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Multiple guys Stories

multiple guys

The Most Important Penis In The World

Jun is determined to get pregnant by a Spaniard, but can she ever leave her difficult past behind?

Once, when Jun was younger and engaged but not yet married, there had been an incident in the Pyongyang apartment block where she had lived with her parents and brother. A couple had been overheard making love too loudly. The police had come and hauled th...

Birthday Surprise

Lilly has a big shock when she realises what her birthday surprise is.

Lilly was standing in the middle of the crowded room, her senses overwhelmed by the sounds of laughter and music. The plugin strobe lights cast a kaleidoscope of colours across the room, making it difficult to focus on any one thing for too long. She reac...

Fantasy Island - Part 1

Jessica heads to Fantasy Island, the new resort in town, where fantasies really do come true.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… uuuunnnnggghhhh…” Her pussy clenches around the vibrator up her cunt. A trickle of cream oozes from her slit and slides across her asshole. Jessica sinks back into the couch and tries to catch her breath. Her eyes are glued to the big s...

Pick Me Please Pick Me!

As we walk to the room we pass an elderly couple. "Good evening," and I hear her say "What a lovely dress." She must mean mine, as Lisa had removed hers in the lift.

She is nervous, her mouth is dry, and the butterflies in her tummy flutter and as she reaches the stairs, she catches sight of herself in the mirror. She smiles as she takes a closer look at the reflection. The girl is dressed in a simple, short, off-whit...

Merry Christmas You Little Prick

As Emma walked back to the dance-floor, Becky relaxed. "So, are you going to fuck me or what?"

I think he enjoyed that. No, that’s wrong, I don’t think he did, I know he did. And, so did she. Eddie’s cock was still covered in that wonderful mix of spunk and pussy juices, and, as I gently stroked his balls, it stirred. Becky was lying next to him, h...

The Curious Case Of The Clickbaiting School Clerk

In which a virginity is lost, the anal seal is broken and a huge penis is encountered.

Lucille. P stared morosely at the screen. She had put hours and hours into her recent Lush story. It was about two young hotties who had met on the beach. She’d planned it meticulously. Her lead character had an arc, in which she’d overcome insecurity abo...

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Betty's Bukkake Birthday Party

A mature wife gets a fantasy fulfilled on her birthday

Betty came down the basement stairs and was greeted with a chorus of "Happy birthday!" Betty paused with her hand on the railing and looked around the room. She counted seven men, plus Ted, standing naked and clapping, their cocks weaving and bobbing, all...

Euphoric Recall

Roser has both a productive and a reproductive day.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I would like to make it clear that I, Roser. P of Madrid, deny the accusation that I had sex with four men in twenty-four hours. One, I admit to. I would consider a plea bargain whereby I cop to two. But Roser. P made lov...

Roser's First Anal

A young Spaniard breaks the seal to advance her career

On a cold November night, I found myself morosely scrolling through pornographic videos. I had made two of them myself, and they’d been moderately successful. In total, four hundred and sixty-five thousand people had seen them which, my calculator told me...

Virgin's Sacrifice - The Grand Finale

A virgin offers her body to the villagers in gratitude for a bountiful harvest.

The ritual's formalities had come to an end. With each passing moment, the tension only grew stronger, signaling that the next phase would be even more sensual and primal, solidifying her bond with the village men. This step was more than symbolic; it sig...

Virgin's Sacrifice - The Central Rite of the Ritual

A virgin offers her body to the villagers in gratitude for a bountiful harvest.

As the young virgin lay on the soft, fragrant hay, her heart beat a wild rhythm of anticipation, her body ablaze with a fiery passion that begged for another fix of intoxicating pleasure, and she yearned for the ritual to continue. With every fleeting mom...

Virgin's Sacrifice

A virgin offers her body to the villagers in gratitude for a bountiful harvest

Amidst the endless rows of plump pumpkins, a luscious virgin stood bare and unashamed, offering her body as a symbol of appreciation for the bountiful harvest that had been reaped. Her alabaster skin glistened in the warm autumn sun as she surrendered her...