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Pregnancy Stories


The Most Important Penis In The World

Jun is determined to get pregnant by a Spaniard, but can she ever leave her difficult past behind?

Once, when Jun was younger and engaged but not yet married, there had been an incident in the Pyongyang apartment block where she had lived with her parents and brother. A couple had been overheard making love too loudly. The police had come and hauled th...

Mildrith Rhys Af Thyboron

A raider breeds a nobleman’s gorgeous new wife, takes her, then his fiefdom as well

1. I, Lady Mildrith Rhys, was a gentlewoman in my own right. The only child of my father, I had inherited the fief of Capel-le-Ferne. I was married to Burke Hollis, eldest son and heir of Ealdorman Walter Hollis of Tunbridge. The elder Hollis had arranged...

Miranda Kim

Her husband listens in as she cheats on him but prefers not to know.

There was a knock on the door of my bedroom suite and a moment later, my housekeeper entered. “Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me, Stacey?” I said, irritated. “I know it’s the weekend, but I’ve got a busy morning. I’m getting ready to take Arabella to he...

You Are My Daddy, Not My Father

Alan is forty, still a virgin, but he acknowledges to have fathered Nora, a 18 year old orphan. She then moves in with him.

It is never a good sign when police knocks at your door. A family member had a violent death or a neighborhood robbery took place. But Alan lived with his only relative, his mom, in a gated community in Florida, so neither could possibly apply. A possible...

Chapter 12 - No Strings Attached - An Ill-Fated Affair

Matt makes an attempt to rekindle the romance on the dancefloor.

Up until now, I hadn't felt ready for fatherhood. At only eighteen, it had been a daunting prospect to step up to the task of caring for another, and selfishly, I've enjoyed being answerable to no one but myself for all this time. Yet, as I stare down at...

Tyler, Now Taylor: Learning To Contribute - Chapter 3

Will Taylor really go through with it?

Derek enters the room, his thick body framed by the doorway, His hairy chest glistens slightly under the room's soft lights. As soon as his gaze lands on you, it's as if his eyes widen, an appreciative low growl rolls off his lips. He’s quiet, almost reve...

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Tyler, Now Taylor: Learning to Contribute - Chapter 1

Tyler's gender-swapping experiments catch up with him...

"Tyler!" Your father's voice is gritty, like sandpaper against wood. Standing in the doorway of your room, Rick glares at you, his hands smeared with black engine grease. "What the hell is this?" He holds up the translucent bottle of X-Change pills. Your...

Unhappy Wife, Unhappy Life

Two Futas argue over who should be the mother.

For fourteen years Abagail lived life as a boy. Abagail was born with a penis, after all, so it meant the child was male, right? It would soon turn out to not be the case once Abagail started growing up. A new wave of intersex individuals was being born a...

Carl And His Stepsister Maria's Affair With Their Uncle - Part 5

Continuation of an earlier series of ecstasy and taboo lifestyle.

It has been over six years since my last journal entries. So much has taken place during the years and then COVID hit - putting a damper on most things. I stopped writing about my taboo relationship with Maria and Carl, but it's truly worth revisiting aga...

Living and Mind Control 3

Michael explores his power with his aunt.

One second he was arguing with his aunt. Almost fighting, really. The next, he was ordering her to take her clothes off. It was a mood whiplash so extreme that it filled Michael with anxiety as he lost control of the situation bit by bit. He shouldn’t be...