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Sunlight Like Fire

Memories of former lust fuels a night of passion between old friends and new lovers.
Starlight and a rising gibbous illuminated the sky. It guided me up the winding, narrow road to the house. The choppy pavement was lined with tall trees dressed in thick green boughs and swaying gently in the wind. It was late spring. If I hadn't known where I was going, I would have gotten lost in the dark. Fortunately, the way was familiar. I glanced down at the clock which read '9:43 p.m.'.

“Damn,” I muttered to myself.

The party had started at nine thirty. It wasn't that big of a deal, seeing as I didn't like most of the people I would see there very much anyway, I just didn't enjoy being late. I didn't dislike them either, they just weren't my friends. The only reason I had even decided to go was that the party was at my friend Cara's house, and I liked Cara. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, and I know that she was counting on me to introduce some darkness and pessimism into her bright, mirthful celebration of existence.

It had been a long three years and I was tired. During dead week of the last semester, I had joked to my friends that all I wanted to do after graduation was sleep that time off. Now that it was here, the hibernation actually sounded like it really might be all I wanted. Still, I was there for my friend and I did want to see her. Cara and I had never really been friends in high school, but we knew each other enough to merit invitations to the big house parties from the other. When college started we were assigned to the same dorm, though we weren't roommates.

We were the only two girls from our hometown in our particular college of the university. Home wasn't far, it just wasn't big. This resulted in us spending far more time together as the school year wore on. As we did, I got to know both her and her family much better. Her family was really just her mother Lea though. As time passed, I found myself quite fond of them both. Lea and I actually grew rather attached to one another throughout my college years.

Cara and I first bonded as friends on a particularly intoxicated night during our first semester. After splitting several bottles of wine with a few girls in the dorm, she drunkenly shared with us the story of how she lost her virginity. Then another girl did the same, and that put me in the awkward position of telling my story. It had been in Cara's house. When I told them, she laughed and said that she wasn't surprised. All the other girls in the room laughed uproariously as I told the story.

After that night we became pretty fast friends and got to know each other better and better and I spent more and more time with her. It was always a sort of odd friendship, in that we had the same taste in everything. We loved the same movies, the same authors, the same food. We even shared a similar list of appealing traits in men and women.

Both of us took pretty simple arts majors in communications and journalism, with minors in theater. We made up for it by graduating in three years. Truth be known though, it was only because we didn't bother to take any excess electives, so as to spend as little time as possible in school. Little did we know then, that our bachelor's degrees would prove to be fundamentally useless in the modern world. This has been another point of bonding for us since graduation.

One year, she brought me home for Christmas, and Lea joked that we must have been a couple. We spent the whole night enduring 'whatever lifestyle you choose is okay' jokes. There was a kind of a curious, not lesbian, but Sapphic quality to her. She was in her early forties, and always making dirty jokes, but she did it while retaining the style and class natural to a woman of her age and lifestyle. The more time that I spent with Cara, I started spending with Lea too.

Eventually, the time came when Lea and I would hang out even if Cara was doing something else. Since she did have a much more active dating life than either of us did, we would often sit at home and watch movies or share stories. Neither of us had a lot of friends during that time. That's not to say we wouldn't have been close anyway, but the openness of our schedules certainly contributed to the amount of time each of us had to spend with the other.

Abruptly, the pavement ended beneath my tires, and my mind moved quickly back to the task of driving. Even though the night was quite clear and the moon quite bright, the evergreen ancients of the forest made it very dark, and I had to turn on my brights, since there are no lights or houses after that point.

After the challenging ascent of the long winding driveway I parked close to the house. When I arrived at the front door I had to remember to knock. Since I'd spent so much time there over the previous year, I had been made to feel welcome coming and going.

Cara answered the door and beckoned me inside and we hugged. Her breath smelled strongly of wine, and it was obvious that she was having a pretty good time. I took off my coat, revealing a dress of black and violet that shows off my legs.

“Oooh, look at you, honey. Hoping to get laid again?” she joked.

Smiling, I replied, “No, I just wanted to look good.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, skeptically.

“It's not that I wouldn't be open to it.”

“That's what I thought.”

“Just don't try to set me up with anybody tonight, okay?” I asked her.

“Sure,” she said, as she hugged me again, squeezing my butt under my dress. “Come and join the party,” she stepped backwards, slipping away around the corner into the living room.

It's not that Cara doesn't pick the right guys. She actually has impeccable accuracy when it comes to spotting two people who have good chemistry whether she's one of them or not. Sex just wasn't what was on my mind. I was tired. Still, it sounded mildly diverting, and that's a good thing, but I hate using people who are into me like that. Especially so since they started falling in love with me, because that's never a good time. Usually a pretty short-lived love, mind you, but it's destroyed many a friendship for me, and I nearly always find that my one night stands turn into something more complicated.

After straightening my dress I followed Cara into the party. She had already returned to chatting up a nice looking man who looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. Ignoring the absent-minded curiosity regarding who he knew at the party, I walked on by, giving my friend her customary tap on the butt. I hung in the main of the party for a while, and I actually found it moderately fun.

Alright, maybe it wasn't my scene, but I tried to embrace it. There were some people sitting and talking, some were eating, others were outside conversing and smoking, and everyone was drinking. It would taste a lie to tell you that I really ever enjoyed college parties, but let not that keep you from the certainty that I have been, and most likely will be again, a party girl. Can't help it. I like to play, and I usually play hard. It's in my blood I guess. Probably my hair and urine too...

Eleven o'clock, everyone who was going to come had arrived, and a few people had already trickled out. There were maybe fifteen people left, and most of them had calmed down. Nobody was doing shots anymore, the music was quieter, and we had all mellowed out a bit. In need of some less stuffy oxygen, I went back out onto the deck, leaned against the railing and looked into the forest. I didn't see anybody else, but I could smell cannabis, so I wasn't surprised when Lea came around the corner.

“Hey,” she said dreamily.


“I'm glad you're here. Sorry I haven't had time to say hello yet.”

“It's no problem,” I told her, “You looked like you were enjoying yourself talking to that guy earlier.”

“Not really. He was interesting before he got wasted, but then he got kind of... douche-tastic.”

“Turned out to be kind of a bro?”


“That happens a lot. Our school is kind of a bro factory. I'm told it wears off after a few years.”

“Then he should come back in a few years,” she said.

We both laughed, even though it hadn't been funny. Tonally it was funny to us.

“So what brings you out here when the party's in there?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing really,” I said, “Just needed some air. You?”

“Just needed some smoke,” she said, holding aloft a smoldering blunt.

“Of course,” I said.

Lea and I talked for a few more minutes while she smoked. As she started in on a long rant, she lazily passed me the blunt and I took it. In the dark I saw the ember glow brighter and fade with each hit, something which I found quite hypnotic after the first couple of goes. When the time had come for me to respond, I passed it back to her, and spoke. When we were finished, Lea extinguished it, left it in a tin next to the ash tray for later.

Eleven-twenty, we went back inside and found that a couple more people had gone. Cara intercepted us and informed her mother that a couple of her friends were spending the night since they shouldn't drive, but said not to worry and that she'd set them up in the guest room. By eleven-fifty, there were only nine people left.

As with other nights, especially those recently before that evening, Lea's intense, almost predatory energy advanced on my senses. Since I didn't have as much to talk about with the other recent graduates at the party, we had spent much of the evening talking to each other. That, or making significant gestures and faces to each other while we talked to other people. Nothing complex was being communicated, we were just showing our moods, our boredoms, or once maybe it seemed like her arousal, when she was talking to a nice looking young man.

The evening wore on and another couple left the engagement. It didn't concern me though. That whole night, anytime I was talking to somebody else and thinking how boring I found them to be, I noticed myself thinking how much I'd rather be talking to Lea.

One very nice, available, and actually interesting man struck up a surprisingly interesting discussion about the relative merits of education versus degrees, and started a lengthy debate on the subject. He asked me if I wanted to get dinner sometime and I did. His name was Nick and he was off to law school, but that's about all the detail about him that I can remember now.

Nothing was wrong with him at all, in fact, he was really my type. Only thing was, that night, I only had eyes for Lea.Those of us who had stayed spent hours together debating, telling stories, sharing our plans for the future and drinking. I remember being envious of the few who had ideas, had plans, had everything figured out. I didn't though. No plans. No ideas. Being drunk, I didn't much care for being lost and adrift the way I was. It was making my soul seasick.

Around one or two, I excused myself to the bathroom for a moment. This provided a break in the conversation, and a natural stopping point for one couple to leave, and the others to excuse themselves to bed. Then it was just me, Cara and Lea. The three of us stayed up late into the early hours of morning, but finally, Cara fell asleep too.

We had just opened another bottle of wine, so I tossed a blanket over my sleeping friend, and followed a silent Lea into the next room when she beckoned. As we entered she walked to the fire place and jabbed its cooling embers with a long spike to help reignite the flames before she set another piece of wood onto the fire. I bit my lip as I followed behind her to the couches, watching her round, age-defying ass sway as I walked. A moment later my view was gone as she sat on the cream colored sofa across from the fire.

Intrigued, aroused and confused I offered a smile to her. Different than the type I might usually give her. Not wanting to press my luck further than that, I sat on the chair adjacent to her as we kept talking. She poured me another glass of wine and I took it happily.

Conversation continued to flow naturally between us, until the words “I lost my virginity in this room,” drunkenly erupted from my mouth.

Having brought a sharp and abrupt halt to the conversation, I sat there, awestruck by my own ridiculousness. There was silence still, and I was sweating, feeling completely absurd and embarrassed. Silence, until she burst apart in laughter.

“I'm sorry. I couldn't hold that in any longer,” she said, taking a deep breath and observing the expression on my face, “It's nothing to be embarrassed over. I'm certain you're not the only young lady who has.”

I sighed relief,“Well then, maybe we can laugh about it after all,” and forced a bit of a chuckle through my lips.

“Indeed,” she said, “When was that? I'm just curious, if you don't mind my asking.”

I hesitated, but decided there was no reason not to tell the story now. At least in however much detail she asked for, so I said, “It was the last party Cara threw in high school, a few months before graduation. The one that ate ice storm came in the middle of.”

“Oh sure,” she said, then paused before saying, “Oh, really? You know, come to think of it, I can think of at least one nice lad who lost his virginity under this roof that same night.”

“Yeah? Is it a good story?”

“Well, it's an embarrassing story. I suppose I'll let you be the judge about whether it's a good story or not,” she smiled, “Unless you're getting too sleepy.”

“Of course not,” I said immediately. A little too immediately, maybe.

It was then before she resumed talking, while she poured us each another glass that I noticed it. Lea was opening her legs a little bit, and I could see the faintest shadows of a black thong. As I sipped the wine, slowly this time, I uncrossed my own legs and slid back in my chair. Deciding to leave it at that for the moment, all my focus moved back to her story.

“The party was winding down, finally, and most of you were asleep,” she said.

“...I wasn't. I was giving my first blowjob. Not to the same guy who took my virginity,” I told her.

“Oh, you bad girl,” she joked, “Sounds like everybody had a good night that night. My boyfriend at the time came to me a couple of weeks later and told me that he also fucked a girlfriend of Cara's that night.”

My face turned brightly and immediately scarlet.

“It was you, wasn't it?”

I lowered my head, and said, “Yes.”

“That's strangely fitting,” she said, “We both cheated on each other that weekend, and we both enjoyed the hell out of it. It's nice to hear you did too.”

“I still want to hear that story,” I said, trying to move the conversation.

“Okay. Only if you tell me yours afterward. I want the details. Thinking about him fucking you is actually kind of hot.”

I could tell that she wouldn't have said something like that to me if she hadn't been drunk, but we both rolled right past it as though it wasn't anything. Neither of us were tipsy mind you, we were pretty drunk at this point. Certainly neither of us were slurring our words, but we were well past operating a motorized vehicle in any manner that might be considered safe.

“Okay. I promise,” I said.

“Mmm... Good then. Where's the best place to start...” she wondered aloud.

“How about with who it was?” I suggested.

“Well, I don't know the answer to that, so I guess I'll start at where I was going to in the first place. As you were downstairs sucking off some poor guy in a room full of his friends, I was masturbating upstairs in my room, thinking about roughly half of my daughter's friends who were downstairs sleeping. It was all I could do to not come and steal one them away to my bedroom.”

“That would have been one way to go,” I laughed at her.

“It would have, but I restrained myself.”

“Why didn't you just fuck your boyfriend? I thought he was here that night.”

She faked a frown and turned the tables on me. “He didn't get home until later that morning, since he was working nights. Got home just in time to fuck your brains out, as a matter of fact.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that,” I spake unsteadily. Every time we opened our mouths led to a bit of a giggle by then, so I set down my wine and decided to ignore it for a while.

“Okay, where was I?” Lea thought aloud, “Oh yeah. I was polishing my clit with a powerful 'massager'. It had been quite a while since I'd cum, and I knew it was going to be a big one. Instead of staying put I decided I'd rather finish in the shower. Not wanting to wake anybody, I went to the bathroom on the second floor. You know, the one that has the toilet in the little alcove?”

She took a sip.

“Sure,” I said.

She continued, “I didn't put on any clothes, I just went, not expecting to find anybody in the hall. I didn't, but I think I walked naked on the off chance I'd run into a speechless, hard-cocked young stud to jump. So I opened the door but didn't close it. As I sat down on the toilet to pee, I heard footsteps creeping closer to me. After a second they stopped, and the door of the bathroom closed!”

I bit my lip, “Tell me more...”

“So, I sat quietly for a moment, unsure of what to do. I was naked, and bound to embarrass somebody, if they walked in on me. Seconds passed and the light didn't turn on. I held my breath as I listened and heard the rustling of denim. Somebody was reaching into jeans. Needing to know who it was, I poked my head around the corner, feeling fairly safe in the dark. My heart was racing. Didn't know if it was a guy or a girl, or for that matter a couple.”

Lea's legs fell a little further open, and so did mine. We both noticed, but neither acted as though we paid it any mind. She continued her story.

“I looked, and saw a guy standing there with his hands in his jeans. I didn't recognize him as one of Cara's friends, and I thought he probably wasn't anybody's boyfriend if he was upstairs jerking it. I remember thinking 'Perfect.' I mean, he had no connection to me or my family, I wasn't likely to see him again, and he obviously wanted it. It was like one of those ridiculous MILF stories, but I fucking loved it. When I suddenly remembered that I had to pee, I decided to break the silence by doing so. The second he could hear the flow of liquid into liquid I heard him gasp, and his hand stop. I asked is 'There anybody in here?', and he immediately started offering a rapid stream of apologies, and said he didn't know there was somebody here.”

The fire was burning warm, and we were both feeling very good. Lea's panties had shifted to one side and I could see her smooth lips under the shadow of her dress.

“Before he opened the door to leave, I assured him that there wasn't anything to apologize for, since he obviously didn't know I was there. He asked if I was sure I wasn't mad, which I found kind of cute. I told him I wasn't and reminded him that everybody does it. I said, 'I came in here for the same reason,' and his jaw dropped so hard I heard his mouth open.”

Suddenly I felt a hand on my inner thigh, a nail on my labia. I looked down in shock, and discovered I had absent-mindedly begun to play with myself. I stopped.

Trying to respond to her, I said, “I bet he liked that.”

“He did. Looks like you do, too,” Lea said.

Fire engine red. That was the color of my face. I was humiliated. “I'm really drunk,” I said.

“Don't be embarrassed,” she said, in a voice both comforting and bathed in seduction, “Everybody does it. Should I get on with the story?”

“Please do,” I said, not allowing myself to surrender to the ensuing mortification. I didn't even move my hand away. She swirled her wine in its glass while she whimsically continued narrating.

“So... after I told him that, I think he tensed up even more and simultaneously relaxed a bit. He tried making a bit of awkward chit chat for a moment, so I stood up and strode toward him. He was breathing hard. My hand made for the light switch, but I stopped for a moment. I could feel his breath against the tight skin of my chest and it felt good. Close to him, almost touching, I stood in front of him for a while, raising the tension level. I allowed my hand reach out and touch his chest. Against my thigh, his cock jumped and twitched. His hot flesh bounced against me a couple of times and he gasped with each one.”

Lea moaned. I moaned. When I opened my eyes I saw that her hand was now resting between her legs as well. In awe, I watched her slender middle finger run deep through her slit, and she quivered when it reached the top with a little squeak of pleasure.

“I just want you to know that I'm having a really good time,” I said.

Lea smiled. “I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. It certainly looks like it, and sounds like it,” she paused only momentarily, “And smells like it.”

I laughed. “You don't hold anything back, do you?”

“Not when I've been drinking, no,” she kept smiling at me and said, “I didn't mean it as a bad thing, though. You're very appealing.”

A combination of the wine and her words filled me with a pleasant warm sensation. I wanted to say something nice to her, but all I could think of was, “And then what happened?”

“W-” Lea's finger grazed her clit again, her body jumped and her voice chirped, interrupting her first syllable, “Well, that's about when I finally turned on the lights. When I could see him better, he wasn't as good looking as I had maybe thought, but he was very cute. Adorable, even. I recognized him then as a guy I'd seen around Cara a few times. He was a couple of years older than her, but was always sort of around after he finished school. I wouldn't have remembered except for he has this little tattoo of a tree in winter on his arm.”

A grin spread across my face. “Sounds sexy,” I said.

Looking into her eyes when mine were open, I was making no effort anymore to restrain myself or to conceal the fact that I was masturbating and neither was she. Both of us were going slow, being gentle with ourselves. Everything was so relaxing. The crackle of the fire, the light, the company, the story, the wine, the sleep deprivation of my final finals; everything about that night made it easy to relax and be myself.

“It was. It's hard to believe it was his first time, but I guess it had just never worked out for him. We talked about it the next morning, and he had some pretty funny stories of the train wrecks that were him almost losing his virginity. Anyway, his sexual experience not withstanding, he was very good looking. He had some muscles but they weren't all that toned, wore glasses and was obviously a 'jeans and a t-shirt' sort of guy. The hard cock that was sticking straight up out of his boxers was just as sort-of impressive as the rest of his physique. A little more than seven inches, decent width, uncut, nice and veiny. Even though he wasn't a perfectly sculpted statue of a man, he was what I wanted. Nervous, horny, and well shaped but with room for improvement. He was exactly what was needed.”

This time it was my voice that unexpectedly halted the story. As she reminded me that the tale was about a virgin, my fingers, of their own accord moved back to my clit and started working harder. I arched my back and squirmed, my legs tightly together as I moaned loud through closed lips.

“Oh fuck!” I half said, half yelled.

Lea paused for a moment and looked at me inquiringly, “Did you just...?”

“No,” I assured her, “Not yet. If this story goes on much longer I might not be able to help it though.”

“Well don't stop yourself on my account,” she said, “Just...”


“Maybe come and join me on the couch?”

While running around my clit once more my fingers made me moan again as I stood. I stretched now that I was standing. Arms over my head, side to side. I slid my panties gracefully off when I bent and touched my toes. When I stood up again I uncurled my spine very slowly, giving Lea an excellent view of my breasts from every angle. I smiled wide when I saw that she had finally put her wine down so that she could play with her clit as she fucked herself with a dextrous middle finger.

Lea was breathing hard, and she looked as though she might not be able to hold back much longer either. Caught between wanting to touch her and not wanting to be the first who crosses that barrier, I sat at the other end of the couch, opposite her. The couch was wide, with a relatively short backrest. My right leg rested off the edge with my foot on the ground, and I had to put my left up on the back. Completely splayed apart, my open legs gave her a perfect view of what I was doing to myself and allowed me to see her while we talked.

“Okay,” I said as I settled, “Back to the story.”

She grinned and resumed, “After I turned on the light, he was even more nervous. I didn't want to rush him so I asked him if I could show him what I came in to do. When he didn't say anything, I said I wanted to get back to it before I lost the mood, and then he nodded. I opened the transparent glass door to turn on the water, then turned back to him. Placing my thumbs between his hips and his boxers I slid them to the ground along with his jeans. While the water heated I let him get used to being so exposed. Steam started to rise off of the shower floor, and I told him to take off his shirt before I stepped inside. I was pleasantly surprised when he didn't have to be invited to step in with me.”

Lea's foot connected with my calf. The ball of her foot, ran along my calf, toes feeling my flesh as she explored. I felt her toes curl and flex as though she were nearing her orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore.

“Stop,” I said, calmly, seizing her wrist and moving her hand away.

“Why?” she asked, a puzzled look of desperation on her face.

I answered her by leaning forward and kissing her where her thigh meets her outer labia.

“Oh yes,” she gasped.

“This is okay?” I asked, kissing the beautiful, well trimmed perfection between her legs, “I can do this for you?”

I let my tongue slide between her lips, and probe at her steaming, wet entrance.

“Yes! But what about you? What can I do for you?”

“Just keep telling me this story.”

“Alrigh- Oh fuck,” Lea said, trying to continue. “Keep doing that!”

She panted and bucked her hips against my face while I licked eagerly at her. A few seconds in she seemed to regain her composure a little and started speaking again.

“Alright, so, I sat down on the seat in the shower, wand in hand,” Lea was panting while she was talking, barely able to make it through a sentence without taking heaving breaths in the middle. “At first I used the massage setting to get myself good and horny again, then switched back to my fingers for a few minutes so he could see. I let him watch me go to town on myself and told him he should join in if he wanted.”

I had several things to say, jokes to make, but I also had more important things to do with my mouth than talk.

“He took hold of his cock and started, oh! Oh! He started stroking his hard length toward me, and I... ah, fuck!”

Lea needed a moment to catch her breath, and I allowed it. I didn't want to lose my forward momentum though, so when she could talk again I went back to work almost as quickly as I had stopped.

“As I watched him jerking that cock right at me, I felt my muscles tense up and my toes start to curl. I knew my orgasm was closing in. Instinctively I reached out and took his hand from him, guiding it towards me... Hesitant, he looked at me and held back, so I asked him again with my eyes, still rubbing myself, and this time he agreed. Then he... oh. Oh, oh! Fuck! FUCK! Oh yes! Baby, you're going to make me...”

Her breath was failing her and she couldn't make the last word. This was it. She was going to cum. I pressed my middle finger inside her and curled it up, applying very slight pressure as I slipped it in and out of her. Gasps came from deep within her chest, clawing for air, unable to keep it. She was cumming. Lea's scream pierced the night, and I'm still confident we must have woken Cara up.

Thankfully, she didn't come in to find me with my naked ass in the air and my face buried in her mother's hot, orgasming body. The quivering, gyrating woman in front of me was pulsing with pleasure as she came and came and came. Echoing from wall to wall the sound of her voice reverberated in my ears. A single sustained tone resonantly projected from her throat for several seconds as she finished.

Sublime, rapturous emotional pleasures overtook me while I made her cum. I wasn't even touching myself anymore and the feeling inside me was almost as powerful as an orgasm of my own, and far more profound. As the steam cleared and the dust settled, Lea's trembling body began to calm down. Her thin strip of blonde pubic hair was glistening with droplets of her sweat and cum. Her body was still shivering.

After several minutes, when the gasping had subsided, Lea said, “Mmm... thank you honey. That was fucking incredible. Now what shall I do for you?”

For a moment, I said nothing, resting my head in the sweat and scent of her. “Just keep telling me the story,” I said.

“Is that all?” she asked with big, hopeful eyes.

“I'll take care of myself,” I said, “I want to imagine myself as you.”

Somehow, those words set the fire in her anew. She smiled and sat up, reaching for me, and I did not resist. Feeling my breasts with her hand obviously brought her pleasure, and feeling her hand against my breast was bringing it to me. Next, another hand reached below me. At first, she was petting me smoothly and rhythmically. I bit my lip and moaned as she smiled into my eyes. Lust and passion fueled us and I could see the mixture burning behind her eyes.

“If you want to be me, then this is more appropriate. By this point, he was rubbing my clit with two fingers and leaning towards me. Closer, closer...”

Lea's voice had trailed off as she advanced. Her face was close to mine, and I gazed into her as she got close enough to kiss me. Our eyes closed and our lips met. Softly at first, but soon they opened and she put her tongue into my mouth, running the tip of it over mine.

“Mmm...” I moaned into her mouth while she rubbed circles around my swollen clit.

She pulled back and kept talking. “He kissed me, and that was the turning point. Suddenly he was more comfortable, and I wasn't holding back anymore. I seized his cock and started jerking it furiously, making sure that my efforts were both rough and gentle, pleasuring him with the upstroke as well as the down. He started breathing hard as I jacked him off. The sensation of his skin and veins moving across his rigid shaft felt wonderful in my hand as I held him lightly.”

Lea slipped a middle finger inside me as she kept talking, “His breathing picked up again, and he got a little bit harder. Since I didn't want him to cum yet, I stopped and watched intently as it bounced in the air under its own power, trying to decide whether or not it was going to coat my belly in sticky white ejaculate.”

As she put a second finger in I arrested a scream into a short squeak.

“He didn't,” she continued, “I pulled him a step closer to me and began kissing his chest and his stomach. I leaned into him, his cock pressing between my tits, while I licked his nipples and sucked on them. I reached underneath him and pressed a finger against his asshole, but I didn't do anything more than that. All I was after there was to open his mind a little. He jumped when I did it though.”

She did the same thing to me, and I jumped as well, with her thumb stimulating me. “Fuck, Lea!” I yelled as she did it, unable to completely contain myself.

“Oooh, baby, calm down. You don't want to wake anybody up, do you?”

“I'm sure we already did, and they're staying clear of the room.”

“You never know, she's a heavy sleeper,” Lea said, “I bet she'll go back to sleep if we quiet down.”

“Maybe if we wake her she'll get up and go to bed in her room,” I joked.


“I'll try and quiet down,” I told her.

“Thanks,” she said before proceeding with the story, “Then I stood up and put my arms around his shoulder. He looked at me and kissed me, so I kissed him. We turned around and I sat him down on the seat where I had been. I knelt in front of him and took hold of his throbbing penis, looking him in the eyes. First I gave it a slight twist, from side to side. Then I took it in both hands and did the same before starting to jerk him off again, and before he had a chance to react any more, I leaned forward with my mouth open, and started sucking the head of his hot cock.”

Lea had slid down my body, and was now doing something very similar to my clit while I writhed under her attentions.

“I watched his face start to change while I worked. At first I saw surprise, then joy, pleasure, anguish and ecstasy.”

Control was slipping away from me. I couldn't resist the way she was describing it. My closed lips began to part. Little squeaks at first, then a louder, more constant tone. Once more though, she let me fall before the crest of my pleasure.

“Oh god! Keep going!” I said, stifling my impulse to yell it at her.

“With the story, or...”

“Both!” I insisted.

“Alright honey. For you.” Lea sent her hand back to work, but this time she commanded it to go slower, but more steadily. The variation was in the curl of her fingers.

“Aahhh...” the sound escaped my mouth as she touched me.

She smiled, and the story resumed again, “Knees against the tile, making him moan with my tongue was perfect. More than being what I needed, it was fucking exactly what I wanted. Sucking his hard young cock was almost more than I could take so I moved my hand from myself back to his balls. Massaging them while I continued my other work was getting him close, I could tell.”

My back arched and I lifted my hips. As I thrust them forward against her, she knew I was close as well.

“In seconds, his heavy breathing and turned into heaving vocalizations of his lust. Even the intimacy of the moment was hard to deny, since I was pretty sure by then that he'd never gotten a blowjob before. Eager to keep going but just as eager for his cum, I blew him hard, using as much of my body as I could, moving in response to my own pleasure. He wasn't quite ready though, and I moved my hand back to myself and did this...”

Her voice trailed away again as she started running fast circles with her thumb around my clit. Her fore and middle fingers were thrusting in and out of me, touching my g-spot in just the right way to make me bite my lip and whine.

“As I sucked and jerked him off, he brushed my hand aside and took hold of me by the hair. It was a wonderful sensation, him taking control like that, even if it was for just a moment. Quite suddenly, I came again. Hard, quick. Thought I might break a finger. The orgasm wasn't really all that intense, but it caught me off guard, so moaned loudly, crying out with his cock in my mouth. Strong hands held me down. Held me in place, with his shaft buried in my throat. Unable to move up or down except for the short thrusts he was giving me with his last couple inches, I started flicking my tongue here and there. I stuck it out and licked his balls while he fucked my mouth.”

The final three words rang from her mouth with a humid heat that was enough to make anyone fall for her. Again I interrupted her with an involuntary shudder and vocal accompaniment.

Lea ignored it as though it had been just a pause between sentences, “I was still moaning loudly, my tongue vibrating against his cock, and that was it. His hips bucked off the seat a couple of times sharply as he held me, and then he let me go. Instinctively, I retracted and took a deep breath through my nose as I ascended. As soon as the head was back in my mouth, almost as though he'd been waiting for my tongue, it swelled and twitched. One more good suck was all he had in him and he came for me. Hot, sweet cum filled my mouth. Two huge pulses of thick white fluid poured over my tongue. Three, four, five. He wouldn't stop, but I kept on until my mouth was as full as it was going to get and I pulled back, jerking him off. Another huge spray speckled my face in white drops of him, then another, then one more for good measure.”

“Oh yeah! Fuck me! Keep going! Make me cum!!”

“Yeah, baby,” she said, “I want to feel you cum around my fingers.”

With that, she took mine in her hand and sucked two of my fingers into her mouth, letting me feel the warmth of her on yet another of my body's surfaces.

“Mmm...” I moaned, almost there.

“When he was finally done, I stopped what I was doing to show him what he'd done. He was out of breath and trying to catch it, looking at the ceiling. I guided his attention back to me by brushing him toward me by the jawline. He looked in my mouth and his eyes widened. As soon as he did, I-”

My orgasm broke her words. I shuddered and shook. Screaming and thrashing against her, Lea had to wrestle me back to the couch to keep my from projecting myself off of it in my fervor. She came to kiss me and I bit her neck. With no other sound dampening options, I latched onto her and didn't let go until my powerful convulsions and spasms subsided, somewhat at least. Even afterward my body still shifted and twisted in jerking movements, provided autonomously by dancing nerve endings.

When she relaxed her fingers and removed them gently, I was finally allowed to rest, and I released her from my embrace.

“-Swallowed,” she said.

Taking great gasps of air between my words I said, “That was amazing.”

Those three words were all I could mange, but Lea said, “That was incredible, lovely. I want to do it again.”

I laughed and smiled, then said, “I might need a few minutes on that one. Or hours. Or days.”

It was more like minutes.

Lea looked into my eyes but said nothing. Hands took gentle hold of my head and she kissed me again, deeper than ever. She then stood and softly tread toward the door to the room where we had left Cara, and opened it a crack. After she had peered for a moment in one direction and determined that her daughter was no longer in the room, she advanced a few steps past the threshold. I saw her head turn from one side to the other and then she went left, out of sight.

A moment later, she was back and smiled. “She's not there. Must have gone down to bed.”

“Good to hear. I'd hate to think we exposed her to that whole proceeding.”

“So, should we move this party upstairs? You know, to where the rest of the story took place?”

An enormous, silly grin spread across my face, and we both laughed.

“Yes,” I said.

“I hope it turns out like I think it does.”

“I'm sure it does, but that's not all it does,” she promised.

“Ooh. Enticing. You know how to tell a story. Where did you get your quick tongue?”

Lea giggled. “I don't think I even have to ask if there was a pun intended in that.”

“No, you really don't.”

We got up and picked up our clothes, rather than taking the time to put them on. After gathering my dress and all my belongings, I tucked them under my arm, and I followed her to the stairs. As we climbed them, I watched her perfect ass flex and extend as she went, lost in her beauty. Starlight poured in the large windows and reflected off her perfect skin, glowing in the night. My appetite for her beauty rose again already, and I knew I wouldn't be waiting long.

At the top of the stairs, the landing intersects a hallway. Left takes you to a guest room and right takes you to the office, bathroom, and stairs to the third floor. Lea stopped in the bathroom to pee, while I stood by. When she was finished, I did too. It wasn't a sexual thing, but it did seem to indicate a degree of new found of intimacy between us, or at least a higher comfort level than I think anybody was expecting.

“I love this shower,” she said, looking at it adoringly.

“Me too,” I said, looking at it, then back to her.

Both us giggled at our memories. Lea and I are very compatible, both sexually and as friends. Our companionship has always been layered with erotic irony and dense sarcasm, but this was something new. Not just the sex. We kissed in the bathroom before heading up the next flight of stairs to the master bedroom.

Lea's room was an odd shape, and had dark walls. The same beautiful, but eccentric décor adorned her walls and ceiling. Art hung over art, stained glass in the windows. The delicate, translucent curtains around the king size bed were my favorite. It smelled like the same mixture of incense and conditioner that it did before as the last time I had been in it.

“Do you like my room?” she asked, turning to face me.

“I do,” I said smiling, “I remember it well.”

“Oh yes. I'd forgotten you've been here before, you naughty thing,” a devilish grin swept her face.

“I had a good time, too.”

“Are you trying to turn me on again?”

“Of course I am. Otherwise I wouldn't tell you how your boyfriend fucked my ass in your bed.”

“Well, that explains the furious ass-fucking I got when I came home from that trip.”


“It was only the third time I'd ever had anal sex. He just threw me onto the mattress and went down on me for a half hour. After I had cum, you know, a lot, he lubed up his cock inside me, then switched holes and fucked me until I came again with my fingers on my clit.”

“That's sounds fucking hot,” I said, “It turns me on to know that I contributed to your sex life before tonight.”

“But we're getting off track now,” Lea said, “Telling the wrong story.”

“Oh yes!” I said, flopping backward into the sheets, “Tell me the end.”

“Alright,” she said, the impish smile still wide on her face.

Only seconds passed before there were fingers on my clit again. Lea turned around to a stack of large drawers set into the wall behind where she was standing. As she rooted around in what sounded like a toolbox, she talked over the noise.

“So, my young companion and I came up here, and that's when the night really took off. I laid down on the bed and started masturbating again, much as you just did.”

Trying to put myself in the time and place as much as possible, I closed my eyes while she spoke looking up at the ceiling occasionally, since I was actually in the room.

“He stood over me, nervous again. It was still cute. Never more so, now that he had cum in my mouth. As I started making more noise though, his confidence was rising. Maybe he remembered that he had just blown his load in my wet little mouth. Whatever it was, he started stroking his length to get it completely hard again.”

Another stifled moan hissed through my teeth, despite my efforts to stay quiet. I heard Lea moving moving around, accompanied by the jangling of chains and other racket, but my eyes were shut tightly and I wasn't opening them.

“So there I was, moaning just like you, while he watched and listened. It took him some time to get his nerve back all the way, so I just laid back and gave him a show to keep him ready for me. He was obviously enjoying himself, and soon the heat in his gaze came back. I watched him as he walked around the bed, allowing his cock to sway in the air. He knelt on the bed and got down on his elbows. It wasn't all that much to write home about, but...”

Suddenly, I felt her lips on me again. Kissing me, probing me with her tongue. I gasped at her touch, grabbed her hair and ground forcefully against her.

A moment later she freed herself and continued talking, “It was nice to see the effort. Anyway, I didn't let him go for very long. I didn't want his expectations of my reaction to dampen his spirits, so I just said 'Fuck me,' and when he didn't do anything, 'I want your cock in me.' He got closer to me, and I begged him for it while he stroked himself an inch away from me. When he did thrust forward, it took him a couple of tries to find the target. The first thing he hit was my clit.”

Lea roughly grazed mine in demonstration, but it felt strange.

“Then he positioned himself a little better and pressed on, so that I could feel the head pressing against me, slowly working into me.”

Sharply, my eyes shot open, and I froze. There was something warm and hard pressing against me, and it was clearly not a part of Lea's body. When I looked up I discovered that she was above me, looking down, and when I looked between us I saw a long, hard silicone phallus extending from a narrow set of black straps. The toy itself was bright purple, a little less than eight inches long, curved upward. I'm not sure exactly what it looked like on the other end, but it seemed to be doing something good for her while she stroked it off.

As she knelt over me displaying it, I abandoned my own work toward my orgasm and said, “Fuck me. I want your cock in me.”

Gasping as she did it, she put the tip of it against me again and held still. “He pressed into me, slowly,” she said, as she crossed the threshold, “He was slow, and unsure, pushing forward a millimeter at a time.”

Whilst looking into my eyes, she did as she narrated. Her silicone cock entered me, its pleasant curve stimulating my sensitive flesh.

“I looked up at him and smiled, lost in his face. I hadn't slept with a virgin since I was one, and I had no idea how good it would make me feel to be his first experience, and to make sure it was a good one. Once I emerged from my thoughts though, I saw his face turn again. I knew that look, but at the same time, I didn't. It was more than an approaching orgasm, it was urgent, intimate, and loving. He was pounding away at me when he said it, 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum!', and I almost came with him. He pulled out without asking and started jacking off furiously.”

She pulled out of me and showed me.

“So I sat up and took his cock back from him, sucking the tip and then holding my mouth open for him while he kept stroking.”

I did exactly as she had, getting in front of her and sucking her toy cock for a second and looking up at her while she jerked. Lea was whimpering softly with each jerk as the toy manipulated her from within. Soon she grabbed my head and put the toy back in my mouth, fucking me a little with it as she started to buck her hips and bellowed out in satisfaction.

“Then he screamed in his release and came. He came in my mouth, but he came all over my face. With his first spasms he blew thick white stripes of cum across my cheeks and forehead, after which his cock poured even more into my mouth like a drinking fountain.”

Staring at her, awestruck I said, “That's so hot.”

“There's more though, don't worry.”

“There's more? I'm not sure how much more I can take,” I admitted.

“Once I had swallowed his load, I asked him if he was done and he shook his head. He assured me that he had at least one more in him, and if I wanted to go again, that he could. Of course I did. I told him so and rolled onto my back again.”

“Mmm,” I moaned as we did the same thing.

“The bed shifted when he got back on top of me, his cum still warm on my face. For a while he sucked on my nipples, but then got between my legs again.”

Lea teased my nipples for a long moment before retreating to the south. The room was spinning with lust, an intensifying hum of pleasure penetrating us. It was probably the movement of the bed that was disrupting the curtains, but it could just as easily have been the heat rising from our entwined bodies. Laced together arms in thighs, a hot tongue worked inside of me and fingers teased my hard, aching nipples.

Rising again, I could feel the star of day following in my wake. While not yet visible, the sun heralded it's approach through beginning to restore its illumination to the world. In an hour it would set the sky on fire, and in two it would climb above the rippling skyline formed of mountaintops. Birdsong filled the trees, and the valley below.

A cacophony of early morning rang across the mountains quite suddenly as we twisted apart, the first movement of an orchestra cued by the sun's earliest light. We were both sitting again, hands working in the dark of our thighs. Lea's body, bathed in the gray-silver light of unbroken dawn was perhaps the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Slippery and pretty, the artificial flesh slid forward and back in my hand as his had in hers. One middle finger worked in and out of me as she made small, concentric circles around my clit, in first, then out again just as contact was made. Uttering small whistles and whines as she did so, I stroked her more intensely, pulling on her cock even, and leaned forward. Without thinking, my hand was on her face, turning her gently toward me.

Eyes closed I leaned toward her, drawn in, not caring about anything else. Our lips touched and lightning stuck again. Not for the first time that night, certainly, but this kiss was something special. To write home about. To tell your grandchildren about. Well, maybe if you leave out anything below the shoulders. It was amazing. I couldn't tell up from down, let alone left from right or north from south.

East from west and dark from light were not difficult though. Warmth illuminated our already electrified skin as dawn shattered across the sky, bringing the full force of morning with it. Now the sky was alight with amber, crimson and gold. Burning, pure light poured in through the east windows and set both of us aglow, wrapping us up in its warmth like a blanket.

Time froze at the moment we were locked together. No part of our bodies wasn't in contact with that of our partner. Wet, throbbing lips parted for Lea's fingers as she touched my clit, making me moan in both pleasure and pain. Hands wrapped around the back of her neck, pulling her into me as we kissed. On my lower back another pair pulled the small of my back toward her. I arched upward and spread my legs for her.

“Oh, oh god, keep fucking me!” I begged her.

“Yeah? You want this hot young cock back inside you?” she asked me as though I were her.

“Yes. Yes! Shove it back in me!” I cried, surprised at my own words.

“Alright then,” she said, reaching between our legs, “He held the head of his hard organ firm against me, like this, and thrust inside.

“OH! Ahaahh...” I called out as she took me by the ass, and pressed herself back inside of me.

Our breath had merged together, becoming one movement when Lea slid the long cock into me and drew it back out. Over and over we did this, writhing together as once she did with him. The memory of helping him in his ascent and breaking his fall drove her movement and her lust. The two of us entangled each other in our limbs once more as she worked in me.

She smiled and parted her lips, and described herself while gazing at me, “As I lay there, under him,” she breathed heavily, “He leaned over me, kissed me, took control. He took me with a powerful, brazen confidence this time. While his hot shaft penetrated me I gasped under him. The rolling of his hips and the flexing of his ass pushed his widening shaft down, into me so that I could look up into his eyes. It felt as though I was being struck by lightning with every thrust, each one like a tiny orgasm.”

Lea showed me what she had described. We fucked and fucked that morning, as she told me the story, “He had cum twice already and now he was really lasting. I pinched my nipples. Mmmm, yes baby, just like that. And just like this, he held my hips and pulled me onto his hot shaft, skewering me repeatedly. There was no chance he was going to have another orgasm again before me, so I though I'd help him along with my own.”

Lea's hand took mine from my right breast and and guided it sensually to my slick, cum-wet thighs. As we moved she ran my own nails softly over my stomach, and encouraged me to masturbate when it stopped, begging me to cum again. Mesmerized, I did as she wanted while I watched two of her fingers work her clit while she fucked me. The toy thrust into both of us as we flung ourselves together, over and over, desperate for what was coming.

Warped bodies wrapped together as we made love, a seething conglomerate of limbs, fingers and tongues working toward nothing but pleasure. Still bathed by the bright glow of morning's sunburst, we wrestled in the sheets like Calypso, like the sirens. Surely any who heard our cries and saw our beauty in that moment would never have forgotten. We made love forever, secure in our keep, each shackled to the other with lust, pleasure, in love, on our island sanctuary bathed in sunlight, like fire.

Words came back to her again, and Lea started again, her voice broken by our rhythm, “He started going faster again. I knew he would get there sooner if I came on his cock and I knew I couldn't take much more of him pounding me like that. Soon,” she said softly, “Soon he was going to cum for the last time, and I wanted him to experience what it feels like to cum inside a woman. With a little concentration and creative thumb work I forced myself over the edge one last time, and I clenched around him, shaking and spasming... ”

Casting her smiling eyes toward mine, her intensity enforced the actions of my hand. Once more I was getting close, just as she had. When I looked up at her last, I felt the world slip out from under me, as though it had gone. It was like we had traveled back through time to that night, and in truth, I almost felt as though she had given me her body to fill with my thoughts, and my feelings. She allowed me to remember her memories as they were.

She said, “I'm going to cum again soon.”

I grinned, and as I was about to tell her to go for it, she asked me something I never would have expected.

Very much in her voice, another spoke, “Where do you want me to cum, Lea?”

Though struck completely off guard by this sudden shift in roles, I had never been more turned on in my life.

“Hold on,” I asked, “Only another minute.”

Her heaving breath and temporary masculine energy had taken over, she beckoned me into her self, five years hence. For just a moment, when she penetrated me beneath a blonde strip with his hot young cock, I can actually remember being two different people, at two different times, doing the same thing in the same place.

“No, really. I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?” she implored.

“Fuck. Fuck, keep going. Just a little longer and you can cum inside me!” I teased her as every part of me started to tighten.

“Really?” she asked, her voice full of delight.

“Yes! Just make me cum!” I cried out.

Suspended in a paragon, erotic moment, making love to a woman, being that woman, being with her lover, I was rushed by a total sense of empyrean pleasure and contentment. My eyes blurred and my head fell back. I was nearing the end. I could hardly see now as tiny sparkles encroached on what was left of my vision. The same sparkles that touched my skin as cold needles.

Thrashing ourselves against each other, my hand on my clit, I screamed, “Fuck! Oh fuck, fuck me! I'm going to cum too!”

Lea moaned vibrantly, sealing her lips with upper incisors, “Hnn! Mmm! Fuck!”

“Oh yes. Oh, oh, oh! Yes, fuck!” I couldn't find any other words, but I could not help those from falling out of my mouth.

Lea spoke again, imitating her former tryst, “Oh yeah. Oh fuck, Lea. You're going to make me cum!”

“Fuck! Do it! Please, give me your hot young cum,” I said, choosing then to really throw myself into the role.

“Oh god, yes!” one of my lovers cried out.

Then, earth shattered beneath me and it hit, “Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Fuck me with your hard cock and fill me up with your hot cum!!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes! Oh fuck Lea, I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your...” Lea's voice faded into shadow as she lost control and came, hard.

Lost in darkness, sunlight, starlight and the other's beauty we mingled together, two bodies and three persons, and at our climax, perhaps as many as six orgasms. We surfaced and fell in an ocean of passion, rose and sank in sky of lust. In that moment, we lived and died according to the whims of our bodies' convulsive, erotic imaginations.

In my eyes, I saw the moon and the sun, as I erupted with joy, toward the sky. Feeling a hundred thousand needles dancing on my skin I writhed and struggled to stay sane. The toy inside me was connected to her, and the cock inside me connected to him. As she came she curved and twisted around me, I could feel her orgasming through the piece that connected us, and I swear to this day, I could feel him shooting a last, thick load of hot cum into me.

The peak of pleasure lasted for minutes, holding us together and tearing us apart. When we could open our mouths again, Lea kissed me. I kissed her. We kissed for so long that the sun could have gone down and come up again for all we knew. Together we descended the rocky slope of our orgasm and then, locked together still, surrendered to the blue sky, breathless.

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