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Do Absolutely ANYTHING

Services are requested of a woman who will 'do absolutely ANYTHING', absolutely anything can happen.
As I was walking home to my apartment, I saw a woman holding a sign. She wasn't promoting some nearby business, but she wasn't homeless either. As I neared her, I noticed two things.

The first thing- she was fucking gorgeous. Her hair was long, onyx and sleek like the coat of a panther. Her legs were tanned, and seemingly endless. Her littleblue dress left little to the imagination with her breasts spilling up over the sleeveless top, and her firm butt curving out from her legs.She looked like an angel, her halo the bright neon of city night lights.

The second thing I noticed was her sign. It read:
I will do absolutely ANYTHING for you. Payment can be discussed, if deemed required.

Anything. That word ran through my mind as I neared her. A smile bloomed on my lips as I approached.

"Excuse me," I said to her. She turned her head to look at me and I saw slight flaws. There were smudges of mascara around her eyes, the left side of her mouth naturally curled upward ever so slightly, which made her look like she was smirking. There was a tattoo peeping out from the top of her minidress, a word which I could not decipher. Somehow, all of these things made her look that much sexier. "Your sign says that you will do absolutely anything. Is that true?"

"Of course," she said smiling, her luscious lips curving upward. "I don't make promises I can't keep."

My smile widened. "Great, want to come with me? I have something that you can do."

"Sure," she said, her eyes bright. I smiled as I grabbed her hand in mine and led her down the street to my apartment. Not a word was spoken between us. I could feel her eyes traveling up and down my body, her eyes lingering on my C-cups and ass. I opened the door to my apartment and ushered her in. That's when I finally noticed her beautiful blue eyes the color of the oceans and just as deep. I led her to my room and I could see her getting excited.

Her excitement dimmed when she saw the state of my room. I bit my lip. I sat down on the bed and she sat down beside me. I leaned into her ear to whisper. She shivered when I breathed.

"Here's what I want you to do," I said, my hand on her knee. I could feel her breath quicken and a smile lit my face.

"I want clean myhouse."

I kept a poker face on as she exhaled. A soft 'oh' escaped her lips. Then she smiled. "Okay," she said.

"I'm going to get ready for bed," I said. "No peeking," I added, winking. I watched as her beautiful skin flush pink. I grabbed my robe and Jammie's and headed into the bathroom. I let my hair down and hoped this stranger didn't steal anything. I smiled as I thought about how hard I pranked her. She thought she was getting sex, now she's cleaning my house.

I let my hair down and ran a brush through thesmooth chestnut waves. I peeled off mydress, kicked off my killer heels. I then slid on myred lace bra and panties set, then slid on my short silk robe. The coolness ofsilky fabric against my summer-heatedskin felt good, especially through the thin lace covering my pussy and tits. I sighed as I smoothed on edge of the robe over my clit. Tonight I was definitely going to Lush Stories and checking out what's new. I sighed as I realized that the woman was still in my house and I should check and see if she'd nicked anything.

I opened the door to find my room all ready tidied and clean, with two red candles on each side of my cream-colored bedding. I tip-toed down the corridor to check the office and the living area. My office was tidied and smelled of cherry blossoms.

I peered into the living area to see her languidly stretched out on the couch, staring out the window. She looked like she was posing for a sexy cosmetic ad. She looked absolutely stunning. I felt my womanhood flood with heat and I realized she didn't have to go, and I didn't have to pay her with money.

I smiled and lowered my eyelids as I stepped into the room, the wood floor cool under my bare feet. The beauty looked up at me, her blue eyes piercing my green ones as I stalked towards her. She composed herself, sitting up straight and her face guarded for another trick.

I sat down beside her as gracefully as I could, as close as I saw her turn towards me and her eyes glisten as she saw my new attire. I smiled as I saw her tits poking through the thin material of her dress.

"You aren't leaving so soon, are you?" I asked innocently as I crossed my legs, my robe sliding up to reveal more and more of my legs.

"Not unless you order me too," She said, her voice a little husky.

I grinned. "Good," My hand reached up and pushed her hair behind her ear. "You're coming with me," I said, snatching her hand. I stood and led her down the hallway and into the now romantic bedroom. Cream silk sheets with swirling black and red Japanesedesign embroidered on it, red candles and low lighting. I led her to the bed and sat her down on it. I leaned her back and leaned over her, my legs straddling her long, lean body between them. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Maybe," I whispered. "Maybe this will get me out of my debt to you."

"Maybe," she replied before I silenced her.

The sudden warmth of my lips on hers sent my heart speeding, my mind whirling. My hands slid over her shoulders, her voluptuous breasts, her flat stomach, her legs. Teasing her skin with my fingertips. Her touch was fire as she nipped my lips, her fingers ran through my hair and over my shoulders and breasts. I trapped her lips in mine, the fire increasing as our fingers danced over heated skin. I broke the kiss only to trail them down her neck tohershoulders to her breasts.My fingers reached down torid her of the dress, it was in the way of our intensity. It slid over her breasts and I tore it from her, anxious to explore her body.

Myeyeshungrily ran over her flat, toned stomach to her black thong.Her hips curved out beautifully.Her breasts were large and firm, hernipples tight and hard. I leaned down and kissed her neck.Between each kiss I spoke.

"You... are... amazing."

Shearched her back as I trailed my kisses to her nipple and my hands trailed to grab her firm ass andpull her closer to me.Kissed right above the pink flesh and then flicked my tongue over her peaked tit. I heard her gasp and felt her back arc up into me.Herfingerstrembled trying to peel off my robe. She finallypulls it off as I leanback down to suck her tits. My hands held her hips down as I gyrated mine against them. Her hands trailed fire up and down my arms, my stomach, my breasts, my legs. They teased me, tortured me, refusing to caress the folds between my legs. I suckled harder, one of my hands slid up totease her other breast.The other went to her ass to pull hertighter to me. I moaned in pleasure at her pants and flaming touch. I sat up and pulled her up to me, engaging her in another tongue tango as her hands unclasped my bra. I released my hands from her smooth skin long enough to remove the lingerie, then they were back at her, trying to devour her.

She broke our kiss and leaned down to suck my tits. My hands explored her body as she gently ran her tongue over my hard tit. She then sucked and I tilted my head back, moaning, and grabbed my other breast, trying to stimulate it equally. But there was no way my fingers could compare with that warm tongue, those gently teeth, those wine-red lips. When she was done and she began trailing kisses down my stomach, I leaned back against the pillows, letting her have full view of me. She leaned down, trailing kisses down my abdomen. My fingers pushed her hair out of her face so I could see her, and she grinned wickedly before biting the hem of my lace panties and dragging them off. Her hands trailed slowly behind. I felt my pussy dripping, pulsing, a fire wanting more burned in me. She leaned down and began kissing my inner thigh, I moaned and spread my legs wider, and she finally kissed myclit.

All the air in my lungs rushed out and my inner fire raged. Her kissing me there was like water after a day in the desert sun. My hands twisted the sheets beneath me as she kissed me again. Then she ran her fingers over my lips, spreading them. She leaned down and shoved her tongue into me. I moaned and thrust my hips to her face. She flicked her tongue in and out of my pussy, like a small cock meant for teasing. She then shoved her tongue all the way in me, sucking on my clit. I gasped as I prepared for an orgasm. I shook, my breaths ragged as it got closer and closer. Her fingers gripped my ass, holding my heat to her lips. She held onto me as I exploded, my juices flowing into her. When I finished, I sat back, sweaty and shaking, as she released her mouth's hold on my folds. She rubbed her fingers against my clit as she crawled up and kissed me all over my face, my neck, my shoulders. All I could do was lay back and take it. Take her.

Her fingers then found their way into my pussy. I gasped as slid her delicate fingers in between my folds, tickling the walls of my passages. One finger, then two, then three. I let out a whimper when she inserted the fourth, then cried out when she started fisting me. I arched my back, tears pooled in my eyes, as my pussy tried to take something so big so fast. She began thrusting her fist in and out of me, and I cried out in pleasure. It was the most passionate pain, so masochistic and simply beautiful. She finally released me and I cried out, tears streaming down my face. I felt her move up to my face and her lips press sweet kisses against my cheeks, my eyelids, and all over my face. Once I recovered, I sat up and reached over into the bedside table.

I opened the drawer, grabbed what I was looking for, and turned to show it to my woman.

It was a dildo, twelve inches long and two and a half inches thick. I smiled as I shoved her down and pulled off her thong. I didn't hesitate to get my revenge. I plunged the head into her and felt her reaction, heard her gasp. I pushed in another inch and then shoved the whole thing into her pink folds. I heard her cry out and began pushing and pulling, then in and out. I increased speed until I heard her screaming, saw her shaking.

"Ohh, fuck yes... more, more..."I agreed to her demands until I felt her preparing for climax. I took the dildo out and inserted four of my fingers, my tongue and lips sealing her pussy. She exploded into me, her juices flew into my mouth, hot and sweet. I held them in my mouth and leaned up to kiss her, hand still fingering her. I kissed her and let her cum flow into her mouth. I felt her swallow it and we shared a passionate kiss.

We then kissed, and kissed, and then she regained her strength. She rolled over, her legs scissoring mine, asI fell asleep in her warm embrace, her kisses lingering on my skin, trailing that passionate, sweet fire all over my body.

The next morning when I woke, she was gone. A note was left on one of the bedside tables.

I did not take any of your money, the night was payment enough. You ignited a fire inside of me that still has not burned out, and I will never forget this night.
I hope to come across you again, and I hope I'll be in your dreams. You'll be in mine.
The girl who will do anything for you

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