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The Most Important Penis In The World

"Jun is determined to get pregnant by a Spaniard, but can she ever leave her difficult past behind?"

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Once, when Jun was younger and engaged but not yet married, there had been an incident in the Pyongyang apartment block where she had lived with her parents and brother. A couple had been overheard making love too loudly. The police had come and hauled them outside, and the incautious lovers had been forced to stand naked in the open air outside the building. Almost the entire building had come out to subject them to criticism and the man and the woman, both shaking with cold and humiliation, were forced to sign a confession in public. Jun recalled watching this strange scene through the window, and vowing to always be secretive and private about her intimate life with her future husband.

And now, a lifetime of caution and demure behaviour had been thrown out of the window in the throes of passion. Dani, her first Spanish lover, had taken her body to a place she had never imagined was possible and she had gone willingly. She had come so hard that she had vocalised her pleasure without any restraint at all.

As she lay in bed recovering from the fiercest orgasm of her life, Jun recalled that incident in far-offpost-orgasmic Korea and blushed furiously. 

Suddenly, she grabbed the sheets and pulled them over her naked body. 

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I’m sorry!”

Dani, who had been enjoying his own post orgasmic glow, felt the sudden chill as the linen was yanked away from around him. He frowned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her, surprised, “Hey, don’t cry! I enjoyed it. Didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry,” she repeated, rubbing the tears that were now trickling down her face.

“What’s wrong?” Dani asked again, bewildered.

“I was…very loud,” she stuttered, “I was not a good woman.”

Dani put his hand on her shoulder.

“Jun, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

She had buried her head in her hands now.

“I’m so embarrassed, so embarrassed.” 

“Why? You just came, that’s all. It’s fine. It’s allowed.”

“Orgasm is allowed but not…so loud!”

Dani laughed. 

“You can be as loud as you like, Jun. It’s hot, hearing you come.”

Jun said nothing in reply to this. But Dani’s words had an immediate effect on her. Was he really…pleased with her? Could a man hear a sexual partner cry out aloud and not be embarrassed, not think her cheap and immodest and rude? That would never, ever be the case at home. 

Dani wrapped his arms around her from behind and held her back and bottom close to him. The warmth of his body felt nice, she had to admit. Soon, she felt that his penis was swelling back up to itslight-hearted full size.

“Let’s try again,” he whispered into her ear.

Her husband had encouraged her, she told herself as she spread her legs for Dani for the second time. It was her husband’s idea and she was obeying him, as a wife should. Kim would be well satisfied with her for inviting Dani’s cock inside her, Jun reasoned, and if she enjoyed it, Kim could hardly complain. 

And how could she not enjoy the way Dani teased her nipples and kissed her belly? How could she not thrill to the stroke of his fingers along the ridges inside her vagina? What woman could resist being kissed like that?

Relax, she told herself, relax and do your duty and everyone will be happy, even Kim. The orgasm will be a bonus…

Dani’s penis was so hard. Dani was so strong yet gentle. He made her so, so wet as he thrust inside her. Jun had to tell herself to focus, to master her breathing, but she could already feel the sweet bud of her orgasm growing inside her. She rubbed Dani’s chest and he smiled down at her. 

“Jun, I want you to come. I want you to come and enjoy it and not worry about anything, ok?” Dani said. She looked up at him and his eyes were warm. She nodded and closed her eyes, then she raised her legs to allow him deeper inside her.

“There we go!” said Dani with a giggle. She smiled too, and the smile at the light hearted remark soon gave way to an involuntary grin as her arousal grew. Jun closed her eyes and reached down to stroke her swollen clit, which pulled her further down the road to heaven. Oh, it felt so good! 

As the sex with Dani progressed, Jun tried to think of the baby that was the goal of the encounter. It was about…oh! Him! It was about him! Or…her! She had to get pregnant and then it was…oh! And the…oh…best…ah…life…for…the…child…in…aaahhhhhhhh….Europe…

Jun lost the train of thought entirely. The plan to get herself pregnant receded in her mind, swamped by a tsunami of sexual joy as she came once more. By the end of her second orgasm of the encounter, she was praying that she would not be inseminated today. She wanted the chance to try again.

Dani left early the next morning, promising to call her. Within two minutes of the front door closing, her husband was in the bedroom with her. Kim stood there for a long time, just looking at his wife. Jun felt his eyes on her, wondering what he was thinking. He said nothing, but at length, he sat down on the bed beside her.

“Do you think it worked?” he said at last.

“I don’t know. There was no protection. He…you know…inside me. Twice.”

“Good. So we’ll know in…”passers-by

“About a month. If my bleed is late, we’ll do a test.”

There was a long silence between them. Kim looked at the disorderly bed.

“You enjoyed it,” Kim said flatly.

Jun blushed and nodded. 

“I heard.”

Jun’s eyes widened in horror. She hadn’t known that her husband had been listening in to her having the best sex she had ever had.

“Kim, I…”

“It’s fine.”

The sounds of pigeons cooing and some passers-by laughing drifted into the room. Kim shook his head. 

“Jun, I never…I never learned how to please you. I never knew you could enjoy sex so much. I have failed you. I am sorry.”

This totally threw Jun off. She had thought he was jealous, and was expecting an angry outburst.

“How did he do it?” Kim asked, “How did he make you scream like that?”

Jun hesitated, unsure what to say. 

“Jun, it’s ok. I want to know. I want to be a better husband.”

At length, she said,

“Well, Dani took more time to prepare me. He…touched me for longer than you do before he…entered me. And he…used not just his fingers. He used his tongue.”

Kim’s eyes were like saucers.

“And…he started slowly and built up speed. And he…”

She stopped. She could educate her husband on technique. But she could not humiliate Kim by telling him that Dani’s penis was around fifty percent bigger than his. That was not Kim’s fault, and she could hardly expect him to go out to the store for a bigger one.

“My tongue,” murmured Kim, and she realised the idea had never occurred to him, “My tongue?”

Jun nodded.

“Yes. It feels really nice,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Have you had enough for today?” he asked.

“I’m a little sore,” she told him honestly.

“I see,” Kim said, obviously disappointed. 

“But tonight, we can!” Jun added brightly. 

That night, Kim went down on his wife for the first time. 

Jun, lying on her back and feeling his inexpert lappings with his tongue, thought of Dani and how symbolic it was for her husband to be cleaning out her vagina after her wild night on the point of another man’s cock. 

“Your sex tastes delicious,” Kim whispered to her from between her legs, “Like the sweetest tea!”

Jun smiled and willed her body to orgasm. It felt nice, even if Kim’s skills left something to be desired. In the end, he tried so hard that she pretended to orgasm, even if she never quite got there.

To her amazement, from that night on, Kim began to ask to go down on her regularly. Almost every day, in fact, he would spend time between her legs. He asked her for feedback and, if it was hardly romantic for her to be saying things like,

“Up a bit! Not there, to the left!” as her husband licked her, it did result in a swift improvement in his technique. After a week, he had her unable to keep still. After two weeks, she had her first real orgasm from oral sex. And still Kim practiced and still he tried to overcome his lack of education in female pleasure.  

But Kim was not the only one paying Jun’s pussy attention that strange month…


In the days following her night with Dani, Jun returned to work at the cafe. Dani didn’t stop by for a couple of days. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. She certainly didn’t want him to get any ideas of a serious relationship with her into his head. 

And yet, her body cried out for another session in bed with the man. His touch and his muscular torso had been like rocket fuel for her. Jun had a spring in her step for days after he had fucked her. She began to fantasize about him showing up at work, paying off the manager and driving her home to his place then taking her with wild abandon. 

He did not, but he did message her. 

“Loved the other night. Do it again sometime? X”

She began typing a reply with a smiling emoji, saying she hoped the day would come…

Wait! she stopped herself short, before she pressed ‘send’.

Jun, she told herself, you slept with Dani to get pregnant, not to orgasm! You can’t have sex with him again just for fun, that’s cheating! 

But it wasn’t ‘just for fun’, she reasoned. It could take many attempts to conceive a baby. She might have to have regular sex to ensure that their plan to secure permanent residency in Europe came off. And it didn’t necessarily have to be Dani…

No. Don’t go there. She had chosen him and she had to stick with him. She couldn’t go with another man. When she told herself that, she did mean it. Comforted that she was just doing her duty, just following the plan, she messaged Dani and agreed to meet again for sex. As she sent the message, she felt a thrill of anticipation and excitement course through her body.

But two days later, there was a twist she had not seen coming.


It was only in the fevered dreams of a hungry childhood that Jun had imagined such a place as Jusco supermarket. The first time that Jun set foot in a supermarket in Spain, she had to leave within five minutes. She wandered as if in a daze past the endless food laid out in long lines, and the rich-smelling riot of colours that was the fruit and vegetable rack. The meat that could be kept cool for days and not go off. And the alcohol! She watched with fascinated horror as people spent ten or twenty euros, enough to feed a family for a fortnight in Pyongyang, on a bottle of whiskey that they did not even need! 

 It was just overwhelming. There was more food under that one roof than she had ever seen in her lifetime. She felt a little dizzy and hurried out to get fresh air. Jun looked up at the sky, breathing heavily, leaning on the wall outside and wondering if she was dreaming, if she would wake up and find herself back in North Korea. 

Even the best places in Pyongyang were poorly stocked and frequently short of goods to sell. She recalled how harried and irritable her mother had always been when leading her on shopping trips, how there had always been something she needed but couldn’t get, always a shortage that meant mother could only have one, not the two she wanted…

But that was just how life was. Jun hadn’t considered herself poor or unfortunate. She just thought that was the way things were. 

Since coming to Spain, the scales had been tumbling from her eyes. She had ogled the well fed men and women down at the beach, marveling at their full bodies, then she had seen Dani naked and enjoyed his flesh, and she had realised that people in the west were actually not starving in the streets, as she had been told all her life by government propaganda.

“In Europe, the capitalist bosses hoard so much money that they live as if they were kings! And do they pay their workers for their labour? No! In Europe, famished mothers beg for scraps from the bosses as their skeletal babies cling to their breasts, but the capitalist swine walk past as if the poor have no humanity!”

That was the tone of the material she had been fed regarding life in Europe at school.

Gradually, it was becoming clear to Jun that Europeans were not only fine, they were much, much richer than the brainwashed people of North Korea could imagine.

There was one question she couldn’t shake from her mind. She understood now that the Party had been infected with bad people. There were agents in the North Korean government from abroad, working to keep the peasants hungry and poor. The evidence was everywhere before her eyes and she could no longer deny it. 

What she just couldn’t understand was, why didn’t the Dear Leader do something about it? Did he not know that places like Jusco existed? That seemed unlikely, being the president and all. Did he know, but did nothing to help his people? How could that be, when he was dearer to her, and she to him, than her own father? 

Was he not able to act? Could it be that the man who had the power to wield the atom could not help to feed his people? But then he was not all-powerful. How could that be? 

It was while she was pushing her trolley around Jusco, and ruminating on just such a question, that she spotted Albert. He was tall and had short brown hair. He wore jeans and a stylish leather jacket. He was with a woman who looked so like him that they could only be brother and sister. As she walked past them, Jun could not help look Albert over, and their eyes briefly met. Instinctively, she flashed a smile at him. 

A few steps later, she heard the woman say, “That Asian girl totally just checked you out! Go talk to her!”

Realising that her Spanish must have improved greatly to have been able to understand that, Jun flushed with pride. She paused to idly pretend to browse some products on the shelf. A few seconds later, Albert was at her side. 

“I’m Albert. That was a beautiful smile you just gave me!” Jun blushed. 

“I’ll give you one back if I can have your name?”


“Is that Korean?”

She nodded. 

“No kidding! We’ve been to Korea! Well, the South, of course. Are you from Seoul?”

“Yes,” she lied. She was not incautious enough to let on that she was an escapee that easily. Not until her residency was secure.

“Marta, Jun here is from Korea!”

Albert and his sister invited Jun for coffee and, when she got up to leave them in the cafe, her number was saved in Albert’s phone and his in hers.

It was the precursor to the strangest day of her entire life.


At eight o’clock, Jun spread her legs for her husband’s daily practice of cunnilingus. It had become a ritual for them. They’d wake, pee, brush teeth and then the day would start with oral sex for her. 

Kim was now relatively proficient at it, and Jun appreciated the effort he had made. 

Where he had once licked her genitals almost at random, now she could feel him make a beeline for her clitoris. And he didn’t just latch on to her clit and stay there. He gently, lovingly touched up other areas, treating her whole vagina as if it were a banquet and he a gourmet, savouring each mouthful. Kim felt her vagina grow wetter as she looked up from her pillow. Kim kissed her inner thighs, then returned to her clitoris. 

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“You’re doing great, comrade!” she murmured, then giggled inwardly at her own unfiltered North Koreanism, knowing how silly that would sound in the presence of a Spanish man. As her body inched slowly towards orgasm, Jun realised that that was the first time she had laughed at anything to do with her native land.

Twenty minutes later, Kim whipped out his penis and finished Jun off. She squealed as she came, which made Kim beam delightedly. He had not yet matched the glass-shattering screams that Dani, Spanish alpha, had extracted from his wife, but there was no doubt she had orgasmed nicely and that was a start. 

Afterwards, they lay naked together. Jun’s head rested on Kim’s shoulder. She smiled as his breath warmed the top of her head, and her hand ran idly, instinctively across his bare chest.   

“I’ll cook you lunch if you are free? Afternoon afters on the menu, if you’d like them? X!” went Dani’s text an hour later. Jun showed her husband. 

“Afternoon afters must mean he wants to have sex with you again?” Kim said, frowning.

“I presume so,” said Jun, although she was not completely sure. It might mean more food, or a stroll on the rambla, or some strange activity neither of them had thought of. 

“You want to go?” Kim asked, and she heard a catch in his voice. The words had stuck in his throat a little. Jun realised he was jealous, even if her taking lovers had been his idea in the first place.

“I want to get pregnant,” she told him, “I want to have a Spanish baby and stay here forever,” then she added quickly, “with you.”

Kim did not react, but stared rather vacantly into space. After an awkward silence, he said, in a tone laden with self-doubt, 


At one o’clock, Jun presented herself at Dani’s apartment.


The lasagne was delicious, and her suspicions of what ‘afters’ were were soon confirmed when Dani led her to the bedroom. 

She watched him undress. Jun loved his svelte upper body. She savoured the sight of his chest, muscular as a horse’s thighs. His stomach was lean and newly tanned, and his body glowed in the afternoon sun. Jun understood that a part of her attraction was to the exoticism of a foreign, differently-toned body. She, obeying conventions of Korean feminine beauty, had made an effort to stay pale, and her skin was as white as a ghost. 

Dani’s trousers came down and she got another look at his penis. About eight inches long, it swung between his legs like a sword still sheathed on the belt. She couldn’t explain why, but she was drawn to it instinctively.

Still fully dressed, Jun took Dani’s cock and began to fondle it in her hands. It soon hardened and, when he was ready, she drew it gently into her mouth. Applying suction, she felt it swell even further.

“Mmmm…” Dani purred. 

“You have such a nice body,” she whispered as she paused for breath, blushing. She had never complimented Kim on his body. His body had existed to serve practical purposes as far as she was concerned. Dani, however, had a body that set her mind and body aflame with desire. 

“Thank you,” he said, and with that, he reached down and helped pull her blouse off. Jun felt the air on her skin and his eyes gazing down, and she knew that from that angle he would see deep into her cleavage. She gave his cock a powerful suck and let him admire her breasts from above. His knees were wobbling, she perceived. Perhaps they should move to the bed. 

No, this was fun. Making a man tremble was quite the new experience for her.

And then, as she gave Dani’s penis another hard blow, to Jun’s horror, the Dear Leader popped into her head. 

In her mind’s eye, Jun saw his smiling, well-fed cheeks and his immaculate military uniform. She saw herself poised demurely, gratefully above his hard member. It was, she now noticed, unfeasibly large and yet perfectly formed. Bowing gracefully to the Dear Leader, she wrapped her mouth around the most important penis in the world, and his cock tasted like the sweetest candy stick that would melt in her mouth…

‘Ew!’ She thought, ‘I should be over that by now!’

Yes, she had thought about him before. The President, not the weedy lads from school, had been her first sexual fantasy. And how could he not be? He shone like a human beacon in the posters that she saw every day. He was young and rich and powerful. She saw the beautiful girls hanging on his arm on the portraits and she had longed to be one of them. The Dear Leader was the archetypal alpha male and the merest smile in her direction would be sweeter than the greatest orgasm, and for him to make love to her stood not within the prospect of belief… 

“Oh, that’s amazing!” 

Dani murmured and Jun snapped back to reality. She was with Dani. The Dear Leader was gone, or at least far, far away. Dani’s dick was solid in her mouth, wet with saliva and ready to impregnate her.

“Ready?” she whispered.

Dani didn’t reply and she understood that to mean he wanted her to carry on sucking him off. 

She shouldn’t, she knew. She needed a baby, not a shot of cum in her mouth. She should demand that he ravish her there and then… 

But something stopped her. It wasn’t morals. It was, and she was barely able to admit it to herself, pleasure. She was enjoying treating Dani, not serving him but justly repaying him for the fireworks of their previous encounter. She was enjoying seeing the effect that oral sex was having on him.

Jun sucked the trembling member twice more, and when she took it out for inspection, she saw there were specks of pre-cum on the tip. What a handsome cock Dani had, she sighed. If only she could transplant it onto her husband’s body. 

“Please don’t stop, I’m going to come!” Dani said softly. Jun smiled then, guiding his cock to the edge of her gag reflex, she sucked on it harder and faster.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Dani moaned. Jun used all her jaw muscles and all the strength in her neck. It was the only way to keep herself safe, she knew, the only way to not be sent back to the hell she had escaped from. Pleasing Dani would lead to the baby which was her ticket to…

She felt his dick contract violently and liquid spray against the top of her mouth.

Forty-five minutes later, she rode Dani’s cock and, this time, the payload was delivered exactly where she and her husband wanted it.

Jun left the apartment at about five o’clock. She meant to go home but, in what could only have been a sign from the Gods, she happened to bump into Albert walking his dog in the park.

“I was just going to get a drink. You’d be welcome to join?” he said.

Well, she needed to practice her Spanish every chance she got, she figured, and she had no plans on that evening.

They sat and talked. Albert was a student, like his sister Marta, with whom he shared an apartment. He was younger than Jun, only nineteen, but he did have a mature self-possessedness about him that endeared him to her. And he was so obviously interested in her! He sat close, brushed her arm and listened intently to what she had to say, which, naturally, did not include the fact that she was married. 

After three drinks, Albert leaned close and tried to kiss her. Shocked, she instinctively turned her head away and refused him. The idea of kissing a man in a public place was unthinkable to Jun. It would get you arrested at home. Instead, mastering herself and recalling the task that Kim had set her, she said softly in his ear, 

“Not here. Let’s move on.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, Jun was led by the hand into Albert’s flat. She looked around. Both bedrooms, she saw, were furnished and clearly occupied, although Albert’s sister was apparently not in. There was evidence in the decor of a woman’s presence, and the pictures on the sideboard showed that Albert came from a close, happy family. A wealthy family, in fact, based on the neatly framed pictures that showed them in Egypt, in India and, indeed, Seoul. Seeing that he had told her the truth and had not been spinning a lie was reassuring, she had to admit, standing alone in the flat of a man she barely knew.

Jun sighed as she looked around this, to her, palatial flat. Her whole family had shared a single room, just five meters by four, as a child. 

She’d slept sometimes on the bed with her parents and sometimes on the other bed with Son, her brother. When they were older, she and Son had alternated, taking a week at a time on the bed while the other slept on the floor. Her parents had applied to the Party for a third bed, but one had never been delivered.

“The army has greater need for it than we do,” her parents had told them, rather feebly. 

She could never forget the difference in her performance at school being on the bed had made. During the restless weeks she had passed on the floor, she had always had poorer grades and been punished more often than when she came to school well-rested after sleeping in the bed. It was not until her brother had married and left home that she’d had a bed to herself.

Seeing that Albert and his sister each had their own room, each overflowing with objects, books and comforts, left Jun with a gnawing sense of embarrassment at her own poverty. 


Albert not only had his own room, he had the most comfortable mattress she had yet experienced. And he kept the window open so she could feel the warm breeze on her body as he layered kiss upon kiss on her bare skin of her tummy, her shirt unbuttoned to just above her navel. Turning her head to the side for a moment, Jun caught the sight of her own body being kissed in the mirror and was half embarrassed, half thrilled at the sight.

Albert did a lovely job of undressing her. Starting at the bottom of her shirt, he undid one button, kissed the newly exposed flesh thoroughly, then undid another until he was able to gently unhook her shirt from her shoulders. She sat up and removed her bra, then he took off his shirt. Albert’s legs, when he pulled his trousers down, were long, toned and supple, and his genitals bulged in his pants. 

Jun had decided to sleep with Albert as part of her quest for a baby, but as she watched him strip naked, nothing could have been further from her mind. 

Her nipples were firm, blooming on her breasts as if trying to draw attention to themselves. Her hands reached instinctively for the touch of skin and flesh. Her lust swelled as Albert pulled her jeans down and tore off her panties. She watched Albert discard his boxers and saw that his penis was amply large and proudly erect. 

Lying on her back awaiting penetration, Jun trembled with sexual desire as she never had before. She wanted the naked man to dominate her, to ravish her, to fuck her for all the nights she had wanted sex at home and been left unsatisfied. Her experience with Dani had unleashed Jun. The floodgates of her desire had been opened, and now Albert was just the next in line. At that moment, all the cocks in Spain would not have satisfied Jun’s appetites.  

Albert slipped easily inside her and began to thrust, and the novelty of a new lover and the naughtiness of taking her third penis in a single day jump-started Jun’s body. Her pussy quickly lubricated. She found Albert was a warm and generous lover, frequently stooping to kiss her lips as he moved inside her. 

Jun was unable to stop herself comparing Albert’s stroke with Dani’s, and it was but a short step before she began to picture Dani’s chest next to Albert’s, Dani’s thighs and buttocks were held up to his rival’s and their respective penises were measured in her mind’s eye as if she were some well to do society lady judging a dog show. Overall, she judged Dani the more manly, but Albert the more beautiful.

Stop it, she thought to herself. Think of the baby. That's why you are here. The Dear Leader may have literally the most important penis in the world, but right now, for you, it's on the man who gets you fertilised. The penis that will save your life, whosoever it belongs to.

There was, she thought, something like telepathy at work in the ease with which they both knew it was time to change position. Jun caught sight of herself in the mirror as she took to her hands and knees. 

Who was that woman in the glass, she thought suddenly, as Albert’s member pressed into her vagina to the rear. Was that really Jun, dutiful daughter to Hong and Lai, beloved sister of Son, loyal wife to Kim and, above all, devoted subject of the Dear Leader? 

A year ago, in Pyongyang, the idea that she would have a Spanish cock thrusting inside her from behind like a dog in heat would have seemed impossible, ridiculous. It would never have entered her head. 

But it was happening all right, her hair really was being pulled back, the bed really was shaking beneath her and her breathing really was quickening. Jun watched herself, or at least someone who resembled the person she had once been, take Albert’s cock in the mirror and admired his naked chest, his shapely bottom and the energy with which he drove his penis into her. She watched, feeling his cock at work inside her while enjoying the sight of two of the two young, naked bodies united in lust, practically welded together. Jun watched until she could no longer focus and buried her head in the sheets, biting them and, as she came, she rejoiced not just in sexual ecstasy but in the knowledge that it was not only the poverty and political unfreedom she had escaped.

She had escaped the sexual repression that had been imposed upon her all her life. At last, she was free.   


“I’m home,” she called out, entering their apartment.

“Good evening,” Kim replied, “Did he…do as we hoped?” 

Kim’s use of the singular pronoun threw Jun for a moment. She had forgotten that her husband knew only that Dani had taken his wife, and had no idea about Albert. She understood at once that she should tell him.  

“Yes. Dani was very…eager.”


Jun’s secret tryst with Albert hovered on the tip of her tongue. But she kept it to herself. It could be her secret, for the time being. What mattered was that she had obeyed her husband in attempting to get herself pregnant. 

However many lovers she had taken, it was her obedience to his wishes that made her a good wife. 


On the first of June, her period was due. On the third, it had still not arrived, and she told her husband, who shouted for joy. The next day, they went to get a pregnancy test. 

With bated breath, they watched and waited for the result together. Two lines appeared. 

Kim flung his arms around his wife and kissed her. Jun, overwhelmed with relief, began to cry. She cried for joy as both a refugee who should now be allowed to stay and as a woman who would now fulfill her deepest maternal instinct and bear her own child. 

But when the immediate glow of delight had worn off, she realised that, sooner or later, she would have to confront the question of paternity.

Was it Dani’s? Or Albert’s? Or, the nightmare scenario, her husband’s?

The next part will conclude Jun and Kim’s tale with a twist. Thank you for reading my stories!

Written by MC1982
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