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cum in mouth

Flip A Coin

Like the old question your science teacher used to pose: Which came first, the blowjob or the fucking?

Decisions, decisions… Do I suck him off, knowing he’ll last longer the second time, and that feeling him come in my mouth, I'll be dripping, the taste and feel of his orgasm leaving me close to climax even before he begins to return my attentions? He’ll g...

Joan's Continued Journey To Satisfy Her Lust Filled Desires.

Joan Takes The Train Into The City, Dressed To Seduce And Be Taken

Joan woke up in the morning, from a vivid exciting dream. In the dream, she wore a classy dress, that attracted everyone's attention as she passed, which ended with her being roughly taken by several strangers. Joan could not shake the story from her mind...

Make it Quick

Get swept away by the scorching heat of Jack and Jill's electric connection, as they indulge in playful seduction, a provocative encounter, and a bond of love and lust.

The air in the Hawthorne residence was thick with sexual tension as Jack Hawthorne descended the stairs. He stopped abruptly in the doorway of the kitchen, his breath catching in his throat as he beheld the sensual sight before him. His wife, Jill, a volu...

Control Chapter 5

A friend cums by, Sis walks in, and Mom cums home

“Come on, Terry,” Megan urged, “Mom is going to be home soon. You need to get his dick sucked.” “Yeah, I know,” I answered, kneeling next to her in front of James, “You wanna help or are you just going to watch?” “All you, little brother,” she laughed, “C...

Fantasy Island - Part 1

Jessica heads to Fantasy Island, the new resort in town, where fantasies really do come true.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… uuuunnnnggghhhh…” Her pussy clenches around the vibrator up her cunt. A trickle of cream oozes from her slit and slides across her asshole. Jessica sinks back into the couch and tries to catch her breath. Her eyes are glued to the big s...

Diary of a High Price Escort Book 11 Part Two

Angel has a nasty phone conversation with Barry, meets with Daddy, and then enjoys a pleasant afternoon with a Gulf War veteran.

I woke up earlier than usual, most likely because I slept so well. The sun began its daily spectacular light show as it climbed above the horizon. I slipped into my favorite terry cloth robe and tied it loosely at the waist, then headed downstairs to brew...

Of Blushes, Blowjobs And Broken Beds

My most embarassing sexual experiences recalled!

Welcome back to my sexual autobiography, answering questions posed on the Lush forums for which I have a truthful answer! This poster asks, what was your most embarrassing sexual moment? One of them has already been told in this series. It's in "The slutt...

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Infidelity Leads To A Swinging Dinner Party

Jack discovers Trisha's infidelity and takes action by convincing her to swing.

Jack went to work and could not concentrate. All he could do was think of the video he had seen that morning of another man fucking his wife. The fact that he and his wife had some of the best sex of their lives last night was a distant memory. All Jack c...

A Suburban Housewife’s First Threesome - Part 1

Trisha gets spit roasted on her business trip

Trisha was in her mid-forties, a mother of two, and had been married for twenty years. She stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and had a slender build of about 120 pounds. Nice tits, but nothing too bigat 34C. Like many of the other soccer moms in her well-to-do n...

Jack And Cynthia - Chapter 7 - Just Another Work Day

Things at work take a bad turn Jack gets home and Cynthia takes over

When the alarm clock went off, I growled at it. I rolled back onto my back, and Cynthia was lying on her back and smiling. I looked at her, and she pulled the sheet over her mouth to hide her giggling. So, I started to tickle her. “NO, JACK, NO PLEASE STO...

Aimee's Addiction

A Cheating housewife With A Secret Cum Fetish Goes To The Glory Hole

Aimee’s skimpy top did little to conceal the plump roundness of her braless breasts from prying eyes. Her scoop-neck T-shirt, originally a soft, thin, stretchy material that was so sheer her bra could easily be seen showing through it, was quite comfortab...

Road Trip - Part 7

Ann takes a walk on the beach with Daddy

Hi. I’m Ann, Mike’s sister. Even though my brother has told you all about our road trip, I thought it would be helpful to add my perspective. I was pretty naive before the trip. I had kissed a few boys late in high school and had let some of them rub my n...

Diary of a High Price Escort Book Two Part Two

Margaret and Sam share an afternoon of incredible sex.

Sam again took my hand and led me into his family room. A very cozy den with a large plasma television in one corner, a fireplace across the far end, and a well-stocked library in the other corner. Facing all three was a huge sectional sofa with a loungin...

On My Knees

I aim to please…

Naked, I kneel before you, my face upturned to yours, waiting for permission. Your cock, tantalizingly close, the dew-like beads of pre-cum glistening, but I know I must wait. Your eyes glint and flash with desire, and your lips curl as you nod your assen...