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Second Chance- Chapter 3

What happends after that kiss...

Emma opened the door to her dark house. Her husband was still at work. Walking up the stairs her heart, feeling full and empty at the same time. Kicking off her heels, stepping out of her black dress, and peeling off her lace bra and panties, Emma decided she would take a hot bath. Running the steamy water, and pouring in some lavender oils, Emma lighted some candles, and lowered herself into...Read On



I stood by the table in her kitchen, twittering ten to the dozen about my new job. I had received a letter just before I set off. Amy came and stood right in front of me as I asked if she wanted to go for a drink. She put a finger to my lips, I took the hint and stopped the waffling. The finger traced a line across my right cheek and down my neck. Her lips touched my lips before I could...Read On


My first Sapphic love

My epiphany

It was almost a cliché. We met at a friend's social gathering and, whilst neither of us expected such a result, it happened. At the party, even though we were in the company of others, we noticed each other and the attraction was instant. We engineered, solely by glances, that we ended up in the ladies' cloakroom at the same time. No, nothing happened there but we did exchange phone numbers...Read On


Early Days - Chapter 7

Julie's first gangbang - the beginning

At least, we almost headed off to Yorkville. We had barely pulled out of the parking spot when Jenn braked to a stop. I looked at her as she backed into the spot again. She switched off the car and looked at me. “Daisy,” she said, “you know how Dad is always telling us never to miss an opportunity? Well, we almost did. I think we just got lucky on our adventure and we should take advantage...Read On


Carol - Part Two

Carol begins her sexual journey and learns that she likes sex

Carol and I sat in her kitchen apartment. Our first sexual experience had not ended well. I did not control myself and came all over her back, hair, and ass way too soon. What followed was a well deserved verbal spanking, as she was upset both at my lack of control and having cum all over her back. It was now early morning, about 1:00 a.m., and sufficient time had passed since...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 15B

Rita finds out some more juicy stuff, and not just about the family she is interviewing

So, we knew how Beth, and their mom hooked up. We also found out how June, and Ben started too, and then I had to put my hands down a couple pairs of pants. I grabbed onto Ted, and Frank's cocks, and they both got close to me. Bree, and Lacy were still busy too. Then it was Cassie, and Andrew's turn. Even though it was their turn to talk, their parents, and aunt couldn't wait. Ben, and...Read On


Learning More About The Neighbors - Part 1

A drink with the neighbors turns into something unexpected ... a night to remember!

My wife and I are in our 50s and have been married for about 25 years. We are ordinary people. I work at a bank, while Rosie gave up her career in retailing to raise our two sons. We have always been faithful to each other and I would describe our sex life as 'average'. I always thought that Rosie was a bit too conservative about sex and was afraid to experiment. However, as I loved her...Read On


Worship of Flesh

Love for the taste and fragrance of women

I squeeze rose petals And pour the juice on Your shaven mound, And watch the drops Trickle down between your Petals, which are rosier  Than the flower I crushed. I smell the open lips  And taste them. Ah! How well the rose juice  and your own have blended. Ignorant people say I  Am a fool to worship flesh. Tell me if it is wrong to worship The Unknown? For, has any human language...Read On


I told you I was trouble

Alice has a teenage girl's problem and turns to her friend's Dad for help

The party was just breaking up – not a party at all, actually, but an evening at my home in which I had gone out, to enable my daughter to have some friends around for a few drinks to celebrate passing examinations and leaving school. Janie and her classmates were all just 18 and none of them had a ‘place’ where they could gather just to listen to some music and drink some alcohol in private. ...Read On


Sally's New Job

Bob finds Sally a new job as a sexual surrogate.

Bob and Sally slept late Saturday morning. Bob woke first, and he lay on his side looking at Sally, the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. He laid his hand on her breast in simple appreciation. Bob was counting. He thought for sure he would fuck Sally three, maybe four more times before he had to leave Monday morning. Last weekend, he had fucked her five times and six the...Read On


Candle Lit Room

Seduce me my lover

As I walk into the room I see the candles every where I smell your cologne Wafting thru the air You walk up behind me You touch my skin lightly A soft kiss on my neck Leaving traces of your hot breath Then a soft silk scarf you tie Around my now closed eyes Slowly you walk me To the bed I don't forsee A night of play You have planned with me My hands you tie to the bed post...Read On


Breaking My Virginity Chapter Two: Getting A Blowjob

A 20 year old virgin, meets a hot, 28 year old and her sexual adventures begin....

As they walked to his apartment, Matthew held onto Dannie's hand and then placed his right arm around her shoulders as he saw that she was a little wobbly on her feet. Dannie, in turn wrapped her left arm around his thin waist to steady herself. 'Damn it, she's drunk,' Matthew thought, 'I can't take advantage of her in this state'. But, as he thought this, he felt her hand slide down to his...Read On

Recommended Read

Come Walk With Me

Couple walks down deserted beach

Come now and walk with me Upon the edge of land Where water greets the earth And washes on the sand. Let's stroll a barren beach As midnight's toll doth chime We'll walk in the moonlight Losing ourselves in time. Under a bedding of stars As glistening wave parts Soft whispers are spoken A communion of hearts. There we can clasp our hands Chance to take an embrace Ambling down the shore...Read On


Camping Trip - Chapter 3

April willingly gives herself to Beth as they begin their trip.

*Wednesday Morning* The alarm went off at three a.m. We woke up in each other's arms, sharing a quick kiss. "Good morning April." "Good morning Beth." We got up and Beth went to her room to get ready for our day of traveling. I decided to wear a pair of beige shorts with a white thong. I put on a yellow polo shirt without a bra. After applying my make up, I put my hair in a French twist....Read On


Let's go Cruising: Disembarkation

Joy's submissive husband turns the tables, and then the government humiliates her.

The bright light wakens me from a deep sleep. It's not the sun intruding but the lights of our home port. The sun hasn't risen yet. I enter the cabin to find Marv and John snoring in my bed. Their wives knew I was going to seduce them into homosexual acts; they didn't know the price I was willing to pay. The hot shower cleanses my mind, as well as my body. I step out and look in the mirror....Read On