, everyone could begin planning for the Holidays, expecially the newlyweds

Jeff got up during the night and went to the bathroom. When he got back in bed he put his arm around Valerie, her tee shirt was gone. He “woke” Valerie up. “Honey, someone has stolen your tee shirt. And that is your favorite tee shirt.” “I know, baby, and...

Chapter 16 - Back To Reality

The newlyweds return home from dinner then a shower

The next morning, Valerie was visibly sad. Jeff dressed poured her coffee and took it into the bedroom. He stopped and watched Valerie arrange her gown and his robe on the bed. The bed was as they left it when they got up. He heard Valerie sniffing. “What...

Chapter 15 - Not The Honeymoon

The newlyweds take a walk on Main Street and find a strange shop

The next morning was all sunshine. The couple went to the restaurant and had the Bridal Breakfast including mimosas. Valerie was on top of the world. Sitting across the table with real linen and the elegant setting was something she had never experienced....

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Chapter 12 - Busted

Jeff has Chester take him to the job site. Valerie finds out.

At eight forty-five the next morning, Chester was in Jeff’s driveway. Jeff was already at the bottom of the stairs when he pulled up in his truck. When they got to the job site, many of the workers came over to the truck to ask Jeff how he was doing. They...

One Bedroom, Two Siblings

Ciera comes home after a long separation and shares a small bed with her big brother

Ciera sat in the passenger seat of her Aunt's van as the night scenery became more and more familiar. Street signs with names she'd never forgotten, old liquor stores coated in chipped paint, some still open and busy, others closed down. Her old neighborh...

Chapter 5 - The Enchanted Path

Jeff takes Valerie down a path where her sexsual senses overtake her

Morning came, and Jeff was awakened by the smell of coffee brewing. He pulled on his briefs and followed the intoxicating aroma. When he got to the kitchen, Valerie was quietly arranging the table. Which may not seem like much, but she was only wearing he...

Love From Divorce Court - Chapter 1 - We Meet Again

A couple meet after divorce court then realize they know each other

Hot Dam – Whoop-de-do – Hallelujah – Sumabitch - a one-hundred-and-ten-yard kick-off return for the touchdown and the woman can kiss my ass, and I didn’t lose everything I have worked so fucking hard for eighteen years. If I listened to Sammi Jefferson an...