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Stranded Siblings Pt 1

This is another repost, one of my favorite submissions. I should have a Pt 2 out for this soon. ------------------------------------------------ Jack bolted awake as he heard the sound of someone screaming his name and heat piercing his flesh. He looked over to the left to see his sister, Kelsey, glaring at him with pleading eyes as she struggled with her seat belt to get free. Panting...Read On


My Wife Jessica Pt 2

As Tara had pulled into the drive she noticed the house was dark although Devin’s car was in the garage. “Devin must be next door visiting with Steve and Jessica” she thought as she turned off the engine and opened the door. Crossing the yard, she walked to Steve’s front door and started to ring the bell when she noticed the door was slightly ajar. Pushing the door open she started to call...Read On


Brittany and Her Daddy (Part 1)

Brittany is simply being a good daughter.

“Dad? Daddy? I’m home!” Brittany closed the door behind her. She went into the kitchen, but her father was not there and he was also not in his office. “Daddy? Where are you?” She called again, but there was still no answer. “Daddy?” She yelled as she walked up the stairs. Brittany was the only child of Martha and Gregory Andrews, and she was 16 years old. She had beautiful green...Read On


Part One: 1st Time for Emma

First time bi sexual

1I live in a shared house with Emma and Rachel. Emma is a pretty blonde with a great body about 5ft 9 tall, 25 years old. Rachel is an attractive brunette about 5ft 6, 24 years old. Rachel has a boyfriend called Colin but I have never met him. Emma’s boyfriend Tom is according to her well lush and about 6ft 2 and very fit. Emma, Rachel and I share a house in Oxford, the house,...Read On


After Dinner Delight

We just had dinner at this really nice Indian place. I‘m wearing a cute little brown strapless dress and all evening we flirted, talked, laughed and just enjoyed spending time together. Then we went back to your place. On the way there you start stroking over my knee and thigh, showing me what was to come when we got to the house. You move your hand up and down in slow strokes. Moving...Read On


Becoming an Escort

The nights second cock spurted hot sticky cum on my face and I greedily pushed into my mouth faking my enjoyment of that bitter taste. My “lover” dressed and left the room. I lay back on the bed where two men had fucked me that night and pondered how I had got into this position. Despite myself my cock was rock hard in its silk panties stained with my own cum. 3 weeks earlier I had told...Read On


Only wanted a hair cut

My first attempt at a story hope its ok

It was a nice warm Saturday afternoon and after spending some time clearing the back garden, I was felling a bit sore and hot. Looking at my watch, I just had enough time to get a haircut. The hairdressers wasn't far, just a five minute walk to the end of the road. When I got there, there was one person just paying and another one in the chair. Jo, the only hairdresser, was taking money. ...Read On



February - our second encounter

This story is harder to write than "When January Cums", as I have not heard from Roger in days. Our only method of communication is email and it has been almost two weeks. I have a feeling that something bad has happened, as I know that he would not just up and leave me hanging, as I would never do that to him. I am worried to pieces, and can do nothing but imagine our last rendezvous. We...Read On


Ariadne's Orgasm Control Training

Ariadne learns to cum on command.

This true account is dedicated to Sterling. At the beginning of a long-term relationship, my new girl, Ariadne, joyfully agreed to submit to my discipline. She was a redhead, a big plus for me. I told her I wanted to train her to cum only with my permission and she agreed to accept this training. Suppressing orgasms was particularly difficult for Ariadne. She’s the most orgasmic partner...Read On


Alex and Jakob - the 2nd coming

continued on from Alex and Jakob - Jakob comes home

For the few days after what happened in the media room Jakob saw very little of Alex. All of his old friends were dropping by at odd times to say hello and catch up over a carton of beer. Jakob only ever got glimpses of Alex, and, in the heat of the tropics she had taken to wearing really short skirts and singlets so Jakob got hard every time he saw her. Alex knew full well the effects she...Read On


Alone at the Party

"Excuse me a moment," I say to the guy who has been talking my ear off about UFC for the past fifteen minutes and slip through the party to the restroom. You must have been watching me from across the crowd because you slip into the room with me before I pull the door shut. "Um, hi," I say, a bit taken aback. "Hi, yourself," you purr at me. "And what are you doing here?" I...Read On


Taking Sis's Cherry

Its a bit big story hope you all will like it. I have been ogling my younger sister, Andrea, for as long as I canremember. I'm Dave, twenty- eight and she has just turned nineteen; we share the house our family has lived in since our parents bought the place years before either of us were even thought of. They died in the crash of a commercial airliner during their annual tour of Europe a...Read On


my slut is my master part 2

This guy is my slut, I am his mistress; he disobeyed and gets punished.

I tell him, “Yes you are, you cock sucking slut.” He licks my cock up and down my big shaft. I start moaning so loud that I think the neighbors could hear me. I hope so it makes me harder just thinking about it. “Fuck slut.” He licks my head and starts licking up my pre cum. Licking my slit where my pre cum comes out. He sucks it into his mouth. I ask him smiling, “Do you love that...Read On


Helping her get the rhythm right

Helping my lovely girlfriend get the rhythm right in pleasing me orally

Amanda and I had been going for about 5 months now. And we were great together. She was good looking, sweet, mature, an awesome lover and so into me. The emotional connection we had was absolutely magic. Our lovemaking was absolutely amazing. On weekends when we could spend quality time together, our loving would start out slow and deliberate and we would keep going for hours, only resting...Read On


Honey, Mr Policeman?

Lisa breaks in the new guy

'Come and get afternoon tea?’ Lisa slung the tea-towel prop she had chosen, at the last minute, over her shoulder. She stood in her stiletto’s, legs apart, with her leather gun holster strapped to her hip. He didn’t look up from his laptop. ‘Uh huh’ There was a pause. ‘Wait... You cooked?’ At last his eyes left the screen and swept over her, taking in the full scene. Her coal-black...Read On