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Microfiction Stories

The aim of microfiction (also commonly known as “micro-fiction”) is to tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Doing extremely short writing challenges can force you to focus on the most important points of your plot, what is going to come across the best in the least amount of words, what it is you want to convey, and cultivating and condensing the juiciest parts of a story. Our microfiction stories are limited to a maximum of 100 words. We recommend including an accompanying image which may have inspired or represent them.

We are interested in high quality submissions which tell a story, not just random erotic thoughts. Authors should note that our story verifiers have strict instructions to reject the latter. This category is for stand-alone stories only. It is not for stories submitted as part of a series.

Popular Stories


A night out, a fancy restaurant, and a horny slut

Panting, moaning, my mouth lunged over his cock, forcing it deep inside my mouth. “I love you, my dear.” “I'm Your whore, your fucking whore. Use your whore’s mouth. Fuck my throat.” Possessed by carnal desire, I knelt, sucking his manhood, fondling his b...

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Ignited Hearts

As we collide in a blaze of desire, an unstoppable passion ignites in my heart.

A lightning bolt of electricity crackled through me the moment our eyes met. He stood tall and commanding, exuding an irresistible, Alpha-male energy that quickened my heartbeat. Teasing flirtations and laughter bridged the gap between us, creating a fren...

Intimate Things

Sometimes I feel a little sorry for them, for the things they'll just never know.

Still between my legs, he looks down into my eyes. "What are you thinking?" he asks. Oh my! I'm thinking how good he feels inside of me. I'm thinking how astonishing it is that we can give each other such pleasure. He moves deep inside, and I think about...

Next Time Will Be Sweeter

An emergency situation impedes her ecstasy.

I've been edging in my office for three hours, badly wanting to release tension and sexual frustration. One hand rubbed my pearl while two fingers of my other hand focused on my G-spot because the man I was chatting with denied my orgasm. I'm close to cli...

The Note

The journey to darkness starts with the first step

She grabbed my attention, with the note she sent to my phone. “I'll be the flame that dances in your eyes, the lingering scent in your sheets, an eternal seduction that whispers through the silence, an intimate siren call of desire and connection.” Words...

You're Home Early

Receiving the spirit from the reverand was repeatedly satisfying.

OH! Hi, honey, you're home early. Rev. Blackcock stopped by, unexpectedly, regarding our text asking him to join us for a threesome evening of interracial spiritual study. I invited him in, served tea, and offered him my cookies. He suggested a preliminar...

Chumba's Bisexual Bliss

100 words of peace

I lay in the dark between a beautiful husband-and-wife couple. They are curled up on either side of me with their butts touching my hips: His hard muscular bottom and her soft ass. My mouth tastes like his dick and cum. At the same time, my lips taste lik...

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Sir and I have cybersex with a woman we met online.

Her red-nailed fingers rub her clit as we watch each other on camera, and she thrusts her vibrator into her dripping cunt. "Can I cum?" A desperate plea escapes my lips as his cock pounds into me while I'm on all fours, but Sir refuses to grant permission...

Tag Team Cum Fest

Of course I'll wear them out, but I know they're both eager to give me their all.

Our new friend brought me to such good orgasms with his fingers, tongue, and thick cock before finishing inside me, but now, spent, he leans back against the dresser, his cock drooping and dripping, watching as I step over my husband's face and lower myse...

The Angel Within

What happens when you become addicted

His voice was like a physical presence, provoking a wave of goose pimples to rise on her skin. She imagined his murmurs against her ear, his warm breath on her neck, then lifting her towards paradise as he suckled each of her breasts, bringing her life wi...

A Walk In The Park

Your imagination can get you into trouble at the most innocent of times...

I see them in the park, holding hands. One pale, the other dusky. I watch as they look into each other's eyes and kiss. Their overwhelming sensuality, their intense passion, and unashamed love overcome me. Mouth dry, I swallow. I imagine them together, th...